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  2. Hello GM's I know that pre-patch, the 100% and 50% XP SP runes used to stack with each other. But, now they say that they do not stack with other XP SP Runes? Is this True, or will 100% and 50% still stack? Just not 2 runes of the same type (100%/100%). Please let me know. And, if they don't stack, why was this decision made? If NCWest is concerned with making money, why limit peoples ability to spend money on game-aiding items if they so choose? Just wondering, as several people in my clan have theories about this. Please let us know @Juji @Hime or @Cyan. Thanks GM's and keep up the great work! Sincerely, Boom
  3. New PK System question

    the sad part is that average player will never get item to defend themself... l2store prices is ridiculous high, and adena drop is nerfed so hard... so who already have high gear, will dominate everything, and no1 else will be able to farm anything... so either u pay alot of money to get gear.. or u dont pvp...
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  5. Ultimate jewelry Box (Missing reward)

    I got 1 from 150 boxes as well.
  6. Sword Zariche

    Akamanah do same. In old times was supposed as antagonist of Zariche. Mean it should be used to hunt Zariche sword owner and not to harass people around. I reported it in bug section.
  7. Dark /Bloody R99 upgrade to r110

    well. in kr server black ticket is like 750kk adena... when we get this ticket in ncwest... will cost atleast 15b~... or maybe 100$ per ticket... who knows...
  8. well the thing is a bit weird, because on one of my toon it is still the old price and on the exact same account that toon is, all others have this huge overprice on same forgotten skills, now tell me this isn't a bug bro And once again it's not in the patch notes we got on forum
  9. Blessed Soul Shots (Explained!)

    I am clearly biased but I believe what I am going to write makes sense. As the leader of one of the major alliances on the most populated server I say that the server is broken. Bots are swarming everywhere, fine. We accepted the "Terms of Service" when we joined. There are bugs like 76+ mobs in starting town, raids are on location from a different game/patch/update - hmm, fine, eventually will be fixed. Real zaken died twice within 3 hours, killed by.. 4 parties? Happens. 5 Magnus ponies AoE-ing entire CCs with instant resummon, as intended. Last week we skipped 5 years of patches, content and gameplay development and there is no reliable database since the launch. Fine, I guess. Now the biggest issue that must be urgently discussed with the devs is that shots which are available for everyone - regardless their wallet or VIP status - are available at market?
  10. Chain Helmet Design

  11. zaken cloack

    I had posted yesterday asking about the zaken cover quest and I'm not finding the post so I'll go over it kill the zaken but do not get the item to finish the zaken cover quest can check if this bugged//???? I await an answer @Juji@Hime
  12. Yesterday
  13. hi i was doing that quest and cant take reward, already reloged/empty my inv. screenshot for conforimed i done it, when i click and my reward... nothing happens. https://imgur.com/a/QwECglX
  14. We need Drop / Spoil Database !

    my friend for me this system does not work in my view I was VIP 4 only thing I saw different was to XP even because of the rest and just description
  15. Cruma adena and drop rate

    my friend you need to read the patch note you're talking about it
  16. BOOT player ZUMBI

    rare to see an active player
  17. about adena rate

    The true impact of this update comes later on. People who got caught in the zone of 50-70 are doomed. Anyway, game is dead. 1k in the pt's section which is translated in about 200 people. Almost 70% of the clan i am already stopped. Only diablo III in discord now
  18. Hello im Steve My IGn is Thx. I am going to be a grand kavatari I have been playing lineage 2 For 11+ years and just came back to retail for classic. I am Slowly Climbing As an Individual and im looking for a good team to play with. Im 25 years old and i have a baby on the way. Im active to a cretin extent and look forward to meeting and gaming with some new friends. I use Discord voice Daily. I am looking for a clan not only because i need friends to game with but also for a little help with low level gear until i can Afford My Own. I have Top no grade from a drop and am looking to get decent D grade weapon so i can continue my Conquest. IF Your willing to help my journey and gain a friend Please Pm me in game At Thx On The Talking Island Server. Thank You.
  19. BOOT player ZUMBI

    you should rethink this fact of using the auto target gets very bland the server very player in zombie mode
  20. Ultimate jewelry Box (Missing reward)

    Hi Ando I got 1 brooch from 150 boxes, so i think you've just been very unlucky this time

    Still have a 87 and 89 level mentees on the list that did not graduate or get any gifts.
  22. Blessed Soul Shots (Explained!)

    @Juji How it was not supposed to get here when even your detailed update notes had info about implementing blessed soulshots? Since you mentioned that we got something that was not intended to be released outside of the korean version of the game I think every single player will agree with me that whole L2 classic we are playing is one big "thing" that should not be put out to the "overseas version". Because we are not Koreans and current gameplay of this version of "classic" is BROKEN.
  23. Why would u delete it if most of our game is with Korean status? I would love to have this Blessed Soulshot B in our game and it would help us killing mobs and doing pvp against this over powered mages. There is no chance today for any fighter class to exp in ketra or varka, while mages can do it. This would add a good balance to the game.

    I have done a support ticket about it with one other issue also continue to exist. When u finish dual q and from Eviscerator you pick a dual class no matter what class it is or no matter what you do your Dual class is going to have 0 SP. And also i experienced this in several classes whenever was a dual or a sub the sp of sub or dual class always was 0. The answer on ticket was again repair files. Repair from launcher did not change something.
  25. Impossible get adena 64+

    Oh I'm quite interested in knowing where this spot is.

    Already kicked 6 mentee's that reached 85 and did not receive nothing and was still on mentee list. In other characters also the same happened to me again.. mentee's reaching 85 and awakening done and no graduation gift and still are in mentee list and still have mentor and mentor summon. I did repair client files from launcher and still issue remains.
  27. about adena rate

    They basically ruined two of the five spots they suggest to people in the mid high 40s. FoM, AI and Cruma are hardcore money sinks and the XP increase is irrelevant.

    I will take a reward for my knowledge now. Thank you!
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