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    Hi because when the moreden die any character can pick it up andnot left alone for which kills him?

    The 1st part is 10% pvp. rest is for pvp/pve For 30 min selecter party members pvp damage +10% (PvP), Atrribute attack +10. mp recoverybonus 10% = PvP/PvE Still highly recommended to get both.
  4. Thanks but, why in the game and in the web, the skill says only PVP DAMAGE? it s an error ? can you test the +10% in PVE too? Thanks Again i m only have 8 Rune Stones and i want to know that very well until spend it in this skill =P
  5. Soulshot Activated but dont use

    im still having the same problem after server restart.
  6. Afk macro, and dropped items from pk

    If you guys want so bad to afk macro, make whatever its working but dont come in forums telling you are legit! legit player is login 1 account play 3 hours and go to bed/work I dont know! afk macroing 24/7 is not legit is no life, selfish etc but in anyway make correct classes if thats te case, make the correct macroes and you know bla bla! You cant go to the tennis park and play 24/7 there are several players in your neighborhood that want to train also! so once u start playing there in 1 hour you have to free the spot ! but its other story! thank you
  7. Today
  8. Molensa PVP 4/20/2019

    Why would you target nuky most of the fight?......
  9. Prelude to War

    What happened with the Land Dragon Antharas? He commited suicide?
  10. Prelude to War

    Today there was a major update in Korea, with a new daily one-hour instance on the Isle of Souls that costs an entry fee of 150,000 adena for players of lvl 107~120, with monsters of lvl 112. The duration of the instance can be extended in hourly intervals to a maximum of 6 hours with a Time Recharge Stone. In Antharas' Lair the new Boss Ishika appears twice per week at 22:00, with the spawn area becoming a battle ground like during sieges. Last hit party resp. Command Channel gets the looting rights. Dragon Valley gets upgraded to lvl 119~120, all old monsters there and in Antharas' Lair, including Antharas herself, are being removed. Expand Invetory, Expand Trade etc. are now skills which are learned at lvl 20. The old Expand Inventory that was paid for is being removed, the expended adena is returned to the character. Patch notes: http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/update/view?articleId=638995
  11. [Gludio] CP BR Recruta

    Ainda estamos lv 26
  12. Afk macro, and dropped items from pk

    I'm sorry for reply on your off topic, Discussion was about items lost and not about you who never loose any item because being afk macro 24/7. You are partially right about loosing cake, xp scroll etc is my problem and I try to deal with it just like many other players. Some of them stil play but more carefully, some of them stop playing for some time, some of them quit and all they have in common to stop buying L2 store items. Sure someone from NC soft should care about empty servers and loss of income from sales and even if is not players duty to deal with it we care too because we love game.
  13. If you are too worried about bots what are you doing here? You think I care about bots playing here since 2.011? lol I play my game without looking back, I enjoy the game to my way and those free items are nice for me! then yes is EXCELLENT.
  14. You still not fixing the illegal KARMA bug? 3 weeks of shame. Scammers will continue to terrorize players and ppl will continue to leave L2.. Show some respect to your players: go find scammers and ban all their chars!
  15. Every server is full of bots.. that’s something is out of my control mate. You either accept that fact or you move on. I’m more interested in further development.. and if ppl really want they can stop the bots. It’s not that hard. @Juji do you think it’s possible for us to receive blessed EWC? Or is that out of the question? Hime for some reason ignores me 😑
  16. Looking for some party or +/- strong dd +62/+69Lv for xp/SP party, I'm mad for SP for at least learn next greater might/shield levels and bless the body/soul - Haste Lv2 + Death Whisper Lv3 + Greater Might Lv1 + Bless Soul/Body Lv5 learned -No want drops or adena, you can put party finders and all adena I get I will give back! -Got BladeDancer lf 64 with all dances learned just for help if needed, just in party for dances and I leave ( no need xp on him) If someone interested PM/MAIL STR ingame plz, gludio server ofc, thanks for ur time, have fun ingame!!!
  17. Dark Robe Set

    Also trade For nice Elmore or Fists
  18. Can Juji write down an official statement about the PK system and how it works, please? I read about it yesterday on official site, and there are things that are suspicious at best, ty.
  19. [Giran] 4 People LF CLAN

    Hello. We started playing recently on Giran server and we're looking for a clan so we can enjoy the game in more depth. We're Greeks but communication wont be a problem. We played for more than 10 years together as a group. Our setup right now is: 2x Dark Wizards 29lvl 1x Palus Knight 27lvl 1x Human Knight 30lvl Have a nice rest of the day!
  20. [Gludio] CP BR Recruta

    Olá pessoal, somos uma cp de Mages iniciante, estamos a procura de membros para jogarmos como uma cp. Nosso horário é de 18:00 ás 23:00 todos os dias (fim de semana podemos jogar mais horas). Estamos com uma setup voltada pro pvp/pve, as classes são negociaveis, digo, podemos trocar funções caso alguem se manifeste, aguardo o contato de vcs e bom jogo à todos. Nosso atual setup é Mage Sps- Haykem Mage Sorc- iDNG Mage Necro- Tanker DA-PinkLion EE - Pacote SE - Box OL - Box Sws - Box BD - Box
  21. The Regular XP/SP Scroll and the 2nd Class Transfer Buff Scrolls are the only ones that cannot be transferred through the Dimensional Warehouse. The rest like the XP/SP Rune, Special Fruit Buff, and Golden Pom Poms can.
  22. Servers are now up! Remember to check your character warehouse on your highest level character.
  23. Servers are now up! Remember to check your character warehouse on your highest level character.
  24. You just know how to complain, the event is great.
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