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  2. State of game

    EPIC FAil not cuz the update... but cuz no1 can get enuff gear w/o spend thousands of dolars... this update is awesome to pvp... every thing in this update is focus on pvp... but how can we pvp when prices are insane high? there is no way to farm, cuz adena is way too much nerfed, l2store prices is only for those who can spend alot of money... if wasnt that hard to gear up... this update had everything to be awesome...
  3. Hero this month in naia hahahahahahahahaha

    prince without pepinio dont even talk in chats= easy kill for dh
  4. Today
  5. Hero this month in naia hahahahahahahahaha

    Greetings everybody, While we are all for friendly banter, let's keep it general without calling out individuals from this point forward!
  6. Attribute system doesent work.

    Well if u had 150 wind damage on your wep, u normal also do more dps on a player. Why els have a element system in a pvp game.
  7. Hero this month in naia hahahahahahahahaha

    lorddragon, prince77, wetdarkness, holyfame, fuhouhou, omenofsteal
  8. Enchant weapons R

    Hi, well, I was a player from the beginning of L2, from the old school of L2 and I have returned recently and obviously the game is very different I tried to enchant my R weapons, but they break to +4 .... bad luck (come on! ....), I see weapons at +10, +15 The last one was a requiem weapon that I had obtained with the mentor certificates and did not give me the R crystals. So, something I'm doing wrong They could tell me (explain as if I was stupid) that scrolls, etc. are being used in this new version Thank you so much!
  9. Hero this month in naia hahahahahahahahaha

    on the previous exp event 90% of max was detag, even top partys like fuhouhou, (lets not talk about patriot and lorddragon cuz they stay more out of max to dont give free crp than inside) when they do something is cuz is "strategy" when the others do same are "rats", "no balls", "cowards", "give up", etc etc
  10. Hi. Is it posible to make angel cat blessing rewarded at Aden dungeon to be transferable by dimensional merchant to another char on the accont? Thx.
  11. Did Fafurion nerfed full eternal armor drops in AF?

    last week i did some long farming in HB and GC both dd and iss had 200%drop runes so if you dont count new skillbok fragments drop adena + mats i managed to get dont cower soulshot price i used to farm in there imagine starting from 0 and dont have adena to buy soulshots or tp from town to town i dont even talk about saving for r95-r99 items +4 or so and about getting adenas while farming af or other spots lets think about who will invite you there if you are new with tw items because you wont do dmg
  12. Attribute system doesent work.

    as far as my reasoning goes players does not have weakness against fire/water/wind/earth so why would they receive additional damage from specific attribute if they are not weak against it?
  13. Having problems with Spirit Rough Jewels drop in attribute zones. im 77 3rd class killing Growler, Tree Soldier, Tortay in woa but didnt drop, also in other areas still with the same problem Help ASAP pls
  14. Hero this month in naia hahahahahahahahaha

    this game is all about trash talk. you see VNDragon flames DH for detaging and in this video you can see he himself detaged with patriont and others for antharas so as long as they do this its ok but if other side uses same strategy they are noobs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xOE9snBFtw. I remember when DH had more ppl Max called them zerg after more ppl joined max its everything normal max clan has alot of normal cool guys but VND and few others live only to trash talk
  15. Chain Helmet Design

    those are chain hood designs, not chain helmet designs. But thx for effort
  16. State of game

    Classic destroyed too. Most players left after last update.
  17. Drop/Spoil for Avadon Breastplate Recipe

    up, i need this info to
  18. WTB avadon breastplate

    i need info drop of this recipe
  19. Fafurion Update Exp Gain

    Mmm.. just so you know you can buff from NPC with lv 4 buffs for 1 hour for 3kk adena.
  20. Fafurion Update Exp Gain

    Question is who will play a game witch become overnight two time more expensive than before.
  21. State of game

    Tbh this update failed epicly. Sure lv 110 armor is new stuff, ,but was it really needed to literally destroy game. Classes literally has no point. There are no longer difference between racial skills for 1-85 content. Grade system lost its purpose since technically it's possible for lv1 to run with BiS maxed gear. You can also pk without punishment. Maybe it's their plan. To destroy live server and leave only classic version.
  22. We need Drop / Spoil Database !

    Of course no. Sakisek said well enough - any info is better than no info.
  23. Spoiler Macro

    Can any kind soul help me to make a decent macro for my spoiler? i tried many things but it keeps spoil same mob many times before killing it...i need something like [ next target-spoil-attack-sweeper-next target ] maybe is easy but i am a bit new to this so if someone can suggest a macro to spoil same mob only once i will appriciate it
  24. We need Drop / Spoil Database !

    Honestly, excel form is better then no form at all. We cannot set up L2wiki is just stupid excuse, basically its extra work for them to provide actualy usefull drop/spoil info.
  25. Tavern is bugged

    Last night, I did Tavern, and my party member got a duplicate Kelbim book and not a page. It's indeed buggy.

    bought one.
  27. moon knight quest to know

    This new newbie pack is all good for new players who created characters after the update. But. If you created character before the update, did already take newbie pack during oriana event. Leveled your character up to level 25+, and didn't do moon armor quest yet before update. Then what now? Now armor quest is removed, so where to get armor now? It is limited that you can take only 1 newbie pack per account, so if one was taken before update then can't take another anymore.
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