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  2. Are we doing this too?

    i wasn't banned, i was inactive.

    LoL good one #TrueStory!!!
  4. If you don't like the game. You can just DON'T PLAY IT! Go to Steam and have a big library. Stop cry!
  5. Are we doing this too?

    Typical ncsoft, if you are in any way negative towards them expect "retaliation". You can get banned suddenly without a reason. Or on forum, I know many who have gotten the banhammer without any real cause. It is just a really terrible company, I posted a funny video: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18584-ncsoft-chops-your-dollars/
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fd27wOHG1WU NCSOFT BE LIKE: Oyinbo man I go chop your dollarI go take your money and disappear419 is just a gameYou are the loser, I am the winner
  7. Box's are trash

    i Must agree, box loot are trash, wasted over 700 euro and got nothing ! Recommend NOT TO BUY THEM ! its a huge SCAM ! @Juji Cloth piece 8 euro per 1 piece? what kind of joke is that?
  8. https://ibb.co/RhTV2yq
  9. Exalted Attribute

    This is not true at all. I'm using Antharas Buster lv1 (500 earth) on my Storm Screamer and it does exactly the same damage if I use Lindvior Buster lv1 (500 wind). The only difference you may see is if you use Elemental spike which decreases the corresponding attribute resist of the target as the stance by 100.
  10. Party Solidarity System Need Serious Improvement

    My constitution did change over the years. It's like fungi infestation under the Amazon forest or the growth of Bitcoin...
  11. Put S/S80-grade items for sale in NPCs

    Agree.. I need another Moirai for my next Leviathan robe
  12. Hi, as tittle says im having troubles when i use auto hunt and put Frenzy on AUTO use, character have a micro delay between every attack, like = attack, delay, attack, delay, attack, delay... and is super annyoing because looks like you have very low atk.speed when that's not the reality. I noticed that each every attack, system tries to proc Frenzy then you listen a system sound and get a message in system that says you can't use Frenzy because is in cooldown, that is after EVERY BASIC ATTACK. Another thing is the ridiculously short AoE range of Broad Sweep buff and Quake Attack, first one i guess make your attacks AoE, i didn't expect to be a Warlord, but sometimes even with mobs stacked all in the same place, i only hit ONE MOB instead 3 as buff says. Quake Attack it's pretty the same thing, it's ULTRA HARD to hit more than 1 mob, that's ridiculous, it's supposed to be frontal AOE skill, but range is SUPER SHORT. Please take a look on that and fix it ASAP! Thanks!. @Juji @Hime
  13. Are we doing this too?

    I CAN login. I just can't do anything because the forum account is inactive. Both times someone was able to fix it, the issue here is why it gets inactive in the first place. That's what i would like to know.
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  15. Are we doing this too?

    The forum account is marked as active in the backend so we can't explain why you aren't able to login. We are having some strange website login issues so it might be related to that.
  16. Box's are trash

    the boxes looked crap, as for the night coins only cloth is of any interest and to unseal an a grade set that's 4500 NC coins!!! to say I think this event is based purely on NCsofts greed is an understatement
  17. Box's are trash

    No, unfortunately, the US is way behind on the laws. Hopefully, soon they will catch up and be like the other countries which require companies to post the rate percentages. My guess is that ring was still a .0001% chance @GrandpaRick
  18. JUJi are you sure that the server has been updated? It seems that nothing has changed and the problems are still increasing ... My huge pk count is still full and xp is terrible too
  19. What are you guys waiting to bring us the Luck Game (the same as have in KR and JP servers have)?
  20. 36.000 NCoins for 107 Elcyum to get my Bloody R99 +12 to +10 R110. That´s 450€ for a weapon upgrade. Serious??????
  21. Box's are trash

    everyone guessed the same...is there any info on %rates of the various prizes?
  22. The Gem Energy was added as a reward item with the Night Market Treasure Chest. Gem Energy can be used to compound Normal Jewels or Greater Jewels. The failure results for compounding with a Gem Energy is different from the normal compounding method with two Jewels of the same level/type. If you compound a Jewel with a Gem Energy and it fails, then the Gem Energy is consumed and the Jewel is downgraded to Lv. 1 for that type (Normal/Greater). A Greater Jewel Lv. 1 cannot be downgraded to a Normal Jewel Lv. 5 if you fail to compound to Greater Jewel Lv. 2. Failing to compound a Greater Jewel Lv. 1~4 will downgrade the jewel to Greater Jewel Lv. 1 Failing to compound a Normal Jewel Lv. 1~4 will downgrade the jewel to Normal Jewel Lv. 1.
  23. i got a 4 weeks ticket still unresolved for the same issue, guys dont waste your time ticketing..
  24. We are investigating the issue. It seems other regions had a similar problem and had to swap out the items.
  25. Juji, we cant log 3 acc in each pc on same house, so if i want to play with my brother is imposible, after login 3 acc in one pc, and the other pc log one, all get disconenected ty
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