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  2. I thought it might have been connected to the latency issues we have for the past days, but those issues are gone, yet the skills on my tank, and some other tanks friends of mine are not back to normal. For some reason in all the instanes I've been entering, the boss monsters are unaffected by my "Provoke Aura", not to mention they resist all my agro skills. What is more, the "Provoke Aura" itself seems to be working periodically, as if once in a while it was turning itself off completely, and turning back on after a while. I know I am not an isolated case, since all the other tanks I know have this problem, but I just wonder if it is a bug that came into effect after all the recent lag related changes, or for some incomprehensible reason, this was done by design.
  3. A Grade Weapon

    I would say that this is quite intentional and I don't see NCKorea changing it anytime soon. Satisfied?
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  5. A Grade Weapon

    Hahaha , so you are saying that for a weapon that costs between 20kk and 70kk a player must pay for SA only the GEM A grade 120kk (doubble the value or tripple etc) ? Very logic. It was like that also on previous clasic (and someone like mixa will say "no is how its suppose to be or is a new feature " trol.)
  6. When a hero speaks, the message is highlighted everywhere. But when you go to fight, the message a few minutes before appears quietly. Sometimes it takes more than 10 minutes after registration to enter the arena. In the meantime the buffs are gone and the message of moving to the arena appears in the middle of them, so it goes unnoticed, giving no time to renew the buffs. If it is not too much to ask (apparently the forum is ignored), they would have to highlight the message to make the game better prepared. Thanks for the comprehension. Sorry to take your precious time.
  7. A Grade Weapon

    OK its not worth for who? this is a unanimous decision or just about for the players that dont have much adena to keep it ? unfounded your comment, I believe that the increase of gemstone price is precisely to hinder the fast expansion of A grade on server.
  8. A Grade Weapon

    is there going to be an official responce about the subject? it is really a vital part in the game... The way i see it, either the gemstones A have to be sold at the grocery store, or you have to reduce the ammount of gemstones needed for socketing runes, or else there is absolutely no point using a grade weapons @Hime @Juji
  9. Scroll of Purity

    Hello, does anyone know how to get Scroll of Purity? I need this one to learn a skill.
  10. You can start the quest series at Tarti (Town of Gludio) after lvl85 but for the lv2 Ruby/Sapphire you need to be 95+ After you've reached lvl99 you can start the Nobless quest but for the +5 Circlet reward you have to reach lvl100 Good luck
  11. Poll for Devs

    I want a poll about to make artifact book cost 630 000 adena two-weeks-event like celebrate a win against lag issue foe!
  12. Poll for Devs

    Hey guys @Juji & @Hime, This poll is created by the players, for the players, and directed to the Devs/GM's. In my opinion, and probably several others, the Devs/GM's don't seem to care what the players want. However, this is kind of a big deal and it would be great if you could pass it along and maybe have the service implemented in the near future. POLL: Would you like to have a dual-to-main class change service available for purchase in the L2store? 1= YES , 2= NO 1+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  13. Main - Dual exchange service

    Why dual separation or dual-main swap? Why we always need to lose sometihng? Why not Red Libra for main? NcSoft can put limitation as it is now, no ertheia, no kamael, no maestro, no iss dominator. Start ask for red libra main...its easy to do.
  14. please, take action

    1. Something in your side, my toons rarely dc. 2. Spoil is intentionally nerfed and overall made obsolete way if obtaining mats, this is the same on live. 3.No 4. This is a game feature, not a bug. PS. Buying anything doesn't give you any special rights or priority on anything (as in most places). If you don't like the product, you can opt to return it in a reasonable amount of time. This will get you perma banned, but you can do that.
  15. Main - Dual exchange service

    Never. Stop asking, Juji already answered this.
  16. Yes, both books and the Balanced +30 Attack/Defense artifacts have been there for quite a while.
  17. what is Mental now?

    my seals where mental attack base, now with the update what are they now? does anyone have a clue to help me out, @Juji
  18. Ok, 1 day inside my all quests (daily quests) done... It's time for me to relax..... See you all tomorrow zzZZZZZZZZZ
  19. Weapons A runes before upgrade was 5 Gemstone A, now need 108 Gemstone A to add runes I know you got many to deal with after the update, but it is really a vital part, since it's making A grade weapons not worth using anymore if it stays this way @Hime@Juji
  20. Main - Dual exchange service

    When ?
  21. artifacts-of-power text contains errors

    Really ?
  22. M Critical rate

    hello guys and girls from l2 I would like to know how to improve the M Crit rate of my magician is lvl 107 in my opinion it has very few critics an average of 4 per minute I think there is little someone who has more experience than me in magicians could help me with this doubt
  23. Yesterday
  24. WTB Artifacts

    WTB +7 or higher of the below Artifacts: Fight: patt & att speed Protect: pdef & mdef Support: HP Absorption & XP Balance: patt / rec damage immob / p accu / pcrit rate / pskill crit rate pm here or ingame at same name
  25. pve

    Don't bother with bloody weapons and such. Get a Tauti 1-handed axe, eventually with Mystic SA for about 10b. That's all you'll ever need.
  26. Bann PK GK Now!

    I can see that, but these things come from a place that nobody reads here. In the other regions you can do the same as here, so definitely not a bug either. Someday, maybe.
  27. 1) Disconnects. i remember the times when there was no disconnects, less then half a year ago. but now it is impossible to stay online. once in a blue moon characters can stay online for the whole night. sometimes i have disconnects 2-3 times in 4 hours. is it only having this problem? i dont think so... 2) spoil rates. sometimes i need mats and parts for craft, but it takes several weeks to spoil decent amount of parts for craft (thanks to dead market also). are you going to change spoil rates? 3) forum. is there somebody who read forum and answer as soon as possible on vital issue and not only on non vital/non relevant ones from the administration? 4) combat/PK can teleport anytime. that is not even funny now. must have been fixed looong time ago. P.S.: I have bought VIP and i feel that i have right to ask what i dont like ingame. i dont think my question would be answered but at least my conscience will be clear. sorry for my english and thank you.
  28. Bann PK GK Now!

    Not only global teleport should be restricted, but also the use of porting to saved locations and teleporting to another party member.
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