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  2. CP FR Recrute

    Bon finalement mon aventure s'arrête ici désoler Pempem. Y'a un peu trop de Bot sur le serveur. Sa empêche l'exp et la progression.Bonne suite toi et ton clan.
  3. Maybe you can clarify this, @Juji:
  4. so your problem is that possible new player can catch up faster? dumbest think i've ever heard, this feature is in every game so low lvls cant lvl up faster and its plus
  5. SOLVED ! Cant drag and move skills from action bars too.... just locked and unlocked back the bars (or viceversa)... now i can drag and move stuff. From time to time i have to repeat this thing
  6. Vitality Maintaining Potion

    I did that, it says 0 vitality items can be used..... however, since I received GM buffs I haven't used any vitality pots, as they're greyed out and not usable. I do know that one of my clannies received a very kind 12hr birthday buff, as they too experienced the same problem. So currently I'm xping with no vitality and no way of using vitality maintaining potions
  7. man, read the patch notes again, you can upgrade from +6 blessed eternal and above , and when you trade you only loose one enchant so you get +5 enchanted Leviathan.
  8. Today
  9. Merge servers

    the game sure is a lot more fun on gludio. you can find spots and exp in peace. can even go afk in between and still live when you return (no loop macros active), because there's less murder hobos doing "bot checks", their newest excuse for pking. please, stay away for about 3 more months. then you can merge whatever.
  10. WTB/WTS

    WTB: +12 Bloody stormer +8 Bloody eternal leather +10 elmore ( P. critical damage) WTS: Blessed antharas earring +4 Blessed amarathine fists 2 sa
  11. +6 and above, read the patch notes again.
  12. Chaos Pomader (dual class)

    odd, i got those pomanders.
  13. If you have Automatic use of Shots on, and they will run out, (for example pet shots) the systems keeps telling that information non-stop, flooding the system message window in the process. (the annoying "cancel" sound runs non-stop also)
  14. But what has changed? The exp per mob has changed so much that it's barely worth it even to go Elven/SoS in full party.
  15. Newbie quest exp seem doesn't enough

    once per account. why was that a thing? who cares, let people "win" till the 3-part-quest is over and reality sets in. better than having people reroll on new email accounts, constantly discarding their chars after just one wrong choice. also, the 30d limit on those duals should go. imagine you're hospitalized, come back and can just not do anything on your 35er char anymore. new account or quit are the option, that surely isn't what NC wants.
  16. Weapon Upgrade Query in New Patch

    so it gonna be +5 enchanted krishna buster after upgrade or+5 bloody krishna buster?i mean to be at once bloody krishna buster with augment the same .ty for info keep the good work
  17. about adena rate

    oh yeah, the bots really are the only ones who will keep going, because you can't feel frustration if the game is a macro on loop in a window in the background. drops need to be buffed across the game, you still hit 20 and can't even afford your spellbooks until maybe 22, if you're a true newbie. that feels so wrong on so many levels.
  18. Adenas Fix Fail pls recheck

    had you asked players which they prefer, more xp or more drops, what would we have answered? unfortunately, more xp creates more demand, and less drops lead to more shopping, so it's clear where that came from. this is shortsighted though, because the economy will collapse, and you'll find out what happens next (want a preview? check giran on server gludio).
  19. Adena Problem

    in some level ranges, there are no "adena spots" at all. deleveling to stay at a lucrative spot is "a time honored tradition" in lineage 2 - if you're a bot. which these days, most people are. the problem is this: at some point, you will need adena, even if just to buy shots, so you can do green mobs instead of light blues. not a problem for the 9-man-trains trampling mobs instantly, starting in wastelands, but a) there was supposed to be a 3-client-limit (and i assume it will return), and b) only a fraction of the players lets their pc on 24/7, running a full party. personally, i'm running 2 toons, killing white mobs painfully slowly, but i don't care. i check them on:e a week while playing eso. lineage 2 has become a side project, it used to be my main game. many don't even bother anymore.
  20. Can we or can we not upgrade to R110 at this moment?

    Ok, great, thanks. So by "only upgrade Blessed +6", what happens if we have +10 or +11 dark/bloody armor pieces after we extract the stones? We have to downgrade the +11 or +12 down to +6? That is the definition of "only +6..." If the answer is yes, I guess we have to make a choice whether it's worth it or not. Anyone think it's still worth it if we currently have +10/+11/or +12 dark/bloody armor to go to +5 Normal Leviathan?
  21. I mentioned in the Patch Notes that you can only upgrade Blessed +6 Eternal Armor to +5 Normal Leviathan Armor. The only way to get a Bloody/Dark Eternal Set to R110 is by downgrading through the Bloody/Dark Stone extraction process. It will downgrade the armor back to Blessed Eternal.
  22. hello all-i did not get chaos pomader for my dual and i m not alone-->any info?at old toons my dual classes have revelation skills
  23. Can we or can we not upgrade to R110 at this moment? I'm hearing conflicting reports that North America, at this time only R110 weapons can be upgraded but not armor. If we cannot upgrade R110 ARMOR at this moment, how come iIshimila successfully upgraded his ARMOR to R110? Just want to be clear.
  24. Weapon Upgrade Query in New Patch

    You don't lose the augment. Might lose an appearance skin though.
  25. Weapon Upgrade Query in New Patch

    Juji we can upgrade +7 bloody weapon ,without loose augment+pve ????????anyone also knows to inform ty
  26. Useless Skill

    but in the UE l2, this skil decrease the xp loss too, and here not.. I know, here is other DB, but, is strange have a skill that does not work
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