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  2. They will make the quest accessible but they will put wolf food/ Strider food at L2Store. :))
  3. random client disconnect

    y is hard to do anything in game with those dc, not talking about finishing event dungeon... what about extend Golden compass event for one more week?
  4. Today
  5. disconnect

    when they will solve the problem of disconnection, is no longer giving to play ...
  6. Dragon Shirt

    when will be possible to exchange +8 or +10 elemental shirt for dragon shirt???
  7. I haven't played in at least a year and I've noticed last night & today when I login on one account & try to login on another account, it will say quote: "Playing..." and it appears to be grayed out or something cause I can't click it to login to another account. Is there another way to login now or did Lineage 2 Dual Boxing get removed?
  8. Dragon Shirt

  9. please Juji, I also need to know the answer to this question, I have all the lucian coins in my inventory but obviously I can't make a bracelet +10
  10. Dragon Shirt

    Nah man. You should not enchant stuff and than cry that you cannot trade it. Just buy the stone to upgrade the shirt and be able to trade it.
  11. fishing guild faction

    how many time need to repeat quest "To Revive The Fishing Guild" until i get faction level 2
  12. oO wolf is not a shop item ..... they wont give us the quest at all..
  13. There is only one thing truly classic about this game that didn't change at all over these years. Forum Moderators. When you think about it those are probably the same people as 15 years ago.
  14. Juji already replied to a posting saying character creation will be re-enabled during the Wednesday maintenance. Sept. 25th.
  15. The Golden Compass event will continue to be available for one final week.. Last year Golden Compass took 1 week extension can this be done this year too? it is essential to know before Wednesday before players spend their Lucien's marks for other things. ty in advance
  16. so @ncsoft, would u explain me, why i got a forum ban for 2 days, right after i complained about bots, and deletet topics about bots. ? basicaly every adena seller on your server, every adrenaline bot on your server does not get banned, even with proof of botting. your bot report funktion is broken, karma system is mega trash, and keeps players away from killing bots, the bot spam in giran basicaly prevend players to norrmaly use the chat farming areas are overcrowed with ponybot, adrenaline bots,cat bots, what result in the fact that spellbooks , players need to propperly be able to play a class, cant play there class propperly after all,because they dont even have a chance to kill the mobs, get pked from bot protectors. and u ban ppl in the forum, because u dont wanna read about any bot complain, u dont react, u dont answer, u dont ban bots u just do a sh1tty job ... and all this u wont read, or even know about, so its easier to shut down players and forum users, instead of have 2 days work and ban the bots. nicely done ncsoft
  17. PONIES!

    I like ponies!
  18. PONIES!

    My 79 sps in full a grade and branch of mother tree has 3300 matk and 1500 cast speed, 1k pdef. My 79 pony in b grade armor and an soes has 7000 matk and 1300 cast speed, 1700 pdef 1700 patk on summon, plus transfer pain haha. Yea, broken, but it xp's super fast so I won't complain too much. We won't have an update for 6 months easily, so enjoy.
  19. Event

    How many turn ins u do?
  20. Its been 4 days and I still can't create a character on the live server. What is the ETA for this fix??
  21. A new character

    Hey guys, i need to know, when i can create a new character in live server, i'm trying but without success. Thank you for helping!
  22. Event

    this event is crap
  23. Event

    I give it to you guys. This is definitely the best soul ore/red potion event you ever did. No but seriously anyone score anything?
  24. Yesterday
  25. Drop Nerf

    I get 100s of letters overnight when i leave it on afk macro but i have 200%% rune and prestige pack I don't understand how can you get so little overnight meybe ur just unlucky
  26. Lets talk box for a min, haha I am just starting and im trying to figure if the summoner is the BEST/Most COST EFFECTIVE box to go farm some dailys. Or is there a better combination besidess the iss/healer? thanks
  27. Dragon Shirt

  28. Dragon Shirt

    +1, L2Store items should be account locked, we should be able to move items among toons on same account.
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