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  2. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    Oh yes you died you blind nab sht check again
  3. Add buff from GoS if you don't have.
  4. 14th Anniversary Preview

    Neutron, please look at this from the standpoint of someone who does not have a lot to spend on the game. The vitality boost only lasts for a few minutes, so to get much benefit from it, the player must buy vitality maintaining items. Even at half price, which is what I expect your sale to be, that's far more expensive than many players can afford. Using SleepingPower's calculations, even at half price that's 12,000 ncoins for one month of benefit. Honestly, this looks more like a way for NCSoft to get more people to spend money on vitality maintenance items than an anniversary celebration. Please consider the 50% base exp increase suggested above. That helps everyone, even those of limited funds, and is cause for celebration by the whole server, not just the rich.
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  6. PK Scamer

    Leveling alts, w/e I find suitable.I don't really play much, besides being afk.
  7. PK Scamer

    What you do in GC at level 105+?
  8. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    What about the clan hall were they pass most of there time ?

    Because nova clan is dead this doesn’t mean game is dead . It’s just you .
  10. 14th Anniversary Preview

    Would you guys consider Double drop chances for any item also for this period ?
  11. Look for advice how to make my damage higher

    Oh and ofc in game buff boost on top of amount of $ spent in l2store ( forgot about that). Buff stacking is other story . Mostly experience and ability to see changes occurring in game time to time. And even THEN when you will achieve all this goals Like insane gear (like some feohs have stage 2 dragon weapons) and buff stacking ability, it is very likely that in PvP you will do not more but about NOTHING without certain programming skills lol.
  12. 14th Anniversary Preview

    Bonus can be 5k but if it do not last 10 min than is same as to not have it. So if player want little extra xp gain then need to use Vitality Maintaining Potion (1 Hour) = 160 NCoin. If player play 5 hours each day that is 800 * 30 = 24.000 Ncoin for month. So if player have prestige pack too will be around 310 EUR each month without buying other potions or scrolls and shoots from L2 store. And don't forget that will need to happen sooner or latter RMT for gear. To play L2 player need to have good job and sacrifice big part of salary. Other sacrifice is that player cant have wife and family and live only for his hobby wasting at least 5 hours daily and maybe wife credit card too lol
  13. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    wait wait wait, when i was in IC, nova told us we will never get a lindvior earring but MAYBE could get a stage 8 kain crystal, truth is, nova/ally killed me while farming ke at a fort, thats why my guys/galls left. Nova killed IC along with so many other clans they obsorbed. 95% of nova now adays did nothing to get nova what they have, (aden castle) nothing else
  14. Look for advice how to make my damage higher

    Your damage directly depends on amount of $ spent in l2store. Go figure.
  15. porting fee

    I need to report a bug about teleport fees for dual class. I was in bloody swampland with 2 toons (camelred & Stoutman) lvling. Both toons playing Dual Class. I finished lvling & soe'd out to dark elven.I went to teleport with both toons & saw that it will COST me port fees:/ for both. Camelred is 85 on main & dual class, but dual pays for ports:( Stoutman is 85 on main & 78 on dual & the dual had too pay for ports:( I tested this on another toon (LowriderHD). The toon is 85 main & 78 dual. The dual had too pay for ports but not main. I had a friend also test with her characters. Please test your self & fix asap. Thanks
  16. iVirtual disband pt after balok is dead

    the best part is, the legend ivirtual still does baylok!

    :)) http://www.desktopapm.com/ !
  18. Look for advice how to make my damage higher


    You clowns have been mass reporting us for awhile now how's that work out for you? told you there's no point for us to cheat just for dragon claws or a chance of getting a dragon weapon you guys just wont believe that there's someone who has a faster hand and better reflexes than you knuckleheads lmao well considering that most of ya'll probably got below average APM you guys should consider improving that instead of crying here or just go back to giran like you always do and shop 6 days per week for that +14 shield and cry that we are beating you
  20. Remove the L2Store.
  21. Lineage totally lost its luster.

    There is just too much broken in K2 was it is. Can't be fixed with updates. Only a real wipe can solve it and that won't happen. So yea, broken toy.
  22. mail offer to iCorupted or Abbadd0na, every reasonable offer considered

    try some English lessons...

    Bro, why do you play this game? To kill dragons? Lmao... Come for PvP clown before your clan bleeds more players than it already has...

    That's why there is an edit button, you know?Sorry I`m not trying to make fun of your handicapped back.

    im just trying to help spawn. everyone thinks you guys get in with adren, so hes in tears we dont show up to things. i ask for proof, you choose not to. so enjoy dedgame?

    heres the thing...when nova use to port to dragons MS was always there and fighting back....when nova start losing the dragons they stand back
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