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  3. SWS i SR szukają klanu lub ludzi do wspólnej gry. Mam Spoila, krafta i WC, spory online jak na nasz wiek Gramy od 2 dni, powoli się ubieramy i farmimy na lv 20+. Używamy Discorda i gramy na servie Giran.
  4. Grade Penalty

    You get your stats reduced and the effect stacks depending how many grades away u are from the weapon armor or jewels u got even agathions u use ( but i think that is on live servers nvm it). u have lvl 1 penalty if u are NG and u use D grade or u are D grade and u use C grade etc and same goes if u are NG and u use C or B grade (lvl2 and lvl3 penalty) for weapons penalty the game reduces specific stats and for armor (armor is jewels too) specific stats too but i dont remember which ones since i dont like penalties but u can try them on! For low lvls it doesnt rly matter if u dont mind lower at speed or casting speed but for higher lvls u wont be able to exp
  5. In 2018 year u can sue someone just because u felt accused by his look! the thing is that if u have the money to do something like that as paying a lawyer etc! We have the freedom of speech and we also have democracy so everyone can say whatever he wants with the difference that saying something really bad can lead to consequences. From my experience on L2 when someone dc-es his char stays logged in for a period of time before it exits the game so i believe he had done it long time ago but just your dmg sucked (soz ) so u couldn't pk-pvp him or tease him long enough to satisfy yourself!!!
  6. Banned Accounts?

    @Juji @Hime please take a look at this topic since alot of people complaining about your guys banning account without reason since we never using any bot or 3rd program . We lost items, adena , time and money spend on the toon . We contribute to the game by supporting and buying ncoin and we got banned and we dont know why ! please do something ....!!!!!
  7. 1. Not interested in Drama queens, as mentioned previously - I'm not interested in clans, neither in CP's. If we build ourselves into stage that we are in need one - will figure out something at that time, but i dont need internal "ideas", we should join these guys cause they do Ant queen everyday, or their clan has 99% online players. 2. Efficiency, if we exp in group, we have to understand that soulshots costs, we cant farm all places and sometimes it's required to split adena by 75/25 (if area has low adena drop rate) - We need to figure out what we need, do we need adena farm or exp farm, or gears, mats. Cant do all functions at the same time. 3. No free loaders or plz adena type people, sometimes its smarter to stay lower levels, instead rushing to max level. This is my first classic game and i just realized how bad it was to rush into level 41 with buffer being on 1st profession. 4. Pick a class YOU WANT TO PLAY and pick a class to support your self, I would like to avoid players who cant decide what to play and end up having 4-5 different classes all low levels. By support yourself, if something happens, you can still continue exping and not fall behind or exp other team members if main buffer is afk. 5. Dont expect me to know everything about the game, if you have idea - Share it, lets analyze and test. 6. Priorities, if you are looking for Fame and Glory, you are in wrong place. its nice to have it, but me personally, it's not priority 7.NO BOTTING or any other 3rd party software - ZERO TOLERANCE - I dont bot, neither should you. There are other ways to make adena and as mentioned previously, exp is not most important.
  8. Hey all just curious on the live servers if it is worth leveling a buffer? I notice there is buffs and you level fast. Just curious I have not played live for many years please update me ?
  9. Good Evening Ladies & Gents, Looking for casual team players to exp and build gears - preferably Solo players who can run at least 2 boxes (not mandatory, but able to). Myself I'm from UK Gaming hours are: 18:00 - 23:00 (Monday to Wednesday) 18:00 - 02:00 (Friday) Any time of day on Saturday Any time of day on Sunday (Finishing 22:00) Phantom Ranger with +5 STR Dyes, Akat +4 bow, moon heavy, D top jewels - Level 43 (VIP 4) Prophet - Level 37 (VIP 0) Store Character I'm not really interested to create CP or CLAN - to avoid pointless dramas & arguments. Mostly focused on game economy and try to get as close to end game as possible. I'm okay to help gear others, give free exp if they have to be afk, I have knowledge of raids and how to run successful raid command channels - for later on incase we are in need of raids. Private message me on forums or ingame character "Rahuel PS: I might create an Private clan for us (once i see some people being interested) - to use clan warehouse to show what materials we have, so we could craft gears - however will need discuss with you first. My some of achievements: Yesterday farming 7 hours Today farmed probably around 11 Hours last Saturday farmed about 17 Hours (very lonely day - My gf was at work) Last sunday probably 10-11 Hours Monday -Friday I try to maximise between 2-3 hours of farming (but now since i got akat and my PP is below 40 (critbuff), it's difficult, cause i need to find spots where i can farm into profits.
  10. Class status: Gladiator

    Gladiator is not that good. For PvE detect weakness was nerfed pretty bad, on retail it gave 30% Damage vs. the specified race. Now it gives 5%. Duelist Spirit used to give 12% Attack speed and 10% pvp damage on retail, now it only gives attack speed. On retail before the move to momentum, Gladiator force could give +179% damage boost on energy skills. This was nerfed to +30% with the change to momentum in GoD. On classic it uses the momentum mechanic and the most you can increase your damage by is 30%. The most convincing gladiator build I have run into doesnt use dual swords at all, it uses a blunt and a shield to stun lock you with hammer crush/blaster and dps with fatal strike. Best case if you want to use tss/dss you need two weapons and clumsy swapping to stun -> swap -> tss/dss -> swap -> chase/stun -> repeat. You will be out of mana after about 3-4 kills. If you want to single target melee stuff to death, i recommend going dagger or tyrant. Tyrant at least has bison/zealot to fall back on for mowing kids down when he gets low on mp. Daggers can hide/blink/stab and their skills scale with crit damage buffs like dance of fire/death whisper.
  11. Best place to farm with Spoil

    basilisk for bones in wasteland
  12. [TI] CP LF Lv58+ Elven Elder

  13. Is this a Bot? or a 3 computers user?

    it's unbelievable how u change what happened yesterday trying to show others u are a victim... u are demanding respect for u when yesterday u were threating other players will be banned for say u were using bots... u are saying u were harrased by other players when u spend more than 1 hour trying to kill players and their boxes and as result of that u were killed by yourself with ur boxes using ur "fantastic" /assist mode with 3 pc's... u are telling in forum u are a victim, when in all time that all happened u were saying "karma, all are u doing u will suffer consequences in ur real life, u will remember this day and i will be laughing about it". i don't care if u were using bots, in my opinion u were using it, and if isnt true it seemed it, we did what we always do, try to kill the bots, we did it and u pk us, ok then, we came back, we kill u and we recover our spot, we kill u several times btw because u came back all times with "ur party", so stop saying lies and feel like a victim...this is L2, if other ppl see u killing mobs where they were killing and they kill u, u have 2 options, 1) come back and kill them 2) dont come back and say nothing and go to other spot, but in ur case there is a third option 3) come back, die all time, and after that cry in forum u said in other post u were a pve player, and i think its totally true because u sucks in pvp but u are more than that u are a FORUM WARRIOR
  14. WTT demon´s fangs+adena for Staff Of Life

    También acepto cambiar el demon´s fangs+adena por atuba hammer, atuba mace, ghost staff
  15. WTT Adena from server Gludio to server Giran

    UPGRADE! i have 755k
  16. Looting rights

    Dear Admins. There really big problems with loot rights. Take back loot rights it's imposible. Today we try take orfen loot rights like 6-7h and guess what? Yes, yes you guessed right, we didnt get loot rights, 100 people can get loot rights, and three parties can held rights for eternity. Just hit with low lvl chars and keep rights. So how we can fight for rights? pvp ? HA. They dont flag. PK? we will drop probably everything what we have, and it is imposible too clean pk if you kill someone. So you made server where the first command channel do hit to raid boss/ epic boss and it is their raid boss/ epic boss and there is no possibility to win. Please do something with loot rights. PLEASE
  17. WTB -> Wizard Hat (Hair Accessory)

    I'm looking for a Wizard Hat or Refined Wizard Hat (any would do!) Intending to pay about 500.000.000 adena for one, or 400 Ncoins + 100.000.000 adena!
  18. Yesterday
  19. My experience with Freya Stick Promo.

    Nice drops it wow worth it
  20. Sorc / SH / SS

    The best dye for sorc is?
  21. Sorc / SH / SS

    Thanks for your reply. Overhit is very good for grinding.
  22. My experience with Freya Stick Promo.

  23. Looting rights

    Okay this is getting ridiculous. We have a problem on giran with a clan from Thailand. It seems like they play from some kind of internet café, using like 5 boxes each and being able to kill orfen/core with only a handful of people. As long as they get looting rights they will do everything in the power to make sure no one else can get it. This is the worst feature ever because there is no need to pvp for epics anymore. Any clan/cp with many computers can exploit this. The only way to stop this from happening would be to change so that the CC who deals the most damage, get all the loot. @Juji @Hime This is very important
  24. Banned Accounts?

    I need a third account, and every time I start playing it, after 1-2 days it is blocked. Support don't say the reason, I don't even know what I'm doing wrong! I'm willing to fix if their system doesn't like something, but support just writes their standard phrases. It's very, very sad :'c
  25. I did it for a long time back in the day and nothing happened. I was sub class warlock so I left queen cat dancing. It drain all mp but regen was good enough so when the time came the cat had mp to dance. After my party was done grinding the PR me out of there. Nothing happened but then again back then we had L2 walker and Superman going around and almost nobody got banned for using them I guess the question is if you want to take the risk ...
  26. Well as stated above this is my personal experience and will differ from one person to another. Have in mind that my goal was to get some AEWR cos wanted to improve my weapons. Hope that my grain of sand help to someone in this event. Got 5500 Sticks from this event and here my results. From 5500 Sticks got: 3706 Snowman Boxes 37 Freya Boxes and all the 100% items from the promo. So I'm getting that you have 2/3 chance to get a box as a bonus Item and from the 2/3 there is only 1/10 to get a freya. Note that all is random so my results may differ from others. With the 5500 Scrolls and 37 Giant Scrolls I kept as final result: 2 +14 (didn't have a better Venir's so used this on main and DBox) 13 +15 6 +16 My strat was: From 5500 to 2500 Scrolls I brute force enchanted to +14 and then use a Giant Scroll From 2500 to 1000 Scrolls Same idea but on +13 used Giants Scroll From 1000 to 200 Scrolls Same idea but on +12 used Giants Scroll On 200 run out of Giants and brute forced my last scrolls and got +14 on last run So here my averages every 189 Scrolls I got a +14 staff and a bunch of them just poof on try to get my +15 staffs and some pass from +14 to +16 in one Giant. Also on side note my Char have 60 Luc and didn't use other Luc buffs Something that still bugs my mind is that staffs are marked as poles and the enchant pattern of the weapon was really similar to a warrior weapon, so IDK if is intended or was marked as spear to keep the odds fair. From Boxes on Freyas got: +5 Radiant Circlet Mage 3 Lv 9 Crystals (Panth Lio Mermo) 4 Soul Bottles 4 Ama Stones 3 PvP Runes 3 Anakim Tiat Belt 5 Dye Boxes (why one at leat make it 3 to be worth XD) Rest Lv8 Soul Crystals (whyyy god whyyyyy hate Panth lv8) From Snowman: 12 Giant LifeStone 34 Beginners Book 212 Freya Agathion and nothing else worth mentioning. So, Good Luck to all on event and Happy Holydays.
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