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  3. a significant portion of that 98% will never be lvl 70, at least on TI server. consider the thousands of bots in the fields and running through dion daily to delevel... that alone will dramatically cut the % of players achieving anything above level 39
  4. Please remove/change Song of Purification

    Sorry there is no skill in the game that invalidates other classes like this does. Players in classic are meant to be squishy. Debuffs allow for built-in class mechanics to tear players down so the game does not become "who spent the most money to get the highest OE on their armor/weapon". Your argument is invalid.
  5. Please remove/change Song of Purification

    The XP curve is not what you think once you understand end game raid mechanics / politics.
  6. Epic PvP Event (3vs3) | (5vs5) 16FEB2019

    Hello, It's not Immabe's fault. The rewards from the previous tournament is still in the process of being distributed. There are a few hoops that have to be jumped through but it'll be done. I'll follow up on it again and sorry for the delay.
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  8. It happens to me exactly the same https://ibb.co/M9dYh0y https://ibb.co/6Z8pC77
  9. I do not have an antivirus and the firewall is closed, it says error 0xE0191009 since last night when I wanted to open a second account when I closed the one I had open and I could not open it anymore no tengo antivirus y el firewall esta cerrado me dice error 0xE0191009 desde anoche cuando quise abrir una segunda cuenta, cuando cerre la que tenia abierta ya no la pude abrir mas
  10. XIGNCODE3 doesn't work!!!

    Greetings! I am locking this thread up as the topic is already being discussed here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/11344-stuck-on-xigncode-and-final-splash-screen/?do=findComment&comment=84208
  11. https://ibb.co/M9dYh0y https://ibb.co/6Z8pC77 Disable the firewall, check the disk space, reinstall the game, drivers, etc, etc. And still not working, any solution?
  12. It still doesn't work, what are we going to do?
  13. The lesson is simple. Always read the event description. Sorry it was such an expensive lesson for you.
  14. I can not log in to the website.

    Greetings! Please give our Support a chance to answer your ticket. They respond to them in the order they are received. Note, however, that bumping or updating your ticket will send it back to the end of the queue so you might want to make sure you have added all relevant information before submitting the ticket. Thank you!
  15. SH + 2 boxes

    I play SH. I already have EE as 1st box. What 2nd box to choose? 1. PP (berserker, acumen, btm) + (emp from stew) 2. SE (emp, additional mp)
  16. I can not log into the game since the last update

    Greetings! Sorry to hear about your login issues. Please submit a ticket to our Support so that they can have a look at possible causes with you! Thank you!
  17. Bots at necropolis

    which party ? We are daily in LOA. Could report them too then
  18. about why guys stop player

    False. In every patch since C4 (no clue before that, that's the patch were i started) you were able to earn enough adena to port/buy shots and even to have a profit. That mobs drops like low ammount of adena due to the fact we're playing in a 'free-to-play' server, so our rates are lower and it result in an almost impossibility to have a profit while hunting. 1 - You can block as much as they want, i've been blocking over 10 shouts in 5 mins. They just keep re-creating them. 2 - In which server? Giran's prices are 10kk+ for DW and 8kk+ for haste. 3 - This SHOULD BE none of OUR concern. We should have GMs online to help us fight this plague who actually disrupt THEIR interest in the game since they are breaking "rules". Actually we're not suppose to do ALL THIS. And since we're forced to do so, we'd like to have a feedback, but we don't get any. It's not OUR job.
  19. blocked country

    Hello So i started playing on NA classic with my old accounts , i created this accounts 3 or 4 years ago , but recently i found out that my country is blocked from NA , but i still can play. Is that still ageinst rules this accounts was created until that rules. will i be still under danger of ban? Someone pls help :(. Ty for help
  20. I was able to log till last night but now im getting the same reported issue ERROR DE XIGNCODE Error - 2 (E0191009) NO FUNCIONA!!!!
  21. For everybody: What Draecke linked here are Limited Krishna Weapons/리미티드 크리슈나 무기, the top of the top which are in reality unlimited dual-purpose PvP/PvE items (check the roman letters in the last screenshot): http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/update/view?articleId=635706 You make those Limited weapons by adding the opposed Amaranthine Enhancement Stone to an existing Dark or Bloody Krishna Weapon: http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/tsnotice/view?articleId=635705
  22. Swordsinger skill level 76.

    I've wondered the same thing. I always preferred sws over bd because I hated being restricted to a specific weapon. If that skill requires duals that is unfortunate... We probably won't find out until the update gets here.
  23. profit exp - solo tyrant + wc

    EV or Cruma. Better off to Cruma if you want Adena, although if you drop some good book in EV, that might be a worth your effort going EV.
  24. Epic PvP Event (3vs3) | (5vs5) 16FEB2019

    PPl are skeptical about this matter and with good reasons, the ppl envolved last tournament didnt get what was promised by the staff (if there was a real promise). Maybe you should just organize without envolvement of the controversial staff. You are doing a great job keep it that way without false promises from third party.
  25. How magic attack works in classic?

    It's actually 1/4 , so if you get +50% m.atk, your dmg will go up by 12.5%.
  26. It's your fault for having false expectations.
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