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  2. Afk macro, and dropped items from pk

    @Mixa Go find for a gerbil and make love to it with your orifice. I am here to organize a class action.
  3. There is no bug, only lame players who don't know what they are doing.
  4. Afk macro, and dropped items from pk

    NCsoft... please FIX this bug... afk 5 mins is NOT AFK I'm going to lead a class action petition against NCsoft... People, please start screenshot iKuznetsky or any of his alts using PK scams. he does this daily and he's the driving force behind all of this. He has scammed over 1 trillion in gears. So let's stop complaining and start organizing and put pressure and expose NCSoft together as One Player Union. Divided we're weak, together we're strong. I can publish all scam activities, gears dropped or destroyed, please please screenshot all of this and let's organize this as ONE VOICE instead of many small disorganized voices. I have a web server to be able to post and organize all of this. START SCREENSHOT every time this happens to you. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS to do the same. Please PM me and I'll get back to you. Thank you.
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  6. Afk macro, and dropped items from pk

    Speak here a victim of forced pk The NC does not know how to fix this Bug that other players force you to give PK and also do not know how to evaluate if you are a victim or a stalionatario, this is fact! I propose that the NC give a considerable amount in adena to the player who teaches them how a forced PK is done, After testing, prove that the BUG is real and that the NC can work on a fix, the reward is given to the player without reimbursing him for knowing the process. Thanks NC for fixing the SS bug

    100% wrong not even 1% true but nvm

    Didnt i write what u say wrong ? u talked in one part about DH, i answer u. about the others, i write didnt know how many they was or other info. but u preffer write incorrect data. u have not only problems to watch streams, also seems have problems to read here in conclusion, yeah, no doubts that u have all very clear dude (Y)


    Sorry bro , but u are stupid . I say what i see from streams if u have better streams or i say something wrong u can say that . U make DH looks more stupid . I give 2 streams by differend clan people just for people see both sides and also is the only what i found . I found also dudot stream but he was WITH ALT CHAR WATCHING FROM CRYSTAL WHEN HE CLAN LOOSE THE CASTLE BIG LOL . I will put this one here to for people watch this to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGqI-eNABeQ so your clan sub leader (exeqtor) play with half pt , your leader elmaniaco not use he dragon bow stg 1 , and dudot ( i think he is on elmaniaco cp if i am not wrong ) decide watch the stream from crystal and not help on castle ..... What else can i say about your clan ? GL
  11. @Juji,this is not the answer we want. Have you ever played this game before? Its really nice you gave us boosts and event where we can win really good items. But,whole clan is now stucked on 78 lvl. There is really nothing to do exept leeching 75+ raid bosses. We need high lvl catacombs,olympiad,new zones (solo,party) for 78+ levels.We need more then Gludio castle siege. Just dont let it completly die. Are you going to bring some of this changes in near future? This is what we wants to know.

    just love ppl that the only way wich can do something is here at forum. also ppl that wasnt able to do something so claim quit cuz cloak event, but is permanent checking/writing forum and playing with low chars, right nara ? about DH u can say what ever u want, why i would care about the opinion of a DH hater? at the end im at game with my cp, having fun, having pvp and enjoying while other ppl seems cant do the same and preffer come here to forum to talk about the others. this post was only worth to read it till the comment of babydragon, after that, are just ppl w/o any relation that just come here to open the mouth and throw things
  13. It's not just summoners, I'll go ahead and say 50% of live players are running it now too.

    I see exeqtor , how can i know if he have full pt or not during siege if he not streaming ? I just thinking sub leader of DH atleast he will bring he pt ..... The only wrong what i say it was this elmaniaco not have the dragon weapon stg 1 , but how can i believe this DH leader not bring one of the stronger weapon on his clan on siege when he is online ? The member what i say is what i see by streaming people and it was 27 Max and 60 MS , about DH i say ARROUND 4 PTS and i say the reason why i say that . If u have more stream of videos u can share to us for we see also , i say about what i see from stream.....About time zone , i agree most of your clan not there , But like i see is the same from Max , they have only 27 member active ... Also if u are DH member u should dont talk about pvp and clan activity and bulshits because the last normal sieges what i see , is some groups of your clan GANKING castles and never fight Max clan vs clan or i am wrong ? Anyway from what i see u stay behind of MS and w8 for they help u .

    But you're aware this thread it not about DH right? DH is close to a nonfactor clan right now and point of this thread it not to discuss if DH hat 4 parties or 2 parties, that was just a side-comment noone cares about and still the reason you call him clueless. Maybe he is. In BobOrc-Reality
  16. Guys, we all know that an SSD makes a pretty huge difference in L2 performance, but did you know that a regular, decently fast, USB 3 flash drive is still better than a HDD? I just put my game on an 32 GB usb stick and it does load things up faster! Not as much as and SSD, but stil quite noticeable, specially when entering instances and teleporting around. Now I am pretty much only limited in CPU power, which is still better than being limited by CPU AND HDD So, if someone out there dont have an SSD, but has a decent usb 3 stick, give it a try, I would like to see some feedback You will have to change the install location in registry for it to work. Just open regedit and search for ncsoft folder. Or copy the files over and "reinstall" the game to the USB stick.

    then need to check if are good sources, cuz seems on this streams, the ppl can see grps that wasnt there, weapons that wanst there etc, so idk wich reality is wrong, if mine, if streams, or if blind eyes that even having all in a stream see things that never happened

    Curious why you think that KnightOfHeaven guy is wrong. His post only sums up what can be seen by everyone in the given sources/streams, so how can you argue the obvious? Alternate (BobOrc-)Reality ?

    if u want call 4 ppl as a grp, then okey why 2.5 grps ? maybe cuz for most DH members dim siege finish at 3-4 am, and what reason to dh bring more ppl if max wasnt never coming ? or u think the pvp/activity of this last dim siege was always happening ? Max maked their moves, make allys at aden, and the result was that DH lose aden, nothing to do. we was under fire of max, kingscoobz grp, losbandidos, crows and FS (dunno how many they was) result: pvp at north gate, pvp in front of main gates, pvp after main gates, pvp at throne room, pvp at crest room In my opinion i preffer this no matter if we lose the castle, than be every 15 days afk/sleeping for 2 hrs in front of the castle curious ppl like to give opinions when dont have idea of what happened, what is happening and what will happen...

    Exe 1 group , elmaniaco 2 group xtec or something like that 3 groups and i am not sure if i see other . Maybe u are right elmaniaco dont use , so why he not use lol ..... And anyway the think is MS have 100% more people than Max . And DH propably dont care for this they bring only so low people ...... Owners of aden 2,5 pts ? Wtf ? U w8 MS fight for your castle ? Anyway sorry for my english .

    Then u need to check more carefully the streams, im DH, i was there, we haved 2.5 grps and no, elmaniaco wasnt with lindvior bow lv1
  22. Longest Delay command in Macros?

    it's 999
  23. There have internal procedures to follow, can't just go and ban an account.
  24. Many questions related VIP

    Let's see if I can atleast help on some questions: 1) Every 5th - 10th mob drops a coin... sometimes I get more, sometimes less. I didn't notice a difference between VIP3 and 4 on the coin drop rate. 2) If you have VIP4 and party with someone with VIP0 you have drop chances like VIP2... so, non VIPs drag you down. There are other optinons that say the last hit would matter... and again other say lat hit matters only on raid bosses.... But the first one is the one that makes sense the most... the other two could be exploitet too easy. 3) Spoil sux no matter what... even with VIP4 was no difference noticable... cuz the rates are just so extremely low. >.<
  25. No, it's not. But there are so many thousands of bot that they can't keep up with banning them. And just recording a bot hoard following each other seems not to be enough evidence. To make a propper bot report over ticketing you need prooved evidence... so far I banned aroun 26 bots that were in my way.
  26. Thanks, i didint notice that! Hope its early may!
  27. Gludio -4 : recrutam

    Clan ROWA recruteaza jucatori . Solitari sau in grup sunteti bineveniti ! PM , Aryna in joc, server Gludio
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