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  2. This is how NCSoft cares about players and covers cheaters

    I read it. I cant see pics and I dont think it would matter. Its nothing hidden, you can see what kill you by scroling up ui sistem message. If you are not a donator(atleast you speak like one) you prob die by a critical of RB....yes, in our days high lvl rbs are very strong....
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  4. What is the difference ??!

    Those doors (there are several of them dotted all over the area) were used to summon a mini boss from a different dimension in a quest line that started at lvl 82 with "Winds of Change" from Gatekeeper Flauen in Heine. The starter quest still exists, but the one that uses the Dimensional Door has been removed in favor of the Dragon Valley Kekropus Quests. Now the doors are just a decorative element in the landscape
  5. Anyone care to discuss?

    OMG AJAJAJAJAJ could you guys be more pathetic?!...Like at least get some photoshop skills before embarrassing yourself this bad... after seeing that GREATHER RED CAT I think it’s pretty much solved the topic.. stupidity on its max level.
  6. First thing: I'm used to games with limited skill points to use and where it's impossible to learn every skill. Is that the case here and I should try to learn only what I need for my specific build or can I eventually learn everything? I'm merely a human wizard at the time of posting this and I plan to take the summoner route. Second thing: I found this https://l2wiki.com/Main_Page which has leveling guides, just need some confirmation on if they're up to date or not. Third thing: So me being a low leveled character running around a game which allows ganking I'm just curious what I should do if I find myself under attack from a higher leveled or geared player I can't reasonably defend myself against. I'm not used to open pvp games so I have rarely dealt with this kind of problem and honestly don't know what would be the appropriate thing to do.
  7. Pardon noob question, but where do I go to get an Aria bracelet? Is it part of quest, and if so, what level? Edit: Now I find Aria in HV, but it says I need enhanced Istina or Octavius. How do I get those? So confusing. They should have just done this through one NPC.
  8. Anyone care to discuss?

    I love how fooz n co go from "ZOMG Zu dropped items!" to "MS detags tho" as soon as they're called out on a failed photo shop. Pretty sad if you ask me
  9. Freya Bag test

    so ..after i saw this video , and start imagine it and this is in my mind atm :v
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  11. I would like you to evaluate the situation of the Red Libra event, in the event does not exchange Weapons Enhanced Shadows because? This is devaluing some weapons, it also does not make sense since almost all Shadows weapons are Enhanceds, can you assess this situation? Obs.: This text is translated by Google Translate so may have misprints. Gostaria que avaliassem a situação do evento Red Libra, no evento não troca Armas Enhanced Shadows porque ? Isso está desvalorizando algumas armas, também não faz sentido pois quase todas as armas Shadows são Enhanceds, podem avaliar essa situação ?
  12. This is how NCSoft cares about players and covers cheaters

    this sounds like max . Are you max and trying to buy some game mechanics ? You should ask ozzy . He is one of those he can answer to your questions instead of writing silly tickets with non sense content . The only cheat here is that you have reached high lvl without having clue about the game .
  13. What is the difference ??!

    I meant this https://imgur.com/fetXEox
  14. you probably all died from critical slasher skill from boss, but for the command channel this is something that happened to me in the past. Just another dumb broken NCSoft design that bugs with the way loot is given to command channels/ppl outside the command channel. I don't know how they do it but it is an exploit. I remember we were 1 full pt in another server doing some raid we got it to 5% hp. Some ppl came at 5%hp and i saw a message pop up saying looting rules no longer available on screen and they did only 5% damage and took all drops. I don't know how they do it exactly but since then i stopped trying to do world raids. This game is just disgustingly designed and broken right now and it's just too far gone. It takes them a billion years to fix stuff noone cared about but the most critical gamebreaking issues are rampant. I don't even do epics anymore cause garbage loot distribution design doesn't work in a CC and i don't have time to play active with a clan so i am left to play solo and forget about epics with randoms 70% is fail due to retards and the other 30% is scammed by CC leader. That being said, good luck fam, the real winners here are the ones who permanently quit L2.

  16. After 10 minutes bosses tend to go berserk Also, I did admit this is a bit suspicious that you all die when he shows up, but like I said - this does not look like a cheat to me, just a smart usage of game mechanics. Anyway, I think you need more proof if you want someone from NC Soft to look into this.
  17. This is how NCSoft cares about players and covers cheaters

    So your suggestion that we were ok with boss during 10 munutes and then he suddenly killed 2 parties at the exact time when mrforce came. Weak proposal. I can understand that boss crited and killed me but there were other...
  18. I'm simply commenting on the part: My guess is that your revival lagged the same way that my barrier sometimes does. Also, the chat window does not show any dmg dealt on you by MrForcE. So the rational conclusion is that he was not flagged because he has not hit you. Raids can sometimes crit pretty hard. Maybe there is a trick to make the boss use a certain skill and MrForcE has figured it out. I don't know, but it seems pretty strange that the boss always uses this skill when he shows up, so there may be something to it. However, I would not cal it cheating, but rather being clever.
  19. This is how NCSoft cares about players and covers cheaters

    So your thought is that he used some skill to kill 2 parties in seconds without being flagged. Funny...
  20. Skills can sometimes lag, it happens to me quite often during Olympiad. I use barrier which is supposed to make me invincible, but my opponent launches their skill and even though the chat window states the barrier is on, the next line states I received damage. Maybe something similar happened to your revival.
  21. This is how NCSoft cares about players and covers cheaters

    Read carefully what is in the ticket I've included. This is not about that MrForce has some powerful gear (who cares even he is a donator) -- it is about using him some cheats -- we have 2 parties in command channel and both parties become dead in just seconds after this character MrForce appeared and neither we or he were in pvp state! The same thing I saw at least once time more with the same character MrForce some time ago but than I thought it is just strange and had not submitted a ticket.
  22. This is how NCSoft cares about players and covers cheaters

    Its frustrating when a char its much more powerfull then a party...that doesnt mean he is cheating. To be fair i have to ask you....how much did you invest in your char?nothing? less then 5 000 usd, less 10 000 usd? over 10 000? L2 become a land of $$$ investors...its not player friendly anymore...and puting l;ots of money in game doesnt make you a cheater.
  23. Anyone care to discuss?

    TOP MS party LOL
  24. Short story: 16 days ago I submitted a ticket to report a character MrForce to use cheats. 16 days passed and as a result NCSoft technical support just closed a ticket without any meaningful response given or action taken. Long story: the ticket is included here: Request #19656701 MrForcE use cheats test343 June 08, 2018 23:39 This is a second time I see in game the following scenario. I am in the Raid Boss party and we are doing raid. At some moment a character with name MrForce appears and he is not in our party. In several seconds ALL our party is dead and this character MrForce kills boss and have ALL drop. And this character is NOT flagged or in player killer state. I attach you 2 screenshots, where you can see the details. My character is endl and he was within the party on Blood Earth Dragon Garcia raid boss 1. I use power revival skill and restore 22702 HP: see log record: 22,702 HP has been restored. That means that I have at least 22,702 HP. 2. See the second record in the log: endl has received 20,611 damage from Blood Earth Dragon Garcia How the heck I received SO MUCH damage?? Before MrForce appeared I got maximum about 10 000 damage. 3. MrForce kills raid boss and gets drop Attention: MrForce has picked up Immortal Sigil Robe 4. At the moment my character dies THE WHOLE MY PARTY DIES AS WELL. And this happens WHEN character MrForce appears and HE IS NOT at our party. And how the heck he manages to kill raid boss playing single??? And again this is the SECOND time I see the same scenario. The first time he did the same about several months ago with my party being on another raid boss. I am waiting the reasonable explanations what the heck is going on with this game. Shot00017.bmp (5 MB) Shot00016.bmp (5 MB) GM ChyLee June 09, 2018 04:52 Hello, Thank you for reporting this incident. We are in the process of investigating these accounts. No action has been taken yet as it can take a few days to gather the necessary evidence but rest assured that we are committed to removing any account breaking the rules from our game. Please let me know if you have any question or concern. ChyLee NCSOFT Support Team test343 June 11, 2018 11:33 So? Eloi June 11, 2018 12:17 Hello, We would like to clarify if you have any questions or concern? Looking forward to your reply. Regards, Eloi NCSOFT Support Team test343 June 11, 2018 12:31 Are you sure that you can read in English properly? I allready described you in the ticket what the problem is. Are you going to do anything? Are you going to ban the account with character MrForece. If you can not read properly find someone else to handle my ticket. Eloi June 11, 2018 13:07 Hello, As previously stated by GM ChyLee, we are in the process of investigating the reported character/account and we understand that their behavior can be frustrating and we appreciate your patience, as these investigations take time. After we investigate the matter we will take appropriate action, based on our findings. Thank you for your time and understanding. Regards, Eloi NCSOFT Support Team
  25. Blast from the Past..... https://imgur.com/edvHfAC https://imgur.com/wrEcyPi https://imgur.com/CmjdhBU https://imgur.com/0zCp5te
  26. What is the difference ??!

    That Dimensional Door, which spawns from a Dimensional Treasure Chest, leads to a one-person instance. There is a maximum number of those instances, either 7 or 14 (it has possibly changed over time): http://boards.rochand.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=892&start=10#p33920 If somebody took in a whole party before you arrived, you can't enter any more. The only thing you can do is wait until they come out again and hope that the Dimensional Door has not despawned by then (it usually stays up around 3 minutes).
  27. In Response to Recent Player Feedback

    Since the beginning of this year NCKorea is obliged to display chances (which they do in a well-hidden place). The last Freya event was before the legal situation changed, but you can get a general impression of the chances here: http://lineage2nshop.plaync.com/lineage2/shopAnnouncement/468?pageIndex=1 (Korean) http://boards.rochand.com/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=407&start=2140#p38128 (English) Those events all work according to the same principle - first the preselection of a reward category (Dragon's Relic Box or Shining Dragon's Relic Box resp. Freya's Card or Sirra's Card), then the final selection of a reward from that category. tl;dr: Gambling - don't do it!
  28. Sharing Equipment Skill (Wynn sumoner)

    #1; Dark, Bloody and Shadow weapons only. Servitors share the attack/defense attributes of the master by default. If you don't own any of these weapons don't waste your stones on this skill for the time being.
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