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  2. Infinate Wooden Quiver

    Well pretty useless but not completely. Can still be used with a Hero bow right?
  3. Infinate Wooden Quiver

    Some kiddos think, they got golden ballz and are selling those quivers no matter the grade for like 70kk+ 😅
  4. recharge skill

    You got a screenshot? The skill at that level really might just be broken.
  5. This thing is quite useless in our current state isn't it? So why are people going about like it's a highly sought after item?
  6. Lineage 2 weteran wanna Black to game plz help

    Hi and maybe welcome back, Right now the situation is bad, most players quiting and the ones that start new are frustratet fast. All i can say give it a try. but choose your class wise and creat supports if you choose DD to avoid doing nothing becouse nobody is in your LvL range or online. If u dont make use of event lootboxes in L2store and avoid invest cash at all you cant lose. Gl and have fun
  7. Today
  8. Why are you doing this to me? I'd rather have .... single digit adena drops. I'd rather have..... never kamael update just not this.... Why not a mount update??? Why am I afraid this is a one year recreation of how LIVE turned to shiet in a decade. It's going to be the same thing. What's the point of calling it classic.... What's next? Mentor/mentee crap?? That's the reason I stopped playing years back. I got into it again because I loved C4 with all my heart. Of course I keep going, and never give up....But when will this stop? It's gone too far... I spend 3 days doing 2nd class transfer quest a few months back..now people do it with one click.... what is this? Transformations...we already have symbols. talismans. gems. We don't need no transformation crap.
  9. New God Accessory Event

    they are not blown out of proportion. There was a guy named starco once who spent 4k US dollar on la vie rose brooch jewels. He got no lvl 5 jewel out of that. Seeing as the god jewels are very powerful id say its only right for them to be that much more expensive. Relatively to the rest of the game
  10. No more New Items Please

    I am not trolling. Do you not see the irony of what you said? You spend all this adena on gear and then they should pvp at lower level because it is more fun? The situation is created because the players allowed it and the whales flourished in it. Now even the whales are complaining. But it is also due to their own actions that this situation is created. In my opinion you are not allowed to complain about the current situation if you are one of those whales.
  11. Gives error message incorrect stone i am using lucky enchant stone with improved armor scroll C grade on drake boots +6 whats up?
  12. New God Accessory Event

    It of course does not cost 10k dollars. Do you math again. Of course spending 10k dollar for top pvp isnt that strange things for korean/japanese servers. I know people from there - they are very few and server is empty though. There I know a few people who spent actually more than 100,000 dollars - not 10k dollars. Trust me. People who pay will still pay till the end skeletal bone end.
  13. No more New Items Please

    Hey moderator, censor andololly too if you are going to censor me
  14. No more New Items Please

    NCwest please make game non-free. But with monthly account fee of 30 dollars a month (without any other way of alternative payment method such as Ncoin) And then you can be easy on inventing new itmes right? Lol i am highly up for this. People who dont want to play wont play anyway so the impact wouldnt be that big
  15. Leveling after 95

    If you insist on playing healer, go back to classic. I am very serious about this to tell you. You can’t even grind as a healer in live server. Of course if you are top-geared, you can, lol. Or please look up for high populated prive servers for l2, there usually u gain much more xp so it must be okay for even non-geared healer to grind. Although you will be fed up with what is waiting anyway after some times. Althernatively, you can buy adena to buy xp shinning growth xp scrolls to get xp. Really, don’t waste your time on this game fruitless hard grinding.
  16. Leveling after 95

    at lvl 100 you should be doing K95, K99, Balok, Baylor, CC, GC parties some are made some are not - Daily's like you said. its best to make a DD with your healer with a ISS I am thinking to go along with your healer - oh Spez you can do, some other Instances with a party. Maybe Hellbound not sure if there are parties there these days for Nobles quest Exulted.
  17. No more New Items Please

    Greetings everyone, Just a friendly reminder to keep things civil, discuss topics, not the posters. Regards, Amraith
  18. recharge skill

  19. recharge skill

    In fact recharge skill is upgraded till max for 70 lvl healer can have...2 weeks ago recharged more than 100MP... now only 10
  20. Because they want to sink players adena stash to make them buy more adena from their bots. Servers are already pretty dead and players don't tend to spend their adena anymore.
  21. recharge skill

    Level up the actual recharge skill itself.
  22. No more New Items Please

    Well @weinerthezon, I need to agree and disagree with you. Everything you said is true, But that alone isn't destroying the PvP. As you said (and it's the truth) you are part of the Top 1% server. And why do you join with the other Top 1% server? You and your staff need to understand that there is room in the game for all people gears/level, just every portion of the server fight where it's fair and fun. Low-gears Vs. Low-gears; Mid-gears Vs. Mid-gears; "Top 1%" vs. "Top 1%". Why do not you face this truth and seek the fun? Listening to people who are clearly killing the PvP, which is what ncsoft's been doing. This is a bleeping hypocrisy. (Sorry for the offense.) These people do not want PvP. These people want to WIN. (It is slightly different) These people want the "trashtalk". These people want to dominate the entire server and does not make room for anyone to have fun, including themselves. My clan is Low/Mid-gears. If I take my clan (2-3 pts) to any castle in the game, it will instantly pop up all "Top 1%" of the server to crush and brag about it in the chat. Because this is the fun. That's what matters. CHAT. I consider you an excellent player. When you decided to leave MS (for whatever reason) I had a hope. But you and Scoobz made me miss it again. Sad. Please, do not tell me that it's Nova's fault. or it's because "the server does not come together". It's very comfortable to say that in your "Top 1%" position and not have the guts to go get the fun. (Sorry, my bad english. It's not my native language, it's just an effort.)
  23. No more New Items Please

    Bable2 is a troll guys, don't take him serious. it's a Mixa 2.0, he even answer to himself, Trolls rulz
  24. No more New Items Please

    spend tens of thousands of dollars in game only to pvp with lvl 85 chars because its more fun. HAHAHAHA this is priceless
  25. recharge skill

    Hello. Today try to recharge party member (73 lvl) with my healer (70 lvl) and he restored ONLY 10 MP instead of 100, May be any know what is a problem and how to solve it?
  26. No more New Items Please

    Global warming is real also Lineage 2 NA collapsing due to spenders I would do the same if I was the head of NC, suck every cent from those who were milking me during the years and simply ignore them after
  27. No more New Items Please

    This +900000 These guys have been playing this system for years creating a huuuuge gap between them and the majority of the normal players who eventually quit the game. Now that they are reaping what they sow they come complain. Take responsibilty for your own actions. If you are a top player due to your huge spending on l2store promos you simply are a hypocrite if u complain about their strategy now. And part of the blame as to why the game is dying quicker now.
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