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  2. Quest clan with error... still at the 280 points mark no 560 as indicated, by reaching the goal of the 5040 points the quest hangs no longer.... I know that many have other complaints to make, plus this is the only one I have for now. Thank you
  3. So no macro?

    What's funnier is that the classic servers are completely empty except for the bots. The answers are very lengthy, this is like a congress or senate from any corrupt country in the world.
  4. So no macro?

    What's crazy is that macro looping still exists and works in Live. Why take it out of one and not the other? Makes no sense at all. What really rubs me is that us legit players are here unable to play and the cheaters have free reign over the server even more so.
  5. How do I get Atlas Earing?

    u just go and play to korea or eu or ru servers will be cheaper than this here...
  6. Ninja Adena Nerf

    the fun part is that on wiki shows PP with 24k adenna...someone pulled a fast according to the overlords wishes right @juji?
  7. Fish system

    Exp wrong, fisn not tradeable, not coins fish!!! We need upgrade the upgrade fast
  8. So no macro?

    What you tell me NCSFOT? The delay bothers everyone, we wait for answers, we want the macro loop to return. People are getting discouraged from continuing to play on our server, it can't be that hard to do, reverse that. Go for a walk in FOG or WOA, there is no one else farming besides the Adrenaline Bots, what your server wants is just the loop of the macro loop to try and level with the Bots!
  9. @Juji Can you give us information on how to get the mentor jewelry (Atlas rings)?
  10. Can I ask?

    I don't think they want to destroy the server with bad ideas, but they fail to think who plays L2 today. Lineage is an old game, and the vast majority have limited time to play (study, work, family). We're faithful to the game, but why make us suffer if we want to enjoy? Generic macro and too basic (or not tested). Spoil mobs Lv70 for craft items B grade ?. Fish not tradeable?. Few opportunities to do pvp (no fortress, no nice sieges). Red Libra event very limited at classic servers. Quests with insignificant rewards. And the list could go on!!
  11. How do I get Atlas Earing?

    will probably put up for sale or at some event to gain advantage. nonsense. The worst that do not answer the doubts. unfortunate.
  12. Today
  13. Ninja Adena Nerf

    Its true.. another ninja nerf. went from 90k to 2k(with prestige), terrible xp and 0 drops. Why even have mobs there? @Juji
  14. How do I get Atlas Earing?

    Yeah because everyone of us are thinking what's the point of being a mentor if we don't have the Atlas Earring but able to get scroll enchant for it...
  15. @Juji considering treasure chest underground wasnt in patch notes that they will disapear, will they return? they dont have any item that change weapon appearence... mentees wasnt suppose to get 50% bonus exp when mentor is online? not working yet... veteran mask enchants will enter in mentee shop? patch notes said the was gonna be there... IMO this patch notes its incomplete and wrong...
  16. L2 Store Promo: AGATHION CHARMS

    Same experience! +6 was my max pretty easily, 3-4 agathions.
  17. Can I ask?

    It's very clear that the devs, gm's, and mods don't actually play this game or they'd already know these changes were a bad idea.
  18. Also you could also wait for a few days and not waste your time, because the new update is crap and if they don't fix it the game is unplayable.
  19. So no macro?

    Hello NCsoft, hello @Juji and @Hime why not recognize the error and take a step back? Why not act quickly and preserve your players? Did you know that not giving news is also giving an answer? we have a lot of standby players waiting for the macro loop to come back, so they'll play again!
  20. Baium Soul Ring Special Ability

    By destroying other jewels, for example u can exchange ring of creation for 15-16 Selenite (u will need also 15 Accesory Solvent which u can buy at Accessory Artisan Denign)
  21. So no macro?

    I just logged, in the Giran server after 11 months offline ,41 of my 42 friends are offline 8 till 11 months and the last one told me ,thats enough i am out of this Muppet show. Still no merge ,dwarves are useless ,p2w events . Gz ,start selling guides about how to destroy a game which started with full of people.
  22. Baium Soul Ring Special Ability

    from where we take Silenite material?
  23. So no macro?

    Good afternoon, ncsoft is impossible to play without the help of assist, its players are adults with jobs and children, so we can not spend all day in front of a Pc. We ask you to come back with the assist for God's sake . Thank you!
  24. Baium Soul Ring Special Ability

    ok so there it is
  25. So no macro?

    Let's talk with numbers and you will understand why we are being treated like this. Lineage 2 global sales represent around 7% of total NCsoft revenue. US sales to Korea sales ratio is around 1/10. PC game sales to mobile game sales ratio is 1/4. We are treated like trash because they regard us as such. The more people quit on their own, the easier it will be for them to shut down existing pc games and free resources for mobile games and the new Lineage game that is scheduled to be released. NCsoft stock is on the rise (+17% in 2020) and is now at an all time high. Whatever we say here, whether we like it or not, we represent an insignificant portion of their market share. And as far as business is concerned they are doing great. So we can all go and smurf ourselves.
  26. L2 Store Promo: AGATHION CHARMS

    Try the few of them and never pass over +6, but +5/6 is quite big chance.
  27. Accessory enchants and exalted XP bugged?

    In case you did it bonus on jewels not stack, so if you make Lindvior for element resist then Antharas need to be pdef or mdef.
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