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  2. 30 Day Bloody Rune

    +1 this would be nice
  3. Hi, did anyone check their monster collection ? Mother Tree is stuck. Mobs don't ad. Is it just me?
  4. It is impossible to make adenas in this configuration. What is going on ? Are these rates normal?
  5. SA extration

    1 - We dont know the fees to extraction yet, probably adena 2- Fee above is to Insert / replace - Insert mean if u dont have any SA it will cost 170, if u want to replace (and destroy the old SA) will cost 85, but you can also Extract (save SA ) and put a new one for 170. 3- Obtain the soul crystal again
  6. Does Vitality regenerate naturally? if so, how long does it take, or do I have to get Replenishing/Maintaining pots and stuff? thanks in advance
  7. Today
  8. Man up, it's your fault that you've missed the GM. In this game there are many time-locked things, you either just like to QQ around or you're completely lacking any knowledge of Lineage 2.
  9. Lf wynn Runes.

    wtb wynn runes any lvl.. but espesific 6+7 or 8 and lvl 1 to, pm in game naiguatapeak
  10. about adena rate

    @Juji Can you explain how do we can survive?? I think none of us will buy SS from L2 Store... i think its too much!! its a consumable!!!! At Least break even when farming!!!
  11. SA extration

    Due to the addition of the Soul Crystal Removal (Extraction) feature, the Soul Crystal fees for R-grade and above weapons have been changed as seen below. Weapon Grade Gemstone Soul Crystal (1st) Soul Crystal (2nd) Soul Crystal Replacement Special Soul Crystal Special Soul Crystal Change R Gemstone (R-grade) 30 → 170 187 → 170 10 → 85 7 → 11 4 → 7 R95 Gemstone (R-grade) 129 → 170 1249 → 170 65 → 85 11 6 → 7 R99 Gemstone (R-grade) 335 → 170 5,266 → 170 168 → 85 16 → 11 8 → 7 What is the (Extraction) fee for Soul Crystal Removal for the weapons? Weapon Grade will make (Extraction) fee different also? Fees above are the price to insert or to exctract? Extraction= Removal of crystal and the crystal dissapears OR you obtain the soul crystal again in inventory?
  12. So I haven't played in a long time, made a new toon and found that getting to 85 is ridiculously easy which in itself is fine. So what comes after 85? Is it just going to the mob grind and doing stuff like Kartia as it used to be? Also after completing the quest line up to 85 I'm left with a bit under 900k adena. How is adena made these days from this point onwards?
  13. WTB Karmian Stocking Design

    Buying all 8 karmian stocking designs. 15k each. Total of 120k. COD or "DestroyerThor
  14. Question - XP SP Rune Stacking

  15. Lineage 2 PK system pool

    you can not force your ideas of amusement at all, for example punishment by pk could be a 24-hour debuff that reduces the power and abilities of the avatar, according to the number of pks lack of balance in the game and this would help a lot, especially the players who do not have good equipment
  16. Blessed Soul Shots (Explained!)

    Remove it! OP and has never been in live version. Item/Adena tables and drop rates really need to be re-evaluated. My CP has been grinding all over the place and its rough out there ha-ha!
  17. Question - XP SP Rune Stacking

    Can confirm they did stack before patch and still stack now. Can also confirm that if this is the intended adena drop-rate, it was incredibly nerfed.
  18. Hi, when i reached lvl 40 or 41 dont remenber i got a reward with a HUGE SP/XP scroll, i lvl up to lvl 44 and i was able to get all my skills and got plenty left sp for the others to come, but i got others chars that was allrdy lvl 44 and 45 and i got dont sp to learn lvl 41/42 skills, are you gona send those scroll to the chars that allready are at 44/ 45. At least sp scroll, because it unbalance and its massive unfair.
  19. Question - XP SP Rune Stacking

    They still stuck. 50% + 100% gives you 150% nothing has changed.
  20. about adena rate

    As i said, average farmer and clueless. Server is empty, if i have to explain what i mean by that, we are going to the next lvl. As far as your scrub comment, pick a duo in our lvls and if he outfarms us let me know. With numbers always. High lvl scrub with 3.3 mil xp each in 20 mins for a x6 pt, i suppose you are rolling it harder? I play since the end of February with zero boosts, bring me a duo who can outscale me even now with this update. A manual duo. And all of this, to end up in TOI. As if we were expecting you genius.
  21. about adena rate

    Either get a proper 8 man party [Not boxed with 5 inactive supports] and go level in a 70+ area or find a way to survive the damage of TOI. Sorry your special snowflake hug box that is AL got nerfed. But your either a high level scrub who has never really played L2 in the past or just someone who can only level in areas where you are told you can go.
  22. about adena rate

    I visited lair 4 days before event ends, cause wiki was showing the lvl of mobs at 68, Continue with the sharing of knowledge.
  23. about adena rate

    If you had 3.3mill xp for party of 6 every 20 min how are you still lvl65? Do you play for 20 min a day?
  24. about adena rate

    Sorry i meant ~44
  25. about adena rate

    Yeah you can solo 15 lvls lower than you, but you wont get items or XP. Very useful indeed.
  26. about adena rate

    Either you are a high lvl player and an average farmer, or a low-mid lvl and an average farmer and you probably don't understand so i will extend a bit here with numbers. Find me a spot with 3.3 mil xp for each player in 20 mins for a pt of 6, 5 supports x62lvl and 1 dd x 65. 300k in adena as well. And don't tell me TOI, mobs there land 1k dmg. We are 2 players here who both stopped playing since update. Do as that favor and spread the knowledge so as to continue enjoying the game we love and enjoy playing. And don't start the things about classic and lvl up etc, i scaled 6 chars pt with zero boosts with 1 dd warlord. Sorry 150k, 300 was with the boost of last month.
  27. about adena rate

    YAY I never knew i was a fountain of knowledge!! Thank you. At 49 you can still solo ~34 or get a full buff party and do ~55+. You wont even need SS or pots. Your playing Classic! And true to classic form you had to sometimes grind at lower level places to get the adena to afford the SS needed to grind for exp at higher places. This is how it was originally 15 years ago nothing has changed. If anything you have been spoiled for the past 6 months. Part of learning the game was to know when and where to use SS and when and where to sacrifice exp to farm for adena. If you are just desperate for SS and adena all the time then play a Warsmith, you will have SS for life and craft all your gear at 1/2 the market price it really is that simple.
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