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    https://youtu.be/pKtX7YoPv6E Zureil didn't even have to send the rest of the clan to fight MS his cp was more than enough to fight this mediocre clan
  3. Today

    It is quite unfortunate that we weren't able to help DH keep their castle but regardless as per the agreement MAX vs MS without DH interruption happened one time in Rune castle and MS emerge victorious. We'd love to see MAX join again on next dime siege
  5. Dear NcSoft Team! Thank you so much for letting us have such a great event!! The prizes are awesome and well worth of celebrating! Could you please increase the number of selected players who receives the reward during the participation period!?! It will be much appreciated by majority of players if you increase the winners from 1 to 5 players or more Players, please share your thought and support in this matter!! V/R, Immabe

    the day arrived and what happened was as follows, DH lost Aden and the same MS with all its members can not help, I'll be in Chronos siege to make MS lose Aden too, you have 1 week to prepare Mr. Forum Warrior
  7. bots Giant cave TI

    NC dont care bottom line is ..if u don't bot ... Start botting or just quit the game already. In low lvl towns u see 30 bots runing for 1 mob..30 bots I'm sure he can solo low lvl raids
  8. Dimensional Seige

  9. HI, bots in giant cave it is legal with char lvl 76+?
  10. Hey Guys! Look, i know some of you are, for whatever reason, really unhappy with the state of the game. I was this way too on launch especially with the nerfed drop rates; but now my opinion on the game has completely changed! As someone who played on Bartz back in 2004-2006, the game was hard.. really hard, even if you had time to grind it was a slog. Id just like to say, after taking a month off from classic and coming back, i am really happy with how the game currently is. My personal opinion is that the dev team has struck a great balance between what Lineage 2 was (originally) and what people can commit to. There is still a grind even with pots / scrolls, the drops are plentiful but not assured, the content is fantastic and the community (in game) is great; i always have noob questions and people always willing to answer! I understand people are going to want to jump in, flame, point out all the issues and that is your prerogative. If you weren't passionate about Lineage 2 to some extent you wouldnt be on the forums (or youre just a troll and thats fine too). - Tets.
  11. Yesterday
  12. DC Event 2019!!

    I never connect using wireless with any of my computers. I use CAT6e cables. I’ve exchanged about 30 emails with “support” and they keep insisting it’s on my end. Sorry, check your server logs. Look at the amount of connections lost at :45 of each hour. Perhaps there are more people disconnecting, but they haven’t done a trouble ticket. I have lived in the same place for over 5 years. I e never had a disconnect problem until they “fixed” the soulshot lag. After that update I’ve been disconnecting pretty regularly. It’s a software issue, or something to do with NCWest servers. Customer service is nonexistent, and their support team is a joke. I build computers, and custom networks for a living. If it were on my end I would’ve fixed it by now. But they’ll never admit fault. They won’t even read, or reply on forums.
  13. Hola soy CAMUS lider del clan [CaS] LVL 3: Estoy reclutando gente activa con ganas de progresar en el juego y PJ MAIN Necesito CHAR LVL 32+ ELVEN WIZARD CON UNICORNIO PARA HELLEAR EN RB LOW LVL Y + NECESITO TANQE CON SEGUNDA CLASE BUFFER, DANZAS Y CANCIÓN Wispear a CAMUS o GazefStronoff "Nos tomamos el juego encerio, contamos con Discord con Canales de audio para RB, Daily , Dungeon y +)
  14. Reclutando TI

    Hola me presento soy GazefStronoff pertenezco al clan CultoAlSilencio y estoy buscando players para armar un buen team farm / Rb /Fun etc ... empezamos no hace mucho en la comunidad y bueno hemos matado un par de rb low lvl pero nos vemos escasos en personal asi que si es un jugador habil que le guste jugar en team y use discord contacteme Gracias =)
  15. Some people remain in past times of 10 years a go when game was about 20$ / monthly on subscription and without L2 store. Game changed a lot from that time by introducing L2 store and changing business model from subscription to pay to win mode with average customer cost to play about several hundreds dollars each month. In old days player could loose time and not more than subscription in case of item drop. Now days an armor can cost 600 dollars, even 1000 and more so in case of dropped items we talk of significant amount of money lost. In linked post is said a lot of bs which could be valid in old subscription based game but after changing in pay to win model combined with L2 store is just excuse to not working on a problem and to avoid any discussion on the issue. I was Congueroed tree times for same issue under various excuses at that time (incendiary talk, trolling and accusations, discussing moderated posts and accusations) for telling that items do not drop by themselves but there was always group of players who caused it. Also telling that is horribly wrong that items don't get destroyed and instead finish in hands of bad people. Those people are present because there is big incentive to do it. In real life there are laws which cover situations when group of people organize with intention to take items or money with force (robbery) Also first rule of Lineage 2 Rules of Conduct do not mention that players have free attempts before considering that rule is violated. In real life would be like that weapon store shop selling weapons with one free kill bonus. As for item to drop organized group of players, boxes, pets etc need to do it five times (five times to "not" defraud, "not" harass, "not" threaten, or "not" cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players.) is obvious that first rule is violated. I never heard that someone was banned for that but I hope it was. Anyhow seem that Korean dev team decided that item drop on pk is wrong and that game is loosing players so they made change for Fafurion update. Year and half and they stepped on my side lol, who knows how much whines where in Korea to force them in that decision. I hope we get that version too where players will not have incentive in item drop or other financial gains for bad behavior.
  16. Prestige pack- Day 10th without answer

    For me they decided to receive the money from the subscription from PayPal (not first time) and then proceed to send a mail saying the Prestige Pack was cancelled and then blaming it on PayPal (which they did get the money from) and then still put the codes available to retrieve the pack and it still appears as cancelled on website but let's blame it on PayPal, because for sure it can't be NCWest's problem
  17. any news here? atleast for me subscription for prestige pack still doesnt work .....
  18. played first couple months

    I took off time too. Now i comed back, didnt played for 3 mounts, server is still full with active ppl. Ihave a toon lvl 70 and i see a lot of ppl leveling, pvp is ok
  19. Enchanting

    Ewd drop in cruma tower EAD in forgoten temple
  20. Señores siguen abiertos los RECLUTAMIENTOS en el Clan CaS !!! Tenemos Discord para mayor y Mejor comunicacion !! Cualquier cosa estamos a la orden !! Solo Wispeanos !! CAMUS o cualquier miembor del clan CaS que veas In Game.
  21. Haha, that's the most ridiculous idea I've seen so far lol
  22. Oriana Event

    It's pretty much the same as before. I've never gotten a main reward but it has always been a good way for me to stack on some free Pa'agrio's Blessings. I haven' gotten any Freya's Ice Rose yet, only one Nevit's Hourglass so far, but I'm sure they will come
  23. Oriana Event

    True that, but I still got stuff for sale and I do pop those Oriana buffs on and getting coins often, not to mention that you can actually farm them if you are in front of the pc.
  24. e02018

    Same here. Also contacted support but no solution so far. But I've found a way to get around this. For some reason launcher is unable to download some file/files in "Video" folder. So I downloaded full live client from L2 EU. All files in L2 EU Video folder got "-eu" suffix so this needs to be renamed to "-e" so it corresponds with ncsoft version. Example: "Q005-eu.usm" => "Q005-e.usm". After that I replaced all files in ncsoft's L2 Video folder with these files. And thats it - this fixed the issue for me.
  25. I lost 50 billion on naia due a Kukuburra dude that make me go red... I had /target Lesser giant in macro...... I spent in all my years probaly 2500 euro++ GMs said it was my own mistake
  26. i don't mind that much to come home from work and see that my party is dead, happened many times, no big deal, being scammed for items is a whole another thing! ty for info, i was sure that fix will come sooner or later
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