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  3. Max NCoin purchase in 1 go

    It all depends on your location... If you live in the USA you can buy Instant NCoin cards(GameStop) or NCoin codes(Amazon.com)limited only by Inventory available... no activation or surcharge besides Sales Tax. I used to be able to buy codes from Amazon.com in Canada(with pre-paid Credit Card activation + Currency Exchange)... but when Classic went Live Amazon.com put a region-lock so the only way I can buy NCoins now is from NCSoft directly(Amazon.ca never had Ncoin codes) the last time I made purchases, I put 800 NCoin on a few accounts during HEAVY demand during first Month(s) of Classic and the shortest wait I had was over 72hrs(not counting Sat/Sun)
  4. Max NCoin purchase in 1 go

    I don't pay to play but I think the best way to buy Ncoin in PayPal. It is faster and more secure. You can always try to get your money back from NCSoft but at the end of the day, Paypal has a 0 bullshit policy on getting your money back. Also, you get your NCoin in a matter of minutes, with Credit Card it can take up to 24+ hours to receive your coins.
  5. new buff sets 10 Ncoins

    from level 99-101 it takes 10k shining scrolls 2b adena if your buying them
  6. come on guys, they dont care anymore of a compensation about cake like they dont care about the players anymore. thats the ugly truth.
  7. well you can tie the Cake Raid exp to Anniversary Gift Box once per day for 1 account that compensate the missing event if its possible to do so before this weekly maintenance
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  9. Max NCoin purchase in 1 go

    hi, what is the max NCoin purchase in 1 go ? I'm sure there's a post for this but rules and policy change flip flop so often that I'd like to hear from someone that buys NCoin regularly & knows this. I have asked in a support ticket way back about prepaid visa's & what they told me vs what transpired when I went down that road was a horrible customer experience for me that cost me a large chunk of money lost with the card fees & stress for over 3 weeks of back & forth between billing support. After that .... I do not trust NCSoft employees or 3rd party wankers that just say whatever they feel like. So, I ask the people that do pay to play, thanks.
  10. new buff sets 10 Ncoins

    Cool thx for info
  11. Topazed (Kelbimed)

    They killed first two akamanah chests on twinks. Start any other propaganda below.
  12. Topazed (Kelbimed)

    MAX clan on Naia start to abuse Kelbim skill on Zariche/Akamanah Treasure Chests. It kills even in petrified state. So... wellcome
  13. Spoil Rate

    What's the real spoil rate? I'm trying to spoil some basic recipes, and the spoil rate is ridiculous. According to L2Wiki Classic database, for example, Reorin's Mold is 19.49 - 24.05%, but we have killed a lot of Royal Cave Servant -Type 1, all mobs spoiled but 0 recipes. What's happening with spoil?!!!??!!!
  14. VIP ? plz

    Also, if you do hit VIP you will need to spend 1320/month to keep it at VIP. See table below Spend Threshold to Reach Status Spend Requirements to Maintain Status Tier 4 VIP Status 4,000 NCoin within a 30-day period or less 1,320 within each subsequent 30-day periods Tier 3 VIP Status 2,000 NCoin within a 30-day period or less 660 within each subsequent 30-day periods Tier 2 VIP Status 800 NCoin within a 30-day period or less 400 within each subsequent 30-day periods Tier 1 VIP Status 80 NCoin within any time period 80 within each subsequent 30-day periods Tier 0 Status No requirements No requirements
  15. VIP ? plz

    @AmazingGraves Well this is what their site says. See bolded section The VIP Program uses VIP meters that will help you track your spend amounts and spend amounts needed to maintain or advance your tier status (1 NCoin = 1 VIP Point) as well as display the duration of your tier benefits. Click here for full terms and conditions.Once a VIP tier is obtained, you reap the benefits for 30 days. Should you level up and change VIP tiers any time during your 30 days, you can enjoy your new tier benefits for 30 days from when you reached that level. If you want to maintain your VIP tier, be sure to make the minimum spend requirement within the next 30 days or have spent enough previously that your excess spend can cover the next minimum spend requirement.
  16. How you learn now transformations???

    TY for the answer, I still have the idea of getting the transformation, Hope they have that fix but we know a lot of bugs come and no one know when they will fix it. @Juji or hime or anyone from the company if I send a ticket is there a way to get the skill added??? like 5 years ago I got bugged with another char and they added the skill by their side IDK if this still possible or if it was only in that case... well I'll put the sealbook on the box of broken dreams
  17. VIP ? plz

    I'm VIP 3 with 3910 points, it expires in 10 days. in 10 days I'm going to lose VIP 3? that's right? even if I get to VIP 4 now, it will end in 10 days? i dont understand this system
  18. WTS Talismans of fate

    Of course I am accepting offers...I really want to get these off my hands... I wanted to try my luck for once with the event...and now im out of money and with only 1kk adena on my char...so consider this charity...helping a fellow player....
  19. Equipping 2 talismans bug

    I tested equipping 2 talismans of fate, one lvl 3 and one lvl 1 +6 They stack fine, but after some time or a TP, only one of them is applied. And I have to reequip them for both of them to work. I could take pictures but I suggest you try to recreate this.
  20. WTS Talismans of fate

    I'm selling some talismans in Aden... Level 3 + 2 50kk Level 3 + 0 30kk Level 1 + 6 (x 2) 17kk each
  21. Emperor Squash

    No you can't. I spawned an emperor squash with 3 chars with might 1..... 2 other guys saw me struggling and joined.... 5 people and couldnt get it below half... I got super pissed off. I lost my emperor squash.
  22. Flaged NPC

  23. Nc Laumcher problem

    The client was installed successfully?
  24. Exalted Quests

    That is the easy part.
  25. As in topic, pm or mail ingame: nuuubka
  26. How you learn now transformations???

    I had the same problem and i send ticket,it s a bug cause in ivory tower npc doenst let you learn the transformation. i guess the best choice is hero coins refund....
  27. Exalted Quests

    For Glory: NPC Says to fight 10 times, quest is actually 80 times. Befitting of the Status: NPC says to gather 1 acessory item, quest actually asks for 5. For Honor: NPC says to fight 20 times, quest is actually 100 times. Confronting a giant monster: NPC says he has a easier quest, but still asks you to kill 3 epics + Ekimus and 3 CC armed.
  28. Fishing - adena loss

    The fishing was nerf long before the fafurion update
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