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    cant find any info on this on l2wiki. where can i get info on this>
  3. Reversal Stream

    oh i see i have alot to learn... never seen a soulstone and no idea where to put it once i do find them..
  4. Gearing question

    Hey all! I need help with what to buy next for my Yul. It's 103 GS and so far I have: +10 Bloody Bow Fire/Speed Fire, +8 Bloody Leather set, Longing, Talisman Abundance - Hunter, Venir Stage 8 Ruby 3, Opal 3, Red Cat's Eye 4, Emerald 2 Soul Baium Ring, Creation Ring, Octavis warrior necklace, Blessed Zaken, Enchanced Octavis Warrior earring Noble Authority +3 Elmore+7 Gustav Belt What should I focus on replacing/buying right now?
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  6. Free player in Classic

    at this point in the server nope
  7. Real L2c with a fresh start

    dont waste your time, nothing is going to change, the change would happen only if you all would stop buying p2w shit the only problem i see is that they mismanaged server starting with the rates and many other things, if there was more ppl playing, heck just player who could just farm with few chars and be able to afford shots without going to minus servers would have way higher online, and they wouldnt have to go so baliistic with p2w
  8. Bot Party Everywhere

    This is an accusation without proof or reason, and I'm gonna tell you why: This game has been shifted from f2p hard-core ultra low drop rate to a simple p2w because that was the way NCsoft found to get the money out of the RTM hands into their hands. I remember the first week, they used to sell 10k adenas for 4 dollars......nowdays they are offering 1kk adenas for 40 cents lol. The reason is quite simple, those who stood and have money to spend will prefer spend it into L2 store (where the real power is) than buying adenas to have ordinary gear that you can farm into the game even being F2p player (Just read StanxFZ repply in the thread: Free player in classic), of course all will depends on how many accounts will you get open to farm in this L2 classic Farmland simulator. I wont get surprise if I see next updates with more areas like RoA, maybe up to B grade, so people will have more option to keep farming 24/7 ( I mean, macroing or boting since "ain't nobody got time for that" ) thus keeping the server "alive" as it has been since the update: liberating macro / ignoring bots.
  9. Online

    No exactly the number of players online
  10. Reversal Stream

    it need 6 Soulstones
  11. base level gear for 100+

    Ok i have now a level 101 GS and a 100 trickster. both on separate accounts. i am ready to build them up to move into the next hunting zones. maybe only one depending on cost because i have many other toons as well. can someone explain the base level gear i should start to acquire? i will build it up over time slowly so if you could list in order of importance that would be amazing. currently i have all paulinas so so they are naked. im assuming: 1. weapon 2. armor 3. accessories 4. everything else
  12. Advice for Mid geared Iss Doomcryer

    Hey thanks. So i have a 99 Heiro as a main with no dual selected yet, a BD / Trr 99/87 dual. on another acount i have a YUL/Doomcryer. 100/99 Maybe i should make a ISS/Sigel or Sigel/ISS is it better to have the ISS as the main? i always thought i should use the DD as main then the ISS as dual so i could switch to offer support or rez someone, is that logical or no? i guess scrolls can rez too.. i dunno im confusing myself its way too many options to think about so far i just use the ISS to follow the DD around, i also have healers but im not sure how much help they are other than they can give MP. im not sure how to friend someone. i did click to follow you on the forums if thats what you mean?
  13. Server Transfer

    L2store accepts cash 24/7 not only when gms or moderators feel like reading and answering something
  14. BAN from Belarus

    Dear Sirs, For a week now my party friend has been banned for being from Belarus without his bot being his name is SecondHand Clan NNM, IT'S Banned For Belarus how is this possible , Please chek the question and why legal ppl are banned and bots go play free >?? I am a very old player here its time of Teon ,but i dont understand , how many ppl yuo want lost ? Best KROCERA created 15.09.2005
  15. Test 2 , Fortune Reading ,profit!

    oh on chronos i dont think they are that much.or i would be happy i could trade for a mid armor or weapon.
  16. L2 M? on Purple "PC" will you play?

    is this a mobile game?
  17. Bot Party Everywhere

    The right truth and, I think that many think the same things
  18. Advice for Mid geared Iss Doomcryer

    As previously discussed, warrior tree AP for DPS would tend to be a minority (v.well geared). That's not to say you can't go for this set up but be aware the damage output will be significantly lower than your dd counterparts. Generally to be relied upon and play a support class role you will massively benefit from knights tree AP and dual class skills. Indeed the gear you choose will play a large part in how effective you can be. If you prefer a DPS is set up go bladedancer or hiero for the PoM 101 skill. Feel free to friend me if you want my contact details. Always happy to talk iss with anyone
  19. Server Transfer

    Yes when knocking on deaf's door they can't hear you,but they can feel you. They get the equivalent of a mega-bass vibration. DO YOU THINK WE CAN GET THAT MEGA-BASS SOMEWERE CLOSE TO @Juji@Hime? What occurs to me is they must have information of some type. How can you say "World Hero's for the month of December" if you don't have some type of update to start the Oly's in November? Which means when people ask about updates, changes, things that are soon to happen, you have some type of info, or we'll end up without hero's for a few months to come. You've already frozen Oly, sooo either you know whats coming or we wont be having Oly's for the next few months as you give us all lame *&#$ excuses. We get that you don't have the time to answer all the random questions that are thrown at you on a daily bases, but saying you even answer one question a day is stretching it. WE are on the actual game forums here, so occasionally doing something to keep us informed isn't really asking to much. Why be a part of the forums if you never have time for the forums? Just as you do the weekly update, how hard would it be to actually update us weekly about whats going on in the game that we still play after all these many years. I'm sure I wont get an answer, but hey we keep trying, and trying, and trying....
  20. Weapon r95 was have 2 Soul Crystal - mermoden 9lv (m.atack) and mermoden 7lv (m.crit dmg). So i got 1 soul cristal mermoden 10lv - remove old mermoden 7lv - and can't upgrade with mermoden 10lvl on weapon... then i remove next mermoden 9lv - and get option to use mermoden 10lv So im on clean weapon put mermoden 10lv (crit dmg) and its ok. But now cant put 1 more mermoden 7,8,9,10 lvl (m.atak). Question - its bug? Some limitation? Or my mistake?
  21. Bot Party Everywhere

    Because L2 Classic is a money grab to NCsoft, with just enough human resources to support money flow from P2W events. For NCsoft, any dollar spent on policing low-level bots is a dollar lost.
  22. Server Transfer

    there is a saying in a small country that goes: on the deaf's door, knock as long as you like hope you get the meaning
  23. Bot Party Everywhere

    stupid ? ok than explain me the following stuff : when u go to ruins of agony, u can see arround 230 bots farming there..... if u just stand there for 5 to 8 mins u can see arround 8 buffers running arround buffing these bots. 3PP 3DE. if u tanek just 2 of them, and follow them for 10 mins, u can clearly see they running exact same ways, same spots, same marks on the ground, same time on the second. if u start to hit one of those bpts there ot happens this : he hits the mob 1x ...turns to u start hitting u , if u kill him , he will spawn 5 seconds later at ruins of agony port, starts to run the exact same location, same way, same time on the second, back to his farming sot and starts farming. u can do this all day long i tryed it, got 144 pvp kills on my lvl 25 dwarf ...same stuff for the dion porting shit, where all the nongrade bots just port from dion to the RB attack it, die, and go back to dion, and port again to the raid. all this is NOT done by players, or via makro ingame farming .. its a bot. U know it, i know it, and ncsoft knows it too. if u make a video of all this , and send it to the support guess what ? they dont ban them. the whole world can see its a bot, but only NCsoft cant ? it is because they support adena selling companys buy not banning them because they PAY a fee to ncsoft. else there is no explanation about the fact, that NCsoft is breaking there owen rules,by not banning them strictly if all this is bullshit, than explain me why this adena seller in ruins of agony is still running his buissness with the same chars i reportet and screened already 2 months ago mltiple times.
  24. skills are gone

    Preawakening content is irelevant....1-85 in 30 min and 85-99 in 2 or 3h if you are lazy 99-100 in 2 days lazy mode At 40 lvl you get r grade paulina equip and also you should know Grade penalty is gone. For the rest, read patch notes and explore your self...its quite an adventure

    why every1 cry for class change, there is class change already, Chaos Essence go and buy it
  26. skills are gone

    All old skills were replaced for the new ones. You will find them in the Learn skill tab.
  27. Isle of prayers Heine

    Hi Sylwek. You can contact Support here: https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us
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