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  2. Atlas earing

    No. Maybe in the future.
  3. So no macro?

    I was gonna write a loong and angry post. but no bleeps will be given. So not gonna waste my time. But atleast you did something for fishing right? Main reason we play this game! /logging off
  4. ISS Dominator out of Party

    ok. the best solution i found was: use Vanguard of Baylor delay 2 or 3 Seconds use all Harmony Buffs use Vanguard of Baylor ----------------------------- On my Main Char i use self Buff Sonatas
  5. Today
  6. just check what will happen in 1-2 months where the stock of r crys to make soulshots will be depleted. people already crushed the r and r95 items, only reliable source of new ones is craft, coz i do not consider 0,1% chance at best reliable. Craft is capped by the drop of the non tradable eather which is also caped at 120, though after 10h straight farm i got no more than 20. not to mention the 60% success rate. So how many days you need to gather the mats to craft, lets say a sigil, crush for ~200 crys and make ss, can you gather the mats to recraft the sigil with the ss crafted by those 200 crys? i can do the math but the quick answer would be NO. Which can lead to a discussion on having surplus adenas to invest on your gear to progress the game. CAN A GM ELABORATE ON THE ECONOMY OF THE SERVER UNDER THIS UPDATE?
  7. bug >?


  9. Atlas earing

    Atlas earing is a reward after a mentee graduates but what happens for us we were 105+ before the new update ? is there a way to obtain it??
  10. So no macro?

    @Juji @Hime How about you give us any updates? Many people including myself have stopped playing since this update released because we wait for new information! The current version of the game is unplayable compared to what we were used at
  11. So no macro?

    https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028788291-What-is-the-new-Automated-Hunting-System- totally screwed us. Main reason i stayed
  12. Underground chests

    Chinese sellers rubbing their hands NC West staff rubbing the top of theeir heads Top spenders getting out new credit cards Mid and f2p players googleing eu l2 server address All categories of players quiting (a few big names included) Looking for transfer service to eu server! I will write to NC Soft HQ about that..
  13. i also have some latency again. its not like lag, its more like it feels u have 500 atk speed less. its not as bad as it was before but still anyoing, and i can see i kill slower as before it seems toons that kill with high atk speed and any kind of dual weapons are more affected, i.e. fists or dualdaggers etc. i realy hope this wont end as it did last time. hope devs will take care of it bit faster this time ....
  14. Essentials

    Hello! As I want to start playing as Aore healer I would like to know essential gear for decent PvE/instances/bosses. If you can provide me with such information it would be appreciated. I tried to find some info but seems like whole subforum about healer is dead and I treat older topic as outdated. Regards
  15. Drop Calculator 2020

    u can only get 120 ether per day... so if u need 2k, u need atleast 18 days getting 120 ether/day so u can try craft 1 60%... new craft system is awesome right? new players that wanna get things "Cheaper" now need farm for atleast 6 months, to try make one set + weapon ;D
  16. So no macro?

    It is inadmissible to make an update on wednesday and today, saturday, we do not have a definitive answer, this seems to be a "go away" for the players of that game and a "stay with me" for bot users. HEY @Juji and @Hime we wait for information and answers !!!
  17. So no macro?

    Hey @Juji and @Hime! We expect a return from our GMs, a minimum of attention and response / updates to our questions. As some players here posted in large quantities, I believe it should be important for you. We are waiting for a response, be it a positive return of the claims presented here or negative so we can look for another game. Please update us
  18. So no macro?

    So my friend! We also expect a return from our GM, but due to the lack of updates from them, it doesn't seem that they care that much about us players. As you mentioned yourself, we are waiting for a response, be it positive return of the claims presented here or negative so we can look for another game.
  19. Looking all the problems this new update brings... im here to list a few that i remember... underground treasure chest : Deleted w/o telling us, according to patch notes, there was nothing that indicates underground treasure chests gonna disapear, now its impossible to new/casual player to get a decent boss jewel, ( considering angel jewel chance to enchant and elcyum price... takes atleast 9 days to try craft 1 angel jewel with 60% chance, untradable ) Adena ninja nerf drop... drop ninja nerf... was supposed to get easier to make bloody/dark r99, since the r110 is way better... but now, 360 eod is quite impossible to get, so u cant make bloody/dark amaranthine weapons... Mentees not getting bonus exp when mentor is online... mentee shop not updated... patch notes said was update a few items in mentee shop... not happened... prices went way up... and adena drop way down... new mats gives no adena... so is getting harder and harder to make adena...
  20. Underground chests

    agree 100% with you.
  21. As i saw price going up on scroll, we all saw that opportunity to farm scrolls in primeval isle, Before patch, poling 1200-1400 mob an hour with 200% drop rune and prestige could give more than 30 Scrolls. Today after patch, the same number of mobs and boost, i literally dropped 3 bracelet and 3 shirt scroll, and 0 Circlet scroll. So idk, was it intended to nerf the rate by 500% ? making more ppl quit? all this game management is so bad (Annother cry post) but if u think about farming there, dont think u'll be rich anymore !
  22. So no macro?

    telme ncsoft whi change macro system ???i love this new ui but macro and auto next target is fail!!!plz dont buy nc coins dont use shop!!!if came back the macro and adena buy nc coins
  23. Lineage 2 remastered

    So will our accounts work on the remastered or we all have to start fresh?
  24. ISS Dominator out of Party

    So i switched my box to ISS Dominator. But i couldn't create a Macro that has Vanguard of Baylor active all the time I don't understand that it's not a toggle Skill =/ Please help me
  25. L2 Store Promo: AGATHION CHARMS

    Anyone got evolving stone from enchant pack?
  26. Hi query that can be done with these items: lesser giant codex greetings and thanks
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