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  3. HI NC Staff, Please consider removing USELESS items from paid promotion list Hero's XP Scroll Energy of Destruction any quantity Pack Pantheon's Soul Crystal of any stage Blessed Scroll of Resurrection I think every got a a warehouse full of these items already and its not really fair to add these useless items to the reward list all the time. i mean i would rather get a Ice rose then the list above If i left anything out please feel free to add to the list
  4. Bot problem - GM please read

    buddy, This kind of insult is not pretty. GM has limited everyone to using 3 l2 for lag and bot reasons. so it's 100% working if you have another problem it can't be their fault.
  5. Bot problem - GM please read

    I'm sorry but you stupid or what? Dont tell me this "friends" run exactly the same way down from the stairs from Aden to the lvl 100 Dimension from.And all "friends" are only summoners. If you think that please dont play anymore with this game and go to a Doctor ASAP.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Isle of prayers Heine

    gm can you teleport my character from this spot ? I cant play getting instant error and drop to windows ..
  8. Macro Help Please

    /target %party1 /Assist /Summonattack /Target %party1 Ur char will always follow party1 once the macro loops for the 1st time. As your never doing any action yourself on the assist target, only your summon, you will stay following. Better to add a "/useskill mark of weakness" before the summon attack to trigger the pet buff. Will keep following. Just be aware if the area ur main dd is walking around has many obstacles or hills they could get stuck.
  9. lineage 3

    Or you can try this out Lineage 2 M - using Purple on your desktop? Check this video out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Fzi8d9O-9c
  10. Mobs spawning on Trees/rocks/pillars etc

    I personally don't see an issue with the mobs in trees and where ever else. That is nothing new. Use what you have to get them down. If you have aggression, or hate, use that to get them down. If you are a mystic class you have skills you can use to get them down. Archer class, use your bow. Not that hard. For those that have summons, they most likely have skills that one can use to get them down. Or if the mobs are aggressive, you might be able to get close enough to get them down.
  11. Dragon Shirt

    Hmmm, so cruel xF
  12. AP Help

    he doesn't need skill reuse ore skill crit dmg
  13. Lightning Force NOT WORK

    If u would take the effort to read the patch notes u would know that skill was changed now is a passive skill that is always active.
  14. Lightning Force NOT WORK

    Please check the passive abilities of the tyrr because the ligthning force is not activated, you only see the animation but it does not appear as a buff in the buff bar and the statistics do not go up. I've seen other posts and I'm not the only one with this problem. Thank you. Regards.
  15. Dragon Shirt

  16. Wts Dark Leather set +10 R99

    Wts Dark Leather set +10 R99 Kelbim App Pm here or in game same nick
  17. Dragon Shirt

    Still no answer Mixa dont join discussion when you dont play and please stop make spam.
  18. Can't collect event reward

    I thought so. Thanks for answering
  19. Macro Help Please

    Try changing the order, first assist part and next the follow part Or after the summonattack add 2 linex targeting %party1 again
  20. Bot problem - GM please read

    What make you believe that GMs will do something about that..?
  21. Mobs spawning on Trees/rocks/pillars etc

    Update on ticket. Greetings, This is GM ****** and thank you for reporting this issue. I have forwarded this information to our Quality Assurance (QA) Team. I will let you know once we receive an update. If you have any additional details regarding this issue, please let us know.
  22. Chronos server down again?

    not sure but i had 2 clients drop off.
  23. Macro Help Please

    I dont actually need the damage im just trying to figure out how to make macros to do things. im only level 99 in paulinas. still trying to learn game mechanics.
  24. Shot Recipes

    This was all recent with Kamael update. You should read the patch notes.
  25. Bot problem - GM please read

    friends, all correctly working 3 L2 per computer for all players. All the time finds party to the instances, 100% working.
  26. lineage 3

    Pirate servers used to have a Marriage Function added to the game(along with other custom stuff). Innova used to have a monthly screenshot contest, winners got married in a GM ceremony with couple's rings Formalwear Fireworks and everything. On NCWest WAY Back when L2 roleplay was a thing Players would gather for Wedding roleplay using game items as props(L2store has Bride and Groom packs... but it's still roleplay here, not a System function)
  27. AP Help

    I switch mine daily.
  28. AP Help

    Pvp - knights tree emphasis on hp. Pve- warrior tree patk and pcrit or skill crit dmg Skill reuse on either tree.
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