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  1. Yesterday
  2. Banned Accounts?

    Greetings, Unfortunately, only the Support staff can look up your account. Please send an email to appeal@ncsoft.com if you haven't done so already. Thank you!
  3. NCoin Purchase I cant Doante!!

    Greetings! Please note that the forums staff sadly cannot help you with this issue. If you are encountering any issue with a payement, please send a ticket to our Support Team via https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us . Thank you.
  4. Last week
  5. 3 accounts locked

    Greetings, Unfortunately, the forum staff is unable to look into account questions for you. Please send an email to appeal@ncsoft.com if you would like to inquire about your account. Thank you!
  6. Unfortunately, we will not have Santa's Cloak this time around.
  7. Recovering broken weapons in OE

    Our policies do allow for reversing certain instances of players accidentally selling items to NPCs, accidentally crystallizing, or accidental deletion. Our policies do differ between Classic and Live Servers and all investigations are on a case-by-case basis. There have been instances where agents have applied policies from the Live service to Classic, and that is not supposed to happen. The cases described here sound like just that. We've updated our policies to prevent such issues going forward.
  8. The Matchstick Sisters need your generosity this winter. Help the sisters stay warm and provide them with meals, and you'll be thanked with a personal gift. Visit the sisters in town starting after the 12/12 maintenance. https://www.lineage2.com/news/matchstick-sisters-event
  9. The fates have beckoned Freya to return to Aden, and she has a fortune stick for you to wish upon. Enchant Freya's Ice Staff to earn fateful rewards after the 12/12 maintenance. https://www.lineage2.com/news/freyas-fortune-stick-2018 Please note there is a description issue with Freya's Fortune Stick. The correct text should be: "Double-click Freya's Fortune Stick to obtain 2 Freya's Frozen Scroll, 2 Freya's Ice Rose, and 1 Scroll: Enchant Freya’s Ice Staff. Additionally, you have a chance to earn a Freya or Snowman's Fortune Box."
  10. The Red Libra Elders return to the town of Giran with their new and improved services. Visit them after the 12/12 maintenance. https://www.lineage2.com/news/red-libra-holiday-event-2018
  11. In preparation for the upcoming Holidays, server transfers will be stopped for two weeks. Here's a short timeline: December 12: Last server transfers are processed, and closure of Server Transfer applications. January 2: Server Transfer applications open again. January 9: Server Transfers are processed, and function as normal once again. Important note: If you are transferring with the December 12 maintenance period and your transfer fails, it will not process again until January 9.
  12. Greetings elroy, Please make sure you check your spam folder for any replies. Messages asking for more details may have been filtered as spam by your mail service.
  13. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/9350-december-2018-preview/
  14. Earlier
  15. First, we would like to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on this matter. We want to let you know that we are always in constant discussions with our development team, and are doing everything we can for the longevity of our game and our community. We cannot promise any immediate changes to the current rates, but if there are any changes to come, we will share them as soon as it is confirmed.
  16. Recipie: Spirit staff (60%) Bugged

    That is correct. It should be fixed in the next maintenance.
  17. All chat goes to general chat

    This issue only happens when you right-click with your mouse on chat tabs. The dev team has it on their list of bugs to fix.
  18. I will check into the 64-bit version for XIGNCOD3. Dev was looking into the server transfer name issue, but have not followed up yet. Will have to bump it again.
  19. Apologies for the delay. We are working with the Dev team to get the Auctioneer NPC back in-game, but I do not currently have an ETA yet. I have added this issue to the Known Issues list for tracking.
  20. Server Transfers were briefly down for a period of time on Monday, but have been back up since Monday 2:50 PM PST. The Dev team looked into the issue and are still trying to troubleshoot it. Last update from them was a week ago. I will bump it again.
  21. bug when u swim

    This might be a geodata issue. Where did this happen on the map?
  22. lvl 55 exp bug

    Dev is investigating the XP table issue for level 55.
  23. Bug After Maintenance

    Looking into it.
  24. Post-Maint Bug: Sin Eater

    It looks like it was reverted back in the last build that was deployed during the maintenance. Bug has been submitted/Added to Known Issues list.
  25. Recipie: Spirit staff (60%) Bugged

    This is a localization issue with the name of the recipe. It has already been submitted to our localization team to fix.
  26. verification code e-mail never comes!

    Greetings! Sorry to hear about your issue retrieving the verification code. Have you already checked your spam folder as well? They sometimes tend to get hung up in there. In case it didn't, please submit a ticket to our Customer Support. Thank you!
  27. Paypall

    Hello, Try different browsers and if you still have problems then contact Customer Support, they will be able to help you.You can submit a ticket to Customer Support here: https://support.lineage2.com/ Regards, Amraith
  28. Looting rights

    With the maintenance morning we addressed the issue with looting rights not being reset properly-- is this still ongoing for you?
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