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    You can't really call it leveling or fun when you earn less than 2% a day, can you? Let's face it, L2 is killing the planet. The only thing players are doing is running up the electricity bill. Thus energy providers have to destroy more of the environment in order to churn out the massive amounts of energy necessary to keep the gaming community going.
  3. They should create two tiers of Prestige Pack. The first one for $15 is the same as we have now. But the second tier "Greater Prestige" pack for $30 should include everything from the original (except the daily cube), a 30 Day Bloody rune, two 14-day Vitality runes, a 30-day Attribute rune, a 30-day Greater Ruby. a 30-day Greater Sapphire, a 30 day rune that works like the Red Libra buff and a new daily cubic that drops 1 random item like Erupt pots, Freya's Blessing, Nevits pots, and similar XP and hunting boost aids each day. The catch with the pots is that they expire in 24 hours. Use them or lose them.
  4. Here are some comparations: - Player A spend thousands of $$$ on Royal enchant scrolls and can't even make it pass +20 VS. Player B spend $0 (FREE) to make +31 R110 weapon with giant scrolls by exploiting the restoration (enchant -> restore -> enchant again -> restore again .................. -> until the item reach maximum) - Player A farms adena 24/7 with the dream to get top items with ++++++++++ enchantment levels with their own adena and $$$$$ VS. Player B still spamming restoration exploits to make +++++++++ items then sell it for billions adena without farming anything I still don't know why GMs are not doing anything about this. This is completely making the game super imbalanced. Don't waste money into this game because u will get nothing out of it specially events. Why would you spend money help those restoration exploiters stay in the game and make them even richer?
  5. A week won't cut it. They'd have to stop for a month. And all that would really do is force NCSoft to figure out other ways to grift players out of their money. It's the whole point of this gaming business model. Lots of vulnerable personality types play these games. NCSoft preys on them.
  6. Now that the overenchant limits have been lifted and people can get +31 and higher weapons, it's time to give some love and prestige back to Dragon and Demon Weapons. Maybe not stage 3, but at least make Stage 1 and 2 weapons tradeable through the NPC that crafts them. Same level trade only. Or better yet, make it possible to deconstruct them to basic mats and claws/bloods. That way people can then buy other fragments and create whatever type of weapon they want. There really should be more of this stuff in game, not less. In order to do that, we also need more pathways to get these things, not less.
  7. Hello everyone. This post is mainly intended for server administrators. With the end of the XP event and NO LOSS OF XP WHEN YOU DIE, the change in the PK system has become even more unsustainable. The PK does not lose items when it dies. Which means that more advanced players in the game, with better items, go around the map killing players who just want to play. This, added to the fact that on all maps there are entire hordes of bots running 24x7 (and this is no secret to anyone, least of all administrators), what happens is that the owners of the bots enter their characters very well equipped (after all, bot gives money) and kill anyone who approaches the area where the bot is running. And if you organize a pt to kill the PK, it doesn't drop anything, it just comes back and continues the killing. So, I still hope that the server administrators, @Juji and @Hime, will pay special attention to the following points: 1 - The PK system, which may have been altered with a view to allowing players to eliminate bots, is only favoring bot owners; 2 - It is necessary, and I believe that this is not just my claim, that the problem of bots be seen as something more serious. It is uncontrollable. There are places that a real player can’t play because he’s taken over by bots. Please, these isolated points are enough to discourage players, so together there is a little bit of discouragement for the entire server. Only those who are really enjoying these mentioned points are those who use bot software. That was an outburst. I like the game, but as things are going, it's hard to have fun.
  8. Today
  9. Horse is out of the barn. Anything you do now won't address the people who already have their items +++++++. It will only stop new people, people who play by the rules and the rest of you who apparently are too busy crying about fairness to realize that if NCSoft/GMs allow it, it's fair. The GMs know when they get multiple requests from the same people. They aren't stupid. They permit it. When they get fed up, they'll change the rules. Until then, shut up, follow that car, and just go with the flow. This is the game now. Sad as it is.
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  11. Been trying for few days now to switch back from my dual class to main class but this function is not working.
  12. Get to 105 and exalted status and get your subclass.
  13. Returning player after 6 years

    im kind of in the same boat as rangur. my buff pet, a now 103 iss sws, has a lock icon next to the AP menu. hoving over it tells me to go to joachim or raina in TI. neither let me MAKE a subclass to turn into a dual any help woudl be great!
  14. So never took a subclass on my buffer or dwarf. Just came back after a few years off, how can i get a dual class on them? i have no idea what questline i'm supposed to take now
  15. No limit.. In Official.. Where everything to craft is difficult... Sounds balanced
  16. hello guys i came back after a long time, last time when i play was about 3 years, and i want to ask who is the best summoner for solo xp cose my time is too low and most of times i cant find party when i want to play! i play mostly pve!
  17. @BurnCycleI asked to NC soft if there was a limit of enchantment for the weapons and armors R99 and R110, they answered, "there is no limit of enchantment level." Thanks !
  18. echo Void(0) > /dev/null
  19. Solo playing as a dark avenger.

    oh lord. need tank for raids.. 2010 call, he want that tactic back
  20. By abusing the restoration with the situation i have described to you, i think it's possible, but by abusing the restoration without this situation frankly i doubt it. Thanks !
  21. WTB> Hair style potion type D Please mail me iEndora
  22. That is the issue no matter what way you look at it scrolls luck pots lady luck its not statistically possible to do it it just isn't without finding an exploit in the system.
  23. Launcher Error!!

    I have also problem to run NC launcher after windows 10 update. I try everything - uninstall launcher, game, disable avast, firewall, update all drivers, back to restore point - no chance. NC support is for nothing - one week emailing and without solution. Any idea? thx System.OverflowException The image data generated an overflow during processing. at System.Windows.Media.Imaging.ColorConvertedBitmap.FinalizeCreation() at System.Windows.Media.Imaging.ColorConvertedBitmap..ctor(BitmapSource source, ColorContext sourceColorContext, ColorContext destinationColorContext, PixelFormat format) at System.Windows.Media.Imaging.BitmapImage.FinalizeCreation() at System.Windows.Media.Imaging.BitmapImage.EndInit() at System.Windows.Media.Imaging.BitmapImage..ctor(Uri uriSource, RequestCachePolicy uriCachePolicy) at NCLauncherW.Views.SplashWindow..ctor(ServiceRegion serviceRegion) at (ServiceRegion ) at A.c4373bb884a7415918869f08a7250f816.c47dc36c3ef840496a5f5c268b6bdd157(ServiceRegion ) at NCLauncherW.App.c4d8686bfe532514bdb3c355715f8776a(ServiceRegion ) at NCLauncherW.App.c44bdd0881849d49d6c6d3f3196c0216b.MoveNext() --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.AsyncMethodBuilderCore.<>c.<ThrowAsync>b__6_0(Object state) at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.InternalRealCall(Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs) at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs, Delegate catchHandler)
  24. it's possible with the marphr's shirt (necessary), which when you upgrade as from of +7 gives you 10% luck so 1 chance out of 10 ( important), you have an one more chance with the lady luck, more if you have a lot of luck on your gear + the luck boosts + the basic percentage of the your char and of course by using the gran kain's scroll because you don't go down, and a lot of money of course. Well, it seems to me that it's the safest situation. I think that even if you abuse the restoration you can't reach this result. Or maybe this ppl is too too lucky, it's a possibility ! Thanks !
  25. Simple advice Stop paying for 1 week, you will get full info 100% Crying won't give a damn
  26. That person should be ashamed to show that wep with lvl 5 sa's... Wtf?!?!
  27. @Juji @Hime What happened to the weapon enchant limit? What is the new limit? Do the armors have new limit also??? This is the sort of stuff that is supposed to be in your maintenance notes if you ask me.
  28. Last week
  29. we all thought that too someone screenshotted in my discord when it happen let me look https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/703695605150646366/766840306926092368/20201016_194931.jpg?width=483&height=643 Was a bow https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/703695605150646366/766851653344165939/IMG-20201016-WA0008.jpg Stats: 3891 Patk 1363 matk 21% soul shot damage.
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