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  3. Tevas open box Night Chest

    I was waiting for it! LOL!!!
  4. It's not even fixed as doing the quest as a melee is an exercise in futility and frustration. Basically have to stand in one spot and pray you get a swing off before the near instant casting elf does. Doesn't help that the bot is somehow able to target mobs before they even appear in the game client.
  5. You guys did it, you're famouse!!! gartz GM's

    The difference isn't like ABC or NBC difference, it's like a million dollar McLaren race car and a Toyota Corolla difference. How the hell you get confused with a crappy low budget - any losers from their garage can make it on YouTube vs. real main stream Game of Thrones Netflix platform? C'mon man, truly this post is a fail from the start. I saw this video, all it says it's about East vs. West, Lineage 1 Isotropic vs. Lineage 2 3D and how the original Lineage1 is doing really well financially despite it being older. In fact, Lineage1 has that true feeling of that old Ultima Online feeling from the mid 1990's. That was awesome. I remember playing Ultima 7 on PC DOS in 1993, I love Dupre's crossbow and killing giant spiders in the desert. It was remarkable in its days because you can move objects and the world server will save the object being moved. You can kill a cat walking nearby or kill a guard and get the wrath of the other Lord British guards coming after you. Was so cool back in 1993. LOL. I have a 486 computer, was 2 generation more advanced than any computer of its era since my dad works for a computer company and that was the top secret next generation machine not available for sale in public. Anyways, the point is - a 2D Isotropic game like that Ultima7 and Ultima Online of the mid 1990's can still be extremely fun that Lineage1 (1999) if the gameplay is done right. Also due to the low computer specs requirement, the reach is broad, I can see why L1 has such a long longevity if the game design is excellent.
  6. Oh man, that really made me laugh The sad thing is.... you're probably right.
  7. I too have dealt with them on numerous occasions and I can agree that they have been polite. However, they haven't been prompt nearly on every interaction I have had with them, they give canned and sometimes completely off topic replies and I would expect at the very least billing support to not take a couple of days to get back to me. Technical support's response time was fine the other day, maybe that had something to do with juji prompting those having issues to "submit tickets asap".
  9. Restore Item

    Yeah the blatant abuse here is sickening
  10. I am still PK after that maintence and I can't tp! So... What I do now?
  11. I have dealt with them on numerous times. They have always been prompt and polite. Maybe changing your tone would help? I don't understand why some have problems when I have none. It's technically a free game. If you wish to spend money that is up to the individual. Free being the operative word.
  12. We dont cry we demand changes if they want money from us
  13. Sadly you are right, they again found a way to nerf something... @Juji @Hime really??? And you guys wonder why there is more and more disrespect from the community?
  14. Obviously before the game was more fair and more fun, since you could actually progress and evolve by playing. But the fact is that this state of the game works and there are people that spend a tremendous amount of money to get items and a lot of them are crying now in the forums, because they participated in a game of luck and lost, but still feel entitled because they spent money. Obviously in the long term this project is destined to fail economically. Looking at WOW, you can see some aspects that make a game a success. One major one is the community and in our case the community kinda sucks. If you do want for the game to be a bit different, then show it by not just brainlessly dropping your money in every event that is clearly a crude and lazy way of increasing revenue. But since this sells...this is what you're going to get.
  15. Like i sayd... No 1 put gun on your head to buy wateva.... Game is for pleasure... So plz , invest 1 or 1 bill euro... Its your choice , just dont cry for everything , if you dont like game or drop or dev team or events .... dont cry plz ! Its simple - quit.
  16. The PK Debuff should be cleared when u turn back white honestly , this will keep casual pkers going, and will prevent ppl from massive pking griefing the fair way would be to debuff and block a pker when he pked more than 3-4 ppl in less than 10 min, im not a PKer but when someone try to take the mobs in my spot and don't wanna move away, ITS purely logical that i will PK him so he actually move somewhere else, some ppl don't wanna understand simple things sometime and they have to be pked.
  17. Ahahaha another change here we get only 2 Dandy golden balls used to be 4 am i wrong?
  18. i dont like the pk debuff you punnish the pkers but what do you do with the players who ar killing your mobs why not spend some time on this i pk players just because they ar killing mobs that i pulled with my tank and now i get punished because of the pk but the ksers dont very lame
  19. Welcome to my world i am waiting for an answer more than 27 hours now... They say they do as fast they can can you believe this
  20. True we ve been buying events that nowdays we got them free so you can call it as a scam we waste more than 3-4b per jewel to make them lvl 3 and now we get them free also dragon shirt was like 4k if i remember correct now its free they kill market with exalted armors and weapons which is nice supportive way for free players i wont disagree on that one...But what happens if top spenders got bored pvping each other one day and free players leave server for good and no people around?.. They gonna fight each other till they get tired/bored so keep the hard work ncsoft
  21. Hi I waiting for 2 day to get back my broken weapon, and no answer on my ticket.
  22. Restore Item

    My eyes bleeding, are you guys really that nuts and greedy to even talk bout that? If on purpose you break you'r weapon thinking u will be "restored" then i hope ur not getting anything back, this system was implemented for misstakes purposes and not abuses like some ppl want to do. "Oh ill enchant my +20 wepon with a normal scroll and they will restore me if i fail woohoo" Cmonnnnnnnnnnnnn
  23. yeah way to go dev,s removing the pk count but still having the stupid freaking debuff
  24. You're right, it is just a game. But it's also a game where some have invested real money.... that's not something to be sniffed at, neither is it 'crying'. The game is loved by many, but do you really think it's evolving as expected? Suppose it depends on how long you've been playing and the changes you've seen.... just saying
  25. In the past i asked for a promo event, where we can get basic materials like Rune Stone and Elcyum etc. Like the screams for PK-System and partybonus, NC had now an ear for the costomers. Unbelivable! But... 36.000 NCoins for 107 Elcyum to get my Bloody Weap R99 +12 to R110 +10. That´s 450€ for a weapon upgrade. Serious?????? Items like that are massive needed in a high amout. There is no realy chance to farm them. I have would like to spend some money for that game, like all games have theyr costs. But 450€ for upgrading a weapon makes no sense at all.... We need a way (pay/farm) to get this items in the needed amount (and fishing is not the way i mean).
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