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  2. Known Issue: Server Latency

    I'll silently ignore the getting paid by NCSoft part... But you're mixing things up. Technicians should be available 24/7 and there should be proper monitoring implemented that alerts them if needed (I even would suspect that most of the time a server crashes, they auto restart themselves). Technicians are not the people that are responding here on the forum, so if you write "almost all monday gone and NO RESPONSE at all" don't tell me stories about technicians. Same goes to the grunts (sorry, don't mean it disrespectful) that are scanning 24/7 through the forum to remove all the e.g. racist posts that I've seen here recently. They are here, but I wouldn't expect them to post anything about the current Lagageddon, because it's above their paygrade. I would expect updates from either Hime or Juji. Those two are the faces for Lineage2 on NCWest, they have the authority&responsibility to update us on the current status. I'm also not completely satisfied about the information flow, but for f*cking hell, I don't expect them to give us updates in the middle of (their) night.
  3. I want :)))) now real time turn back and watch the movies Are there any movie suggestions for this 50 min waiting time ? Good work L2 Team I hope your work will be easy
  4. Compensation is already being prepared (more details next week), but we are trying our best to resolve this latency issue as quickly as possible.
  5. @Juji will we have any rewards pack? We have been suffering from this lag for over a week !! I feel hurt by it !! I'm kidding, but we will have some reward why such vital maintenance and 200% rune would be a great idea !!
  6. Servers are down

  7. and xp event? several days the server is lagging and disconnecting, at least to compensate these days is the little you can do, the rune counts and does not come back
  8. Servers are down

    I don't remember that we have experienced such this amount of issues, bugs and other problems like we have the last 2 weeks Unbearable ...
  9. Change PvP to PvE?

    Ty guys! Very usefull info!
  10. @Juji want some popcorn with this?
  11. 4/17 is cutoff for the current update on our servers
  12. Manner mode and party

    The game is so focused on DD's nowadays, you do not need anyone else to hit, while XPing. GEAR and DPS .. all you need now to win. In pvp even geared supports die from random AOE dmg from top DD's. More DD's all play DD, more dmg, more gear, more consumables to boost dps, more $$$ Madness
  13. i'm not a cry baby like other who crying 200% exp rune or 2 hour nevit, i not care pixels as reward, more like i want to meet you for 2 min where you not safe for being attack
  14. client close before EULA agreement

    i have the same problem
  15. Break Through Crisis

    plz someone can tell me how can i complete this shit quest without killing raids that aren't available to casual players? ty
  16. Main - Dual exchange service

    It will be good for many ppl if have again dual to main service or dual separation like they have in korea especially now with ranking system
  17. Hats

    Did anyone got +10 hat? i Spent 380 stable enchant from 9 to 10 and i didnt got it . Maybe chance is 0.0001
  18. Today
  19. will tell you the result after i see 2.2k online on naia
  20. We will be performing an unscheduled maintenance on Live servers today. The Logins for Classic will be unavailable for 50 minutes starting at 1 p.m. PDT / 10:00 p.m. GMT+2. If you're already logged in, you should not be affected as game servers will remain online.
  21. Ork Dominator

    Question to Draeckepedia : Till now Domi was only available for main class. Does this restriction get removed with next update?
  22. Hello All, We will have an unscheduled maintenance at 1:00 p.m. PDT / 10:00 p.m. GMT+2. The downtime will last approximately 50 minutes as we continue to address the server latency issue. With this maintenance: Optimizing the ranking system selection checks to improve server performance Thank you for your patience!
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