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  4. No more New Items Please

    You're not the only ones who survived, just the only one who brags about it. Don't get mad at weiner for being able to play the market, learn to do the same. For instance, I was able to make a +12 Limited R110 weapon for less than 35B because I knew how to play the markets and knew what was coming before it got here. Some people can buy and sell the markets and make 100B in a week. Others spend 10k on events to gear themselves, each person has their own way to do things, neither is wrong, and you shouldn't get mad at each other for the differences. We all have 1 common enemy here, and its the greedy bastards on the receiving end of the L2 store.
  5. I am seeing a signiifcant difference in adena when farming on my rogue vs my wizard. I am literally getting twice as much adena farming on my rogue as my mage in the same zone when the xp seems to be the same. Something is going on and I would really like some clarification. The difference in adena rate when I play these two characters is so glaring that it is seriously affecting how I play this game.
  6. WTB

    WTB Bloody Dual Dagger +12 3SA pm or mail me ingame kengolia. Thank you
  7. Molensa vs Mage r110 full items and PK Renovation 24/7

    btw i see that now u also saying that kings cp use scripts xaxaxaxaxa usless no damage feoh
  8. No more New Items Please

    I'm really sorry Weiner I forgot you are still selling the mats you farmed on zaken server back in 2014 Do you want to know what's the funnier part of this topic? Me, Draecke, Dudot, Ozzy, Exe are the only one survived from the korean closed beta back in 2003. And you came on top of us.
  9. No more New Items Please

    You sound angry, why did you spend 10,000 on 1 event lol. I have slowly geared up over 2 years, by buying and selling at smart times. All my gear is always for sale, that's just how I play. I know what I have spent is far less than anyone with gear even close to mine. And probably less than people who have nothing to show. I don't care about my investment in l2, as I have actually spent relatively very little. I made this post, to help other people. Anyway, get a better grip on your spending mate.
  10. Gran Kain Necklace Stage 2 Bugs

    Hi Juji and Friends, I would like to report two bugs I have noticed with my upgrade Stage Gran Kain Necklace. 1. The Necklace does not Glow as the description says. It only glows when I unequip and requip the item. See the screen below. https://i.gyazo.com/9b9f4216ab34d25a02ce6886dadbea09.png 2. With the Skill on the Gran Kain, it states will ignore invincibility skills, which it does ignore all invincibility type skills I tested against when you are doing a damage skill or attack. However, when using a summoner mark or debuff you will still not be able to land these skills. Now a damage skill with a debuff like a wizard destruction, will land. Now to add even further insult to injury for a summoner, a wizards debuff (death breath) will land through cs because it can magic crit and do damage. This magic crit of a dot was removed for summoners, so summoner marks will not do damage. Could you please look into this. https://i.gyazo.com/e07c3b74e7b81480c4afb86b29798118.png Thanks,
  11. No more New Items Please

    Lets talk a bit about this from the beginning Weiner claims to be a professional cow First of all 95% of the player base is working with the wrong numbers Lets talk about august 2017 heine fishing event Because i had to work and i din't play that much i found myself kicked off of main top parties - undergeared they said Where's the problem i tought. I have a good job and i can spend, a lot In 3 hours i spent 10k $ on bait packs, and i was a moderate spender far away from the real whales. Selling the baits i equipped 1 toon with everything including a +10 set and a +12 weapon when they were sold for insane prices 10k usd in 3 hours guys, not in 3 years At that time there was a full scale war between dh and rs - naia and guess what i was so overgeared that everyone wanted me lol from totally undergeared and rejected by everyone to totally overgeared and wanted by everyone in 3 hours - price 10k usd - the only thing i had to do was to punch in credit card numbers for 3 hours it required to me 3 hours only because after the 1st grand the wallet is blocked untill someone from the support unblocks it i could have done the same in less than 1 hour That was august 2017 - i moved to chronos cuz naia at that time after the rs departure was dead [before the heine event there was the last ele shirt event (guess how ppl made +10 shiny shirts to get that +16 r99 weapons)] Then came the cloak event october 2017 I was in chat with sandra, a moderate spender too, and to get two cloacks legendary 10 and 15 he spent more than 30k $ in 6 days (p.s. sandra was in nova) a moderate spender spent 30k usd in 6 days Now do we wanna talk about the real whales? The real ones? The ones who said they were selling the mats they've got from zaken server even if that server was closed 2 years before? well multiply 10k and 30k usd x 100, to say the least x10 x event i've seen what fleur wrote elsewhere in here, he's right So please use the correct numbers, first. Now to the topic I've alwasy hated mixa when he does the mixa's things the mixa's way but this time i'm with mixa. Also i don't understand why you are attacking Draecke. When all the real whales began to enchant the circlets me, draecke, omenofsteel, yidao, even dudot, ozzy and exe told to ncwest lower the prices Draecke sold it's greater vitality jewel to afford a circlet at that time ms were too busy to brag in herochat, allychat, clanchat, worldchat trashtalking vs peppinio from nova do you remember weiner? i do. Do you remember when someone said in clanchat that peppinio's father was selling toilet paper for a living? Yeah i was there dude And now you come in here to complain You've just got what you really deserve Two dead servers. The only real reply in here was deleted They buy to link their brand new toy in the chat, to let the others see they've got it first this is on l2, this is on wow, this is everywhere in the videogame industry the only difference is that in here it will cost to you a lot I could have bought anything in here worst than weiner did but the problem is a question i made to myself do i really need to spend that much money to aoe in 1 second 3 clans in a siege? the answer it's no, at all i have other things to buy, things that i can touch irl i'm still playing l2 spending the right amount of money and the right amount of time So now the "professional cows" can enjoy what they've done I'm more than sure that they will keep spending at least untill there will be another dude online to whom they can shift-link their gear. So Bable2 is correct. Btw i've logged in on naia and there are plenty of ppl buy and selling dragon claws as hardin event stuff so ncwest business model is working as intended.
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  13. Etina

    Did you complete the pre-requisite quest (Savior's Path - Fall of Etina) to gain access to Etina Solo?
  14. Focus death adds 90% crit damage, TH is lacking one of those major damage buffs that PW and AW get. You can use hide to ambush sneak someone, so they won’t see you coming, and they have two skills that allow you to see the back... bluff turns the enemy’s back to you and shadow walk ports you to their back, each having a stun mechanic built in. TH is great too but AW and PW gets a good bit more damage due to this.
  15. If can afford to pay $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ you can come back if not to even install the game again
  16. No more New Items Please

    Good evening Ladies and Gents The server is spit to people that spent thousands a dollars to become Top 1 and people that to have fun with their friends on Vent and can't afford to spend so much money for a game..So after so many years the gap of the gear of the players is so disspointing.That happend not from NcSoft but from the Top players that now crying about the new God Jewels cause spending so much money NcSoft become greedy and bring more events p2w after all a comapany main goal is to earn more but now i saw in the post o weiner" people kill themselves" and "its not fun cause i pvp lower gear people bla bla bla " that is your fault.If people stoped buying all these things then the message will be delivered to NcSoft and they propably trying to make a better game.I hear often from Top players our money keeping the servers up.Did we asked you to become our saviors??? think not .....so we all quit and the 20 Top Cows stay alone to deed server and play hide a seek The solution is simple don't buy items from event for the new jewels people can make this fail and NcSsof remove all these ,as long people buying these items GMs will laught with you and all these posts will be useless
  17. Admin's wake up

    Just lol again at the admins / game masters W/e. come to the forums once a week to post cashgrab patch notes.
  18. New God Accessory Event

    There is a difference between "Hard to obtain" and "Expensive as fk". Don't mistake them.
  19. PW best dagger then aw then th. th could be equal to aw if you use a high lvl othell super rune.
  20. Leveling after 95

    I still do this....
  21. No more New Items Please

    Just quit guys... Leave this "1%" play alone and have their 20k dollars in items become 20 bucks! I totally agree with Neohat and Znipo!
  22. Ido not say I don't like this event with 50 bag buy I make 60b profit... So im happy
  23. New God Accessory Event

    That's maybe the cost if you upgrade successfully on all stages.. You forgot to calculate the fails that will inevitably occur because there is a random chance.. In any case, if that would keep players on the servers it could be good, but i don't think that's the case any more..
  24. Admin's wake up

    atleast they do a great job with ignoring everything on the forum and throwing in 1 pay2win shit after the other. Thats what they known for and they havent changed in 15 years. Bots, pay2win and ingorant / ignoring staff thats what comes to my mind when i hear Ncsoft Na. And if you look the forum the truth hurts. And you can open so many topics and question as you want they give a bleep
  25. Leveling after 95

    In general this is not really a good chronicle for support classes. Majority on 100+ are playing on macro only and have their own parties setup. So they get all the adena and drops. Best thing to do for you is to reroll in DD and make another iss so u can buff urself. Then u got urself healer iss and dd, and u can farm maybe a spot that initially would be too hard without support. Over the last years i noticed an increasing decreasing demand to party with other people to farm/ level/ gear up. Now the best exp is done solo and the best farm is when all chars are yours so u dont have to share the loot. Also forget about 103+ areas without l2store investment. The mobs will simply hit you waaaay too hard to heal there.
  26. Lineage 2 weteran wanna Black to game plz help

    Sadly the whole forum get ignored from those ignorant @Hime and @Juji, every player concern is getting ignored, liers in every way. I always remind to the live stream where Juji talking about no pay2win items in the shop. best laugher i ever had. Look now what a bot and pay2win festival the server is. Now also all lvl 40 and 46 dungeons are full with summoner bots and they just dont bleeping care. i just wait for wow classic People disliked the pay2win, bot and clown festival on the retail servers, and they just ram it in the ground like they did with the normal l2. i dont know how a publisher can this ignorant and money greefing like they are. every month a new pay2win shit. play the game ? for what ? just buy everything with real cash. i remember a time in l2 where i was proud after getting my a grade set after a long time and now here, throw in some cash and get +16 weapons or s weapons. what a joke of a game.
  27. Admin's wake up

    In the months that we have been playing, I draw a few conclusions about the things that have to change for me in this "CLASSIC L2". The teleportation system is outside the classic logic of lineage, both in pve, pvp and pks. why not use bsoe for those cases? it's a good option. Transformations? for what? There are not enough items to modify the stats? classic? do not... the disproportionate amount of p2w events in the last months. I remember the home page, "return to the classic and the hardcore system" after a few months happily doing quest, they change the system to a click, classic ?? do not... since the game started it has been modified in a bad way, they have not made a strategy to maintain or increase players. Since the game started, the staff referred to the community being heard and the game would advance along with the detions of the staff and the players, until now it is only a dictatorship on the part of the staff. buy boss items instead of going for them in the game, what is the idea of playing ?, what game? to pay more and to make stronger because of my economic condition? We are not talking about spending 50 dollars, there are people who spend 200 or more, which for some is a lot but for them it is little and yes, I have seen in the server Gludio get boss jewels in past events and in several players in a short period , how does that happen? easy, a lot of bots from the beginning, doing item and adena, you sell it in real money and you keep investing in p2w events, vicious circle, that's the business. I've seen in Seal of Shilen as a bots part ended with the Raidboss in 10 min ... many items for a single person and you keep investing, +16 weapons, +6 armor, etc ... this last event I bought boxes to see what I got, in the end I ended up losing 6 talismans, trying to enchant them +1 all broken, but at the same time I watched in the chat as the 5 pjs of always left the talisman +8 easily, or spend a lot of money, a lot of luck or something very strange there. I understand that the servers have to be maintained, but try to use other methods to get donors and also more players, this is an MMORPG that has nothing of MM ... I am particularly one of those who buy aghations and hats when I try to pay, I like them. On the other hand, call the top players to try to maintain the community and unite it, with respect, most of us believe that we have over 30 years, let us behave as such, example, to the abuse of the bad systems of pk vs teleport, that ends with the patience of the players who try to advance. It is our little great world of fantasy and recreation, we paddle in the same direction.
  28. Leveling after 95

    use shining scroll of growth to get lvl 100-101 faster, its not expensive after that lvl u may be able to get pt to make faction quest or dailys, grinding partys maybe exist but the macro system makes it harder ... But if your goal is to lvl up and get 105+, u will realize that you wll need alot of gear to not be a 1-2 shot in pve/pvp, so its up to you! have fun
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