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  2. Aren't you overreacting a bit? It's OK in my opinion - was a bit annoying when I had dynamic IP, but luckily I got a static one now. Side note: If you're not good at remembering passwords, PINs etc I recommend KeePassXC or some similar software. I could not live without it.
  3. Hi, I would like to bring your attention to the constant RMT spam via e-mails, PMs and normal chat. Do you think this is OK? This is really annoying, definitely not a pleasant game experience. After a while of this constant spam (I see it on every character that I re-log to) my brain started ignoring the mail icon visible on the screen and I have stopped checking my mail. Because of that I have not read a few important messages on time and I almost missed my b-day gift. I remember there was time when that did not happen, so I would appreciate if you made them stop the spam again, thank you.
  4. I cannot even play this game, jesus. I have to download an entire new launcher, remember some new password made up for the nonsense launcher, then I cannot even sign into my characters because I have forgotten some stupid pin I needed to make up for that. Is this game that serious? Are people mad hacking and stealing toons? It won't save me logged in, and I am not keeping a sticky note for this so I can't even get into my characters anymore. Is there a way to skip all this? I honestly don't give af if someone steals my shit because I didn't have some made up pin on a randomly generated number pad.
  5. 4th of July

    Why there should be? 1. There is no USA in Lineage 2. 2. Korean Independence day is 15th of August -NeverDwarf
  6. Hello, i need help for your guys to make the bes pve macro for a fortune seeker like Shadow Chase Critical Wound Clone Attack Blood Stab Reverse Plunder Flash Bluff Chain Blow Heart Breaker Its my 1st time with dagger, i really need help Thnx
  7. Today
  8. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    Haha owh yes getting one shot from pve bow wiping something else but not me
  9. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    What does that has to do with income ? lowest gear and still wiping you out
  10. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    That would only benefit andruile he is the one and only to never leave town . So no thanks .
  11. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    Siege is pvp , dragon is pve so those with pvp gear focus on siege those with pve focus on dragons . Raids is pvp and pve . @juji this is how things are and should be .
  12. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    How can you pvp when you stay in town only?
  13. Are there no rules for them?

    Lol @WhiteWall next time make it clear ok? you just wasted 3minutes of my life rofl. Cant you guys stand on your own feet? Are you guys cant do anything without those cheaters who used jump exploit in siege? Goodness. get yourself together lol.
  14. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    Why you talking about income when you got lowest gear on MS
  15. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    Looks like MS memebers comments are being deleted , gg , happy -40% income NCSoft
  16. Daggers

    Othells have enough dmg with proper gear to secure a kill on any class, a huge factor here is $$$ and how much you are willing to spend ofc .. since all in this game is automatic and depends on superhuman speed macros, you will not find a lot of fun vs a yul or feoh, who knows how to counter you as an othell. Many skills and othell strong points are nullified because of the way ppl play and the way ncsoft designs pvp. Again, if you know what to do and have gear, othell is insane, go look for some high lvl daggers on YouTube!
  17. Maphyr Potion

    Hi @Juji. It seems that the maphyr potion does not list talisman in the note. Can you please confirm that maphyr potion works on Talismans, such as Adena/eva talisman?
  18. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    Here is my problem the raids "smaller" clans or allies can do not drop anything. I saw the drop list for a recent faurfion raid and that would be game breaking if general clans put those things to market. Market is out of control. A cloak should cost more than a weapon and weapon should not cost 150 billion adena. There is no way to craft anything because of the ether issues max of 150 ether person per day and you cannot trade it; Took me 10 days to farm enough ether (not counting what else was needed) to just try to craft a shield that failed. No way to farm adena efficiently and there no drops or spoils outside r110 areas which you guessed you need r110 gear to farm. The system is broken everywhere the only way to fix it to start drops going to the "middle" class clans so no I am against a pvp zone on mega raids at least it is not like it was to get noble years ago having to stab baium. Took me 2 months and friends in the power clan for me to sneak me in to get noble. You cannot create log jams and except people to keep playing the top clans fear competition they want to just dominate, and none pvp zones means its just a luck issue who gets the raid and they do not like that. This game is it best when people max out and playing field levels out... then because a skill issue not a gear or level issue and boy do people who p2w or back in the day bot to win hate that...
  19. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    lets do it better, make it safe zone, or can port from city. So every ppl on server who meets the lvl can port. so random CC can port too!. Let the click war begun!.
  20. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    funny how this topic pops up every other year, has been for many years. basically since the start of the game L2 dramaz & greed ftw!
  21. Restoration Policy

    So yea, just to close this topic, since there was no response from @Juji some items that were previously restored they will restore, some they will not... I don't understand why they write policies though. vs:
  22. Are there no rules for them?

    oh! the dramatic post just got a plot twist!!!! comments? @WhiteWall
  23. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    I think on the contrary, that all the bump raid areas should not be pvp, and the new pk system would make sense, or make instances of it, everyone should have a chance to do them, but indeed still should be able to kill them , but it doesn't matter, the main thing and to leave the doors open to everyone, and that everything is not always monopolized by the hight gears who force to have everything, all the time, always end up being bored , it's necessary to put them more difficulty and chalenges. You are luckier to chronos, because better gears overall, so more possibilities to do them, it's more complicated on naia, we are facing the market, supply and demand problem that take us to the throat which the richest exploit, speculate, which makes the prices are exorbitant, and sometimes crazy ppl mode "possessions". There are 2, 3 clans which have the monopoly, unfortunately for the others! Thanks !
  24. my internet is good in my country but why after last meintenence server hard to login in game and always say failed login / about problem ISP i have call internet service center they ask no problem with my internet the point is very2 lagging in game and hard to login always failed and failed much time , after success login in game very very lagging cant move like freeze
  25. yea nc company dont know the limit to push hard the pockets of customers. Personally i've stopped buy everything, even Prestige is cancelled, totally useless. Immagine spend around 100/150eur every event but is totally useless and wasted of money trust me. Game is too broken, they push too much on pockets, every events required and ask to spend u too much money or you stay a Keltir char.
  26. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    I really love see top spenders come here to cry when lose finally a monopolized stuff. ahahahahah. "Make pvp zone QQ i've putted thousands of money to monopolyze everything" yea, what make pvp if it's broken since this game became a broken luxury casinò for top spenders? Sometime before talk you have to think what's the global situation of stuff. But i know when top spenders lose a Monopoly of something is hard to accept.
  27. Are there no rules for them?

    The fact that he was PKing can be proved with the "PK" debuff he has on the character in the video he posted.
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