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  2. Warcryer advice.

    Why are you levelling up a Warcryer solo, if you want to main Warcryer make a pony nuker (El Summoner) with a shillien elder and party them up. Otherwise you are in for a world of pain trying to exp just with the Warcryer. Also if you use Warcryer purely as a buffer then use robes with any weapon having cast speed. If you want to actually play him as a main you got 2 routes, the expensive one (as a mage) and the cheap one (melee). Buy stuff accordingly.
  3. Warcryer advice.

    Ok,i will go heavy with shield and blunt,since i am solo player and i can have mana recovery from a passive,i think heavy is better.
  4. Abusers do what they are forced to do or what is allowed to do? If forced: why staff doing this? If allowed: why allowed? Both are management problems.
  5. I'm having similar problems since the last maintenance, either one or two toons are disconnected or all my clients. No problems at all with my internet connection.
  6. Today
  7. Nobody forced you to pay anything, as in the main game advert - Free to play. Paying to gear yourself is as much as cheating as those restored items, if not even more so. Should they punish you and those who geared themselves by paying?
  8. WTB Crystal dagger

    hello, i want too buy a crystal dagger +X and the theca set
  9. Baiums Mystery Box Event

    I was waste 1500 eu, i dont play more this game is a scam, i leave and will play wow,at least there I only pay monthly and with stability, without deception or imbalances, better raid bosses and more entertainment and content. good luck with this game
  10. Graphical issue since update

    @Juji @Hime my problem with the shaders is still remains!Cant play at Forgotten island ,Can you answer me how to fix it ? It is 1,5 year ago and still no answer!! Ticket leads my here but you dont reply!!Dont tell me about Graphic drivers i have the latest 09/09/2020 ,direct x latest,Graphic card AT RX580.
  11. All good server is free and those who made this shilen lvl 10 made them for free . Why pay when you can get anything for free , just need to cheat . Meanwhile I’m laughing with the anti bot system .
  12. Winterfell

    i know only 4 pk chars m0le coldweapon nun and last fastbak , mosty he try to pk me with Coldweapon and fastbak, but low chance to pk me, so he bring the top yull and 1 shot me. But you right
  13. Winterfell

    He's a loser without self-esteem who can only vent his frustration by pk ppl afk, if not afk he does bsoe. The best thing you can do is ignore him like a spoiled child
  14. Winterfell

    So what? =) I am the only one war for whole Stronghold clan.
  15. Shiny gemstone

    How do you get items to upgrade brooches? everything points to shadai but how do you get shiny gemstones? thanks
  16. Warcryer advice.

    I decided to go with leather armor,shield and blunt. Casting speed,mana recovery,defense and atk speed increased with leather.
  17. I didn't do that because it resizes the image, making the parts of my image that are supposed to represent the actual icon size on screen much smaller. Clicking my link will bring you to a direct 1:1 image.
  18. Baiums Mystery Box Event

    200 boxes ? or 200 $ ?
  19. Tyrr---Spirit of the Slayer/Hunter

    interesting, would love to hear the answer too also you might want to repost this in the report a Bug section or submit a ticket to support as reporting a bug https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/27-report-a-bug/
  20. About 8 or 9 days ago I moved into a new place with what I thought was better interment (not to say my old places internet was bad, it was just DSL). It was DSL and it was STABLE (my toons hardly ever DC'd. The new place ( same town) has wireless from a fiber optic setup. Since switching to it after moving in, I come back home after a 9 hour work day and 3-5 of my 20+ toons have DC'd while the rest are either still farming in catas or all dead (if the "wrong" toon AKA WC or healer) was one that DC'd.. Is this a new server wide issue in the past 8-10 days?? or is this just what I can expect from my "better" internet? The game is quickly becoming unworthy of continuing to play if I always have to log toons back in/reform parties, and res dead parties... Thanks for any insight
  21. right above the Submit Post / Reply button you have the option that reads: Insert Other media which has an insert image from link option btw I do agree that althou most skill icon changes look fine those of items are horrible but this comes from Korea so besides passing on that players from NCWest don't like it not much else you can expect here to be clear Korea failed with the items in the sense that although the icon image resolution went up they lost the image sharpness, making them all look very dull & bland
  22. When I updated the client after the maintenance on Sept. 16th, I noticed many things looked strange. Upon closer inspection, I could see that many icons had been revised/changed. Some of them look better, generally very nice on the eyes. When you have so many icons on the screen, some artwork can be straining for your eyes - which is why I suspect this was revised. Unfortunately, much of the artwork looks much worse and some of them have been rendered undiscernible or unreadable. Some of the colors are very dull. Some of the icons have been changed for seemingly no reason, but I'm sure someone was being paid by the hour, incentivizing what the entire player-base now has no choice but to live with. A separate issue that arises when people start changing things without proper testing is unforeseen consequences. Poor compression on icons for currently active buffs make them look pixelated while they are reduced in size. Here are some examples of changed icons that should be reviewed by someone who understands the influence that quality has on the perception of current and prospective customers: https://i.ibb.co/12pTXZf/Screenshot-2020-09-17-170057.jpg
  23. Yesterday
  24. WTS +21 Limited R110 Weapon - WTB Random Stuff

    updated list below WTS: +21 Limited R110 Fighter with unique and very rare S80 Jade Claw appearance (pictures can be found: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19376-modify-weapon-scrolls-blessed-and-regular/?tab=comments#comment-132980) acceptable trade items are: +18 Elmore 15% skill power & +7.5% pskill crit damage lv.9 - 10 Dyes Patt / PSkill Power / PSkill Crit Damage +10 pdef/mdef protection (blue) artifacts +10 mdef balance artifact +10 vamp rage support artifact +9/10 pskill power fighting (red) artifact * current asking price is 435bil, can find the sell shop in Giran by target Uzume WTB: Dawn Crystals 750mil each cod +10 pdef/mdef protection (blue) artifacts +10 mdef balance artifact +10 vamp rage support artifact +9/10 pskill power fighting (red) artifact WTT: +18 Elmore 15% normal pcrit damage with adena for +18 Elmore 15% skill power & +7.5% pskill crit damage +7 pdef/mdef protection (blue) artifacts with adena for +10 pdef/mdef protection (blue) artifacts +7 mdef balance artifact with adena for +10 mdef balance artifact +7 vamp rage support artifact with adena for +10 vamp rage support artifact +7 pskill power fighting (red) artifact with adena for +9/10 pskill power fighting (red) artifact
  25. WAR > (PVE) XlXxxBRxxXlX vs (PVP) Nephilins

    Well if you can't handle loosing then why declare on the first place? The CL should adjust the members rights so that only him can declare war and 2-3 more trustful ppl, or just kick the brainless dude from his clan. It's that simple;)
  26. Winterfell

    All the server basically. I thought Cl0ud is just a kid without a personal life but it's even worse - middle age brainless idiot with no personal life. A lot of old players know him - I heard nothing good for him. Box clan with a ton of PK chars.
  27. Hello, as I checked there is not effect when Spirit of the Hunter/Slayer is used. https://imgur.com/a/LpX6VHC 1425 dmg without Spirit of Hunter https://imgur.com/a/Kh24vQB 1425 dmg with Spirit of Hunter Is it in plan to fix it or? @Juji @Hime
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