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  2. New Drop Table for Lv 85 Raids

    About epics , i already tell u the solution , put them on l2store ncoins store 30 days packs . About weapons , on lair drops recipe and full weapons , and like i see alot of people farm lair atm , prices is to high because people have the adena ( after 2-3 adena event ) and they can buy . Soon when people not have many adena ( like before the 2 last events) prices will go same , or the weapons will stuck on warehouse owners ( if they no drop prices )
  3. Greetings, You may find this post helpful: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18267-live-server-maintenance-wednesday-may-13-2020/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-123941 Please feel free to submit a ticket to our Support team, via the Support tab above.
  4. I started in December to play. From gearing up to exp, I am lvl108 54,7% in a 6 month interval. I make 2 - 2,5% per day at lvl108 with 200% Rune. And boy, I do everyday: Castilla 110, IT, PI, Storm, IOS, Phantasmal Ridge (because it gives me the best exp/hour at lvl108 with my gear!). I even quit my CP because we were all doing more exp in solo/duo mode everywhere than being in party together in Tanor/Alligator/FoM. This is just hilarious to ask someone to "pay" for experience vitality potions when you see how long it takes to lvl. @mixa I would do 4-5%% per day with Vitality Maintaining Potion (1h), this would cost 3.840 NCoins per day and 115k NCoins per month. Means 1-2k euros per month for "exping" in a game. Hell no this is crazy and totally cut from reality. @ArctodusSimus equipment makes a huge difference, but the majority comes from lvl. I saw a huge damage increase from 107 -> 108 without even changing my gear, I am sure once I hit 109 it will happen again. During 16th anniversary event, exp bar was moving way better and it looked like all server was moving forward correctly.
  5. Newbie fast path was always a thing ... during Gracia it took 1h to get to lvl 20 and there even was a side quest to skip quests related to 2nd class transfer in exchange of adena... it's just a basic game mechanic to help newcomers and eventually rerolls to catch up... newbies buffs and weapon/armor exchange through npc were even available for new players during C3 and as u said game wasn't that soft back then 😅 Yeah it's sad to see that updates now mostly consist in erasing game content and giving new stats to some old mobs to "create" new hunting zones. It's a global change which basically started in GoD but back then devs were still producing new content, quests and areas. Now nothing new seems to be introduced. It's pretty much the opposite : content become thinner every update, they're just tweaking mobs and players stats numbers to keep them "entertained"...
  6. Hi, try in web search mode incognite, or try in another computer.
  7. Today
  8. I am new, I have an account from many years ago, and I have been trying to create another account but I cannot sell this error Failed account creation. You are not authorized to create an account. I have used vpn, I have also changed the internet, I have also used other browsers. I'm at the point of not wanting to play this, what a problem for everything
  9. OMG man... The bots are farming not taking screenschot!
  10. Yeah... Because the early is so easy right? That free exalted you can farm DRAGON WEAPONS!
  11. This is nothing new! Why are you guys so surprised? Go check Chonors server... There are 98023840293840927340982374892789432 summoners doing instances every day at the same time... Some guy even POST A VIDEO like you do... And what the staff did? Delete the post because shows the name of the players... Same will be happen here
  12. POBs (proof of blood) drop rate nerfed?

    Yeah drop rate is shitty, hunt for 3hours in cruma, got only 6 POBs.
  13. Please, check this topic https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18517-mp-regeneration-in-hunting-zones/ Example of the issue: ten hours in the same hunting zone, same party, same skills, same buffs, in the first 2 hours the MP regeneration was fine, all MP bar is full.... then, next 3 hours MP fall to 0.... then 5 next hours MP back to normal... And these happen sometimes... some days is fine, some days is bad. Thanks,
  14. 16th Anniversary Screenshot Contest Cheating

    Almost 2 weeks have passed and people are still complaining about this move on guys. Try again next year
  15. forum is not the place to post or accuse anyone submit support ticket and stop spam
  16. I think the game should be more worked for instances, stop a little with this 24/7 grind with this auto farm system that they created. It would be really cool if there was a series of instances that players CAN DO, a player 107 can enter with their PT 107 full exalted and manage to make the instances stop leveling, even if it takes a while, giving a nice amount of exp, like the 10 tri that IT provides. That scheme of you will go Storm Isle After Primavel Isle and IT and ended your day is not funny. There are several instances in Aden and I can't go and I'm a Feoh 108 with a bloody +12 weapon with a +10 set. Mobs don't even blink. The current EXP for killing normal mob is good, what is missing are add-ons, so we can play the game and not leave it at the auto farm
  17. New Drop Table for Lv 85 Raids

    Wts orfen lvl 3 5 bill
  18. True, also the exp bar/target lvl was narrower than today. Everything got bigger: dmg/s vs price/item, Exp bar also bigger and of course the time needed to be spent to achieve a goal. It's different from year to year. Not a bad thing, but base Exp is to narrow to fill the gap in order to achieve that goal. If work required has doubled or tripled, shouldn't the rewards be appropriate to effort/adena/ncoin its put in? Think ahead IMO, not just for today. There is no loss for anyone if base Exp is improved.
  19. Hi everyone, my question is: is it a raid boss skill or is it a server fix? must the mana be removed from the raid boss? thanks
  20. New Drop Table for Lv 85 Raids

    randoms already crying over prices
  21. New Drop Table for Lv 85 Raids

    bye bye weapons TOP A and epics, bad system......... the prices went up at all
  22. New Drop Table for Lv 85 Raids

    maybe just add proper weapon/armor drops like old zaken had
  23. I cry too much for someone who has been playing for 3 months and not having to spend a lot. Play 2 years, spend a lot with ncsoft and then complain about the difference between you and a free player that started
  24. the difference is the average legit player did not farm for xp (mostly), he/she farmed for something, a quest reward, an item, a drop, s spoil, a random raid, xp was most of the time a side-effect
  25. Nostalgia...

    Anyone else remember that EPIC 16th anniversary event that destroyed IoS, the market and in the end - was just about worthless? But that dice game... exciting stuff, huh? Honestly, it should be a mainstay of the game. Those rewards, I think I even got a few cakes and even some Ice Rose! It's a wonder why people, even from The States are fleeing for other offerings of lineage 2 by other companies. I couldn't imagine why... One would think paying more for less is the luxurious thing to do.
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