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  2. Event Dragon Weapon Damage

    You guys are completely obvious.... The dragon weapons to be op, you need a completely different build of your toon. When I got my dragon buster I had to rework my setup and in the end I'm doing more damage with the drag wpn, that has no argument, compared to +17 bloody krishna retri with 20% skill power augment....
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  4. What to do after lvl 40

    Pretty much exactly what everyone does is afk until 80 with the high grade starter pack. 40-55+ afk in cruma 55+ afk doom knights, massacre 70+ afk elemental zones You can get by with 1-2 boxes or use buff scrolls. You're not screwed, but there isn't really need for a party so no one does.
  5. Hi. Is dual class the same as compared to the main class? What I mean is if the main class has any benefits or status better than the sub? About the "Race change ticket", can I change my character's base to another character in the same class, or can I only change the appearance with the ticket? Ex: Yull GS to> Yull Sagi, but maintaining the Dark elf appearance? Or the ticket only changes the appearance, but does not change the base? Example: if I am a dark elf tank and I want to switch to a human tank, I would only look like a human, but would I still be a dark elf? Thank u all. Cya
  6. This is a no brainer. Please arrange for GM buffs 3 times a week. Get the NPCs fired up and put them at Fantasy for 4 hours on those days -- 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the evening -- so that everyone gets a chance to get the buffs. Now that would be showing us some gratitude. @Juji @Hime
  7. @Juji, could you maybe recommend to the devs to change this to "P. Critical Damage, P./ M. Skill Critical Damage" in a future update so that us Wynns can have something cheer about ?
  8. Specially because, in this case, the item is not that old. It was introduced as a sub for the aria's stones that, for some reason, are going to be kept.
  9. How to make adena being a beginner

    What's kartias and what is the reward??
  10. oh thanks 1 question, the patch note you post, can be changed? like remove something, or just add more infos?
  11. should offer some kind of conversion to other/new type before removal yeah
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  13. I have a few thousands of Rare Accessory Spirit Stone that i farmed a few years ago. Can @Juji or @Hime explain to me how can you remove items that have some considerable worth without any type of compensation? So now it's ok for players to loose a couple of bill worth in items just because you want?
  14. They are fully aware of the ridiculously imba archer state... 0 effort is put to balance the game... Update after update after update...
  15. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    yeah we saw that in Oly this week @Bubbo you obviously weren't around when players through exploits made free +30 skills or crazy high oe weapons / armors back in C5 / HighFive, all those skills and items got reset to zero by NC so why think this will be resolved any other way ?
  16. You didn't understood my suggestion.
  17. Multi box

    Hi. I have just down loaded on to Giran server. Been playing conquerers blade which was awful and L2 essence what was not for me either and all since the shut down of EU classic Skelth. So questions, if you would be so kind to help with! 1. Can I have multi accounts on the same P.C. 2. What would be the have to have items for a 5 toon party be. 3. Is this a good idea to play 5 toons. What are your suggestion for a new starter on Giran who is willing to splash out maybe $100 for a bit of time consuming fun on this game.
  18. @eXEQ7er I think it's not possible, if I made the crystal illegitimately and then I sold it, would be right to remove the crystal from the unawar person who bought it? Once again we are faced with an ethical problem to wich there is no "right" solution. Surely the inability of the GMs to foresee the situation is the first responsible for the situation. I think the message that must be given must be strong and severely punish those who dared to take advantage of the crystals. I wonder when and how it will be punish these people. They were able to craft lv 10 Shilen without ever the possibility of failing, making fun of the other players and of the NC that provides the restoration system. Is not possible play in a server where people take advantage like this, is not right. I think is right that the servant arises against this problem. @Juji GMs can't hide the problem, the punishment must be exemplary and quick.
  19. They absolutely CANNOT do this. Not even with full boost. 1) Very minimum you need a small pit to make that kind of XP in SoS. There are ZERO exalted toons hunting in any pits. If there are any, they are alts or getting p-lvled. Pits are a hot commodity right now with all of them being taken by strong chars. 2) Outside of pits mobs only "spawn" in groups of 4. Simply not enough mobs to make that kind of XP, even if you are 1-shotting them. 3) It almost seems like you don't know how Evis/Maestro lethal skill works (I'm a 109 Maestro BTW). It's 30% of remaining HP every time it procs; so diminishing returns. At some point you have to finish the mob off with either Last Attack or Auto-Attacks. In exalted gear....... Anyway; tired of arguing with you and, I have ZERO sympathy for all the FOTM archers who are QQing about a TEMP dragon weapon for less than 2 weeks.....
  20. How to make adena being a beginner

    that ends in the next update. That clan quest is being removed.
  21. Which is better?

    Nevermind jewels (not jewelry but that too) and artifact stones change those calcs too.
  22. @Juji should have translated the NC Japan patch notes instead of the collection of Korean ones as that was a summary oh and thanks for the flash sale on Big Vitality & Party Cake Packs!
  23. It will change in next update but 106 - 107 evi's and maestro in exalted gear can get 150 - 175 trillion in 2 hours in SoS. I get 85 - 95 trillion a day with runes in enchanted gear above exalted stats so i have an evi alt that is only in exalted gear with my old pve belt and kills quicker than I do. People rather an evi in IT party or SoS party unless your 110 plus. Gear is irrevelant for maestros and evis as long as they have someone to absorb or heal the damage. I been playing this game for years and there was a time it was possible to be a high end archer without swiping my amex card to be one. I was always in the top 10 for my class for hero when max level was 85. When max level went to 99 i got there took a little longer but I created my own gear and made money to build my toon up. Please explain how you even make a bow for r110 now? Oh waits not possible the amount of ether you need alone for a 60% chance negates that nevermind chanes enchanting it or the billions to make it echanted, then bloody then finally limited. The economy is shot I have tons of things that do not sell. People are trading money for NcCoin items and selling adena. Nothing drops, I made a spoiler figuring maybe some stuff still spoiled not just crystal of soul which I was making money off of till that crashed with all these pay to play events. So without spending at least $1000 a month how do you make high end archer now?
  24. Which is better?

    those tests lack more information like skill OE and lvl of the char and stats on said char as for archer even the amount of DEX will factor here
  25. Event Dragon Weapon Damage

    agree, did the same tests on a stacked Tyr and for PVP/Oly a Stage1 is worth getting but for PVE not really as their dps is less then 10% more then a +21 Limited R110 weapon with the right SA/Augments if they would make it +30% PVP & PVE damage then ofc a Stage1 would be great for any but as it is for PVE it just does not justify the double price tag compared to +20/+21++ R110 weapons
  26. Even better give Red Libra so Archers could change Dual to a better mele class and Max out their Dual HP/certificates, and farm Exalted Quest Items on Dual if they can't AoE well.
  27. And mages not being a mellee makes whole thing non sense.
  28. ?/?//???///? It's hard for EVERY class to get from 105-110 without investing a lot in their toon (or partying with someone who does). Sure an Evis/Maestro in exalted gear can level to 110 faster than an archer but it's still gonna literally take YEARS to do it so what does it matter? You keep bringing up Evis/Maestro; perhaps you should just re-roll and then you'll see that they'll hit a wall like everything else without significant gear upgrades. The point remains; returns on character investment for Yuls is superior to other classes and, it shouldn't be. I'm sorry if low/mid grade archers only enjoy "some" of the benefits of this event; having said that, play your dual or re-roll if it's such a big deal.
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