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  2. This is the point, I have magical damage added to my normal damage, and I want to know how to maximize this damage, on average I have a 35% lower p.atk than the Doomcryer (I am hierophant and my husband Doomcryer and we have exactly the same equipment Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V), but reading around I found that I should activate the BSSR or SSR, I do not remember and they will count on the magical damage I give in the normal hit.
  3. Clan declaration limit

    Up for this still waiting for our beloved GM's to do something about this putting a limit on how many clans you can declare is just too carebear for my taste
  4. The Fortune Reading TEST BY TEVAS

    150 cards, nothing interesting
  5. Bugg Event Fortune

    NCSoft Answer " Also, the event The Fortune Reading Game returns provides 1 random Gold Card that contains items when revealed. Please note that every card that will be provided by Eva the Crystal Seer is intended to be random. I hope this clarifies your inquiry."
  6. Question was related to magic damage not to weapon type
  7. Truffail, thanks for your analysis but your reduction ad absurdum fails utterly for a very simple reason. It's a game! NCSoft (or NCWest if you prefer) sets the rules of the game. We can like or dislike the rules. Personally, I dislike many of them. And we are free to choose not to play. Personally, I choose to play anyway. But, while we can criticize the rules of the game, we cannot fairly blame people who play within the rules of the game, but play differently than we do. Your real-world examples have no place in a fantasy game. In the real world there are at least arguably some moral absolutes the supersede even the rules set by governing bodies. Just because Hitler decided the Holocaust was legal did not make those who carried it out blameless. They violated a greater moral imperative (against murder and genocide) accepted by nearly all moral systems. My view is that there is no such moral imperative within a fantasy game. In a way, I wish there were. I'm against mean trash talking that actually hurts the people behind the characters being trashed. But I can't say it is outside the game's rules or criticize the people who hurt people that way for being anything worse than real-life jerks, because such trash talking is a legal and accepted part of the game and if it bothers me that much I can just choose not to play.
  8. MorningStar Recruiting (Chronos)

    lmao you clearly don't know what you're talking about RS zerging DH >_> but since you did call me sir I'll be gentle to you by leaving this one question what have you accomplished to this game?
  9. Heavenly Scroll enchant weapon

    you can only get a PvE weapon of another type, so that's 2x 2667 gem R
  10. Heavenly Scroll enchant weapon

    Ohh nice my bad. So in my case with my +8 bloddy 2h blunt I have to pay 776 Gemstone R-grade to get a +8 standard 2 H blunt then use the heavenly scroll to +12 and then 2667 Gemstone R-grade to make it bloddy again?
  11. Heavenly Scroll enchant weapon

    you have the outdated event http://www.lineage2.com/en/news/events/red-libra-06272017.php
  12. Heavenly Scroll enchant weapon

    I found that you cant change bloody or dar weapons http://www.lineage2.com/en/news/events/01202016-red-libra.php
  13. Still have the sale this appearance? https://l2wiki.com/Dark_Knight_Suit_Appearance_Stone
  14. R equipment for Feoh Storm Screamer

    we are talking thousands of dolars
  15. R equipment for Feoh Storm Screamer

    Let's say sieges. Please don't tell me we're talking hundreds of dollars
  16. R equipment for Feoh Storm Screamer

    Let's say sieges. Please don't tell me we're talking hundreds of dollars
  17. R equipment for Feoh Storm Screamer

    depends what you want: a) i wanna own sieges b) i wanna troll random people on open field
  18. Yesterday
  19. R equipment for Feoh Storm Screamer

    out of curiosity? how much are we talking about? what's the ballpark? the reasonable ballpark I mean
  20. R equipment for Feoh Storm Screamer

    sure, but take out your credit card if you wanna pvp
  21. R equipment for Feoh Storm Screamer

    damn! you're so right! it's just became so clear - I want to go PvP path then. Am I in the right class then?
  22. R equipment for Feoh Storm Screamer

    oh boy, offensive pve mage is just a wrong concept
  23. Heavenly Scroll enchant weapon

    And can you do that if the weapon is bloddy?
  24. Hi all, I've just awakened my Feoh SS - and I'm trying to figure what set to choose for my diplomas from mentoring manager. The obvious option of course immortal robe - there's nothing else there. I guess my question is how/what do I proceed further? Magic/Recovery - is it basically offensive/defensive respectively? and what's the best purpose in this case for 30 day paulina set which I got for free? Do I lvl to 99 and then think about other equipment? I want to be offensive mage mostly PvE. Although PvP on Olympiad is very tempting.
  25. This reasoning departs from the assumption that there is no value system, therefore all actions can be equally meassured, this is simply false. An intrinsic part of being human is our ability to guide our actions based on a moral compass. Your example is even worst than the one from the guy wanted to compare a steaks, so I choose not to elaborate on it. No more from me on this thread.
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