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  2. Files are corrupted...!!!

    Greetings everyone, Please feel free to reach out to our Support team for these kind of issues. they can help you trouble shoot. You can reach them via the Support tab above.
  3. How to solve bot problem

    if you nit think is better to not speak... if they disable macro loost servers will be empty like when the disabled before some months for 1 week..we need to go forward not back
  4. Known Issue: Server Latency

    all ppl in server crying about this situation, try to keep us update. 3 days passed and noone say nothing for the problem.
  5. New Class ?

    well Live aka Awakening is deffi yesterdays model so low priority for them compared to the rest but having said that most Koreans play both aka run macro on Awakening servers and play live on the new server while spending a ton in l2store on boost & gear items as said time will tell if that approach will be one to stay or once the novelty wears off it's back to old servers/business obviously this is also playing Russian roulette with their own player base by releasing so many different types of the same game
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  7. New Class ?

    So that's the reason why they are destroying the Live server?
  8. MAX vs DH

    back in the not so old days Naia's dominating top pvp clan SilentHorrors clan would pvp the Chronos top dominating top pvp clan Nova at Dim Siege which happened for many months.. to the point Nova wanted more and moved several cp's to Naia for non stop pvp.. we all know who shows up at Dim Siege these days so lulz.. fire up them excuses and nope I'm not MS nor Nova so zero care except loving the irony behind the ppl posting here
  9. Ork Dominator

    oh the real reason ppl ask for this info this update is cause they want to change buff box set up to be completely based out of party hence Domi next update this will be even more relevant cause then Domi gets a clan wide 15% PoM buff called Victory of Paagro (VoP) so yeah..
  10. MAX vs DH

    we still highly appriciate that at least chocolate starfsh have taken participation in siege. very fond about that. also we can understand, that VV cannt provide all clan with full set of god's accessories, but that isnt reason to avoid siege at all.
  11. Known Issue: Server Latency

    well Hime told to us to report about rune consummative . almost 2 weeks prestige/eva/drop/xp runes run i ask about compensation and got this answer . by what way they will keep us to play on this server when i get this answer? GM Nollie Saturday at 20:31 Hello, Please note that if compensation will be deemed appropriate for this issue, it will be applied equally to all affected accounts and not delivered by customer support to individual customers. At this point, we have no information about whether a compensation is being considered. Thank you for your understanding. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us again. Regards, GM Nollie NCSOFT Support Team
  12. Accessory Enchant Rate

    If everyone is using Stabilized enchants that means they already got it to +6... don't really get why you are complaining. Eva's Scroll: Enchant Hair Accessory: is what you should be using to get it to +6 Stabilized Eva's Scroll: Enchant Hair Accessory: Can only be used at+6 or higher. The real problem is getting this Stabilized Eva's Scroll ONLY, when you need the regular Eva's Scroll.
  13. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Guys please all pseudo-engineers, IT guru etc. Stop this useless advises. It can be many reason to slow down comunication with npc server, so let NC staff to test/collect logs to find a reason and apply correct solution. And yes it can take long time. And yes i am sure we get some compensation after fix.
  14. Ork Dominator

    Hi Draecke, Just out of pure curiosity, what would be the endgame in the above example? I never got myself around the race/class benefit and at this point I am not too scared to ask. cheers
  15. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Quoting this because it should be mentioned on every page. After 4-5 hours of gameplay on Core, which has the Supplemental Fafurion patch as well I am starting to suspect that it's the NCWest servers that are just not capable of running the update. Everything on Core goes smooth, the melee Atk.Spd isn't crippled. The Manner Mode does a great job on NOT targeting the same mob as someone else instead of just standing there doing nothing. There is absolutely no sign of any lag while both servers run the same patch. @Juji I have spoken out before that the Ranking System probably is the reason for Naia and Chronos to be unplayable and I keep this suspicion. I totally agree with Draecke that there should be kept a good log and clear information to us on the progress of sorting out these issues. My clan has almost no melee/support class online because it's almost impossible for them to play. Siege last night was near impossible due to lag and it makes people leave Naia/Chronos left and right. We're aware of the limitations NCWest has in their team, we're aware that Korea just rolled out a new patch as well themself last week and maybe resources on their side are limited to give you and your team the support needed to make our servers run smoothly and bug free. Just be aware that nobody on NCWest will accept the default Angel Cat and GM buffs as compensation when this is all over, unless you want a mass exodus to occur. Keep us updated on what is going on! Last suggestion I gonna do: Can't you make the server just restart every day at e.g. 16:00 CEST? In the past days the server been very stable for 4-5 hours after a maintenance and a 30 minute downtime in the afternoon will make the server playable for majority of your players.
  16. Accessory Enchant Rate

    Nope, I know at least eight people who have used 30+ stabilized enchants and didn't gain a single level. I believe the correct statement is those players who got between +2 -- +4 are extremely lucky.
  17. Why removed from npc?
  18. Files are corrupted...!!!

    @seth1 I had the same problem on two computers. The first computer, I had to keep deleting and repairing until it fixed itself. The second I sent myself the file because I wasn't going to waste 30 mins again. Also, I found out if the file was deleted you could still run the game.
  19. how i feel

    Greetings everyone, At this point only English is the supported language on the Lineage 2 forum, except for recruitment posts. As a result, some posts in this topic were edited or removed. We would like to ask you kindly to post in English to ensure our moderation team can collect and forward feedback to the appropriate team members and to allow your fellow forum users to respond to your posts. Thank you for understanding! Hyunkel Edit note: To clarify, the answer above was intended as an explanation to members whose posts were deleted. We do encourage and appreciate the use of online translators. Cleaning again to keep mher's thread on topic. Cheers ~
  20. The way easyer for equip me

    What is inside "The high grade starter pack will definitely make your life easier" I can't find information about it contain , and how i buy it . I don't see it in L2 store ??
  21. hi i just install windows10 x64 in my pc,but now i cant log in game...!!!!!! it gives me the following error (Files are corrupted...!!!Please full check Systextures/FElf.utx) ....!!!! plz help me...!!!!
  22. MAX vs DH

    100% agree with this guy
  23. Known Issue: Server Latency

    my 2 cents Server was ok after upgrade. Then slowly bugs appear and then boom we get lag ......... After upgrade, Hero started the same nonsense chatter but this time cannot be avoid Players started to block them en mass and reach critical point.... LAG!!!! To prove this should be very simple, just disconnect all Hero and disable their account for 1 day - i tell ya, even if it does not solved the lags, server would be a much better place no to mention the bowing, no idea how they implement this, maybe an AOE skill in peace area, but resource should be very intensive, just imagine Aden. all toons bowing , then time counter to avoid bowing loop
  24. How to solve bot problem

    I have better idea. Disable macro loop and ban all botters working 100%
  25. Manner mode and party

    I know, in the past it was fun, and one would pvp for xp spot, raids, or for the honor! I did it only by curiosity. sometimes when i need to do faction quest, i use auto nextarget to avoid using next target all the time (lazy) and observed that. It is true that it should be disabled in party as @Draecke said, or at least if party have more than 3 members for example (so you can play your DD, iss and another toon you want in macro)
  26. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Sorry but i can not resist Soon ™
  27. Ork Dominator

    yes and this can even be done with any ISS be that main or dual class of the race change service eligible type example: human heirophant -> race change to orc heiro -> chaos essence to domi
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