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  2. Event Drop Rate

    If u farm keys u will notice that the drop rate has increase
  3. You don't need focus at all, that's the main benefit being a dagger class, your crit rate is high already.Go for crit dmg.
  4. Weapon upgrade.

    I would like to thank everyone for the feedback! Most of you agree that Aden cloaks is the best option going forward so that's going to be my next item. Ty all
  5. Today
  6. Dark Robe Set

    Hello-->WTT/S Dark Robe Set 10/10/11/11/13 best way for Pve Leather set +10-->H3llga Chronos
  7. Missing character

    Hi, yesterday i was playing l2 and fishing all day. Today when i logged into my account there was no character. What could happen?
  8. Cursed Sword Akamanah/Zariche

    What do you mean by my "obsession with bots"? Leveling with a CDL DD box, I actually find bots around me handy.
  9. im abysswallker i want to get to a new rune othel but idk what is the best choice for aw class focus or cri dmg
  10. Chronos Castle seige

    stop talking junk ms toxics and their propagandas

    junk still spreading lies
  12. Don't worry. When it's no longer 24/7 but 0.5/7 even the thickest brick will realize that it's more cost-efficient to buy NCoins than paying for the electricity a computer consumes while displaying dead corpses 10 hours per day About the Rules of Conduct you are right. Since as of May deliberate and organised harassment will be politically wanted and built into the system, they should remove the first rule from said Rules. But I guess they need to put that up in order to get the Teen rating and be able to skim off children's pocket money. It will be tacitly understood that the first rule is just there for legal reasons and doesn't really apply. Like with the rule that Europeans are not permitted to participate in contest-like events like "Paint a Lineage 2 Pumpkin for Halloween", which isn't actually applied either.
  13. I love how adena drop like now we can farm mobs and get some progress when no event we can't farm With SS = no adena progress it would be good if it can maintain adena drop amount like this but drop rate didn't had to be 100 percent
  14. Well it is your own mistake. Leaving your toon afk while using a macro system you don't understand in a game you are clueless about. Just sell more ncoin and you'll recover the loss.
  15. Oriana Event

    You get coins only if there is a winner. Sometimes there is no winner for a few hours in a row - it happened to me before that I got nothing for 2 days straight. No, once you can see that there are coins to claim on the event menu you will be able to get them anytime later.
  16. Oriana Event

    I don't understand how the coin rewards work. 2 days ago I used the clothes and got oriana coin at the end. Since then, I used clothes 3-4 times but did not get any coin since. Is there like a specific timeframe in which you can click to get coins?
  17. 15th Anniversary Event!!

    Bro.. you are slightly exaggerating.. it's already going that way, so you might as well give an opportunity for other players to have it too
  18. 15th Anniversary Event!!

    Yeahhhhhhh 2.000 winner x reward!!! 20k cores, AQ, Baiums and 20k +16 weapons rofl...and ofc more than 50% goes to piece of shiit cheaters who open 50 accounts x reward...Immabe stop smoke crack plz...
  19. Event Drop Rate

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm if u multiply a shit x 100% still a shit, less shit but shit anyway
  20. Event Drop Rate

    Drop rate is increased. Spoil is the same. If you dont have vip 4, dont expect too much
  21. 15th Anniversary Event!!

    Because sitting in town, getting air droped epics and weapons while doing nothing, is fun... But the most fun part, is the same player winning x2 +16 weapons in 2 days. Ty Ncsoft great event..

    https://youtu.be/pKtX7YoPv6E Zureil didn't even have to send the rest of the clan to fight MS his cp was more than enough to fight this mediocre clan

    It is quite unfortunate that we weren't able to help DH keep their castle but regardless as per the agreement MAX vs MS without DH interruption happened one time in Rune castle and MS emerge victorious. We'd love to see MAX join again on next dime siege
  24. Dear NcSoft Team! Thank you so much for letting us have such a great event!! The prizes are awesome and well worth of celebrating! Could you please increase the number of selected players who receives the reward during the participation period!?! It will be much appreciated by majority of players if you increase the winners from 1 to 5 players or more Players, please share your thought and support in this matter!! V/R, Immabe

    the day arrived and what happened was as follows, DH lost Aden and the same MS with all its members can not help, I'll be in Chronos siege to make MS lose Aden too, you have 1 week to prepare Mr. Forum Warrior
  26. bots Giant cave TI

    NC dont care bottom line is ..if u don't bot ... Start botting or just quit the game already. In low lvl towns u see 30 bots runing for 1 mob..30 bots I'm sure he can solo low lvl raids
  27. Dimensional Seige

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