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  2. dual class for feoh storm screamer

    what benefit to be archmage beside sharing gear, Im using gear provided by server.
  3. Incoming PK System

    How about Black Judge can reduce by 50% your PK count and - reputation for 1 Level loss... 1 time per day and you can't go below Level 85.(there would be some chronic PK's that will run out of levels before they get PK count down enough to use scrolls)
  4. PK Festival - 85 to 105 zones

    New pk system will drop dragon weapon!
  5. 2 of 3 clients disconnect

    yeah last couple days has been real bad for me disconnecting
  6. 2 of 3 clients disconnect

    This is a 2019 topic and we are in 2020 having the same problem! With 0 solution!
  7. I have this problem since 2019. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/15947-2-of-3-clients-disconnect/?do=findComment&comment=110092 Only this guy don't have the problem. THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORD! mixa Members 440 2466 posts Report post Posted May 15 No lag or dc here, toons been on since the maint. It's probably a regional issue, which usually is your ISPs external connectivity.
  8. Incoming PK System

    @Juji @Hime PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider clearing PK counts if you're going to force us to go back to a item drop PK system. You guys changed it, people no longer cared about PK counts but now if counts matter we need to be able to reset them. It needs to be easy to reset the TOTAL count. Don't sell us a 5 count scroll. I have hundreds, others will have 1000s of counts to clear.
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  10. WTF is new lvl 86 in TI

    We were investigating an issue where transformations that were obtained from the event and swapped out during the 5/27 maintenance were missing despite being present on the character. It was not reproducible from our end when we tested it, so we cloned the character to further verify the issue. The cloned character showed up in the rankings because it was not masked properly before we used it. Once we saw it was affecting the rankings, we removed the clone.
  11. Budget Build Evis Alt

    But your first statement in this thread was/is demonstrably false so..... "What level is your Eviscerator? At Lv.101+ every DD with basic mediocre gear not bought from L2 store should be able to solo EV." But whatever; go ahead and take the last word.
  12. ISS Enchanter PVE Boost

    This!! Well said , there was a time I could solo if I chose to. It might not have been as fast, but it was not a waste of time.
  13. dual class for feoh storm screamer

    It really depends on what you wanna play. To share gear, it would be wise to be another feoh. My suggestion would go to Archmage
  14. as a beginner there are no ways for you to make enough adena to even think about gearing up and be competitive. You will have to either spend money to build a very strong character to farm bils everyday. Or just try to gather enough adenas for fancy rods and fish everyday 24/7, there are no "farming" spots for lowbies at all.
  15. Why you continue crying here since day 1 ? People in server leaving clans straight after war. How dumb you are that you would put titans into pvp clans so enemies mages and ponys can one shot them ? Newbie learn little bit about the game then make comments here. BlackLotus sent war to everyone. Whenever it gets activated opposition drop it or leave clan to bot farm in loa/elements. Stop being hurted that you never touched any grand boss in game, because you are in the looser side since 2018. Whats the difference what they do with drops, thing is its deleted not from lotus pocket, but from game. Say bye bye to branch of mother tree which used to be 300kk now, will be 500kk. Say bb to other stuff which zaken used to drop like 75% items in server. Better wait for events lowbie, is the only way you can get any income.
  16. Tyrr Titan Crit skill build

    Focus on getting the cheapest stuff to benefit from those boost, and over time u will see how u can improve all those point with the money u have
  17. WTF is new lvl 86 in TI

    @Juji More explanation about what happened. Something doesn't feel right.
  18. Don't farm epics if thinking it's don't worth used shots. Keep selling pwlvl.
  19. Wait for a good event and spend real money. Is the better and most effective way.
  20. Tyrr Titan Crit skill build

    That's the conclusion of the test i've made, Sonic star has a huge base crit rate, so better enchant route is still break and all rest focused on: 1st Critical Skill Damage. 2nd STR. 3rd Patk. 4th Critical Skill Rate. Do you agree?
  21. New Drop Table for Lv 85 Raids

    And what is there wrong? Dropped NM shield it's A grade. D, C and B stuff on drop is varnish for gear upgrade, it's materials, not an items. For start crying about low drops kill at least 10 times each Epic. Seems like problem not at drop lists but in rates. Highter grade lower chances.
  22. But u not fighiting for raids , u have FREE RAIDS FARM . Because u not have the balls to accept wars in all clans . U open war and u let only 1 DD inside , and u have 10-15 destros without clan just for rarm the raids on peace . I ASK ANYONE GM GO CHECK HOW THEY KILL BOSSES ON GIRAN SERVER , 0 competition because u have 10 destro on alt clans just for avoid wars and farm on peace for make RMT . Your leader RMT FOR YEARS and noone check him , If u have balls try denied that . Tell me do u ever open war with all your clan on ally ? Do your members stay on clan after war open or only u stay inside ? Why not agree make the raids pvp zone ? bleeping garbages who stay on server for RMT . Your leader not even exist on game , only log for kill raids . Try denied something of what i say , all people already know this is true .
  23. Seal/Unseal Power Shirt

    of not ...on marph/shiny after...
  24. Seal/Unseal Power Shirt

    +1. This dev.team/support doesnt play the game and have no idea what real struggle is inside... Just taking sallery's and working on game without 0understanding of a player view point and ofc the worst they doesnt pay attention/put energy/take seriously people problems inside.You are totaly right,power shir 2312$ ,1year later Adenia shirts,1year later elemental shirts, 1year later reflect+elemental shirts and 2y later dragon shirts and for the grand finaly...free dragon shirt :::::::::DDDD EPIC!And I am greatful to you must say again, atleast i will try fail on this power shirt if possibly can success after on dragon .

    Why can't Crystal of Dawn be placed permanent on L2Store ingame. Also people want Shirt event as well

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