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    Dance it fire gives critical damage, not critical rate, song of hunter gives crit rate.
  4. great events! when you already make the sale of weapons of dragons without a lottery? thank you for making the game so that the new player without a credit card the game was closed
  5. NCSoft- ur serwer is dieing becouse of PKers that cant be killed, ES 80+ killing whole pt cuz he 2hit bishop, then run on this bleeping mount after his summon dies, he gets another in an instant, and you cant catch him, bleep this serwer, everywhere bots, and those bleepers killing live players
  6. newbie problems

    there was a free weapon in the l2 store 15 adena I think and this post is in the wrong forum its sound like you are doing classic as f2p gives you a lvl 95 weapon at start
  7. Lf help for dual

    try any one you like ,if you don't like it just reset it ,now you get free 95 set with each one you make and its only 1 hr to get it to 86 have a pay with a Wynn as they are fast to lvl and use the same stuff a healer dose
  8. playmates I have a couple of doubts, have a problem with the dance buff that increases the critic (dance of fire) ?? I have it lvl 1 but I do not increase the critic. In fields of massacre, dismal pole, doom servant, graveyard predator do not give adena or materials, I do not remember that it was like that before. I hope not to be bug
  9. you forgot to tell him abouyt 179 d grade crystals to get dual revo
  10. Strange request

    It is obvious that he was going to use bots on these accounts and in case being caught you would be the one edning with ban probably on ALL of your accounts.
  11. actually, rates to get nice stuff in hardin's bag is quite good.
  12. Other players opinion back then when auto-farm wasn't installed yet: [moderated for name shaming] . In this picture you can see the discussion char from a boot inside the game, who was PK-ed by a normal player. NC - soft history It said has opened 60 boxes and made 4 to 5 k (5000) $$$ per Month from selling adena. Cool So, 100% playable [moderated content]
  13. Nice, at least we know it's working
  14. No more New Items Please

    Good morning Aizen. Your in game nick is Weiner by any chance? Read above. I used a sentence "I had to work". What ozzy, dud and exe do with their lives isn't upon me. About the rest you joined the bandwagon in 2014 so you've missed 11 years of gameplay. Have a nice day.
  15. No more New Items Please

    Only survivors very funny . No 1) You have big idea about your self no 2) you play since beta and you are a 0 wile the rest you mentioned dudot and ozzu are well skilled and geared without spending money . Well about draecke he never pvp even back then when there was pvp he was hiding . Best thing draeke did was to leave nova . now many nova follow draeke and detagging . even pope understood his place and left nova . I think soon nova clan will pass hands to amx cp .
  16. Lf help for dual

    I need some help i have main healer 106 and i dont know what dual is the best feoh or yull becouse healer can use both robe and light too TY WHO CAN SHARE SOME IDEALS WHET ME TY
  17. So all started after the treason nova did to losbanditos and now losbanditos destroy nOva . Gj banditos you won nova and what divekio sayed he will destroy nova and pope was laughing now came true . Pope who is laughing now ? Nova have shown there real phases again. By inviting amx cp and a week later there clan is destroyed . All detagged stoped coming for siege even . Show the video at were rumors say banditos eliminates nova at syrax and kill fafurion .
  18. No more New Items Please

    Not a forum warrior!!! But i do read alot written in forums. Just feel to weigh in abit!... Started playing this game in prelude until Hellbound update on one of the original servers (Bartz). Came back after a really long break here (1.5 years ago) due to a friend called me for some help (so yeah.. there are "new" players on server). Since i came i been catching up and learning all the new things with the game.. observing.. and stayed out of server politic. You have to be blind to not see how NCWest is actually messing alot of things up... but.. also the players on this server (Chronos.. since i never played on Naja) helping with the "killing the game". This community is amongst the worst i ever seen in any online gaming.. the rudeness, lack of respect and ignorance is just astonishing. People scream for new players.. to buy there used gear.. come to pvp.. and so on.. How????.. NCWest not helping with the prices they force upon old and new players.. but the community itself do the final blocking out players.. Not letting lowbies hunt so they can have a chance to actually lvlup and be enjoying the game and eventually take part of some kind of pvp (even as meat shields, due to lack of the thousands of dollars needed to spend to actuallly be anything but..) Back in the days the big ally/clans took responsibility to keep a certain code of honoer.. giving punishment for members that shamed the tag but dispicable actions (like scamming/griefing/real foul language).. this doesn't exist AT ALL anymore.. its all about the gear they bring! Now the existing elite cry about the world they allowed and created by letting things like this up.. wondeering why no pvp and why no new players... SERIOUSLY!!!.. Ask yourself this.. disregard NCWest involvement.. how the hell can ppl recommend to come here and play with this community? New players asking some questions.. leading to very rude replies or urge them to move on and forget all about it.. not really questions they ask.. and ppl in game add by random pks.. and all kind of griefing.. I get that players get bored.. paying for gear/xp easily do that.. the old school grinders have much more respect towards this and don't use the hard earned gear being used to go around and grief ppl.
  19. Mix-International CP Recruiting!

    20/07/2019 -> Current classes missing: BD/WC/BP 68 +
  20. Will the transformations work in Olympiad? i hope not? Please specify as many people are wondering. @Juji @Hime
  21. Skill is legal from Korean and fix my teleport scroll not allow in pvp-zone or delay 30min and abuse all raid boss w/ 30min my teleport scroll. This right. When all people use Zariche/Akamanah stay in Peace zone give ZERO adena or use kill people to 1000 give bonus 5b. adena
  22. No more New Items Please

    You get me wrong. The money you spend it's your own businees, for sure isn't mine. I'm not mad about Weiner. I've said to him, and not to you, that he should have talked two years ago, when he was a nub. When the circlets landed in here all of us logging in found every cps with 1 of 2 clannie missing. So there was a whatsapp msg wtf is going on. There were the circlets going on with those prices going on The first to react were dh and nova, enemies, they came in here they posted in here. You didn't because you were too happy with this system and you started recruiting among three servers [at that time there was freya server too] You may have the kind of money to be "able to make a +12 Limited R110 weapon for less than 35B" ehm, the other don't have that kind of money for sure. Every new p2w item with these prices means another member of a cp quitting. It seems you liked it and now you don't like it anymore. You should have talked two years ago, with the rest of us. Now enjoy what you have done. About you and the korean closed beta lets skip this argument, because I posted to say the truth from 2003 till 2019 and not to start a flame.
  23. No more New Items Please

    You're not the only ones who survived, just the only one who brags about it. Don't get mad at weiner for being able to play the market, learn to do the same. For instance, I was able to make a +12 Limited R110 weapon for less than 35B because I knew how to play the markets and knew what was coming before it got here. Some people can buy and sell the markets and make 100B in a week. Others spend 10k on events to gear themselves, each person has their own way to do things, neither is wrong, and you shouldn't get mad at each other for the differences. We all have 1 common enemy here, and its the greedy bastards on the receiving end of the L2 store.
  24. I am seeing a signiifcant difference in adena when farming on my rogue vs my wizard. I am literally getting twice as much adena farming on my rogue as my mage in the same zone when the xp seems to be the same. Something is going on and I would really like some clarification. The difference in adena rate when I play these two characters is so glaring that it is seriously affecting how I play this game.
  25. WTB

    WTB Bloody Dual Dagger +12 3SA pm or mail me ingame kengolia. Thank you
  26. Molensa vs Mage r110 full items and PK Renovation 24/7

    btw i see that now u also saying that kings cp use scripts xaxaxaxaxa usless no damage feoh
  27. No more New Items Please

    I'm really sorry Weiner I forgot you are still selling the mats you farmed on zaken server back in 2014 Do you want to know what's the funnier part of this topic? Me, Draecke, Dudot, Ozzy, Exe are the only one survived from the korean closed beta back in 2003. And you came on top of us.
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