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  2. Exactly! Power is controlled by L2Store. If the in game store on NCWest was anything like the European shop, where items from promotions always stay available this would be less of a problem. But this is not the situation. For now I just go and assume the books are being removed from the Fafurion patch we get, unless @Juji confirms the items will be available in the update from normal monster drop, as designed in Korea and as in the update Japan and Europe got.
  3. That is only IF we even get that option, cuz u know how much NCwest loves $$$. There is a HUGE chance they will remove this free option from the update so they can put the spellbooks in l2store for $. Like you can see right now with this event. This is probably why they even put it now, so they can take as much $$$ as possible before the update comes, just in case by some miracle the free option is added.

    What are you talking about? And if I don't, then...? Or do you think that if people steal from you, sell stolen goods and don't pay taxes, you are guilty of their tax evasion? So, Verizon Fios, for example, is "some shitty ISP in a 3rd world country", and their customers do not deserve to be customers of NCsoft?
  5. Yes. You need 5 books per skill level up.
  6. No it doesn't say anything about deletion. But this is just like the Artifact system. A normal game mechanic being adapted for NCSoft NA servers to be a store promotion. Unless @Jujiand @Himeconfirm that the Forgotten Power books will drop as they should be in Fafurion it's just another way to keep the power of NA players under control of the L2Store. Also @Juji Where is the announcement of the XP boost for next week? Are you going to announce it today for next week, next week for the week after?
  7. Please confirm what the (5) is. 5x item?
  8. @Juji LF merge of chronos and naia with this "event" this servers will just lose more players
  9. Those "boost events" really only put NA servers closer to what standard drop rates are on other L2 Classic versions. Also during those boost events, is when NCSoft should actively have GM's in game, banning bots. The bots crawl out of the woodwork, more so when the server has a boost going on.
  10. Not only crazy expensive, but it does not work on Dual class .. so if you have main/dual both DD GRATZ 4 skills x +30 .. I hope we get the free feature on the Fafurion update otherwise many players will be pissed = more ppl quit
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  12. Cze / Hi Mamy 60 lvl+ / we have 60lvl+ Nasze klasy / our classes Tyr/sws/Sk/wc/pp/SE większość top B grade wszystkie bufy dw haste war chanty/ all top B grade gear all top buffs Szukamy/ we are looking for BD min lvl 51 Tyr/destr/glad pref lvl around 60 Playtime 18-24 gmt+1 Daily rb around 50kk exp no wars Language pref polish/eng Teamspeak On Ingame pm Tekno or mail or just write here Piszcie w grze na Tekno albo forum
  13. On the event page it doesn't say anything about the Forgotten Power skills being deleted after the event. So you could upgrade them to lvl 5 now, wait for a few months until we get the Fafurion update, and then use the Damaged Spellbooks which will replace Fortune Pockets as additional drops to get your +30 Passives for free: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/2032-fafurion-update-trailer/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-52465
  14. Fish cost for berserker spirit

    Because you dont like the rates doesnt mean other ppl dont like it also. I am very happy with the rates. regarding topic: yes some of the prices are a but to high but if you play with active support then you will not need it anyway. Basic buffs are cheap atleast
  15. how you came up with this conclusion? Spending Adena and SP are required to learn and upgrade the first 5 levels of the passive skills. Subsequent skills can level up to a maximum of level 30 but will require additional Forgotten Spellbooks and SP. Forgotten Spellbooks can be purchased from the L2 Store. These chapters are completely tradable, and Chapter 1 can be exchanged with Adena to the Dimensional Merchant for Chapter 2 or Chapter 3. so, you need 25 books, adena and sp for +30 skill or it could mean much more if the (5) from (5) Forgotten Spellbook: Chapter 1 mean 5 pcs....
  16. " FREE TO PLAY " if you pay, ofc.
  17. So 1386€ for 1 skill (ofc with chance to get lvl2 and 3 less money ), and no bost exp SKILL Books LVL1 Total Books 6 5 5 7 5 10 8 5 15 9 5 20 10 5 25 11 25 50 12 25 75 13 25 100 14 25 125 15 25 150 16 25 175 17 25 200 18 25 225 19 25 250 20 25 275 21 60 335 22 60 395 23 60 455 24 60 515 25 60 575 26 60 635 27 60 695 28 60 755 29 60 815 Packs NCCOINS NCOINS Total NCCOINS 30 60 875 88 1260 110880 1.386,00€
  18. another f2p feature of lineage 2 live that ncwest turned into p2w good job you guys never miss the opportunity to make profit about everything
  19. Bruh they can't even get the info right in the post (what is proofreading?), wtf you think Hime is gonna do about bots man
  20. Bots...

    I don't know why they go so far to protect botters even on forums, you aren't allowed to post their names in text or screenshot. Public shaming is a great tool
  21. There is no fail rate on upgrading the Forgotten Spellbook skills.
  22. I was going to ask why we are getting another event that happens to other region servers for FREE and yet this one would cost 1b ncoins, but then I remembered what region I played in.
  23. why is the mage one so much better then the P.atk……. they get skill power and skill crit damage...… plus 5 more percent skill power...
  24. what is the fail ratio? nothing about that ... is this 100% success or will there be a crappy fail % ??? more info please i mean.... really is it going to be like OE skills? where you can fail and go back to square one? or are you 100% and safe to enchant once you spend and level each level?
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