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  2. Revelation skill level 2

    They do work, but you can't see it in the description indeed. So your only way to know the effect is to look it up here: https://l2wiki.com/Revelation_Skills
  3. Revelation skill level 2

    The display is bugged. It will always show Lvl1 in your skill tab. But if you use it, and check the actual buff of e.g. Savage, you will see that it's Lvl2 (and thus not getting the -pdef).
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  5. Revelation skill level 2

    Hi all I am wondering about the revelation skill level 2 and whether a upgrade via ability skills is still working ?? I took the skill berserkers Eagle and was expecting my revelation skill Savage to increase in level, but that did not happened.. Thank you for the help
  6. Macro farm and exping

    dressing their dolls with shiny gear thats a goal too! btw if you start telling them afk macro selfish/anti social having a pve cp, imo is the epitome of selfishnes
  7. Launcher Scan File/Update keeps failing. Dialog pops up informing me to check firewall, connection & ISP (?). Error 5385 at the FDarkElf.utx.z02 every time.
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  9. Macro farm and exping

    But you just named all the reasons why you should be in a party. All the things you said will take time and lvl you. You didn't answer why you feel you need to macro or what you'll get out of it. And I believe at some point you began to assume something about whom I might be... Let me clarify. Rather young, 59yrs young to be exact, and i'm guessing I've probably worked longer than you've been alive.(an assumption) But I believe you got lost in something that I typed. My question is, once you macro whats your end game. Do you plan to play with others at higher lvls? Do you plan to PvP? Are you macroing to get high enough to do more powerful area? Whats your endgame and lvl that you're reaching for? That's what i'm asking. So if you're macroing all day, when do you stop, and what happens then?
  10. They work in NCKorea so I'm pretty sure they should be working here too.
  11. bad game conection quality

    Realmente, isso é uma triste verdade, Bem vamos por etapas mencionar os desfazes que os servidores tem com os BRS, uma vez que o brasil é um dos países que mais se joga L2. Em primeiro lugar caso o servidor nos pegue em bot, somos expulsos, enquanto o servidor da margem a empresas chinesas e outras grandes em por seus bots que além de venderem adenas em dólar ainda atrapalham jogadores. o servidores se tornaram não um entretenimento mas sim uma maneira de tornar jogos em empresas multinacionais.capitalistas chinesas. Em segundo lugar tiraram os ganhos dos anões que também tiraram um grande prazer e significado dos anões. que sempre foi construir,. fazer, fabricar e vender seus itens.onde os anões que mantinham sempre os jogadores em condições de fazerem seus solshots. agora também tiraram das lojas os poti ons de HP. Sempre que deparamos com pelos menso 4 ou 5 bots em todas as áreas do jogo. e pior ainda os jogadores brasileiros sofrem mais com muito leg. travamento, e o servidor fica mais de 2 horas fora do ar. Bem enfim somos desrespeitados, de todas as maneiras.Sinto ssuades do tempo que comecei jogar ainda no horyu, onde ate GM, tínhamos e sempre necessitarmos de alguma orientação ou algo podíamos pedir auxilio e ajuda. pois sempre havia um GM online.
  12. In Brazil it has been impossible to play these last days, you get disconnected every 2 hours, every day... in several regions I have friends with this same problem, since the expansion of kamael!
  13. now that many went for dim raid naia is ok buy more bandwidth ppl
  14. Macro farm and exping

    I've got your answer pal. Once you have a real live with work, kids and other priorities but playing this game is still a free time satisfaction, that's when we use macro. Why? You see, there's not a single thing in this game that is fast and casual. If you want to finish the very first exalted quest you have many, many, many days to spend in front of the PC for it. Leveling up you factions and farming anything take months. Quests worth doing are extremely tedious and time consuming if you're not extremely overgeared and can 1 shoot anything. Not boxing and finding another player that, also has a job that can afford playing this game, and thus have other priorities and his/her own time for gaming is another thing. So, that's why so many auto macro around. Cant play 24/7 and not willing to do the boring part of the game by hand. This auto macro/target is the best thing that they have done over the past 10 years as is bringing ppl back and getting them more $ from them. For your dream land to happen many things would have to change in this game. Fist of all, they have to aim at that sweet spot between profit and players satisfaction that they have left behind for years now and stop being greedy. That could happen, but not with the current management (juji, etc)
  15. Eva’s Hair Accessories

    You're making assumptions, weirdo.... Gamble is the name of the game.
  16. @Juji @Hime I know you guys are working hard at fixing this, but you need to crank up the wheels and let those hamsters work even harder. This lag is getting worse and worse and is making it impossible to play. Movement lag, skill lag, atk lag, mobs jumping around cus of lag and even chat lag. I have prestige pack and destiny pack running and i know a lot of other people have the same and are furious that they can't play. Several have already quit and i'm sure more will follow. So plz work harder at getting this fixed and give us a descent compensation for lost time on packs and lost adena for boost/vitpots/roses etc.
  17. The way easyer for equip me

    The high grade starter pack will definitely make your life easier. Otherwise create some alts and farm lower level areas (20+) or fish 24/7
  18. How do i get the dual swords for begginers?

    After the last update the free newbie pack is no longer in the store. Now upon leveling to 10, new characters receive 15 day dualswords from quest rewards. (Though they're not not quite as good as the samurai swords) If you're willing to spend money, there is a high grade starter pack in the store that comes with 2 tickets for 15 day B+10 weapons.
  19. I think it's time

    I couldn't say it better myself
  20. After kamael update yes it is. Just bear in mind you need set 3-4 accounts farming around low lvl spots (20-40), from where you will get adenas for your shots and gear (quite easy up to mid C grade).
  21. Eva’s Hair Accessories

    didn't say it worked in oly for pendants and talismans either smart guy. We just gotta pay money and gamble?
  22. Macro farm and exping

    OK, what I wish to know from all of the people out there now in macro mode, whats your end game? I don't get were everyone plans to go from here. If most of us are in macro and lvl'ing alone, or with friends while AFK what lvl are we looking for and what do we plan to do once we get there? Its like this, you have about 4 clans that pretty much farm all the big bosses, they spend the most money, they have all the major stuff, so what are the rest of us in macro mode for? We get to lvl110 and they'll be at lvl113. They farm the blood swords and get the 10b+ 4 days a week. If you take away the fact that i'm only playing because of the friends I've made and spending time with them...Why am I here? I still have a CP, I still try to do dallies everyday. We still do the lower bosses in single party raids to try to make some adena. Now if everybody goes to AFK macro it becomes that version of L2 that you play on your phone(which I never did). So what i'm asking is, if you're not actively looking for parties and just getting your xp from AFK macro....Why?
  23. Lags is good because ev is free from bots+ full house part afk normal people can't exp)
  24. Known Issue: Server Latency

    I don't like it. There are other ways to claim a spot without interrupting the game play of everybody else. I wouldn't want to log in a bunch of boxes daily and I sure as hell wouldn't want to set up my shops -especially the crafter- daily.
  25. Macro farm and exping

    Story of my not-friend. @I got 100 lvl and try to kill any mob in Giant cave(100 lvl mob). I couldnt. I tried to find party about 2 weeks to kill them. And i understood it was impossible. Then i went to SV and stood playing afk macro as all new players. Sometime i went to Baylor. After last update i stood afk macro in Blazing swamp as all new players. I played about 2 months to get 100 lvl. Now i am 101 lvl soon. But i dont know where to go and why. Blazing swamp is my rest in peace. And yes i got about 250 millions adena for that 2 months. Spent some on new skills after last update. But any weapon costs about 1 billion(clean).@ I saw that in some movie about drunkers they sit around and talk stories, same stories. I WAS CRYING FOR HIM crying for my not-friend destiny. And you?
  26. AP and Weapon question

    Hello all, I have a Shillien Saint, and i don't know which 1H Weapon i should buy for him. Also im clueless about the AP path.. Is the Wizard path for the Healers? Will Casting Speed, M.Atk., M. Crit. Rate/Dmg, M. Skill Power help with healing skills? Or is the Wizard path for Feohs only?
  27. R110 Weapon and Armor Question

    Level 118 bosses spawn very frequently compared to dragons and they all drop r110 items, you don't need to look for abuse, the amount of items in the market makes sense imo
  28. Clan Latino Recluta / Devils Disciples

    Aun buscan gente o ya se retiraron del L2?
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