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  2. Don't take this as an attack, but yes, you probably should've skipped saying it. You've said this on quite a few posts regarding the same topic over the years and I would think people know by now that you don't have an issue with disconnections. I on the other hand have never had an issue getting food. Does that mean no one ever has starved throughout history?
  3. You have to be reasonable in "conspiracy" theories. There is just simply no logical explanation on what NC wanted to improve by introducing 10 client limit - it is either they completely unaware and computer-illiterate and do not know anything about the game they are managing (including how bots work) (hard to believe) or they deliberately punish legit players. As 10 windows clients could not have affected bots in any way (except slight delay (I think it was around 4 hours?) to adapt to changes) and there is no any other reasonable explanation on why would NC want to introduce that limit - no other goals you could (theoretically) achieve except a) reduce number of bots (was obvious to anybody it won't work); b) make harder for legit players to farm adena to pay their shots and other expenses - this would boost adena sales. P.S. I mean it is too much and too systematic - actions by NC which punish legit players and benefit bots - to apply Hanlon's razor here. It is way too systematic.
  4. When I try to buy it says this ERROR You have exceeded a purchase limit. Please contact Support for assistance. Error: PGL8014
  5. LOL - coming from the player who accuses others for being conspiracy theorists.
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  7. "If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck." Every single change NC made recently (except very few) is directly benefiting (or not affecting/affecting temporarily) bots, but seriously punishes legit players. Based on analysis of changes NC made (except introduction of L2 Coin shop, but still, now they reduced drop l2 coins 3x) I'm 95.00% sure NC (or, to be correct - certain NC staff) gets their cut from various adena selling guys. -NeverDwarf
  8. pots/buffs needed for best damage RIM

    If you have an appropriate Aden/Elmore Cloak set yourself up with all your buffs then trigger Wrath of Elmore, etc. against the Pathfinder NPC. Then reset and wait 2-3 minutes. When you log back in start the instance immediately and depending on how fast you are you will have over a minute or so (over 3 minutes if mastery triggers) of the buff remaining to start with and by the time you reach the 7-8th minute or so you can trigger the buff once more. You can stack PoA, Hurricane Shackle or anything useful like this, just time your entrance accordingly. Also If you feel like spending just a little to save time take advantage of the My Teleport Troll Scroll deal and you can port in with the GoG buff for a few minutes .
  9. Price check for clan level 9

    Hello there! I have a clan level 9 with all skills for its level and it has 1/3 of the points needed for level 10. I would like to know what is the price it can fetch if I sell it.
  10. Just normal lv5 buffs/sonatas, lv2 harmony and pom + crippling dance. PoM, Crippling and Sonatas will run out inside, use the selfbuffs for that. You can also use a cocktail, but it's a waste imo for a 10 min instance. Yet the option is there.
  11. Last Attack Tyrr Skill

    It's just a translation error. You do get 21 --> 30% from +1 to +10 and so on.
  12. Hey guys, it should be very common but I could not find any article about enchanting accessories specially Baium Ring, Queen Ants Ring, Antharas Earring and Zaken and Valakas. Can anyone please point me to the right direction? Thank you in advance.
  13. Can we get a real event?? please?

    I'm totally shock. I (Archer) only manage to get a "D" ????!!!!!! in Stage 1. My stuff not the top 5-10% gear....but............with..... +14 Bloody bow (3 Top SA) , Talisman Insanity, Seven Sign, full +10 armor set, all mid-top grade jewel, Abundance talisman......+11 Legendary cloak, Super advance bracelet with 2 top agathion, +5 Noble Circlet Authority... more and more I can see why a lot of players complain about this event. You can't blame them. Which also mean my investment of USD$8-9k in this game came to nothing.
  14. This really needs to be changed back actually. This does not have any consequence for the farmers. They have multiple PC's so the limit only keeps the regular players from keeping up with them. As a non farmer I need multiple parties going, 1 to make Adena and then my main party for XP. Although if you prefer to let us sell mats to the NPC and make it where dwarfs craft SS and not just buy from the shop again I am all for the 10 client limit because then I will not need a party to do nothing but make Adena. Such dumb changes.... All 3 do nothing but help Adena sellers. Makes you wonder if certain people get a cut of their profits.......
  15. @Hime @Juji I know this might hurt lesser geared players, but I'm going to ask anyway. For Challenges Stage 2 and Stage 3 of Rim Kamaloka, please speed up the respawn rates of the mobs. Or better yet, add more mobs. I should not have to wait 3-5 seconds after killing one mob for another to appear. I dispatch them with 2-3 arrows at most, which means most of the time I'm inside Kama I'm twiddling my fingers waiting for something to appear. In a timed instance, waiting is the kiss of death. Hopefully you can make adjustments during next week's downtime. Thanks for listening, I appreciate your time. ~ G.~
  16. Ruin of agony

    bot is released on the server, top 10 uses bot to up and farm
  17. Best Region

    Hi, I am from Egypt >> I just wanna know what best Region I have to play so I can have no lags and also is there a way to show the fps and ms (ping) in the game??
  18. Yesterday
  19. Last Attack Tyrr Skill

    Don't worry, it's only a bug on description, because skill was changed last chronicle, before was 10% base, now base it's 20%, but maybe forgot to update description when skill will be Enchanted. If you test, you not lose the 10% when enchant.
  20. Overall some good points, but you're a little off about the Top Kaliel. First, enchanting a basic Kaliel bracelet to +5, then again to Greater +5, then again to Top +5 isn't a cakewalk for every player. Not hard to enchant, but fail is possible. Some ppl have bad enchant luck and may not care to try. The appeal of Lucien is that the enchants are 100% success all the time. Second, you forgot to mention Crystals of Dawn. You need those to upgrade Kaliel. They aren't cheap -- they cost around 800M in Chronos AH now -- but maybe you get lucky and an event happens where they drop often for free. When all said and done, a +5 Top Level Kaliel can cost 10-15B in the long run. It only seems cheaper, because you probably made it over a period of time like an installment plan. I agree that I would rather have Top Kaliel over Lucien. My Lucien is only +7, but it stays in my WH. I don't use it. Don't care to upgrade it further. Don't really need to.
  21. One more question. Do you know the instance that drop Bracelet enchants? Tks.
  22. Thanks Get, I wont try that definitely lol. I'll follow your remarks and try to get the kaliel one. Thank you very much for your help!
  23. Buy the basic Kaliel bracelet from the Seed Talisman Manager in Aden. They cost 10M and you have to enchant them using Bracelet enchants, which shouldn't cost that much, since they dropped all of the time in a previous event and you can get them as a normal drop from one of the instances. Each enchant level unlocks a bonus. You have to upgrade them once you reach +5 to Greater Kaliel, and then at +5 again to Top Kaliel. At the Top level +5 you get all stats +1 and bonuses to HP (+1000), PDef/MDef (+7%), Patk/Matk (+7%), and Kaliel's Protection, which is a skill that absorbs about 75000 damage for 10 or 15 seconds. I forget which. The Lucien Bracelet cost 100M plus 480 Night frags. The bracelet enchants costs 500M plus 240 Night frags each. Very few people get them to +10 though during a single event period. Good luck if you decide to try.
  24. How can we get one of those Kaliel's bracelet? Tks.
  25. Ok, guys let's calm down. Why is it everyone ignores the obvious? Every DD that I know rolled an ISS for buffs. Every single one. If DD players can roll an ISS for situations that call for it, why haven't you guys rolled a DD for situations like this event and countless others? I don't want to hear, "We shouldn't have to." This game has been around for years and it hasn't changed its approach to support classes. In most events support are operating severely handicapped against DDs. You are smart people and you know this. That wall you keep hitting your head against ain't moving. But you keep ramming anyway. Madness! Stop complaining, go create a DD and make the situation work for you. You can get to 105 in 2 days. In 5-6 hours, if you are willing to buy XP boosts and Abandoned Mine recharges. Give yourself a chance to win. And no, the Lucien Bracelet is NOT the top prize. It's the pricey concession. A Top Kaliel bracelet is better, cheaper, and more easily had. So stop farting around with that. It's not even worth a dry heave, let alone your tears. You should be after bigger game. And if you do win one of those top prizes, then you can use the proceeds to improve your support character, or whatever. But give yourself a fighting chance. Don't expect NCSoft to change their philosophy for you any time soon. Spoiler alert: they won't.
  26. @Juji @Hime can you please check about enchanting in this skill it's a bug or working correctly ? When skill is+0 description says that is "usable when targets HP is 20% or below", but when i start enchant skill from +1 to +15 description is changing to "usable when targets HP is 10% or below" and what this skill give when is enchanted to +++ Thank you !
  27. A mean a self heal skill like everybody have self buffs. LOL! We have pot buff a long time bro! Wait and see. L2 you will be only archer with self buff and self heal skills killing all on macro off!
  28. I mentioned this in the other thread, but no question, most ISS and support are just doing this event for participation points. The mobs are too hard at all levels for them, unless they have top gear.
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