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  2. Fafurion Update Exp Gain

    NCWest invented reason nobody will like. L2 Store - removed emperor desert set buffs price was 100 potions each 1 hour = 400 Ncoin Added new ones - 100 potions Emperor special cocktail = 1.000. Ncoin. So to save Ncoins on buffs is convenient to hire an iss. New bufs are lvl 5 + lvl 2 warrior, tank and mage- But price are up by 250% and i don't think we get 250% more damage with those buffs
  3. Today

    The BOT Report button has been improved and a CAPTCHA system has been implemented to punish reported BOTs A CAPTCHA UI window will appear when a suspected BOT has been reported after receiving the BOT Report 3 times. If a user does not input the number in the CAPTCHA pop-up, or if a user does not input within 20 minutes, a penalty is applied immediately. BOT CAPTCHA Penalty (Duration: 60 Minutes): this is the patch notes
  5. Judicator transfer doesn't work

    Lol, I'm not stressed at alI, thought this section was for report bugs, just keep calm.
  6. Judicator transfer doesn't work

    Dude... Just level it to 80 and abort it. Get the subclass skill certificate. Judicators been useless for years, they cannot become Iss. So what's the point of levelling them anyway? Don't stress yourself over this.

    Greetings everyone, If you do come across suspicious behavior in game, you can always submit a ticket to our Support team via the Support tab above or by clicking here: https://support.lineage2.com/ Please make sure to include any evidence of the behavior you may have collected, such as screenshots and video clips. Thank you!
  8. Inter-server Olympiad

    As useful as the dimensional sieges.Also you can't have such olympiad if you got only 1 server left, which is inevitable to happen sooner than later, so good luck with that,
  9. Inter-server Olympiad

    Yes. Super healthy. Unless you're being fed from either of the main side clans on the server you cannot get hero. If you managed to get hero it means the major clans don't have players for those heroes classes. If they have, and you become a hero for their candidate your clan is under risk of permanent war and you will be target of harassment. On Naia there are a bunch of heroes on both DragonHunters and MAX side that I have never ever seen, usually are standing in town and get geared by clan just to do Olympiad. When they're in town they're completely naked. Also on Naia, so many players in the past years that do almost a monthly main class change using Chaos Essence to change their main class to an 'useless' class within their archetype to get hero. Yeah. Super healthy.

    Bot reporting got removed with the update. What is the point of it when everyone have a built in bot now...
  11. Judicator transfer doesn't work

    Here are 2 screenshots with the problem:
  12. Judicator transfer doesn't work

    Can't complete subclass transfer from Inspector to Judicator it always fails asking for a wrong transfer.
  13. It's impossible start the quest also having all prerequisite (lvl 50+).
  14. Chant of Gate

    no need crystals for ppl only the WC need spirit ore
  15. i tried many times and the command is not working . i write /botrepord and i have target the guy that is making bot with my 3 players ... if i make the command wrong please help me
  16. Cerco clan ITA

    Salve! Ho appena iniziato a giocare e cerco un clan ITA dove poter fare due chiacchere e giocare insieme.
  17. ISS dominator skills not working

    Also when the flag is up u cant buff party, only clan members. Battle ditty and defense ditty are buffing all clan members at once and not each target. I don't think those are intended features.
  18. 4K Resolution Problems

    UPDATE Issue resolved by using a Restore Point in Windows and removing/reinstalling the game.
  19. Inter-server Olympiad

    i think that it was made in korea due to lack of competition, our servers are very healthy compared to other regions, and olympiad is always full of people (about 50 match + simultanousely)
  20. Light Armor Mastery When equipped with light armor, P. Def. +11.8, Casting Spd. +88%, Atk. Spd. +25%, and MP Recovery Bonus +20%. Robe Mastery When equipped with a Robe, P. Def. +14.5, Max HP +50. By the above skills description, is better to use set light, the casting speed bonus is high and atk.speed too, does anyone tell me if my thinking is correct?
  21. Tavern is bugged

    My party got a book from Kain and another member that already had the book gained a page. Both at the same moment. Hidden Korean random value I suspect. But this was before this weeks maintenance. Maybe something changed with the fixes they did. @Juji
  22. Tavern is bugged

    the patchnote says "if u have already the story book u will get page u can exchange for others missing books.......i have 3 kelbim story books and i got nothing from other 3 kelbim so if is not guaranteed 100% they must write it in the patch note.

    Actually... back on Gustin (I believe, could've been Hindemith) server there was a guy that made so many PK's that his counter reset back to 0. And you needed to 65,535 pk's do make that happen. This was fixed/changed a few years ago when they also made it able to have more than 2,3b adena in inventory. But indeed, going to a party zone like SoS/Elven is pointless. Even in trio the exp in Alligator/Tanor is superior to SoS/Elven. I have the feeling the exp has been adjusted because other regions do have bigger pull ranges, unlike our exclusive NCWest setting of unable to pull mobs more than 1200 range out of their spawn location (which also ruins solo exp in spots like Enchanted Valley, Field of Silence)
  24. Tavern is bugged

    Party members have gotten pages. I think it's just not a guaranteed 100% you get a page.
  25. 4K Resolution Problems

    Everything was working fine with the game and then i pressed "Reset Settings" in the Video section of the Options menu. Since then my resolution is automatically set at 4K and i cannot change in any way. Everything in the game is too small too see. The game is now unplayable. I cannot change the Options.ini file. No matter what i do the resolution goes back to 4K. I cannot lower my PC's resolution as that creates other unrelated problems. The game was working fine! I dont understand what happened... Any help pls ??
  26. Tavern is bugged

    As the title said Tavern instance is bugged u dont get the pages u need for "victory collection" quest like is writed in the patchnote,plus Settlen NPC dont have any option for exchange those pages. Hoping will be fixed soon as possible (im blocked with my exalted quest). Thank you in advance.

    I guess devs in 2003 didn't count with what is happening here now.
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