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    We had so much fun for the past week or two - can we just forget today has happened and roll back to our classicish lineage2 that we enjoyed so much? Sincerely, All
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    Max will join ds once again this coming week. Who want to cast rune can come and take it, we have no interested in holding that castle. Let make Lineage great again and take some of the cancer away. Also we do not make video that 2 hours long into 3 min long to show how great we are.
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    Hello All, We are aware of the issue with the low Adena and item drops from monsters. The dev team is working to send a fix for this issue to revert back the previous changes we made last November to Adena/Drops. Apologies for the inconvenience! Thank You!
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    @Juji requesting for you guys to bring back this item, with the appearance of stage 2 and stage 3 dragon weapons the survivability of most players have become even way lesser and after you remove this item's availability in ncstore it's even worst so if you can kindly put it back as a normal item in ncstore just like the valiant scrolls that will be appreciated.
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    I created my main account with an open beta key in April of 2003. Let's see what we can remember. C1- Instant cast 100% land rate sleep and other debuffs, damage doesn't break sleep. LE archer too fast to catch C2- Dagger skills completely ignore pdef, 1 shot everyone. Healers don't flag while healing flagged people. C3- Cancel removes every buff Aura flare spam 2 shots everyone C4- Focus Drac bow completely ruins the game when combined with CoV and baium/aq crit damage increase. Crit everyone for 8k damage with a bow normal attack. Necro paralyze has 100% land rate, instant cast, 30second duration. nuff said hero bow doesnt have focus and cancel sticks lol C5- Nerf the shit out of mages even more cause you can stack every resistance buff to get 90%+ elemental resist. I was permanent sorc hero at the time so I was very salty about this. IL - Add augments and mages can now get 100% mcrit rate with passive wild magic and valakas. Watch some videos of that Teon hero SH from X alliance mcritting archers for 300 damage with 100% mcrit rate due to elemental resistance stacking. CT1 - add Vortex busters and element, thereby bypassing the resistance crap and mages with 100% mcrit rate now hit everyone for 20k damage 100% of the time. Added seal of blockade making everyone else completely worthless 100% of the time. None of you remember this?
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    I just noticed today that EU 4Game rolled out Secret of The Empire update in March 2019 with the same patch notes except new Teleport system, Auto Hunting System and they kept the 1st and 2nd class transfer quests. NC SOFT WEST Please consider rolling back these features. Thank you.
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    When the enchant dagger has failed, you can not continue the quest, the blacksmith of Mammon does not give you a new dagger or scrolls. It does not help to remove and re-take quest.
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 5 a.m. PDT / 7 a.m. CDT / 8 a.m. EDT / 1400 GMT+2 will be unavailable for approximately 8 hours. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance, migration, and application restarts will be performed. The Secret of the Empire update will go live. Oriana’s Lucky Draw event will end and all event related items will be removed. The 15th Anniversary Server Boost settings will be removed. Baium’s Mystery Box will remain in the L2 store for one week. The Newbie Pack in the L2 Store will be updated to include all Moon armor sets. Any player that claimed a Newbie Pack before the 5/15 maintenance will automatically get a serial code to apply on the account management page by 5/17 with the following items: Scroll: Summon Storm x3 - Fills you with Storm Energy, granting +50% XP and SP gain bonus for 2 hours. Cooldown: 2 hours. Storm Energy does not disappear after character's death. Can only be used from Level 1 to Level 40. Scroll: Summon Storm x3 - Fills you with Storm Energy, granting +50% XP and SP gain bonus for 2 hours. Cooldown: 2 hours. Can only be used from Level 40 to Level 51. Storm Energy does not disappear after character's death. Can be combined with Irene' Hourglass and XP/SP Runes. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates. P.S. Hime is working on the patch note so I posted this maintenance notice for her!
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    nope, if you as a game master, administrator or whatever you are, if you say "next week we post the patchnote", then change this to "on 14th" and then again nothing theres a problem. we are not talking about a minor maintenance of the server, we are talking about a BIG UPDATE, BIG CHANGES and releasing the patchnote some hours after the update, you make ppl angry cause they cant prepare for the new things or some ppl who dont read the forum,, never understand for ex the new guild system or why ppl lvl 40 are wearing R grade set instead of C grade, or why exalted quest change so much when you are stuck on DIM raids for exp... btw if you compared real life with a forum of a game, you are the one with serious problems
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    Not going to go in to an insulting spree with you. Just to clarify, in my personal opinion is not the GM's luck of trying. I am sure they are trying their best with the resources they have. However is it an understatement when I say that the result feels unprofessional? Again, not gonna answer to any further insults from you but in my professional life I always deliver what I promise on time and up to the expectations to the end customer. This account is not new btw...thanks
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    Hello fellow Players, and Staff, We need reliable and official drop / spoil database for NC west L2 classic. First of all, NC Korea has official database, and we have not. Secondly, we cannot trust NC Korea official database (via web translation) because they play thoroughly updated version of classic. Thirdly, we cannot trust l2 wiki EU database, because it is unreliable. NC Korea model with abstact drop / spoil table would be sufficient. Probability rates are, of course, good to know, but secondary matter. All the best, LyNoTex
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    here patch notes: https://www.lineage2.com/news/fafurion-update-patchnotes
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    Let's secretly peek into NC West office: HIME: "Juji, can I post the link to the patch notes now? You know I already finished everything a good 3 weeks ago!" JUJI: "Nah, not yet. Look how they are posting and trembling and shaking, it's so cute." ...10 Minutes later ... HIME: "erm Juji, can I, now, please?" JUJI: "Nope. Look, BobOrc is already sweating, rofl lolz! Let's just wait a little bit more HIME. You know what happens after we give 'em the link, right? They will complain, cry, demand, cry more, point out all our mistakes and errors to cause us extra work... not fun. So I'm really not in a rush, let's post it tomorrow right before downtime, so they cannot respond in the forum for a while. Good plan 'eh!?"
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    Umm so where does classic figure into that?
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    It means Level 1-85 experience will be fairly quick with less than 1-2 days at most to get to 85. Subclasses will not be deleted in this update. See above. No more Top-grade or S80-grade. Freya and Zaken will now drop R95 weapons, Gemstone (R-grade), Sealed Cloaks, Boss Jewels, and their Hats. Antharas is still available to fight in our version. Fortune Pockets will not be deleted according to the script I received. You can no longer acquire the Fortune Pockets through hunting anymore after the update. We are not getting the instant Level 85 Balthus Knights system, but the 1-85 experience will already be heavily accelerated. +10 Dark/Bloody Weapons + additional fees for R110 upgrade. Still discussing with Dev about the Armor upgrade as we do not have the required items in our version.
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    We should have a Brooch event, I agree with that, but the main thing is that we need a - REVAMPED ONE. In a matter of few days FAFURION + PRELUDE OF WAR updates will hit us hard, many new character upgrades will be introduced, most of which will cost hundreds of billions of Adena. Seems here in our servers ( NCwest - Naia/Chronos ) we have the worst situation with the Brooches. Many players have already said brooch jewels here cost like 5 times more than on EU/RU servers, for Korea I have no idea, probably someone can give info about it. If this is true it means - For the price of 1 Greater jewel on our servers you get 4-5 greater in other L2 official servers, this is not serious and it is an abuse in my opinion. We need a revamped promo + a way to obtain exact jewel a player needs for much lower price. 200bil for Greater stone.. not rly viable for 99% of the community, am I wrong ?? 150 boxes with random jewels for 16 000 Ncoins is a terrible Value! To me 150 boxes for 4000 Ncoins + good chance of getting a lvl 4 jewel out of those sounds reasonable before getting FAFURION + PRELUDE OF WAR updates. Also Introduced to L2store should be a way to obtain any kind of jewel you need + a way to get them with adena and materials or smtg like that for many of the lower tier players, who at this very moment have no way of getting these items.
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    When server transfers will be opened back?
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    Would require ONLY 1 active in-game gm, and I can say this again i volunteer to do this job for free!
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    Now lineage2 classic is fine with every content comes up The problem is right now is some problem with funchtion and rmt seller behavior All Real money sell player is pking casual player that buy ncoin like us in every field By Elemental master (Or all summoner class ) because chaotic characters can move freely with new function teleport i know this is content from l2 classic kr but in some way you should fixed it All pvp now is about elemental master class they can mount and control their summon at the same times / distance between summoner and summon is very far with a good buff no touching to summoner Please looking into this l2 classic is dying because this broken balance RMT seller use this imba summoner not to let anyone field farm in this games and that will broke people to quit and server is gonna be less fun every single day IN MY OPINION MUST FIX RANGE BETWEEN SUMMON AND SUMMONER RANGE THAT ALLOW SUMMON TO ATTACK TARGET MUST FIX THAT IF WHILE SUMMONER MOUNT SUMMON ACTION WILL NOT ALLOW TO USED MUST FIX TELEPORT THAT CAN'T BE USE WHILE IN COMBAT OR CHAOTIC CHARACTERS THANK YOU hope you hear our voice sometimes you can looking into this problem in games @Juji
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    Maybe you don't know how to use it if there is multiple target around you, the target u will heal will receive maybe 10% heal and the peoples around will receive 30% healing. always been like that with chain heal dont target the guy u wanna heal but someone next to him if u want to heal "30%" of HP
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    She's at 96.9940% I'm sitting here at my desk watching my level 36 Palus Knight Champagne kill bright red reinforced stone golems because she's wearing B grade armor and wielding a Bow of Peril w/ an infinite quiver. . Behind her my level 48 Cleric (never did the class change was too worried about the time to do the quest) and Shilen Elder (didn't have to do a tedious class change quest because the game let me click her straight to SE) are buffing and healing at regular intervals by a predefined macro script I tweaked exactly perfect for this area. The funny thing is I'm actually a little bummed I didn't take the time to do those class change quests now... I'll never get to read that quest line. Have you actually sat and read the Class Transfer Quest lines? Some are pretty dark.. anyways, I've gotten this little setup so good under the Ivory Tower I've been able to let it roll all day since 8:00am this morning. No DEATHS! Except for when apparently I came back from lunch and someone had PK'd me deliberately. I just kinda laughed about that, rez'd to clan hall, popped open my teleport map and I was back to automated farm mode within two minutes. Heck, even the experience loss didn't bother me at all, whatever I'd lost, I'd get back. Didn't really matter much since all I had to do game wise was get my characters into position and flip the switch as it were. My Cleric and SE are in B grade armor now, I was saving that for when they hit level 52. It was a mini-goal along with several others I'd had planned out to keep myself busy. But after the patch just like my Palus Knight you can just slap that stuff right on and go to town... It felt good seeing them get to wear the armor for about 5 minutes, but it kind of sucked at the same time too. Half of the fun was going to be JUST getting them to level 52.. my main out leveled them long ago, hardly ever used them but I was still managing to get a few percents here and there. IT was gonna HAPPEN! I had a lot of other various characters as well, I event spent a bit of adena on over-enchanting some high D grade weapons to help them along. I got a couple +10's that were painful and a few +8's that just surprised me, it was fun and rewarding to get them to those levels though. I made them, and felt pretty attached to them as they were some damn good weapons for D grade! But now, today, they could take that BOP out and lay waste to anything using that instead. Those weapons are useless now, along with all other D grade gear I had amassed to gear out my many low-level project characters, kinda like Champage, remember the Palus Knight... she's at 98.3539% since I started writing this... Anyways, yea the point of all this. It really is amazing just a few little commands and some timed heals can keep this character going for 15+ hours, I mean the experience isn't super amazing but still, she hasn't died ONE damn time. There are tons of other people around me, nobody seems to care, we're all hitting the same mobs just "grinding" away... Oh, I'm up like 200k also, didn't have to use any soulshots on this area and with an infinite quiver its just bank! I even got a Chakram edge... no point in making it but I got it! I know I've said a lot but I really don't have much to say other than. There's no point in wearing Brigadine Armor for your new little level 20 Alt character, having to run through Giran and find that damn helm. 99.514% I laughed about the guys name but already I forgot who PK'd me, I wasn't mad, that death didn't matter, I wasn't there and even if I was, I would just get the experience back anyway. 99.7872% I've been playing for 15 hours 99.9893% This will be the first level in 15 years of playing this game that's not mine. DING! You killed this game's soul in one day.
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    Can you look at forgotten skills lv1 to lv5, the price for lv1 is supposed to be 10m and it is 40m at the moment, and it doubles for each level.. lv1 is 40m / 10m lv2 is 80m / 20m lv3 is 160m / 40m Lv4 is 320m / 80m Lv5 is 640m / 160m Kinda huge difference to what it is supposed to be and hoping for a refund for this bug
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    lf info about Sea of spores and elven and all areas which we are farming ! low adena rates , low xp/sp rate after update what is wrong with the mobs did they get nerf or shoulb be increase in this areas ! i spend full boost from l2store that i paid with my money to get 1% in 4 h at 106 ?? @Juji lf answer
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    i'm with you on this one... i can't get the knife after he broke
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    This is an updated Known Issues thread. If you do not see an issue listed here, don't be alarmed. We are still working though and adding information to this thread. If you are still experiencing the resolved issues, be sure to restart your client and update via the launcher. Some issues may take longer to resolve as it may require a patch. Known Issues: The Fall of Etina (Solo) Instance link is missing on the Leona NPC. Adding a Dual Class for Ertheia gives you 0 SP. The Dark Krishna Weapons have a localization error in the description mentioning that they do damage against NPCs instead of PCs. The Limit Barrier raid boss buff disappears for 3 seconds if 600 hits do not land after 15 seconds. Cursed Sword users will show up with no name if they send a World Chat message. Storm Isle content is present on the map, but this event content is not available. (DO NOT TRY TO EXPLORE THIS AREA AS YOUR CLIENT WILL ERROR OUT AND WILL PREVENT YOU FROM LOGGING IN) Monsters in Field of Whispers/Silence have a short aggro range. Several consumables and buff items cannot be used with the Auto Hunting system. Blacksmith of Mammon no longer gives the Lady's Ornamental Knife for the Luck Befitting of the Status quest. The link to extract a Soul Crystal from a weapon is missing from the Blacksmith NPC. Advanced Shader effect setting shows Black Textures on mounts, items, and transformation skills. Turn it off to remove the blank texture. Divine Protection Elixirs can no longer be crafted through recipes after the Phoenix Blood item was removed from the Grocer NPC. Kamael specific weapons (Pre-Level 85) cannot be converted back since the conversion skill was removed during the update. Please send a ticket to support if you have this issue. The 3 client per PC restriction is not working.
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    Rollback and we forget this ever happened.
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    Man I'm super stoked that the brightness thing has finally been fixed. I gave up hope on that at least 4 years ago because of the age of the game. Showed me wrong
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    Anyone know how to do etina solo? Leona blackbird in front of atelia refinery teleport don't know anything about. Also Leona blackbird in outlet too (only party). I didn't check Leona blackbird in HB jet, i gave up lol.
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    Yep. If they don't undo this patch. I think that might be all for me. And Im sure im not speaking only for myself.
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    Naia server is up now! Just waiting for Chronos to finish loading.
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    I have to agree unfortunately. This update felt a little bit sad to me, I was looking forward to coming home today after work to do my first class change with my new Spell Singer ^^ and that was so quickly taken away from me. I understand your desire NC soft to make sure players are happy and that they feel progression. But for those who want a faster pace lineage 2 where quest are streamlined and gear given to them, they have the "regular" servers. I used to play lineage 2, 15 years ago, I thought it felt really refreshing to be able to play on these classic servers again. Sure, everything is slower, xp, adena, walking ^^ but the seance of accomplishment and satisfaction for rewards are so much higher, because you worked harder for them. You have a great opportunity here to make everyone happy, have the regular and classic servers so no matter your preferred play-style, everyone has somewhere to go~
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    @Hime Is there a downloadable file of the Fafurion patch notes? Pretty odd to only have it available on the web page.
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    The night before a major update and no patch notes. Again. Wish I could say I'm surprised, guys, I really, really do...
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    Today is the day, but knowing how ncsoft have done patch notes in the past, if they are posted today, it probably wont be until 1/2 - 3/4 of the day is over.
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    Please +1 if you would like this issue fixed. So the 15th anniversary reward for 15 year old players today was a raid master outfit, which can neither be destroyed or put into your warehouse. With all the gear in this game, my toon is almost always 120/184 inventory. Yet to switch class I need to be down to 95 inventory. Switching class from main to dual class, something that should be simple is very difficult. This is very annoying mechanic to the game that I feel can be easily fixed. Can I get some support? Maybe the Dev team can look into this. This 95/184 cap, makes it difficult to keep buying gear. And the most bound items added to my toon the worse the situation gets. Pretty soon Top players will not be able to switch class. This is a very simple quality of life issue, ncsoft can fix. We just need to tell them as a community that it is important to us that they fix this.
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    This isn't a Classic Server anymore, congratulations, you've ruined it.
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    Something like Jewel Fragments as reward from Faction Boxes?
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    i only play at events, i'm lv 61 and started on day 1, there is no rush, it's only a game haha
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    w8ting,L2 player cant be in real life long time
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    Epic party, woke up next morning in las vegas!
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    Hello all, Our team is currently investigating the issue. Please bear with us in the meantime!
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    I find complainers of macro loops typically have NO IDEA how hard a truly afk 24/7 party is. I have a lot of experience in this field so let me shed some light on this. 1. Macro loops only allow 12 Lines of code. How many lines? 12. Yes, only 12 lines. 2. To be truly 24/7 *afk* ISS requires /target as 1 line and harmony as 2nd line, that's 2 lines used out of 12 for 1 character buff. Without buff, no macro afk can survive unless you're in an area that's get nearly no useful xp. ISS can buff itself out of MP unless /delay line is used, so that's 3 lines robbed to buff 1 character right off the bat, leaving you with 9 lines to deal with other chars and rest of the buffs. NOT EASY. 3. Let's do the math: if your party has maximum of 3 people, that's 6 lines used and 1 additional line for /delay <seconds>, that's 7 lines. 5 lines for rest of the buff, you have to sacrifice 2 buffs and this is without POM. 3 people party 24/7, you probably could get only 1 DD, 1 healer and 1 ISS. This is probably the most popular model since you just need a single laptop. 4. I run a 7 party system within the legit rules of ncsoft and here are the challenges: a. Mode1 (Not AFK): I have a non-afk BOOSTER macro that will give harmony to characters that normally doesn't get harmony in a persistant 24/7 mode. b. Mode2 (orgasmic AFK 24/7/365 Dreamland): This afk long flight mode can only give 2 characters harmony, that means I have to think about 5 characters not receiving harmony... and for most people, that means PARTY DEATH. Out of 12 lines, 1 line is used for /delay loop, leaving only 11 lines. 2 lines to /target 2 chars harmony, 9 left. 2 lines to actually give harmony those 2 characters, 7 left! 2 lines to give POM to these harmony chars, 5 left! Of the 7 possible buffs from ISS, I have to eliminate 2. And 5 of my characters don't have harmony, including tanks and healer. 5. other considerations: PK scammers. PK scammers are like parasites within your blood stream, they exist as a natural evolution to the imperfect ncsoft development's code loophole. Be as it may to bleep and moan, it's a reality that we 24/7 orgasmic-addiction Dreamlander have to face. You as the survivable of the fittest want a private life to spend quality time to enrich your life, like romance, sex, career that rewards you with self esteem, social status and money to buy a house or multiple houses, etc. All that in a given 24 hours, takes time. What if in that 24 hours, you only have 1 hour to play because you deem your RL (real-life) more important than this game? So you adapt or quit. In the face of real botting programs, that has infinite lines of code, with sophistication of infinite if-then-else statements and programming conditions, including auto brez, etc., we're faced with a real challenge of collapsing the entire game community. so NCsoft took action and adopted Blizzard Entertainment's Artificial Intelligence breakthrough and NCsoft HQ wrote a paper on exactly using the latest artificial intelligence to help combat bot programs. It's job is to help crunch mass data to home-in on a A.I. like pattern of gaming that's outside of the norm of possible in-game code capability. Although this A.I. detection algorithm is relentless and capable, it will also detect macro loopers orgasmic-addiction Dreamlanders like me but they will make me the exception because I did not use any advanced features of outside programming. My macro loop is very fragile, like I said, nearly no buff, no harmony, you go try it yourself and you'll know how hard it is when mobs, cast instant death spells, stuns your entire party and pull you away from your location... all these factors can down your party just like that... It's horrendously difficult, if it were so easy... all those complainers would do it if they could - THEY COMPLAIN because it's hard and they can't do it, watching others FEW who could do it... Anyways, back to the PK scammers. They're a natural evolution of parasites. I'll tell you, there is nothing you can do, single target, next target mobs only, or whatever you think you can self /target at the end of macro or beginning, it doesn't matter. You WILL BE scammed by PK scammers because I believe they employ illegal software to time it so perfectly, they will exploit the loophole. Now, the scammers don't give a shit about getting banned, their account are only there temporarily. Just like the gun control laws, who suffers? all the legal law abiding citizens suffers. the criminals will get guns whether it's the law or not, same with these scammers... they will use illegal 3rd party program to PK drop your Greater Jewels and other insane pieces because they're criminal. They can only hurt law abiding citizens because the only way to combat those PK scammers is to use similar intelligent 3rd party software to auto detect a scammer nearby by virtue of the actions they're performing on me and stop the macros, but we can't use that... and the criminals knows that. Some will claim you don't need a 3rd party program to scam, whatever. My primary point is clear, for legit people with macros - life is not as easy as you think. All the whiners and complainers, get on the program and try macro it yourself. If you really can afk 24/7 macro loop yourself and YOU DECIDE in your F HOLINESS that you choose NOT to, then come see me. Because I guarantee you if you COULD, you would. You complain because the restrictions of the macro system make it so it's DIFFICULT and either you're under-geared or under-leveled or without patient to tinker with the macro system that's freely available to you to try. 6. Loser mentality. To be a winner in real life, make no excuses for your sorry ass state and learn the rules of engagement that makes successful people successful and do and apply them in game. Lineage2 is a mirror sandbox of real life because it mostly free and loosely monitored, just like the real world. When I started Lineage2 back in 2004, I was making barely above poverty income. Over the years, I have seen people let this game got the best of their career and marriage, crashed and burn either or both of them. I am focused on what are the fundamental plate I wish to build my future on and that is, no matter what, I will never let this game or anyone or anything affects my education, studies or my career and I have a laser focus to get ahead in life. I've have had to quit Lineage2 seven times in the last 15 years, from 2 months to 2 years, but never over 2 years and last 5 years, I have not quit unless I go on extended vacation like one I recently had - 2.5 months of total hands off. I even lost my clan hall ROFL, I bought it back then. Curse myself. Anyways... the point is, be responsible for yourself, take full responsibility for anything that has happened or else if you haven't learned your lesson, the universe will come haunt you over and over again, until you do. 7. I am grateful to NcSoft. This sounds kind of dumb but it's true. A grateful heart goes a long way in life and so I want to give thanks for NCSoft despite how much money they have earned or literally kind of abusing us, it's all free will. They didn't force you at gun point to buy Nc Coins did they? So when I think back of all the good memories and experiences of each tier of challenge and our creative ways to try to overcome those difficulties, I see it as one of life's biggest training and using a game platform, which happens to be a MMORPG platform to do so, I am grateful for the expansive meaning it brings. I don't know if my real world income increases many folds has anything to do with this game or not, or the success comes from a set of methodology of successful habits applied everywhere, I know memories - not things are the only thing you can take with you when you die. Because of that, creating good memories are some of my most sought after focus in life, I will pay great price for "time" and for the "opportunity" to create great memories. This is a little beyond the game but just sharing with you that being grateful is a habit and this habit will lead to the "best probable futures" if there are 5 doors in front of us and each door represent worse probable future to the best probably future. The right door will open in alignment with your energetic projections, positive or negative. GhostintheShell / Kannouteki (original LE female archer from Seighardt)