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  2. The PK Scrolls need to be used in Floran Village . The description was missing on the item. We requested a fix for the clan coins on the High Priest, but it did not work. You can see in-game that it just blanks out when you try to use the link on the NPCs. Another request has been made to fix the broken link. Halfway there now.
  3. hum no... you dont play this week ist your choice not nc choice they give us that you want a full set s unsealed too?
  4. Hi I am looking forward to the return of the afk macro and chars loop. Thank you GM
  5. Couple of Things Need a FIXIN

    I would also like to add the alleged update on the Prestige Pack we all been waiting for!! any news on that? @Juji@Hime
  6. fix the Lag ! its disrespectful for ppl who bought Prestige packs, Destiny packs etc! its the same story every time and the same lame answers from you Ncwest!
  7. (( Improvement for the server )))

    If you still believe in NA server can become big comment @Hime
  8. I would like to know when NCSOFT goes by an active team on the server to answer the players. Because it is very bad that everyone stays here talking and has no response from the game team
  9. I can't use my Diploma ??? There was Nothing writen at the patch notes that this gets removed?
  10. This is big, I don't experience this with my mages or archers, but all malees are affected. My main specifically is an eviscerator, and goes... right fist punch, left fist punch, 1-second-delay, right fist punch, left fist punch, 1-second delay...... It is really annoying.
  11. (( Improvement for the server )))

    I agree, i will never be able to party in game and i love playing with my class. (WC solo)
  12. Botting?

    although NA ncsoft GMs do nothing about botting because it would almost be a fulltime job, insert empathy here concerning thier poor proformance and still getting paid todo nothing besides wait for miracle patch in update. still you should report, make them see that yea.. they still are not doing an aspect of their job. So easy to spot some bots just knowing how game works.. like watching bots do a skill like pheonix arrow, poison cloud, or snare that requires user input moving it around 24/7. Ive reported such bots, never seen anything happen to them. GMs seem to not login, on main GM or even undercover to do anything... makes you wonder what if anything their job really is.
  13. ISS debuffs

    no both are single target, they also both become aoe if you use chaos symphony, while the mobs have chaos debuff, your crippling attack and crash will both do aoe and hit them also along with your target if in range of the attack of course. Crash does more damage than Crippling attack but also cost more mp
  14. Today
  15. I failed longing 6 times yesterday now I'm broke ;D
  16. i believe that many ppl would like RED LIBRA to include except weapon exchange, armor exchange also
  17. Report ! video !

    I dont know what games/platforms are good business and what not, but I am sure they invest money. For instance I played on live server (old awakened GOD server) around 2015/2016, I got perma account ban for using illegal software. Sooner or later you will be banned.

    I believe that many ppl would like red libra to include not only weapon change to another type but armors also.
  19. @Hime thank you very much, for the information. Cost of basic materials, for sale in the store will come back?
  20. Clan coins can be traded only in Monster Race Track now. Target Leo in Clan arena there.
  21. icons

    God that would be a decent start on repairing the crap UI they gave us. I've never seen an UI pushed through like this before. Not only does it have less functionality but it is worse at presenting information while presenting less information... I just can't believe it made it into the game it's so bad... For examples of it presenting information poorly I would start with the CP bar. It's so tiny I'm pretty sure you can't even see it on a phone (which is what the UI seems designed for). You can't tell what character you're playing at a glance either. The system window is gone so now damage/heal/etc information is buried in chat. For examples of presenting less information I'd point to the inability to see what debuffs you have landed on your target in PVE and PVP. I guess technically the name thing should be in this category. Less functionality in you can't right click to block or report people anymore. You can't mark targets for people in your party. You can't even assist people in your party. They removed useful click short cuts such as action or macro. I could fill those examples out if I started actually collecting notes on all the stuff this UI does poorly but I think the point is there already.
  22. Bison buff will fixed?

    Sadly, the skills have changed, you'll need either sword muse or spectral dancer now. Chant of Bison For 5 min., all party members’ P. Critical Rate/ Damage and P./ M. Skill Critical Rate/ Damage +15%. Additionally, P./ M. Atk. and P./ M. Def. +20%. Cannot be used with Prophecy of Might/ Victories of Pa’agrio. Song of Assault For 5 min., all party members’ P./ M. Atk. and P./ M. Def. +15%. Additionally, P./ M. Atk. and P./ M. Def. +20%. Cannot be used with Crippling Dance. Crippling Dance For 5 min., all party members’ P./ M. Atk. and P./ M. Def. +15%. Additionally, P./ M. Atk. and P./ M. Def. +20%. Cannot be used with Song of Assault.
  23. Hello Get back macro auto run peoples stop to play now, drop adena ,value when selling to NPC all recepies and mats is 0 adena all items is with low value get this back plx from 1-70 will get maibe 1-1.5 mils adena drop maximum. Kind Regard
  24. So no macro?

    Yes the UI itself is still a big ol steaming pile of a turd that is an actual regression in design...
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