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  5. There are standard sieges to castles. Apparently by those who participate, there are no rules of siege to castles. Before only the clans that belonged to the castles could defend them, added the clans accepted as defenders. The clans with castles could not participate in other sieges to other castles, those rules no longer apply. These new or current rules are like this to allow 1 or 2 clans to take castles with other backpack clans? I would appreciate lighting.
  6. that's exactly what I wouldn't do, alll but the chronos part
  7. Where are you located Are you using a VPN? How frequent is the latency you're experiencing? Where and what are you doing in game where you experience latency? 1.greece 2.never 3.Random 4.When i hit mobs char is like think to hit the mob,always is better when server is up after restarted or crashed!
  8. Where are you located -Belgium Are you using a VPN? -Yes and No doesn't matter it lags when server is heavy How frequent is the latency you're experiencing? -When server is heavy Where and what are you doing in game where you experience latency? -Farming and XPing What I noticed is that when server is heavy the mobs spawn rate is slower it takes more time for a mob to spawn and servitor pets stop hitting for a small fraction of a second
  9. Europe. Never. Almost all the time. While hitting the mobs charachter hits and stop, hits and stop if that won't happens, character hits in turtle speed even tho atk.spd is maxed out(melee lag some call this) Note: I quit the game last year because of this issue and it's still happening which is sad. This time i have high hopes you will overcome this and serve us smooth gameplay.
  10. staff, Please check the +100 party bonus for this event that runs until next Wednesday, as I noticed that from yesterday to today, Saturday to Sunday, the XP fell and is equal to the event of only 50%. Thank you very much in advance.
  11. Where are you located: Greece Are you using a VPN?: NO How frequent is the latency you're experiencing?: Very frequent Where and what are you doing in game where you experience latency? Moving delay, next target delay, open items/boxes etc delay, email receive delay
  12. Yes but they can also simulate this with a variety of products. It should be part of their quality checks before they release. We can obviously see they have no testing of checks
  13. After the downtime, CPU and memory upgrade, we had no lag even with ranking system on, but the fact is we were light and normal for a while, the moment server went heavy again melee lag was back. I think we need better servers, stop being cheap, and do the move to fix things up once and for all. Whenever there is XP event, you should remove the right to create new characters during that xp event or make possible for one day alone, on maintenance day for a few hours only. This would decrease the population during xp event, cus we all know people create tons of mentees during that time. An
  14. i think you can try to increase the windows 10 scale from Settings>Display, make it 150% or so and try again. UI will be abit blurry but will be bigger.
  15. I know why they did it they needed all servers at high capacity to stress test them.
  16. Update: After the server out take of Saturday evening the delay/impossibility of opening items and retrieving items has increased. Opening e.g. Aden Treasure Chests takes multiply clicks, retrieving items from mail is heavily delayed. More so than reported before. Also, I've been running a few mentees because of the mentee buff bonus and I have to say, the melee lag compared to prior to server out take has increased. It's not as bad as before but it's a noticeable difference compared to e.g. Thursday evening and Friday.
  17. melee lag is still a fact! plz shout down ranking and you see it will be all fine !
  18. Agree, for those that are using lots of boosts it's just more money down the drain. This event although good would be of no benefit to extend. We all still have the DC issues, the servers have crashed how many times now? There is the lag, I feel it would have been better to live with it until the event. @Juji @Hime you really need to start taking notice of what your client base is saying and either fix the issue or find someone that can.
  19. @Juji, @Hime so now after 1,5 years of more or less perma lag u want us to start reporting the lag ??? maybe instead its finaly time to get some1 with the needed "know how" to start solving some problems since i dont see u guys beeing able to handle your servers, i.e. look at eu and ru servers and let them teach u. sry for beeing harsh, but this mess over the last 1,5 years is just frustrating
  20. extending the current xp event without putting down certain measures to improve the game experience is fubar and does not do anything for customer satisfaction, not when using xp boost items are this stupid expensive & rare in game aka nobody likes to feel ripped off when spending so much on a lagfest game that isn't stable / dc fiesta
  21. Sadly with these greedy chests, its only the same ppl that benefits from them. I won't put any names out here but i know that a couple of them don't have a real life job and use this game by farming adena and items then selling it online to give them income. It would be nice if NC would change the ways the greedy chests spawns so everyone gets a chance to aquire them as well as push those no lifers to get a real life job and contribute to the society like everyone else does.
  22. The issues haven't been yet resolved. You don't put the cart in frontbof the horse. They have always been fair when compensating us and I'm sure they will extend the event for an extra week or so. Just have patience...
  23. 1, NE USA 2. No 3. Yes several things are showing issues, opening boxes using pots and teleporting depending on where you wind up. Also the ranking system is fubar is not tracking xp or ranking correctly at all https://ibb.co/xHvmCVb (rankings system) 4. All over 125 billion with the current rates is like 2 mobs 110 so yesterday i have over 300 trillion xp, where it go? lol If you see the pattern it carries on all my toons 1 day is tracked accurately next day not at all.
  24. I also play in 4k. I have not found a solution for this. Sucks but that's what we get with an old game. We've never had ui mods like wow or other mmos. Edit: they want to make it smaller because the UI is massive on the smaller resolutions that the older pc's use.
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