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  2. Juji might hear back from them, then again might not. Either way, NC KR cares about 0.000001% NC West cares about the community about 1%. Juji cares more than the company(s) it seems, which causes Juji to get all the hate, when just trying to help.
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  4. You have to ask a refund of the ncoin
  5. you hace to ask for a refund of the ncoin
  6. Expertise Runes

    Wait, they've taken expertise runes out of the game?
  7. How to prepare a Dwarf Dagger Pve

    well i have ruby lvl 4 abundance lvl 1 wep bloody +12 3sa dual dagger no dyes only jewell octavis warrior ring creation ring set light r99 +16 full elem look my items and tell me what i need to buy like---?
  8. Hey man NcWest (USA) is just following orders from NcSoft (Korea). Juji is probably still waiting to hear back from the devs (Korea) on a possible modified cake event.
  9. you let farmer clans do raids on servers, you failed the 15th anniversary event, then you roll out play 2 win in ncstore. i hope you all lose your jobs.
  10. Hello have a question

    They should be called Beast Soulshots/Spiritshots. They work for pets and summons.
  11. NC Soft promoting online griefing?

    well... it is a pvp game, i personally dont like the pk system, but its better than people dropping stuff, and the blood swords, i dont like it either but it give people a reason to chase them and try and get the swords for themselves for the adena reward. NC soft just doesnt think things out, the cake event should have been in a peace zone, but oh well. but when all said and done, remember this is a pvp game, pvp/pk will happen
  12. After seeing Zariche and Akamanah in the field and at the cake event, it seems to me that NCSoft is promoting player griefing. Your thoughts?
  13. 1st night of Olympiad

    I love how the "solutions" to stupid things in the game like fear or summoners is "wait for the appropiate pay2haveachance event/item to occur so you can drop hundreds in the hopes to get what you need"....
  14. In each update or event, you lose more the desire to continue playing. Server Gludio dead and without market. Without adena when killing monsters. The illusion for the classic has already been lost. Sorry for the english (google translate)
  15. Yesterday
  16. l2 classic.....adds items that belong on live server...what a joke. absolutely disgraceful...
  17. 1st night of Olympiad

    yea sure perfa fear will give me fingers ... its a bad setting
  18. would be the last straw that would unbalance even more the balance between botters and high income people who can buy many ncoin and the people who try to have fun, reaching the limit of vip 1 or 2 max ... this is p2w in all religions but if I do not remember when I downloaded l2 by October of last year I played for free ... totally contradictory I really love the game and I spent many hours playing it but I do not have enough income to buy all the things that they put in the store so for more that I strive to collect items and spend many hours hunting I will never have what it takes to compete against wealthy people ... I am very sad about this and why I made many friends during these long months of play, it is a pity that this goes away to hell ... my English is not very good and I find it very hard to write very long sentences so use a translator ... I regret if there are translation errors ..
  19. La búsqueda de herphah no está trabajando para hacer que la facción del gremio de aventuras esté sucediendo con ella porque la facción no está aumentando.
  20. Fate of Power bugged

    Good the stupid things already are silly OP...
  21. Pretty dirty fellas

    $210 for a bracelet lol
  22. Pretty dirty fellas

    4200 gives you one special item. If you have 4 such items, you can make your bracelet permanent.
  23. i'm not impressed by your performance
  24. way of wandering knight not working?

    Have the same problem with any new or Dual char that reach 85 and a lot of my friends too
  25. Many people feel sentiment to this game and NCsoft exploit this in a terrible way. Game itself which they offer here is a trash.
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