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  2. Main class change

    Do not give up to play your Tyrr Titan. I have seen your gear better than me and if possible can be changed.. what's class would you like to play? Please keep going and trying to play we are the best DD
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  4. Main class change

    any chance ???????? @Juji ???? Stone of destiny ???
  5. yesterday I won the prize of the ant ring but it was never given to me.
  6. Everyone got the same message, including winner. While the winner will receive a mail with your item.
  7. Stop blaming the mysterious "dev" team for everything. The NC West team has 0 transparency towards its player base, and the things you promise you don't deliver. So, stop giving excuses and man up to the mediocrity you are serving. Look at how much player base you have left, do you think this is because western people don't like ti play L2 or because you try to monetize even the most basic free content?
  8. actually it's the beleth/lindvior raid armor apperance this time which is kinds boring.. would have been way cooler if it was one of the dragon armor appearances that they do have for GM's
  9. Returning player needs guidance

    forgot the name but I think it's being given by an npc in Aden, I don't have any chars in the level range for it and to lazy to make alts for such farm
  10. this issue will most likely solve itself once we get the latest updates from Korea aka ~1year from now as Korea removed subclass so only main / dual remain one of the reasons of the inventory restriction is due to subclass as a lot of those passives and gear related inventory slot boosts don't work on a subclass also obviously due to lazy/bad coding but hey the game is 15+ years old so outdated code is to be expected.. btw +1 on getting this fixed as it's annoying for everyone
  11. Love why do you even try. It is obvious NC West team put in 0 effort into this 15th anniversary after months of hype they were creating. Events we got are just another money milking "special" sale. And 2 recycled events. As you know all content in this game is monetized and the community of this game will get 0 content that is not paid for. What you can get for the glorious 15th anniversary is a colored balloon stick.
  12. Returning player needs guidance

    hmm what quest? :>
  13. Cursed Sword Akamanah/Zariche

    Do you realize that there is nothing but the login queue that would limit the amount of bots on the f2p server if you add new easily botted (like cata/necro) locations to the game?
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  15. WTT/S Deadmans glory +5

    Wtts deadmans glory +5 For adena or C sword+++ Damascus+5 or +3/4 + adena Pm Syper in game
  16. Juji is just a reporter, he does not have any permission or responsibility.
  17. Lvl 70+

    I have a question. Where to lvl at lvl 70+? I have top B grade gear. I wanna solo wiith an tank and PP
  18. Macro == unsafe Bot == safe it's true.
  19. Afk macro, and dropped items from pk

    This answer is not good enough and raise more questions. First question is why rules of conduct do not mention numer of free attempts before considering that rules are violated. As much as i read first rule of conducts i cant find any mention of free attempts bonus. // 1.While playing Lineage II, you must respect the rights of others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. To this end, you may not defraud, harass, threaten, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players. // Next question - as to make player red and to make him pk count 5+ in order to get him to drop items is very hard to do it solo need to be organized group of players or their boxes to do it so is hard to determine who did how many attempts. To do player red with pk count of 5+ must be at least 5 attempts. As I newer heard that ppl got banned for it I must guess that number of free attempts must be at least five. Why we have this first rule of conduct if it have five free attempts then as is same as we would not have this rule. Do we know any country in real life selling weapons in weapon store with free kill bonus? And what to say for victims that do not use any macro and are not afk when they get friendly (no drop) killed together with all party repeatedly aka ColdShadow mode? How many free attempts before considering L2 store paid items, services and benefits as not delivered (cake, xp scrolls , runes, potions ect) because expired in process? Question is also why rule of conduct were not changed when NCsoft introduced L2 store and changed from subscription model with 20$ monthly into pay to win free to play model for several hundreds (and thousands) $$$ monthly? Off topic maybe - did anyone reported a bug that set next target settings on monster do not work at all as it values players as monsters ? Who care of player color or multicolor (white, pink, red) as setting is set on monsters and not on players. Setting is bugged for all classes and specially on classes witch cant deal damage without using skills like feohs and all classes using aoe. So if official answer that game mechanic work right when someone flag you then remain to believe that settings on monsters only - is full bugged.
  20. 15th Bot Party

    15th Bot Party just started. Location: Pavel Ruins Bot : 95% Macro User: 5% Hope to early finish this 15th bot party.
  21. Hello! Can someone tell me why I did not win the costume that practically everyone uses on my server? All my friends have received and I have not! Without activating fancy I do not compete for event giveaways? Please help me!!! Forgive my English I am Portuguese, since I thank you already!

    Imho like me more blue wolf heavy...this 30% stun resist + 7 speed like me more than a bit some hp...Doom still good option but I will go for blue wolf heavy ( I'm warlord too) https://l2wiki.com/classic/Blue_Wolf_Heavy_Armor_Set https://l2wiki.com/classic/Doom_Heavy_Armor_Set
  23. Unfortunately i cant tel if anyone win as everybody gets the same message... did some experimentation: party of 3, 2 of them all the time fishing 3th gets off to kill some ants for 5-10min at the end of the timer everyone in party gets coins. (could be that this time it happened that it was a winner and automatically everyone got coins) unfortunately out of clothes tickets for today can`t prove or disprove my theory...
  24. Immobilized targets dmg

    Hi all, do anyone know if Immobilized target damage works n PvE if monsters are under stun/sare/root effect?
  25. Oriana`s event + fishing coin bug

    You know there has be a winner for you to received the coins right? no winner, no coins.
  26. lf anyoane to fix the damn login server because nc soft are in holiday, damn ninja update today and again login not work

    Just dont use the scrolls from daily missions on your main char for the next days. Soon the supports will catch up.
  28. This is a bandaid on busted water main. Although I appreciate it, as now I will only need to trade 29 items instead of 30 to switch class ^m^
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