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  2. Delay in NCoin delivery?

    Buenas tardes acabo de comprar Ncon y no me llegan las monedas porfavor avisenme si necesito hacer algo mas que pagar, estoy revisando el correo y nada, gracias
  3. Making any changes now is meaningless. They fu... up this at the very start.
  4. Unfortunately for you that will neva happen. The reason is simple, without people like me buying things from NCSoft on all boxes. By me paying for all boxes gives you the privilege to play for free. I paid for this game in 2004-2009 a monthy sub and ran 3 boxes, NCSoft is in business to make money and could care less about all the tears being shed. The solution is simple, if you do not like the way things are, then do not let the door hit you on the way out. Just leave, dont announce your leaving. Just leave, all you cry babies need to leave.
  5. Thx for New Server GMT -3

    there is nothing to confirm since they didn't announce such thing. it's mostly players wishing for a new server with timezone like chronos.
  6. Thank you for your attention Juji I appreciate! I had already used the wayback machine but as the @Rayduxz said the site was not complete, but ok. If there was a notice I could have created a copy, but I trusted in NC. I want to express once again my sadness in following this series of acts of the NC demonstrating disinterest in maintaining the background of L2. I will continue watching the orchestra and dancing (playing) as the NC band. Thanks again for being the Master Juji . @metricblu3
  7. Thx for New Server GMT -3

    i hope @Hime confirm this.. I believe it is not now the launch..
  8. giving paid teleports NOW considering that the server will need at least a month to get to a sustained level of aden will be catastrophic
  9. Take all of those "bonuses" for the actual drop/spoil/exp/sp rates. I have no problem with grinding that way.
  10. Thx for New Server GMT -3

    servers are up and no new server
  11. [News] Golden Compass Event

    el comentario ridiculo del siglo, te preparas para el siguiente? pues comienza a comprar coins y ser top como los otros o que? jodido tan bobo. lee bien los item que postean no son items de me preparo son de o los pagas o los pagas pfff de donde sale la gente como tu? chiste vivo
  12. We (Me and EC49) know it's not ur fault. I wouldn't like to be in ur place tbh.
  13. Can't start the game.

    There was an Emergency maintenance recently, the servers were down.
  14. I have the same problem and have for days. No reply yet from support
  15. Yes, in a year of full farming you get set and weapon pve and jewels boss and diamond, etc to make the same event.
  16. come dicevo prima non eravamo 180 su offi o meglio lo siamo stati solo il primo anno di GoD perche' poi e' stato un fuggi fuggi generale per via del gioco e per via dell'età che chiamava a impegni più importanti quindi sicuramente e' per quello! cmq il più attivo che è rimasto anche quando non eravamo nessuno on spostandosi in altri clan era Maxell lui sicuramente lo conoscerai immagino ^^
  17. Thx for New Server GMT -3

    Can u confirm this? How about GMT + x ??
  18. You forgot about paid teleports. When you have to run on foot from town to town... use /loc to check your position and then SoE... Giran Town was not as easily accessible as it is now... The moment you changed your "home" city... You saw and felt the progress you have made. Returning to Gludio and showing off what equipment you have... The old good days that never will come back.
  19. [News] Golden Compass Event

    The events are not given every month, usually between 1 year and another ... entonces aun tienes tiempo campeon!!!
  20. BOTS always afk dont stop farm

    ok , tnx!!
  21. Yeah I think so. Anyone who says they're 54 is lying and/or cheated. 26 is the real legit highest lvl.
  22. Can't start the game.

    Hey, so I dowloaded Lineage 2 today, I've been playing on and off for about 10 years and never had a problem. But when I try to log in now, I get to the login screen and the only thing I see is "Exit Game" in the middle of the screen, Server selection doesn't load, and after about 2minutes a window appears that says "This will close the game". I've never had this happen until now, did anyone have the same problem or does anyone know how to fix it? I already restarted my pc, reinstalled, and turned off my NVIDIA Gforce, but nothings helps.
  23. Classic or Live?

    There is no other game on the market that is more P2W than L2. I just came back this time to classic cuz i hve stubborn friends.
  24. As between one event and another you reach to have items + 10 / + 12 / + 20. Claro que si campeón, sos un grande.
  25. NA Clan Lord Summit - Open Invitation Saturday 8:00pm CST Gludio Church

    Legendary Discord Server https://discord.gg/7dWNSA5
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