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  2. The short Items limit in RPG game is just stupid.
  3. so what did the devs say

    Dog goes "woof" Cat goes "meow" Bird goes "tweet" And mouse goes "squeek" Cow goes "moo" Frog goes "croak" And the elephant goes "toot" Ducks say "quack" And fish go "blub" And the seal goes "ow ow ow" But there's one sound That no one knows What do the devs say?
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  5. NC Soft promoting online griefing?

    Hey the PVP when it first started was awesome.. consequences like real life.. you pop when you die was cool.. they wanted you to think about it before you did it - real life mode.. but oh well.. have a day with it.... no one pops.. just pvp all over the place - some think its a waste of time some are having a kick with it. PVP PVE remember that..
  6. Keep the money flowing brah, that'd all you can do.
  7. Up! Can you please remove the limit on the number of items in the inventory that are required to be able to claim rewards, switch class etc????? This is extremely annoying, your event adds soooo many items to the inventory and then it's not possible to claim rewards, switch class etc when need it quick. You even somehow managed to make the Freya's Ice Rose (Event) to take 2 slots in the inventory: 1 from the previous event and the 2nd slot is taken by the item from this event, even thoug they are exactly the same! Oh yeah, in the description of the 1st one it says that it is a dimensional item, but you can't share it via Dimentional Merchant, so not really.... Ugh...
  8. When? It’s been too long, make it happen already, please. @Juji @Hime @everyoneconcernedmakeithappenforgoodnesssake....geeez...
  9. WTB TOP D or C bow ++

    Higher than +10
  10. I play in Naia 4 year. Have clan. Let's say in clan was.. about ~4000 ppl (i every week bring new, and kik old if someone stop play). And from this 4000 - i see just 3 people who get +12 bloody weapon from game... And its just +12 bloody... what is it nothing in this game. Many ways to have fun... But... just very rare have skills to make adena for items.
  11. let's agree to disagree many different ways to have fun in this game and my point was that the stuff I mentioned actually have good parts to it aka it ain't all negative btw minor detail but I play since NA Closed Beta which was in 2003
  12. All chat goes to general chat

    That's an understatement.
  13. New PK System question

    New life to game with defending cursed weapon? I see what you mean, but I just see guy who locked in his fortess and killing his toons for PK. What you gonna do now? I not really do find it as new life, sorry mate.
  14. Hey everyone , as title says ..where could i try to grind up with a lv101 party of S.Knight,Spoil,S.Saint,Ghost Sent,Feoh Storm (got a good weap there for now ) , Iss DoomCry. Thanks in advance ..Got the Adventure lv6 stuff if that's a help to somewhat ..
  15. I will answer... 1 more time ---> You not understand this game. 1. Will be this artifacts - when will come time for this. 2. Most l2 gamers start play this game 10-15y ago. Some in "global", some in illegal servers. Not important where. Important - they like this game. So what is mean - now we have population of gamers 30-60y old. Most like this. So... what its mean? We have private life, we have job, half of use - have family. Now summer - what is mean? Most we want hollydays, to go somewhere, to do something. NOW NO TIME FOR EVENS... Normally events very destructive - using a lot privat life time. 3. Libra buffs etc... bla bla.. Now we have so much buffs - pasive/active... like dyes powder.. new clan skills and etc. 4. And mos fun... "low budget"... Even you know what is it? Im pay for game. Sometimes. Like i say for fun - to try luck. Also im using "prestige pack". What is it prestige pack for 85-105lvl gamers? Its nothing... Adena increase 300%? Its mean you get 10-20kk per day if play aktive/afk with 3 acc. Except some places - you can't get more. Also im active buy/sell gamer. so can make in day 100kk-1kkk. But in middle in day I accumulating 300-500kk.. So what is it? i'm low budget or high?... I know just some people who accumulating adena like I.. I think i'm low bugete... Because except 10-20 gamers in Naia who active buy/sell items from l2 store - all other buy in black market. From whe i know this info? Maybe 1 day I will post my own statistik.. Maybe. 5. And ok... we have now r110 sets. Just 3 weeks - and all people who was have adena make this sets... just 3 weeks.. and just some ppl... People not have adena... Simple.
  16. Heavenly Enchants - Misdirectional Text

    You can use it on anything below +12 for fighter weapons and +7 for mage weapons.
  17. WTB : Vorpal robe set (+ sigil) Elegia robe set (+ sigil) Vorpal LA set Elegia LA set Offer is 1b per set as it's only for my collection. If u wanna sell mail me here or in game (Quenia). Cheers, Q. PS: Price is fixed so no negotiations. If u don't wish to sell in that price please don't waste my time as well as yours πŸ™
  18. Lacks of Tanks

    Hope it does cause l2 has become dull AF.... πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
  19. Quest: way of wandering knight

    Adms, please fix the quest bug, we are all waiting for it to continue the herphah's missions, so we can get good experience. thanks. Its a game with thousand of players, cant have a quest like this to be bugged for more then 2 weeks.
  20. Physical Deffence

    I want see screenshots of "world record" p.deff numbers.
  21. We got the FREE EVENT for 1 days (working without problem) and then u guys canseld it...u said before 6 days we are gonna get pack for free to make it up for the FAIL and that u speak with devs for cake, 1 week passed no news for cake and nothing for free on the store to make it up for the FAIL on the event, in this 1 week the server lost srsly many ppl im sure u can see that it is true if u look your database ppl keep leaving and many more will leave if u guys dont make something fast....u give as all the time p2w event and we give you money but if u make something for free keep it up like that not for 1 day try to fix it not cansel and give p2w event again! TAKE CARE OF YOUR COMMUNITY OR U GUYS AT NC SOFT ARE GONNA BE WITHOUT WORK! me and my clan 40ppl with most of the like me vip4 are gonna leave if nothing happens we wait till end of the month! WE WANT NEWS for 15th Anniversary – The Ultimate Celebration @Juji @Hime
  22. Hero Of Naia 1-2 day after

    just enjoy the eternal war on mobs as both Naia & Chronos are completely 1 sided so for meaningful PVP just go 2x a Month to Dim Siege and fight for Aden castle anything else is just window dressing as it won't change anything of the status quo.
  23. Lacks of Tanks

    strangely enough the new 108+ xp areas like fields of silence / whispers and fafurion temple aren't really party xp areas anymore, leaving Sea of Spores as the last real party xp place which party xp got actually nerfed so yeah atm it's rough going for any non ISS support to get past lvl 108+ long story short this issue isn't limited to only tanks and hopefully next update will provide more real party xp areas ps, next update also will boost Tanks skill damage (and that of many other classes) so duo xp at say fields of silence or alligators island should deffi be possible then so keep the faith ^^
  24. Expertise Runes

    there are no more grade penalties so yeah.. at the moment you can exchange existing runes for I think xp runes & powerfull fish at the fishing npc.. btw powerfull fish = elcyum powder which is worth alot these days
  25. Red Libra offers many things for ppl with zero to low budget like for example 8hr buff which is better then Freya ICE so more of that is always good imho on the Artifact system I guess you don't fully understand what that's about as even a set of +0 items will give a boost when equipped in Artifact book, for example lv.2 gives Damage +5%, damage received -6% <- aka great boost even for players with low budget!! most of the Artifact items focus on boost for defense, it doesn't add any new skill power / damage crap only a bit of p/m attack which ain't that crazy compared to all the other stuff https://l2wiki.com/Artifact_System and on the Agathion system I just point out that for some odd reason we never got the full update as the perma agathion charms were never implemented, something Juji said we would get eventually some time this update so who knows..
  26. Pk services

    If said bots are botting using L2 built-in bot then simply attacking it and standing next to it will cause him to flag him self on you then you can wipe the floor with him and get free pvp point. If they are using paid bot then only pking is the option.
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