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  2. What Happend??

    I think is worth to invest your time and money (if you want) here, this server will remain in time, gonna get updated soon with more content and new stuff. It will improve in time and there is good competition. Talking Island have a big zerg working and a counter trying to get balance. So its getting fun. I think that ppl complain because never player trully low rates, they want all easy and almost free, but its ok, only TRUE good player will remain.
  3. L2 Events

    @Juji Why you always hide behind saying there cant be any changes that dont correspond with PlayNC and then make all our events crap compared to theirs? Is sad your always playing that card, then ninja deleting and changing stuff here that seems to have nothing to do with the progression of PlayNC server.. Hiding behind misinformation, false information and misdirection about game mechanics that cannot be verified, or found online due to the slighest changes here.. Keep saying KoreanRandom, when 1:1 this is not PlayNc server.. the descisions the NCWEST staff makes are most often deploreable. As seen in Cloak event.. Reponse from support in other thread that spending real life money enchating is designed to be difficult.. what the hell is that? Grind more on credit card to get item. That is what they said. Here is an idea for a real game improvement... since the instant gratification of buying something that progresses the game is currently all gambling... Sell the items, ie Cloaks, with some sort of quest involved.. that is designed to take a year or so to complete.. killing mobs, performing acts, etc. Probably to involved, surely cant have the narrative team spend anytime on this game since it makes no money for NCSOFT... better to keep removing story lines and adventure ingame for slot machine style game mechanics and macro farming desinged to milk l2store sales. And to the Haters.. cause you gonna hate. If/When Games like this dumb down enough, NAY..Continue to dumb down so that they do finally catch the attention of the US State & Federal Gambling Commission, it will be because of the top 1% ingame.
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  5. new patch date?

    any idea what to do with crp (reputation - my rep)? I dont see any new items as rewards for them and till now I used them only for Supply Box Top-grade. Now with deleting daily coins dunno what to do with them (I still have few millions of crp)
  6. Weapon Appearance

    @Juji You said the weapon appearence was being removed because it effected a future update... update is soon, and no mention in it about new apperances, wpn augments, or anything else that would effect them... Explain if not this patch, why are you removing game features a year in advance? if not longer... Thanks

    Here we go again... more crying. NC WILL NO CARE BECAUSE IT'S A BUSINESS. People need to understand that the have staff and invest a lot of money in new developments. How do you expect them to pay themselves and put food on the table for their families? If you want to play a free game go play Candy Crush.... and even they will try to make some money on you. Technically L2 is 100% free to play but if you want to get your character to the next level you will need to spend some money. It's how it works in life in everything you do.
  8. The best practices

    189 files

    Dears @Juji and @Hime Guys, I'm giving up on the game. I know I'm just one more for statistics but I wanted to leave my regret for what the game has become. I feel very sad for the money I invested in vain in the game and with the feeling that I learned the lesson of not doing it again. NC managed to make a game for few to have fun. Because playing for free is just a barrier to continue the game. As I am unable to invest more than 40 thousand dollars, I am stopping playing Lineage 2. And I advise those who do not have to do the same. You are wasting your time that could be invested in something productive and that will add up to your life. My strong embrace of the community and my regret.
  10. The best practices

    I only had 78 files, 184megs.
  11. CHECK REPPLY FROM GM here say if cloak enchante is really boost for xp i mean here make bad rate for enchanted for many ppl using DOLLARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD CHEAT scamer Hello, I'm sorry to hear that you've been having a difficult time trying to enchant your character's Cloak. Enchanting gear is intended to be a challenging task, as it can greatly benefit your character. I understand that Enchantment Scrolls can be very expensive, and there is a chance they can fail each time. Please understand that this is highly governed by random mechanics. If you wish changes could be made on the Enchantment rates/system, recommend posting your thoughts on our forums where they can be viewed by the Development Team and fellow players firsthand. You can reach the forums at the following link: https://forums.lineage2.com/ If you have any other questions, please let us know. Until then, take care. Regards, GM SAI NCSOFT Support Team
  12. I have made the same question but none bothered to answer. The Mentor Manager NPC no longer has the options... @Hime@Juji You guys could have enabled the options for a week or so and give any returning player the option to use these leftovers...
  13. Paid Weapon Change Service Ticket Idea

    Well since they have made dorfs useless? and nothing in the patch notes about crafting... it will be minimum the following update for any chanhe there... so wtf? Put armors and wpns in l2store..
  14. they also did not have all the problems they have now back in 2008-2010...they cant even give correct info on events, or maintain a reliable server...what makes you think they could implement class swap service? all they need to do is add stone of destiny back to the game, and get rid of pointless dualclasses...players already have enough to grind for their desired class, like grind runestones, buy "forgotten skills" lol, get dyes/tattoos, artifacts, cloaks, circlets etc etc...then they want us to lvl up a dualclass to get more skills/stats ? uhhh where is the fun?
  15. even when they do "compensate" us, there will be a sale of something and you kidz will pay for your compensation anyways....always happens
  16. What Happend??

    Common, you cant be serious, this is old L2?? WTF??? How long have you been playing L2, for 2 years? This is all possible, but not what it should be. Its f....g p2w and bot hybrid. The devs should already wake up and do something for the community, they messed up this game as much as possible.
  17. They were able to do it back in 2008-2010. They still offer that service in Korea in a slightly different form. All they have to do is swap classes. You Orc Tyrr Titan main, Sword Muse dual? You become Orc Sword Muse. Want to become an Elf? Buy Race Change. Quests are shared on char, they do not differ between main and dual class. Dual Class skills are character wide. Forgotten Book skills are class bound, Revelation skills are class bound. Oly? If you wanna change DO NOT DO OLY THAT MONTH. It's easy as washing your hands. It's a high demanded and asked for service. Adding a stupid weapon exchange server... good luck man. All server will be Yul.
  18. Giran connectivity

    Hello please check giran connectivity dcs/mini lags occuring
  19. The best practices

    WTF. 660 files deleted.Ty
  20. Hi, please, can someone help me to make a macro for an ISS with a babypet? Iss go to the DD give all buffs and back to the babypet and back to the dd, etc. Thanks very much.
  21. Not really, since I pay for internet regardless if I play this trash game or not. Actually it is my place to question it or say otherwise. It's players like that and you who helped ruin the game and turn it into a credit card vs credit card game. Instead of a fun2play game. Also, everyone has the right to question others and everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  22. To compensate us for lag NCSoft should give everyone +20 Elmore cloaks (30 day) and 100 ancient and elmore stones. I am dreaming, I know.
  23. Paid Weapon Change Service Ticket Idea

    Destructive for game servers? The game is old and they introduced Atlas earrings with predictable response from players to create thousands of alts which is more damage and strain to servers than any weapon change service could do. Dual Class to Main is also harder on NCSoft staff because of the time and resources involved to make those changes. Expect bottleneck in turn around time. They will charge more for the service out of necessity, probably as much as $150 USD. A price tag that high means that only top spenders will be able to get the service, not average players. So not only do you use up NCSoft resources, but you break the competitive balance in game even more. No thanks. Back to original topic... +1 for Weapon Change Idea
  24. Paid Weapon Change Service Ticket Idea

    It costs you real life money and time to constantly log on to complain about game. Probably as much in terms of your internet service and utility bill, computer equipment and such as the guy is willing to pay for weapon change. His dime, his time. Not your place to question or say other.
  25. Hi, I started playing a week ago. I always have connecton problems, It takes a long time for me to log in. Sometimes I cannot log in at all. Many a times it says it cannot connect to the server data bla bla bla ... I searched the forum and did everything is says there. EVERYTHING. It is not my connection, it is not my computer. I have seen others have experienced the same problem and they said it worked out by itself after a couple of days, But it´s been more than a week and it is the same. Please, tell how can I solve this problem. Thanks
  26. No, they will not make more or faster money with "Dual to Main"-Service. Switching Dual to Main is actually a huge thing cause you have to keep track of many dependencies and restrictions like Olly, Quests, Skills or Race/Class-interference. If you would have ever seen the gameserver code, you would understand better. The Weapon service that @Mystikal supposed, would be much much much easier. If they could not change the weapon directly, they would just create a new one of the desired type and add the same SA again. Old weapon gets deleted.
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  28. Any prevision for svr back online?
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