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  2. what exactly do you want as a spoiler? what level are you and where do you XP?
  3. Nothing at all in all the last updates for the Fortune Seeker. So may you guys overthink all daggerclasses get spoil skill again and remove just Fortune Seeker...The only classes that overrun the game are Feoh and Archers. Wynn is unwanted like spoiler...
  4. you cant do them without gear, I first tried SV when I was 106 with +8 r99 light ( for the reuse), coc belt, rind shirt, +5 rad auth and +7 elmore.. was getting rekt, AI was worse(at 107).
  5. For sure you have more items, damage nowadays doesn't rely only on weapon. If I go Silent and try to kill there I get stumped. Same in alligator, I put to assist my evis, but if somehow I attack first and mob crit attack me, Yul drops in 1 hit. I mean full buffs + pom (no pots)
  6. Today
  7. I can confirm that, bosses do not drop them anymore. And TOI1 - 5 days 24/7 farm - only 3 dropped. Also, runes were removed from VIP shop without any kind of warning (no mention in Patch Notes), I have more than 200k VIP coins accumulated and can't buy them now, despite the fact I've paid real $$$ for this and was considering getting them during the transition time.
  8. The new Aden Soul Crystal Lv. 1 are no longer dropping from low level bosses. In TOI1 in 5 days of Farm dropped only 1 rune. Where are we going to get these new runes @Juji? Tell me? If this continues, they will be worth 1b of adena.
  9. Are you sure? I have my dual YUL lvl 108, and i have no problem in Silent Valley , also i can do aligator si tanner all so use exalted bow because i only keep the yul to lvl for dual skills, but i started to like it because it is very good( but not because i wanted , I like summoner better but i had to let it go) And also yes it does take a lot of money to invest in yul but consider this It is good to be able evolve unlimited, that is what you have to look in this game for, a character that cand always evolve, you do not want to take a character that at a certain lvl get st
  10. I assume, we will find out this Wednesday...
  11. I recommend the Tyrr Maestro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5iB554D9WE&ab_channel=BầuBầu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXoBwGHo8Gs&ab_channel=BầuBầu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt5cPnlBevA&ab_channel=Libre123 This game does not require eq enough to be exalted IT you do 50 min Crisis is good mass Drink good mass I recommend 2 ISS boxes 1 POM --> Iss Hierophant 2 Crip --> Iss Sword Muse or Iss Spectral Dancer
  12. actually there is a pretty legitimate way of going this.
  13. The macro's we talking about, (and you know this) won't continue to work if you tape the key down. Macro in macro, several different macro's running at the same time, that's not allowed. But I agree, NC really needs to say SOMETHING on this. How the hell do you accept rez thru macro?
  14. True, to play Yul you need a lot of gear. Sure it's the most OP class to farm etc etc, but in order to do that you first must spend a lot! I have 1 Yul 110 with just Exalted Bow + R99 set+8 FE , atlas+12 and Radiant Authority (the rest of items are freebies from Exalted) and can't even farm in Silent Valley SOLO lol
  15. To play Yul, you have to be ready to spend thousands. Otherwise you will suffer as Yul. Try Eviscerator, Feoh Stormscreamer, Tyrr Maestro (from 106)..
  16. There’s a massive amount of items which are not implemented in game, and necessary. To transfer our transformations to other character we’re forced to wait for months, which is ridiculous. They already find out that gems are needed, so maybe after few years they’ll realize the same thing about extracts
  17. @Juji @Hime @LIME why don't you give us some feedback that you a) read the thread b) understand the problems listed c) are doing something about some of them as some1 else mentioned here, start by a small step and provide some actual results. Personally, I'm all fed up with how you people operate this. Stopped this game before will most likely do it again in a very very short time. THIS IS NOT FUN. I'm too old to play mobile games, old enough to have seen how proper games are made and played. Mobile games I'd rather play on my toilet.
  18. I do not want to be rude or anything but you might wanna post more details about this. What is your gear, ( 110 feoh at ketra wont do any dmg), what is the tanks gear, timezone? NA yes but people get of work at different times. Levels alone mean nothing
  19. you can reset it to 85 (master Raina in Talking Island) at any given time but you can also change it and keep your level at any red libra event.
  20. Constructive Feedback: I would rather have Neutral Zone removed if it meant that my Dreadnought could use all of his AOEs (sonic star, Provoke) without flagging when on Auto Next Target.
  21. Doesn't the "classic" change at NPC Raina in Talking Island still works ?
  22. I thought you could change it but it will reset the lvl to 85 if not through libra. Buy chaos essence dual class from ncoin store.
  23. I know some request are minor thing but still I want them in game. Thank you. 1. L2 Coin system aka Einhassad store 2. More costumes in shop such as Anakim Outfit 3. Cheaper crafting materials cost "And I don`t mean in Mana cost" 4.Prestige pack runes not to be disabled while in party with other that don`t have it. This is an MMO not a Mobile solo game. 5. More PVE friendly experience. No more PVP flag on Aoe skills that can flag you because your skills used on mobs get in rage of a PVP flagged player attacking you first. If he wants to PK he can PK and be punished by
  24. Hello 0/ Can some please explain how this item work and where can I find it? I want to buy this appearance in game, but how dose it work. On the L2 wiki it shows as a 30 days stone to use. What dose that mean? I have 30 days to use it on an item before it disappears? Or it stays for 30 days on item you used?
  25. i only been playing 1 year....its so bad....back in day so much more fun....gratz ncwest staff....your support so doesnt know what they hell they talkin about either....double moronic plague.
  26. how do all the other regions survive w/out ncwest money/scam? this game game can really be enjoyable w/out 1000 dollar events for 1 dragon aug stone??? i cant believe its possible....only reason the prices/cost in this game so high is because of @Juji the most corrupt GM ever in gaming history...who nerfs his own nerfs...and lags his own lagz....truly the most worthless for gamers gm ever.
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