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  2. Why would you have the Steel Guild event at these ridiculous times? I thought this was an NA server? Why are the events in the early morning when people are sleeping or at work?
  3. amazing 100 post and he write here...
  4. Hi @Juji I would love to know about that too! When I started playing I chose my class because of the Game's advertising (Human DK), after a lot of investment I realized that the dmg of the human DK is very inferior, and unfortunately I'm not motivated to continue, I would like to know if we would have any precision because this with would definitely encourage me to continue in the game.. Thank you
  5. buy weapon dragon for 900 usd sanction server chronos user VIKYNGO https://postimg.cc/Q9BXJzmG
  6. Maybe he's just being a decent human being and trying to warn others about the actions seen lately. Some people I guess are ok with this sort of business model, we see them sticking up for them. The amount of money being thrown at this event shows many don't care, just need that shiny new item, whether it works or not. It's too bad, I returned to the game I loved when I left, only to find the game part is gone.
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  8. Yep. Maybe one day UNICEF will get into the gaming business but until then be prepared to shell out $$$.
  9. The item does exist, is just worthless. GL doing something about on the US.
  10. inventory expansion ticket and can't class change, hmmmm
  11. And "damage added to dragons +100% " being worded like that in 2 places and finding out only later it also is a lie isn't shady or criminal? They know it doesn't work and they are still selling it anyways.
  12. hi, your group have to make 500 hits within 15 sec to break the barrier or raid boss will fully restore. try to include tyrants in to your party. it will help
  13. They final crossed the line from shady to criminal. In the US all games of chance (which this is) have to have legitimate prizes even if the probability to get them is low. If they include a prize that does not exist that is false misrepresentation of prizes and value and constitutes criminal fraud. As they have taken people's money and people have tried to work towards a goal that does not exist, think of it as them running a race that really has no finish line; it cannot be won.
  14. What's odd is on day one the top items was last to go. Day 2 after 10 minutes, day 3 it lasted 2 minutes and time keeps getting shorter, make ya wonder if the person who controls the market with artifacts and dyes etc etc cried to a GM about it and they switched it so top rewards go fast on that ninja patch.
  15. I think we all know who you're referring to. Damn kid.
  16. Guys bump for this I mean if you are not spending thounds of EUR to game you hardly get anything like Valakas necklane. Please mark it as transferrable between chars on same account
  17. Hola, somos un grupo de amigos que acabamos de empezar a jugar...si estais empezando y quereis jugar avisanos, por aqui o el juego. DaniTRS, Vinolette, Anete, Arkarius.
  18. Nosotros acabamos de empezar hace poco, si quieres entrar wisp DaniTRS dentro del juego o Vinolette.
  19. Yes I also agree, the event should close after all the itmes are gone , ore after 4 H, if the event has a limit itmes count all itmes should be given if the players have enough keys.
  20. What the heck is going on with this event ??? Very frustrated and annoyed !!! Event lasts for 30 Secs !!! Seriously??? Is this for real? GM's / Dev team you get a big BOOOOOOO! , Why do you not respond to players and comments? or update information as to what is currently being investigated?
  21. For all interested, it was confirmed by petition that this item is indeed the one that i linked and that there is no upgrade version for that fragment yet. So it is indeed a scam. Has @Hyperlitesaid on discord, may god have mercy on the soul of the person that gets this from a +22 with a giant scroll!
  22. remember no xp loss upon death was changed to no xp loss upon death (except when chaotic)
  23. Last week
  24. your weapon is by far better then a stage 1, don't worry.
  25. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be running around with a DW. At least I have a +14 Limited Retri.
  26. When NC gives so many good items (like the dragon weapons) , new BETTER items gonna be introduced very soon in the game and all the dw gonna look like amaranthine/helios weapons
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