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  2. NCLauncher 2

    The most horrible launcher ever! The damn thing takes FOREVER to load/freezes. It also takes many tries until I can log in. Frustration at its best. It makes you wonder, what does NSOFT really do with all those millions of $ earnings?
  3. Elemental Master's Pony is a GOD!

    Dagger mmds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sq5oXN29I7s sadly i cant find the titan video...damn that was some crazy shit lol
  4. Elemental Master's Pony is a GOD!

    well for that i was really suprised that they reduced the cast time and increased the range. But thats Korea, i remember some videos from a titan on jap or Korea cant remember....he was at 35k hp and dealt like 10k damage. During pvp he was taking agro from rb to heal himself....same goes for the phantom ranger and hist fatal counter. How can you implement such a skill. Cdl for example sucks in pvp but its the same mechanic.
  5. NCLauncher 2

    Four days are already unable to play Lineage II, thanks NCSOFT for your incompetence. And the last straw is that you have inserted the laucher in the middle of the 15th anniversary event.
  6. Oh, you mean the one right before the maintenance. Ofc that one had less lag, everybody know the server was shutting down and there were not many ppl there.
  7. Today
  8. The last cake did not disappear, it still had more than a half of HP at the moment of the server shutdown (5 minutes after the cake appeared). But the game was lag-free (you could target and move without a perceived lag).
  9. Elemental Master's Pony is a GOD!

    At least all of those have to be somewhat near you. The pony guy can kill you while mounted and running around at 200+ speed
  10. Lag free? it took almost an hour for the cake to disappear after it was at 0 hp. There was less lag than in the previous one at night, but it was very far from lag free.
  11. They already addressed it, there will be no compensation for anything, since barely anything happned.
  12. @Juji About 50% of the players inside Refinery are invisible to me and a few people I know. Sometimes they appear and disappear, sometimes they never appear at all. It doesn't matter how long you wait, if you click them or not, it's not an issue with loading time. I had an entire party farming the room I was in and I couldn't see any of them for hours. I switched to another toon and that one could see them. (So I /target and PKed them all).
  13. Hello, would be please possible somewhere post table with required material for the upgrade of b. +6,7,8 etc. eternal equipment parts? l2 wiki doesnt work with protection crystals. Or at least if somebody remember this values for upgrading +11 gear thanks
  14. enchant rate for cloaks

    korean enchant rate + na prices... what could go wrong right? 5-% chance of sucess, for every 50 dolars...
  15. take me a week to work bot hunter

    you must first put the rates on adena 1-40 monsters as it was at the start of the server and then ban from cruma tower and ant nest and so on if bots do not generate income they will disappear
  16. Male Ertheia - is it possible?

    How do you access dev mode now? It doesnt work for me since last few big updates.

    well they are doing a good job detecting
  18. We want the real classic back

    Humm I am not sure if this old classic model fits with F2P game. A month subscribe whorever demands a good amount of account paying to be profitable (10k maybe more), afterall they need to keep at last 1 gm 24/7 per server to hunt the bots plus staff to support, tecnical issues and so on. Innova made it in Europe, but how many are active now? 500? Does it pays the bills? I learned about L2 when it hit interlude chapter, I love the old school and the way the game were before GOD, but for many reasons, things will never be the same again.
  19. Staff change the chance to spawn Harit? i saw that since 2 days ago are take too long time to harit quest spawn, and now when they come, just appear 1, and before we have a chance to get 3 harit u guys change something ?
  20. Assuming 4k bots per servers, 40 hours per week of work, it means that you need to ban 100 bots per hour without accidentally banning legit players. Are you sure you are that fast? Are you sure you will actually be able to ban 4k bots manually before quitting your unpaid "job"? And how fast do you think botters can create new botting accounts?
  21. Moonlight quest

    Just level another character to 20 on the same account and use Dimensional Merchant to transfer the set.
  22. How to embed photo in post?

    Almost every forum on web have possibility to upload pic from you pc except htis one. Sem NCWest found cheapest forum software they could.. Even support page have upload possibility. Not to talk about forum 14 year a go which had it too together with avatar pic, signature, clan name and so on.
  23. Elemental Master's Pony is a GOD!

    wait for dagger 1 hitting you with 15k damage. maybe get 1 shot by a dark elf archer with fatal counter. maybe get feared nonstop from a tank 2 hittet from orc in frency
  24. Moonlight quest

    deleting char... :') thank you.
  25. Moonlight quest

    Well... Since I can't edit. I have to resort to dual-posting. Only now that I reached level 20 with new char it was revealed to me that you no longer do any quest for class transfer at all. (all put together is certainly not the Chronicle 4 experience I've been expecting from L2 Classic) How it is with Moon Armor set then? Do you have to delete your char even if it's level 25 and start over to get your D-Grade Armor set from quest? It's ridiculously easy to get to level 19 now as those two quests can be done in less than one hour, but getting from level 20 to e.g. 25 just to get back where you've been before you found out that former Moon Armor set quest is no longer available (according to OP) take days not hours.
  26. enchant rate for cloaks

    it is a very good item to have but very hard to make, and its not only the enchant part, you have to make it legendary to go further and even waste a ton trying to get a decent augment, overall it's very expensive and it has a huge probability to end up with empty hands, the feeling you get from this event is probably frustration and there should be something you could get from it even if it all fails.
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