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  2. NCSoft got Jokes

    This is regarding the recent events in the states. Video from L2's Facebook account.
  3. Craft R grade stuff, possible or not?

    You get R-grade stuff from reaching lvl40.... R99 Exalted Stuff comes later... And its all free. I wouldnt lose my sleep over 85-95 gear.
  4. Craft R grade stuff, possible or not?

    So, what alternative way to obtain R - R95 grade stuff?
  5. spoil rate

    Soon you Will buy from L2Store item, dont need more to farn :))
  6. Restore Item

    Dont want to speak of p2w as any good system - but atleast now you have an option to return to game after a Bust enchant attempt. Before GoD when game was sub - if you busted your Enchant - there was no return. GAME OVER
  7. Restore Item

    Ando, you are wrong ....the purpose of that service is exactly for "Oh ill enchant my +20 wepon with a normal scroll and they will restore me if i fail woohoo" . More then that, for ppl to do not expoit this system they restore same weapon(no matter who the owner is) only 2 times per year .
  8. Today
  9. now got 2nd Greater Garnet from Box... box is bugged AF
  10. Who's watching it? 100% of the 190k views are players, old players, and FUTURE players.
  11. Most of you miss the point here, no surprise. Not gonna waste my time explaining real life. Your right, no 1 watches youtube.
  12. I scrolled all the way up and I can seem to find "WHO THE F#69 ASKED YOU?"
  13. Yup. Also, customers should receive a guaranteed service or positively gained outcome in return for their purchases. You're supposed to receive a guaranteed upgrade or item. Instead, the L2 store is managed like a online casino which is marketed to teens. Not to mention exploiting customers. But hey... people are free to choose to be exploited as they wish.
  14. Looks like to me that you're exploiting the party bonus & seek to benefit from the adena drops as well.
  15. NCSoft got Jokes

    SO when I launch NC Launcher just now I see this image. "We believe in Justice and Equality" Sorry but what Equality are they refering to, because we pay the most for every SINGLE event compared to every other region. We have been getting LESS free items from events compared to EVERY SINGLE other region. We get updates dead LAST compared to every other region. Server maintenance takes more time over 50% of the time, we have been dealing with melee lag for LITERALLY 14 days shy of 10 months but it just hit other regions last month according to @Juji. We have the least amount of Dragon Weapons/Blood Stained weapons out of all regions because other regions hand them out like candy. How is any of the above "Equality" please answer that.. Which I know I'll get no response from NC Soft, and flamed for by many people "Don't like it go play in the other regions". Sorry but I thought we should be treated all the same no matter what region, not have a company suck every last dollar out of you while you play something you enjoy, its F2P not P2W other regions have F2P people that have Dragon Weapons many of them we have 0. Unbalanced and its bull.
  16. W8 bro, soon we Will find weapon în Shop, maybe weapon with some enchants :)).
  17. lel, double luck ;))) First to get the box at all and then you popped up an actually good weapon out of it, could have been cutter Gratz
  18. well technicaly this is not an excuse. free to play doesn't mean it's a charity, people spend money they expect something back
  19. At next event, The XP taken from mobs Will be stoped? And we can buy only from Shop? :))
  20. Also seems to be a bug where the Box only gives Greater Garnets and no other Greater Jewels lvl1... People have got like 2-3 of Garnets and nothing else, and there are like 5-6 Greater Garnets in Giran and 0 others.
  21. It was on Chronos and yes, forgot to change the resolution on the video when I hit record
  22. probably 50% of newbies alt +f4 right there
  23. 1 i back check all reward on chat, to see who get the first dragon weap, and in naia was no1 who get 1. 2. if you cant see, tevas was say GZ on hero chat, so 1000% sure it was on chronos
  24. Maybe u have 10 items for sale already
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