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  2. Clan Warcraft lvl 4 Full skills 20% EXP PVe NO wars PVP late game with Discord Recruitng active players In BlackBird server Basically the clan consists of the European region, the game time is 19:00 UTC +2 Language Eng Pm in game "Warcraft "Gabrielf "BladeBoss
  3. Yep, these numbers are in tune with what I am seeing/forecasting - JUST for maintenance. Doesn't include bells and whistles. So, that's $37.50 a week. I am kinda bummed those Patk/Pdef scrolls can't be bought in large quantities in the NCoin Store anymore. For 750 NCoin, you got 300 of each, plus 200 30% EXP Scrolls. Now, if you want to buy them, they're 1M adena for a mere pack of 10! Well, that's a stealth price gouging tactic, and there are zero supply issues with digital items unless their creators impose one. -----(only read if you care about your resources and find th
  4. Not all of it. You still have people obsessed with PvP Dominance and the endless PR campaigns in hero/shout chat. Oh, and you still have most of the server demanding the highest grade gear obtainable given their in-game and financial resources.
  5. New people = 110-112 lvl. 1-110lvl you must to make fast as posible (best xp = solo, any party). Minimum what after need +12 limited weap (can get +12 bloody... but ist mistake -after cant upgrade). And if you cant use computer 24/7 (autofarm) - game not for you.
  6. Nah your group was too easy to beat. The 200+ man CC brazilian zerg we are fighting is putting up more of a fight than you guys. Unfortunately we are only 1 clan, so we cannot simultaneously beat your group AND a 200 man enemy CC.
  7. A few questions if you will. Are you running more than one client? Are you using a VPN? Are you using a wired connection or using WiFi?
  8. Can u plz tell me how much lvl5 jewelry box cost? Ty in advance
  9. @Hime@Juji@Sunshine Is "Bloody/Dark Armor Exchange" available for "Full Set", as you state in the Red Libra event page or is that wrong information? I can't find any such option, only the 1-piece-at-a-time.
  10. This is done so that the Bountry Hunters and the SB do not go to olympad with steals SONG/DANCE. Otherwise it would be too strong...
  11. So the main question would be: Is this a bug that everyone accepted and it will allways be just because there is no repports OR, it is intended and there is REASON? If it's intended, would you share the reason? Thank you all
  12. Song/dance buffs just dissapear after a re-login, and, of course, when we go into the oly, we get the same effect, or Primeval Garden or anything that does the "broken re-log" effect. You could say: yeah, that is to prevent other people to enter in oly with lvl 3 dance skills from a SUPER RARE book. So what? Let it be. That's the game right? PK System is already broken so.. What is up with the songs? I mean, whaaaaat? I really don't get it. It is just annoying, waste of MP and time...
  13. GJ! You guys are so L33T you broke the system! I had to look at it twice to see what you were talking about. Looks like you didn’t get credit for a full day of hunting bonus. That would definitely hurt.
  14. Thank you!! Today, we dont have AT ALL the XP buff. At least I can't use it. It happened many times now, I know they are aware but just for the sake of saying the obvious: This is disturbing my lvling and ranking. In the image bellow, show that I don't have the buff AT ALL, can't use it, only the second one, and we are never less than 30 online active players.
  15. The cheaper way to make limited is dark the weapon 1st, then buy all the bloody wep stones to finish limited. If you are considering a limited wep upgrade from bloody r110, the cost of remaking the weapon or the stones shouldn't be an issue. If this upgrade is a massive cost to you in comparison with your other gear, I would advise putting whatever adena you have into other upgrades that will push your dmg output up more instead of going for limited.
  16. Halo all , i am writing this post to suggest a change to the game. As you noticed a lot of weps on both of the servers are Bloody (PVE) and you cannot upgrade to limited weps because the Dark Wep stones are rare and if you find the price are too high . You cannot change the enchant option anymore to the R110 weps only to R99. Maybe they could change this and we could change from bloody to enchanted weps so we would have the option to make it Pvp and then Limited? a lot of bloody stones on the market but none of them dark stones kind regards
  17. It bugs out, exit the collection and open it again.
  18. you do not only DC if your net goes down, there are many factors as to why a single client or 1 client out of many can DC.
  19. you will have to put time and money in the game if you want to enjoy it. if you go free to play, it is going to be a nightmare for you.
  20. Good morning im sorry about maybe wrong selected topic but im new here and i generally i cant from some reason selected i just wanna ask about server its posibble to play here im from Poland and i spend maybe few years old to find ok server but its dont have the result i just wanna play on ok server and i wanna know some information how working here i can play here? will be thankful and greetings all the best
  21. Yeah, it’s frustrating. I don’t know the plight of the Storm Blaster but I’m lvl Wind Rider and haven’t leveled any of the level 4 self buffs that require Master Books. I basically only leveled 3 of my higher level skills that require 31 magic tabs per scroll. You could probably take me down in a pvp without too much hassle. You’re not going to be able to beat the whales or Zerg members but you’ll be fine for farming and saving adena until they offer up Giran boxes and other p2p items
  22. I tried to to register winged spear, morning star, and tigers eye earring for +15 patk bonus and it’s not letting me.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Curious, how effective can a character be that hasn't learned any of their 3rd class skills? At what level does it become too tedious to XP and impossible to PVP? I ask because I rolled a Storm Blaster and I'm now looking at a list of about 20 skills that require either spellbooks, masterbooks, millions in adena or some combination of millions in adena and a book. There's no way in hell that I'm going to get my hands on all of those books. Not unless you have an event where they drop from normal mobs, or reward the books and magical tablets as part of the regular daily quests. So now tha
  25. I see a lot of ppl that can't move on in game. The truth is for end gear you need real money but for casual playing is not much hard. You don't need to spend a single euro. Aden server gives a lot of free stuff in the begining. So if you play smart you can enjoy the game. I playing from begining my char is 79 lvl and i do small upgrades every time i had some adena. I don't even use alts chars. I focused on my mains damage to farm more adena day by day. And as i said i don't have spend single euro. If you have sayas will for 30 days you are fine. I was playing a lot of years on Naia and trust
  26. Yeah that's the plan. Generate enough adena per day to buy boxes and then whatever is buyable in the LCoin store. Assuming people still sell them in the future...
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