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  3. Dear @Juji . yes of course the rewards are better than 1 year before BUT last year were also top items on reward list and rare... very bad excuse. Ncwest last year my oppinion is to get as more money they can ..... 0 marketing, if prices were half i bet (including me) we could buy 1 packet but now the prices are forbitten. So no i will not buy pixels ty
  4. Daggers useless in PVP?

    But necros without buffs are useless in pvp,and i play solo. So i will play my initial choice that is,a warcryer. With the buffs and drain i can farm a lot of time solo. Btw how they are,warcryers in pvp?
  5. Daggers useless in PVP?

    What do you think about necros? They are good in pvp?
  6. Lucy and Rok, hide and seek?

    Hi Juji, thank you for answer. Where I can find this info it's for live only? According to below: https://ibb.co/5csZmC7 Its both Classic and Lineage2, so how to look so I wont be missinformed again? Regards, Quah
  7. Daggers useless in PVP?

    Also i noticed in l2 wiki that necros have silence. In pvp can bother a lot.
  8. Daggers useless in PVP?

    If i go mage,then my choice is necromancer. They have drain skill and body to mind,useful for hunting,also the cursed curses skills. I do not like dark elfs cus they are slim with big head. Same as light elfs. Human mystics are half strong half slim,so is not that noticeable.

    well seeing that AFK macros are now legal gameplay I can't see any action taking place
  10. Leveling Clan

    what is a clan for ?
  11. The fact that NCW oversize the packages from 3-4k coins before 2/3 years to 6-7k++ is like trying to feed something down my throat. Terrible event and needless to say marketing strategy Christmass or holidays events should be participation based events not empty ur pockets.
  12. not only you we are waiting for a fix..
  13. I opened, what can i do? Didnt knew about this issue till now
  14. Yesterday
  15. Someone did a +23 last year, so I don't see why not given some time, maxed out credit cards, and 2nd mortgages it wouldn't be possible this year given the "improved" enchanting rates.
  16. Lucy and Rok, hide and seek?

    The Rok and Lucy event is for the Live server only.
  17. Dear players, who can help me by telling where I can find Rok or Lucy? https://www.lineage2.com/news/winter-holiday-events-2019 Is looking for them part of an event? Or they should be easy to find? To be honest I checked every city, and didn't find nor Lucy nor Rok. Regards, Quah
  18. @Juji we still having lots of hit lag, expecially classes with high atk speed i.e. fists and dagger users. hope u didnt stop to investigate this issue since its realy anyoing :///
  19. Prestige Holiday Bonus Pack

    @Juji I have made 2 tickets. I have tried to make a prestige pack purchase but I am getting errors. One of the tickets is: #23459106 Error Your purchase could not be completed at this time. Please contact Support for assistance. Error: PGP99150 Its been 10 hours without another response. Will I miss out on this special if they do not fix my account???
  20. Is this how you want to keep the server with only 3 clients? you come in to do missions; no player has no rooms; waits more than 4 hours to find people to do instances (Atelia / Altar of shillen ... among others); when you log in to 7 accounts, you do it yourself, it doesn't depend on waiting hours to do these instances, these rooms are the rooms at noon 5pm ... 2 roons and 1 is sealer I think GMs / ADM should create a character to play Naia with only 3 characters 100 and wait to make these parts create or wait to have time to create and create instances depending on other players ... need to play for a long time no time. month test at most 2 weeks will understand why we want more accounts ....
  21. Well, it seems they don't know, ok, I get it. This is where I've nothing more to add.
  22. No need for insults, brotato...I didn't sling any at you so not sure why you're so hurt by this exchange between us. Maybe NC doesn't know about the laws? I'm not an employee of NC so how could I possibly know? According to my logic...they should...hence why I asked for them to post them. For one, because I'm curious, and B: because I care about NC and don't want them to land in any trouble.
  23. Daggers useless in PVP?

    Elf summoner is quite good, but not the only choice. Mages like sph are fine choice too.
  24. You ain't very bright 😕 sad Please explain to us, the ones who don't understand the law etc, why NCWest is not posting odds, if they are bound to do it according to your logic....
  25. É assim que você deseja manter o servidor com apenas 3 clientes? você entra para fazer como missões; nenhum jogador não tem salas; espera mais de 4 horas para encontrar pessoas para fazer instâncias (Atelia / Altar of shillen ... entre outros); quando você faz login nas 7 contas, você faz isso sozinho, não depende de horas de espera para fazer essas instâncias, esses quartos são os quartos no meio dia 5h da tarde ... 2 roons and 1 is sealer Eu acho que os GMs / ADM devem criar um personagem para interpretar Naia apenas com 3 personagens 100 e aguardar para fazer com que essas partes criem ou esperem ter tempo para criar e criar instâncias, dependendo de outros jogadores ... precisam jogar por um longo tempo, não. teste de mês, no máximo, 2 semanas vai entender por que queremos mais contas ....
  26. I am leveling a warcryer since is a good buffer (useful for both fighters and mages) but atm i am orc shaman lvl 21. I selected robes as a quest reward also i have D grade two handed staff. It was a good idea?

    any news on this matter? @Juji @Hime
  28. Hello all, As you have reported, the equipment from the Armor Supply Box (A-grade) and Weapon Supply Box (A-grade) are currently untradeable. The equipment SHOULD BE tradeable and we have notified the Dev team of this issue. We'll be working with them on a solution to exchange it. This issue only affects the A-Grade Supply Boxes, not the S-Grade Supply Boxes. S-Grade Supply Boxes are UNAFFECTED. In the meantime, if you acquire a Armor Supply Box (A-grade) or Weapon Supply Box (A-grade) from the Blizzard Chill Box, please do not open them to conserve your inventory space. If you have already opened a few, do not enchant the items you've received. We will post an update as soon as we have a solution for the exchange. Thank you!
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