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  2. Lul Archers in Orfen Update?

    10% skill power, 10% chance skill crit, 10% skill crit damage , 100% mastery. Dagers will not get skill power. Its not look like mega nerf.
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  4. Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS v2 - Video

    Meh, I hope not. At least not yet visit us anytime
  5. @Pleistoros Wait for patch, maybe new changes will come and the same new mobs will have the same hp everywhere. You have to understand, that level 110 in 2 weeks (it was 2 not 3 weeks) is not achievable with default settings. Premium account alone is 50% more exp, then it was a full 2 weeks of 2x exp event, and attendance event with 7 days 50%-100% runes. Same events as they are now on EU. On top of that I'm sure they used all the L2 store available boosts, which is basically every boost you can find in the store here. Like I said before, the only missing thing there is these crazy cloaks that are over here which they add pve boost as well as some xp.
  6. Lul Archers in Orfen Update?

    I would say only level 3 will not take a major hit, seeing as how level 1 and 2 have the same SA's just different pattacks and skills on stage 2. Its getting really annoying that when NCSoft "Fixes" something that they tend to over fix the shit out of it.
  7. HOW TO GAIN ADENA AS A Free Player ???

    Hello again, you can get information about promotions/events here - http://www.lineage2.com/en/ First get to 85 lvl and awaken your character. Heroes you can find in the Global chat - Hero shouts are in Blue color. As I already told you, DO NOT RUSH IT! Your swift actions without any knowledge equals = Disaster ! Take your time mate
  8. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 15, 2018

    @Neutron See, im a reasonable person...I asked only to lower mobs HP as they are in Innova region (Ofc, Devoid pointed well pros to play on NcWest, 100% subscribed) Now you all understand why in 3 week in Ru they got 110...imagine almost half HP mobs with same exp...you kill 50% faster.... But If I ask alone that...nothing will goining to happent. For the first time in L2 NcWest history lets prove them that we are a united comunity and ask with the same voice to lower Mobs HP as they are in all region and INNOVA. #L2NcWestComunityClaimTheirRights #WeWantToLowerMobsHPAsTheyHaveWorldWide
  9. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 15, 2018

    Hi Tell me if you guys not add the new secure program, why was have 3 hour long maintenance? What else you not know? like all mob on field get double more hp then korean version have? i expect that 1. 5 more day and we will see.
  10. They can't do that. Regional specifics blah blah. Only pros play in NA, because you only here you have: Strong mobs (compared to other regions) Nearly non-existent drops (compared to other regions) Huge prices on both in-game and ncstore-only items (compared to other regions) Events tailored at making sure you don't ever get strong enough to kill mobs (hello Korea, Japan, Taiwan overenchanted item giveaways + extra bonus giving armor sets, etc.; hello RU/EU dragon weapon events, subscriptions for extra bonuses) No classic, no arena, no dimensional olympiad (the former two are Korea-only.. FOR NOW: arena full release coming soon to other regions) An international community but the dimensional siege targets a single timezone exclusively Final patch notes uploaded after your nc store items have been deleted during an update Low chance that something will not go wrong during a routine no-change maintenance; pretty much nonexistent chance if it's a maintenance with a new build
  11. HOW TO GAIN ADENA AS A Free Player ???

    How do i find out about this Event THINGS...? And How do i find This HERO Character ??? Thank You By the way
  12. HOW TO GAIN ADENA AS A Free Player ???

    First you have to do some research, read the forum, get some information on how game works nowadays. You need to lvl up your ISS, not for selling buffs, but to lvl up your Ghost Sentinel. As a player, playing the Free Version of the game you can go to lvl 99 rather fast. Then you will need to invest some small amount in Ncoins ( L2 Store ingame ), if you need to gear up. 100$ worth of Ncoin is ~ 12bil adena ( try not getting scammed if you sell L2 Store Gift - research how it works also - better to sell to some HERO character, than some random scammer) you can get weapon/set and some cheaper epic jewels in order for you to be able to continue ahead! The gear you get will be kinda sufficient up to lvl 101! By the time you get to that level, It will be pretty much clear how things work now and you can decide, should you continue playing free, or pay some $ to boost your character. There are many promotions on the L2 Store now, most of these are built around ENCHANTING! Sometimes % for successful enchant is rly low, so I advice you to not enchant now, later when you have more experience you can try, but first check with other players. You can XP by using a Macro for both your Ghost Sentinel and ISS. Read more about it here on forums. Look for a small clan, if there are descent players in it, they can help you out with knowledge! Doing quests, provide service ( like power lvl or helping others with quests), farming free events ( selling the event items ), Buy and Resell stuff in Aden.... It is not impossible to make adena as a free player, but also it is not easy too! Have fun
  13. HOW TO GAIN ADENA AS A Free Player ???

    What's wrong ? I just want to know if There is some Daily quest that can give you a Lot of Adena or maybe some good Raid Boss at LVL 80++ Right now i don't know what to do with my current lvl The exp growth is Tiny... I just want to do something else so that i can Enjoy the Game...
  14. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 15, 2018

    Hmm, im not buy it Can you confirm if its ok to have here on NcSoft comparing with Innova almost x2 Hp for for mobs? We play same version of game...with few minor items its the same game... yet... Jabberwok have 328 875 hp and 210 000 exp on Innova and here we have 548 122 HP and 210 000 exp. How you call this if not a nerf? Im pretty sure my base exp for Jabberwok was round 280-290 000 before mentenance...It was a diference acceptable due to higher exp gained....I even prepared a post for @Beleaua to point this out in other forum thread . So, I can say I look in this matter very close...it was a nerf. If you cant undo changes please lower mobs HP like Innova have from 548 122 HP to 328 875 hp. Thank you
  15. HOW TO GAIN ADENA AS A Free Player ???

    so, you play 1 week and your lvl is 80...and you want to make adena... Right...
  16. Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS v2 - Video

    I would love too, but I'd prefer they just merged Naia/Chronos.
  17. So, since when August 20th is tomorrow?
  18. Ducks cp down MS/PVE

    so tenho isso a mostra...
  19. Lul Archers in Orfen Update?

    I read on the Innova EU discord earlier today that they are going to receive the 100% Archer passive from Korea. Now I'm very curious which one we will get on the 22nd. This is a mega nerf for archers not running dragon weapons Lv 2/3. The DPS will drop dramatically and no room to make it up unless like I mentioned you have the Stage 2/3 weapon. Say hello to Storm Screamer..
  20. HOW TO GAIN ADENA AS A Free Player ???

    I am trying to make ISS as secondary Character for selling buffs But someone said that That is no Longer work on L2 people just give buffs for free...
  21. The last time i player L2 is 9 Years ago... I started playing this game again for a week my main Account is Ghost Sentinel at LVL 80 and i don't know what to do... To upgrade my Equipment or raising Adena... Please Help...
  22. I will be not surprized, if after THAT 100% players will can't run ALL their accounts.
  23. Lineage 2 have totally unknown 'korean random' to players. Now we see it on admins. Funny.
  24. Hotfix Maintenance: Monday, August 20, 2018

    @Conquero hope you're ready for an onslaught of problems for the next week or so. I don't have a good feeling about this at all. Please prove me wrong. P.S. Where are the patch notes? Are they lost in translation?
  25. True. From my side I can offer: Enchanted valley generic mobs now give 90m exp, before was 125 or 130m, something. That is 100% sure, I have been doing this faction for months now, easy to notice. Enraged mobs gave somewhat 200m++ exp, now 175 only... Also, in Atelia Fortress, looks like too, 175m from standard mob instead of 225m. My char never had runes or else, and obviously not vitality or mob stealing issue(lol). "Boosts" are: exalted buff 10%, exalted 100%, clan 5%. That how it is for me 99% of time. Exclude rare cakes in altar(but we are not about altar now)
  26. Hello, We're trying to look into the EXP issue, but the examples provided, we're getting the correct amount of EXP when we kill it personally ourselves. If you're seeing an issue, can you check that all of your buffs/effects bonuses are working, also keep in mind if someone outside of the party is hitting your monsters they will steal a portion of the EXP away. I'll have to reiterate there were no changes made to the client/server, all we did was reboot the services. The server and client version are exactly the same as they were before the maintenance. Thanks
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