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  2. Bans Outside the U.S

    There is something seriously wrong going on, I have had six clan members / friends get banned within the last week. They all have gotten the same message “Login unavailable from blocked Ips or restricted accounts”. These guys just have one account each, and two of them have spent over $500 on this talisman event. They do not bot and all of them live outside the US. Is there a mass ban on IP’s outside the US?
  3. WTB Set Doom Light, Set BW Robe

    WTB Set Doom Light, Set BW Robe "Yankoliko "Grushenka
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  5. Abuse in SoS

    Greetings everybody, Since we are still getting many posts calling out individuals directly, we are now closing this thread down. Thank you to the ones who stayed on topic without naming other members of the community!
  6. Server up yet ? I guess there will be a Angel Cat waiting for us with some Dandys balls right?
  7. Abuse in SoS

    Next Update you will be ported to town right b4 SoS start, to prevent people from keeping spots and calling deebs, the game has always been like this, the strong farm wherever he wants to, and if ur not clan related he owes nothing to you, and "ks" is also a part of the game btw, hes not asking your money or some sort of extortion is being made, just go find another spot for you, or try to get a stacked DD in your party as well
  8. WTS r99 heavy set +6

    Well, I'm selling the set. I accept trades for something else, ncsoft coins (2kk each) and adena. Price is set on 3billion. Greetings.
  9. @Juji @Hime the extended server maintenance had an unfortunate consequence for a friend of mine, he logged a ticket when it was supposed to be servers up and so far support has not picked it up, could you ask them to look at #23594142 ?
  10. Let's all shed a tear for poor archers that for the last 6+ years outdps and outfarm every class and just got skipped on 1 event. The tragedy is real.
  11. Abuse in SoS

    o boy, he doesn't know.. he will one shot the mobs, you and the server with 1 skill just fyi
  12. Abuse in SoS

    It's not an abuse, that's how L2 has always worked. There's no point in complaining on forum about that. btw, we have no xp loss on death event, so you can try to fight the guy just to annoy him. (he cant kill mobs when he hits you). Keep attacking him and returning till he gets bored with killing you and goes somewhere else - this sometimes works
  13. Abuse in SoS

    This is completely normal and if you cannot outdamage or kill him, there is nothing you can do, you`re simply out-geared, outmatched, out-damaged AND out-eveled.Also do have in mind that going and being able to farm in SoS is not a right, you may or may not be able to.This is called - competition and it's certainly not an abuse as you called it.
  14. Abuse in SoS

    On a real note this is the same stuff your clan "NOT NAMED" has been doing to other clans "NOT NAMED" for weeks. Stay and exp with them or pvp its your options. But but I have the answer from your clan leader "NOT NAMED" for your feelings, practice what you are going to be taught early so he "THE NOT NAMED LEADER" of "NOT NAMED CLAN" isn't so mad [moderated due to language violation] . Oh and by the way its a pvp game and if there isn't extortion happening no need to report. If you need a response from a GM to tell you this maybe try hello kitty.
  15. Abuse in SoS

    So NCsoft is condoning ticket reporting for pvp?
  16. i understand it maybe they shout put up a timer or so that ppl can use botting or something per account yeah ppl will find there way around manny things maybe they shout ask adena for 1 hour botting
  17. Abuse in SoS

    Greetings everybody, We have cleaned this thread up a bit and removed names. Please remember that reports about possible inappropriate behavior by other players need to be submitted via ticket to our Support team. Posting those on the forums is against our Code of Conduct. When you do submit a report via ticket, please include any evidence you have such as screenshots and video to support your claim, so the Support team can investigate. Please refrain from mentioning any more names in this thread from this point forward. Thank you!
  18. atm around 20kk worth for each one. I bought 20 and kitted my little 3 man team out very nicely.
  19. https://twitter.com/LineageIIOps/status/1293555424147451904?s=20 [#LineageII] and [#LineageIIClassic] Maintenance will be delayed by 1 hour. We'll update once this is concluded. Thank you for your patience!
  20. Abuse in SoS

    What clan are you in , if you want to pay for a high lvl DD to help you farm mobs that would be a better idea dont you think?
  21. they shoul take the sum buffs away and replace them with skills for the summon or for the char it self
  22. Titan skills USELESS

    I find the macro system limiting, cant buff and attack with my w/c. ii found best think to do is rather swap screen every 20mins and play on attacking macro or dont attack at all and just stand close in the same room just buffing.
  23. WTB Death Whisper

    "Grushenka "Yankoliko
  24. Abuse in SoS

    In 2020 lineage is Monday thru Friday afk exp, Friday Saturday Oympiad there is no more pvp dragon weapon with 70% critical dmg 2 rings with stun BR with 15 min cd, topaz shirts and other trash. Why boost tyrr trash since old time Destroyer is game killer in pve in pvp +15 years no fix no nerf, 2012 =2015 imba in tyrrs won any class with PVP enchant skills, 2015-2020 archer 2017-2019 mages, now is imba tyrr era GH tyrr self buff +50% skill dmg , dragon weapon stg 3 50%+ LS 20% =120% SKILL DMG SO man just play low lvl location no matter what gear you have now you can't fight tyrr
  25. @Juji @Hime So you wanna decrease your payment check with 6 hours instant zones right? (storm primeval) well okay be sure you gonna lose a lot of money from that and with prestige runes and drop rate runes cuz if we go only 3 hours PI/Storm we get absolutely nothing if you do this update you gonna lose a lot of money and players.. wanna know why? simple you increase level cap to 125? when the maximum we got is 116 (naia) so another fail update i see... if you remove hours from instant zones for xp how we gonna get 125? and you dident give us a straight answer if we are 107/107 and we got all certifications.... we can get Berseker rage (27% patk) and P skill/m skill power at same time ? if you count all certifications and know maths we can get it tho... 7 certifications till 105 1 more or 2 maybe 8-9..Also we need an option to block hero chat like old days you remove that option not cool but i dont have any problem about heroes they are funny actually when they start qq for no reason ... my point here is you missing skills to upgrade the server none is high lvl enought.. and there is no fun at all in game.. you wanna increase dual certifications when the highest in server is 116 you must be drunk or something..BTW after update please run a test server we dont want bugs or when we got no vp not receiving adenas or drops like previous update ok juji? Take that as a warning that you gonna lose a lot of money (passes,drop rates runes,and prestige runes)well about prestige runes not sure cuz gives skill cooldown but what the heck i will cancel mine after update have fun and peace ruin the game more
  26. Macro Buffer outside party

    Thank you If i wanna buff 2 players =O
  27. Abuse in SoS

    I like Turtles
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