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    Hello All, We have received a lot of feedback about your frustrations with the recent Tales Untold update. We understand where it’s coming from, and have been actively working with the Dev team to address your concerns. The first of the direct changes we will implement on September 2 is the Mysterious Attribute Herb, a high drop-rate buff item in hunting zones, which boosts hunting efficiency and negates the recent increase to monster attribute defense. This should make it easier to hunt and gain XP. When picked up by any party member, it will provide the following buff to all party members within a certain distance: Attack Attribute +150 and PVE Damage +10% for 30 minutes The Mysterious Attribute Herbs will drop from monsters in these hunting zones: Tanor Canyon Fafurion Temple Wasteland Atelia Fortress Storm Isle Silent Valley Garden of Spirits Alligator Island Phantasmal Ridge Enchanted Valley Ivory Tower Crater Field of Silence Giant’s Cave Breka’s Stronghold Tower of Insolence Superion Fortress Primeval Isle Swamp of Screams Harnak Underground Ruins Isle of Prayer Abandoned Coal Mines Cruma Tower Forest of Mirrors Imperial Tomb Desert Quarry Dragon Valley Sea of Spores Atelia Refinery Fields of Massacre Forest of Spirits Plunderous Plains Sel Mahum Training Grounds Isle of Souls - Stronghold 1 Field of Whispers Plains of the Lizardmen During this Wednesday’s maintenance, we are also extending the Letter Collector event to September 16, giving you two more weeks of rewards. The Red Libra event is also making its grand return for one month! We are also working with the Dev team to move up the release of the Varka Silenos Barracks and Ketra Orc Outpost hunting zone renewal. The details of these Lv. 112 party hunting zones are still being arranged, and we are aiming for a mid- to late- September release. This schedule may change as COVID-19 continues to impact development timing and scheduling. Thank you for all your feedback, we will continue to work with the Dev team on it, so please let us know your experience with the September 2 changes here on the forums.
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    And those of us that are lower than 110 keep getting kicked under the bus! So damn sad. We need help too!
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    You take down my posts and censor players now? Nice work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBnazBMrldY https://www.youtube.com/c/Clobberstomped/community CENSORED by NCWest! You cannot censor me. All the information is on my channel for all to see the truth about your company and now it operates. I have literally done nothing wrong and only pointed out your own faults. The truth hurts doesn't it?
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    KKK, do you think someone with two grams of brain would spend a $ here. This used to be a free to play game where you only bought cosmetic stuff. Now all the shit you want that a player needs is for sale at the L2STORE store. Such an idiot can only be said by someone who has been playing this game for a short time. Please visit https://eu.4game.com/lineage2al and compare the difference. Cheers lol
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    NCWest - watch this. https://youtu.be/fBnazBMrldY Due to your lack of care and empathy for players and to their quality of life on the server I will never return to the world of Lineage 2. You have constantly nerfed areas, consolidated players into singular zones for overcrowding, taken away quality of life from players, focused on money grabbing events from the L2 Store, and overall made players lives within Aden worse and worse over time. Furthermore there has been an issue with lag for melee for months and months if not years there has been an consistent failure to address. This is unacceptable for how much many players put into your pockets. Also your lack of transparency and failure on updates and notifications along with these ninja nerfs with no mention is a clear lack of care to the community and it’s many players. I have made the long needed decision to leave and never promote or return to your game. Good riddance. Fix your shit or lose the remaining players you do have left. Good Day, Clobberstomp Annnnd by the way you’re welcome for the long term promotion and continued effort to bring back old school players and new ones to your game. My final words on that video, since I doubt you and your unequipped, inept and useless team won’t watch it, are that no one play your game and all should leave. Best of luck to you. Listen to your players or you’ll soon reach the fate of no longer having any. Peace!
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    U are so funny, u totally destroyed the game for the 99,99% of the players population, and u are asking for a constructive opinion ... are u kidding us? theres not a single post or opinion in all the forums from no one, saying good job NCWEST; but that´s not new, all the last updates from long time are based on nerf´s, nerf on drops, nerf on adenas, nerf on anything that means the chance to be able to make game playable without investing real money on your ncstore; and now the new great idea u got is to nerfed the amount of mobs of many places ... really?????? i´m really curious who was the retard who had such a great idea .... U had been never listening players constructively thoughts from long time ago ... Theres a constructively thought anyway, just a couple left .... 1st all the DEV team quit your jobs and go away ... or 2nd I´LL QUIT THE GAME!!! won´t see u anymore NCWEST, GZZZ for totally destroy an, in old times, great game. P.D. From an old player who had been playing since 2006 ... enough ty!
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at 5 a.m. PDT / 7 a.m. CDT / 8 a.m. EDT / 2 p.m. GMT+2 and will be unavailable for approximately 3 hours. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed. The Tower of Insolence Lower Levels Recharge Passes will be removed as previously mentioned. The Letter Collector event will end and the following items will be removed from players' inventories: All Letters Letter Collector’s Pouch: TALES Letter Collector’s Pouch: ALL Tower of Insolence Lower Levels Recharge Stone Rare Accessory Pack (Underground) Greater Rare Accessory Pack (Underground) Soul Bottle Pack (Underground) Soul Crystal Coupon Pack (Underground) Hair Accessory Pack (Underground) Attribute Stone Pack (Underground) Greater Attribute Stone Pack (Underground) Enchant Scroll Pack (Underground) Greater Enchant Scroll Pack (Underground) Lucky Enchant Stone Pack (Underground) Greater Lucky Enchant Stone Pack (Underground) The Mystery Box in the L2 Store will be available for 1 final week. Red Libra September Event will continue for 2 weeks. Ketra Orc Outpost and Varka Silenos Barracks have been renewed as Lv. 111~112 Party Hunting Zones. The renewed zones have been updated on the Teleport menu under the Town of Goddard. All Ketra/Varka monster drop tables have been scaled up to Lv. 112 and the Mysterious Attribute Herb has been added. The combat abilities of monsters in these areas will increase at night time. All monsters are party specialized, which means you can obtain further XP from them when in a party of 5 or more. Known Issue: Exalted Quest reward items are not working yet for the renewed zones and the issue has already been reported to the Dev team to resolve. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    @Juji, @Hime Bare with me as I point out a few issues with L2 Classic. Classic turned out to be a bit different the most of us remembered. Skills were different i.e. Raging Force did not reduce HP when used, Frenzy did not scale when HP dropped below 60% or 30%, Soul Crystals vs Classic SA's (here did 30%HP go, Conversion, etc go), Summoners are the nuker and melee of choice (super OP, not a balanced class), No noble or subclass available so no way to buff NOBLE…every time you die you lose all your buffs (Noble buff was never added to the game, it was part of the Castle items you could get from the Castle….but then you took all castles away except one …Giran). Raid boss jewelry statistics were diminished and the actual jewel was not the original l2 stats…the boss jewel were watered down, you needed 4 regular AQ rings to make what was still a slightly less than what I remember jewels being on the Live version (granted I have a Tauti Ring and a Ring of Creation..so couldn't compare). But you would think that since you need 4 to make a full ring, or 8 in the case of a lvl 4 AQ ring, that you would make the drop rate 100%. That would make killing the boss and equipping members something doable for an alliance of lets say 100 peeps more manageable and people wouldn't grow old waiting to get their epic jewelry. Instead the drop rate was maybe 20% for all boss jewels. One of the first implementation of NCSOFT tweaking drop rates to create an artificial scarcity, that would later be used to promote P2W sales that had Epic jewelry as possible rewards. The addition of cloths to unseal A and S grade for no apparent reason then to create more of a grind and "encourage" the player base to buy into some events that had cloths etc. Your Ancient Kingdom cloaks, their effects were watered down from live version… my +7 Elmore Cloak on live has 50% PVE damage for 2mins as opposed to 30% pve dmg for the same cloak… I will try to capture most, not all of what should be and can be fixed within the L2 Classic game. Constant changing of the game. One of the problems have been your constant changing of the GAME to include the Rewards received at certain levels. For instance, you used to receive Elemental Stones from a quest line that introduced you to every elemental zone and awarded Elemental Stones (Fire, Earth, Wind, Water); Used to receive all the chapter books 1-4 for achieving lvl 80-84 for the lvl 80 CODEXs; Castle Sieges…. There were a few of them, Oren, Dion, Giran, Aden… Changed and reduced to ONLY one castle. With the addition of the Kamael Patch you really did some negative changes to the game; You destroyed the cancel ability, Steal Divinity, , this allowed for countless hours of griefing epic bosses and regular bosses by Buffing the boss. We no longer had the ability to remove buffs. Epic raid bosses were made so that block wind walk, block shield, and some other debuffs would no longer land on them.. And to make things worse you Beefed up Baium's Aoe and Antharas pdef… Epic Baium and Antharas became undoable. 6 months Later we discovered we could do Baium by putting all support for the titan/gk/tank/Super summoners where Cherub Galaxia spawns and send only those classes up to hit Baium (while using debuffers to run in and run out (Stigma, Necro) Zaken was taken out of of his raid instance and spawns outside his boat. No issues but you allowed him to be resettable… who ever had aggro could pull him through the tunnels till he respawned at his spawn point with full health. This led to months of griefing on our server. People quit the game b/c of this issue…. He is the only resetable epic raid boss in the game (I have video of Baium being taken out of his floor but YOU supposedly fixed that../shrug) Removed the Cancel Target effect from the following skills-Stunshot, Bluff, Trick, Auraflash, ShieldBash, Shadow Step and a few others… Why would you remove these skills? Fishing- Changed from giving buffs and exp scrolls to I don't know what? Does anyone really fish on Classic. I can fish on live, but then again I use Fancy Fishing Rods. Removed the ability to see buffs and debuffs on raid bosses and Player characters- This is a detrimental change to the game. It has been brought up numerous times and has not been fixed Removed the names of Summoner pets. You have no idea the name of the PC who owns the pet. Kamikaze Incognito pets of death! The Auto hunting feature and repeating macro. The auto hunting and repeating macro system was introduced to L2 Classic after it started. The first system was like the one on live, but then you changed our auto hunting feature with the winter of war update. @Juji The auto hunting feature- What is the intent of this feature, was it meant to be used in a party situation- how do I heal?, or cure paralysis with auto reuse? There are very few spots that this is useable in Classic due to the small concentration of mob spawns, unlike on live where the density and grouping of mobs everywhere (like outside Aden castle, or blazing swamp) allow this autohunt feature to work well. The autohunting in my opinion is not really optimized for party hunting, and definitely not for DV, AL, TOI. Improve the AutoHunt feature- Add a targeting option for Chaotic Characters that targets them and THEIR red pets!!! Provide a tutorial for your autohunt feature. That would be a first, but yes please provide how to use it effectively. Adena and Item Drop Rate. One of the first and constant complaints from your player base has been about the adena and item drop rates. They have never been high enough to support a parties SPS/SoulShot farming. It has always proven more beneficial to hunt in lower lvl areas to farm more adena, as the higher lvl areas (Dragon Valley, Lair of Antharas, Imperial Tomb, and Now Tower of Insolence) do not provide an adequate adena and item drop rate for the difficulty and lvl of the mobs you fight. The risk vs reward is not there. EPIC Raid bosses. Their loot table was changed when you leveled them up to level 85. Their drop table removed cloths from Zaken and shrunk the loot table to about 4-5 items. You spend more in shots/sps to kill it then what drops. And you are supposed to share this with your clan/alliance. 1/4 loot share of nothing is nothing. Frintessa is your only Instanced raid boss, but can take 1 hr to 2 hrs to do. In the old days (orginal Lineage 2) in the 2nd room, the instance dropped arrows. These arrows were used to stop frintessa from doing certain songs/skills would help you do the event. I haven't seen them, not sure if its working as intended Antharas still undoable. Baium- Doable but only b/c of the setting up the healers and buffers below him (at Cherub Galaxia spawn point), don't forget to pull the angels down. I'm sure some of our players who are stacked and have reached lvl 87 or even 89 can do it in a more normal way, but his aoe dmg is still too wide and maintaining aggro by a tank has always been an issue. RECOMMENDATION- Since Frintessa is instanced, might as well make ALL the epic raid bosses Instanced. Why have one epic raid boss instanced and the other 3 aren't? Even though Antharas is still unkillable. Fix the debuffs so they land on EPICS and all high level raid bosses. Reduce Baium's Aoe range by about 300 range, its too wide since the kamael udpate. Adjust the loot table and the % drop for the epics. People want epics now, not in 2 years. Crafting packs- Fix them to include all materials and items needed to click the craft. Who ever heard of a crafting pack with just the key parts (13 blades) and the recipe. What about the S crystals, gems, and materials??? Class Balance. There is no balance between the classes. Almost everyone has re-rolled to a nuker or summoner. Nukers win over almost everyone except Summoners (which are NUKERs and Melee). Melee classes do not stand a chance in the current version of l2 classic. As a Titan, I can get two shot by a nuker. I'm lvl 84 and with decent gear. The removal of the cancel target skill from many melee type classes have not helped this at all. Currently there is nothing more OP then a Summoner. Leading with the Elemental Summoner. It’s the nuker of choice, the AOE'er of choice with the pet. I believe Pandalicious pointed out a bug for the summoner pet, where if the summoner has Navy Admiral Transform up (or any mythic/legendary transform that procs), it just resummons the pet and the pet reactivates the special proc of the Mythic/Legendary Transform. Recommendation- Fix make Zealot a skill we can use at 90% for both the GK and the Titan. Fix Frenzy to scale as HP drops. Fix cancel target to all the skills and classes you removed it during the Kamael update- Stun Shot, Bluff, Trick, Stun Blast, Switch, Aura Flash, Earthquake, Shield Charge, Shield Bash, Shadow Step. Summoners- add a reuse to their summons. Summoners should not be allowed to resummon a summon indefinitely when its stunned, slept, rooted. Unlike on live, Here on classic Summoners nukes keep leveling. Their nukes are not as powerful as a normal nuker but with spirit sharing, their matk and cast speed exceeds all normal nukers. Take a look at that and see if that’s what the intent is. Add a summon Cursed Bones to Necros so that they can summon it and not spend so much adena per shot when using Death Spike, or add it to the grocery store at 15-20 adena. Each. Tanks- improve their aggression. They can't keep aggro on raid bosses over damage dealers. Tank skill Shield Deflect Magic skill should last at least 15 secs. Grocery Store Items and Pona items- Recommendations. Add A gems and S gems to the grocery store, possibly add Cloths too now that they don’t' drop from Zaken and you further nerfed drops in DV, and the new Item Creation allows you to get unsealed items both A and S grade. Putting cloths in the store would allow people to unseal A and S grade items instead of crushing or throwing them in to the crafting points and gambling it away. Add Transformation extraction scrolls to Pona Add an option to turn in lower transform scrolls for the higher grade ones. Currently only way to get legendary/epic rares is through events. We want to enjoy the game and play it to the fullest. At certain levels maybe after lvl 80 or lvl 85 your dailies gives you partial book transformation sealbook fragments for the HIGH Grade random Seal Books. Daily Instances- Recommendations - ADD MORE Make Clan Arena a daily instance- Tweak as needed. This will help with leveling clan levels. Make Goldberg a daily instance- Add passes to do Goldberg like on Live for Kamalokas. Change the Tomb of Ancient Pirates- timed hunting area with great exp, drops, and adena. Make Elemental Bosses doable more than once a week. Tweak as you see fit. But would give clans more to do. Epic Elemental Bosses tweak their HP down a bit, or allow 1hr time limit like regular Elemental bosses have. Currently only way to get Chapter 4 books is by defeating epic elemental bosses. Ignis being the one most people would try. Tweak the Four Sepulchers difficulty level as well. Will allow more people to explore and have something else to do. But if EPIC elementals are not unbeatable by 96% of the server population, most won't bother with the Four Sepulchers. Hunting Zones Recommendations Elemental Zones and all hunting zones, improve mob density so that auto hunting stays within a certain area. Where did the Evolutionary Stones go? Add adena drops to Elemental Zones. Adjust adena and drop rates in all higher hunting areas adequate to their difficulty. Currently They are all sub par (Dragon Valley, Lair of Antharas, Imperial Tomb, Tower of Insolence). You currently reduced the drop rate of items in Antharas Lair and Dragon Valley with the latest patch. Revenge System- If I kill a red toon, he should not get a revenge on me. He was Chaotic. Reduce the amount of time you can be revenged. Cut it by 12hrs. Clan War System- Was broken before, didn't really do anything. If you were at war you still flagged when fighting it allowed for other people not flagged to get involved in the fight. Your changes are fine. The change made it so there is no clan war, just identify friend or foe…and everyone flags. Siege- Bring back the sieging of multiple castles- Original Lineage 2 had multiple castles to siege. L2 Classic did as well untill it was changed. Make sure people can only step on the siege field if they are signed. Add Noble buffs NPC to sieges, or add it to the game for people to use. Constant changing of your Restoration Policy I believe you have changed your item restoration policy at least 3 times since L2 Classic began. First year, I didn't even know one existed… Your latest change of your restoration policy came in between two P2W events. Where many people counted on the token restoration policy to attempt to level, lets say for arguments sake +8 dragon belts. They blew them up unaware of your latest change to the restoration policy, going on good faith with your policy. You've left many people upset and dissatisfied with your current changes. I'd recommend you honor the token restorations, as you made the changes mid P2W and did not warn your player base. P2W- Items/Sales of items Recommend you put items that people can buy if they want. Leave the Random Number Generator Loot boxes etc etc for the free to play… but allow for players to purchase "Guaranteed" items or scrolls to lvl them that DO NOT fail. For example. You could have sold the Talisman of Authority and the scrolls to guarantee it to a Noble Talisman of Authority. Then you could offer another pack of scrolls to take that Noble talisman to a radiant talisman for 2000 NCOIN (just an example). Same example applies to everything, your Aden/Ferios/Elmore/Elmoreden etc. I believe people will play your Heroic Circlet event, but you made it untradable and bound to your toon, I already played it a little bit and was dissapointed at the enchant rate, couldn't get it pass +3. Make most items tradable and if not tradeable shareable within the account. (will allow people to re-roll or try other toons when bored and still have the items they invested in). No one likes spending hundreds of dollars and have nothing to show for it. Over priced VIP Levels and Maintaining Currently it takes $1,012.50 United States Dollars to get to VIP 10. Then it takes $375.00 without tax to maintain the 30k points we lose every 30 days. The cost of getting to VIP 10 is a mortgage payment to some people, that’s the cost of 2.5 xboxes, or 2.5 nintendo switches. The cost of maintaining the VIP 10 is a car payment. I truly don't see normal people spending this kinda of money and justifying the expense. Recommend cutting the cost of VIP 10 by 400%.- that would be around 250-280.00 to get to VIP 10, and 100 to maintain (with taxes). Other options Cut it by 50% to get there, then add a monthly $15.00 subscription to maintain VIP 10 or don't charge points once you achieve vip levels. Recommend that the rewards for VIP 10 get switched out once of a month (from aden talisman to eva talisman, etc), like some people have mentioned (Pandalicious) L2 Classic is Marketed to all of North America, Central and South? Recommend if possible (I know mobile games have it), add an ingame translation ability to text chat in support for Spanish, Portuguese, and English. This would help with communications between your player base. No Ninja nerfs and patches, be fair to your player base! Announce all changes to the game. There should be no unannounced changes to the game. We are all adults, publish your changes. You've ninja changed bugs, drop rates, without adding them to your patch notes. But then there are times where you know something is wrong and you don't fix it : i.e. When you merged servers with Talking Island, everyone who came from the other server had their nom nom and yum yum candies, While the entirety of Talking Island players did not have this advantage. You removed Caravan Transformation from most players, but you left it on some others. So for 4 months some people had lost that transformation till you fixed it with the patch 2 weeks ago, but some other folks still had the Caravan transformation in their skills bar. @Juji These are my thoughts, my opinions and suggestions after being a LINEAGE 2 PLAYER SINCE OPEN BETA, I have a few more but I already went on too long. You've been at the helm of this game for a while, your knowledgeable, you've communicated openly with the community through the forum and through things like JUJI's lab, but what we need is more fixes to the current content, and soon, not fix it when most of the people have quit. We need more GM interactions to support the player base. Understand that this is a game, and it’s a business for you, but we can't throw our money away with your events and get nothing from them, we can't keep playing a game where the EULA is not enforced ( no harassment, sexual or otherwise, cyberbullying, pking for exp/hunting spots, items and extorting adena) to include enforcing it for the use of 3rd party software… OR change the EULA and allow 3rd party as your autohunting doesn't cut it, I hate to say it but botting seems to be ingrained in the Lineage 2 DNA. It is a slap in the face when you @Juji log in to the server and the number one botter (s) shout for you to ban the bots. It is ridiculous. I don't know if you can or will change anything that I've mentioned, but I needed to get it out there. Too many players don't bother posting on the forums b/c nothing ever happens, people stop reporting b/c nothing ever changes. I'd like to remind you of your Producers Letter - January 2019- You were engaged and excited about L2 Classic and Changes to Live server. But most of all was your last 2 paragraphs where you stated, "One of the most pressing concerns from the community is the topic of botting after the launch of Lineage II Classic last year. Since the launch, our security team so far has banned thousands of accounts… I would ask that players continue to be rigorous when submitting bot report tickets to our support team, so we can remove cheaters that have made attempts to bypass our detection methods. Lastly, we Truly appreciate all the feedback we received from players after the launch of Lineage II Classic. Your feedback was vital in helping our development team improve the game for the community and we hope that you will continue to send us feed back for the betterment of Lineage II. Sincerely, Jason "Juji" Lieberman- Lineage II Producer" These were your words that brought hope that you would have a bot free game, fast forward 21 months later…NCSOFT removed the XIGNCOD3, the bot report button in the action bar, and any successful "macro" group in high level areas is using 3rd party software as your auto hunting does not cut it with the difficulty level of the NPC/MOBs in these areas. 3rd party botting reports get the usual canned Customer Service response and nothing changes. They continue investigating and never let you know if they closed the investigation or at least let you know whether it was found or unfounded. Not sure how long I'll continue to play this version of Lineage 2, but if nothing changes then part of being an adult is knowing when enough is enough and that its time to move on to other things. Sincerely, HammerForge 102 Tyrr Titan- Chronos HammerForge 84 Titan- Talking Island
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    Hello NcTeam @Juji @Hime @PhoenixMitra Can we have clear explanation on what's happening please? IOS got nerfed to 180 minute max instead of 360 minute, will the Adena be doubled to compensante the loss? TOI recharge stone removed, annother Adena nerf even for the high lvl players New 115+ Zone but for who are they in the server? i am 111 and mobs are red and i do shit dmg,there are only 5 ppl in server lvl 114+ lol Plunderous Plain Adena nerfed, not in the patchnote, ninja nerf, We want clear explanation on NCWest plan to keep their players playing. /Discuss
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    Customers: We need more areas for 107-111 lvls.. The ones we have are crowded while we have a lot of 115-120 areas which are empty.. Company: OK... We will nerf 107-111 areas and create some more for 116 lvls... Customers: We need more ways to make adena from farming.. Good items are extremely rare and expensive... Company: OK... We hear you... We will nerf adena more, make bosses so nobody can kill and ah... yes we will nerf even Venusta box... 3m was too much... Customers: The odds for enchanting items are close to impossible... The prices are insane.. Company: OK.. We have the solution.. We will create some more expensive L2 store events... Quiz: Find the Company.. I mean come on guys, this company's logo should be next to the definition of FAIL in dictionaries.. They would come 2nd in an one-man race...
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    Multiple nerfs. Multiple items changed not listed in the patch notes. Many things in the patch notes not completed properly. Good luck keeping players with this nonsense @Juji @Hime Do you guys even care anymore or are you just on autopilot hoping for the best?
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    @Hime - @Juji From update to update everything we get is crap, every single move from Ncwest is to fill your pockets even more, you guys cut all profitable resources like PP, literally no more adena there. Then stronghold it's not enough that you guys reduce the adena on last update, on this you also reduce the total time we can stay on this update and god knows what we will be able to farm tomorrow when it will go back to "normal" and in order to farm some "proper" adena we have to pay for prestige, reducing exp on areas and "adjusting-nerfing" over-hit where a solo player without having anyone in party takes around 5.5b exp WITH 200% exp rune in non vitality state, what happens to those that can't afford both prestige and destiny pack or at least destiny to exp. Making it unable for new people to play without having to spend crazy amounts of money. Increasing the levels in areas where only a small % of people can farm. Having a huge map that you don't put in use, 90% of players are trying to find a spot to exp in Alligator / Tanor / Fos / Fom. Putting rip off events that pay off with crumbs. This post could go on and on but I'm not gonna keep writing. People are posting their complains and we don't get an answer show us for once that you acknowledge what we are saying listen to the community for once. All the decisions you are taking makes people quit the game. This update and the "ninja" decisions you took is unacceptable and most disappointing. I'd like to ask the people in this community to show if you agree with a post or a comment and last I'd like to ask @Hime & @Juji that our voice is reaching. -With respect IntoFlameX. Peace!
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    Ambicija stop telling fairy tales. 100 - 110 in 3 months. Are you smoking my friend? I got a friend tank, 100% free to play, he just hit 110 in 1 year. It takes already 20 days to lvl from 108 -> 109 in duo party with 200% exp rune & doing all dailies when you take 5%. Another two months from 109 -> 110 in duo party with 200% exp rune. 110 -> 111 it takes 3 months +- with 200% exp rune while doing all dailies and play a lot to make 1% per day. All this is only possible if you have a damn good YUL in party with good gear. And I do have one so I know what I am speaking about. Now you are asking a newcomer to do 100-110 in 3 month with 0 gear except exalted one? You might reconsider what you said earlier. And I do daily 1b Adena as income from dailies, SI, PI, IoS etc. So gearing up for a newcomer is really difficult. Of course, if you spend 1k euros per month to hit the vitality party cake all the time it is faster. FFS 1k euro! Even I don't spend that amount a month for this. I have been playing nearly for 10 months now. In Mid-October I will hit 111 and I play everyday 5-7 hours and I did have to spend a good amount in Ncoins. I only agree on what you say, if you already have one geared character who can push others.
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    This topic made by Hybird side , server Naia . And so easy to reslove this : - They ( Hybird side ) cant kill Eviscerators that hitting chest , so help them remove Steel Mind skill from Eviscerator class . - They ( Hybird side ) crying about 1%-2% chance ( Passive Skill: 1% chance for General Attacks and 2% when casting a skill to deal 3717 fixed damage ) , so help them delete all GOD earing or remove that passive skill . - They ( Hybird side ) cant debuff people using Dragon weapons , so delete Digity skill from Dragon weapons . - They ( Hybird side ) want cage / exile someone pernament , so let help them make Cage/exile skill of Cursed weapons 1 min again . With all of this , they ( Hybird side ) can control 100% Cursed Weapon event at Naia server . Let setting this game as they ( Hybird side ) wish please !
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    Please +1 if you would like this issue fixed. So the 15th anniversary reward for 15 year old players today was a raid master outfit, which can neither be destroyed or put into your warehouse. With all the gear in this game, my toon is almost always 120/184 inventory. Yet to switch class I need to be down to 95 inventory. Switching class from main to dual class, something that should be simple is very difficult. This is very annoying mechanic to the game that I feel can be easily fixed. Can I get some support? Maybe the Dev team can look into this. This 95/184 cap, makes it difficult to keep buying gear. And the most bound items added to my toon the worse the situation gets. Pretty soon Top players will not be able to switch class. This is a very simple quality of life issue, ncsoft can fix. We just need to tell them as a community that it is important to us that they fix this.
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    What right direction are you seeing? 1. The hunting areas remains small as players have no place to farm best example (Field of Silence) 2. Adena drop is under the sea level, items drops from monster don't exist, spoil is long gone, nothing add in that direction. 3. Harassment is top level on the server, @Hime post was only for bla bla bla bla. Don't even wanna go into this as it's to much to explain 4. Game became an auto-robot type of game, Quests which used to give decent rewards back in the days are gone. 5. Restoration policy (Shillen's soul crystal now not eligible for restore "GZ @Juji we have enough lvl 10 on server, we need to stop now"), ppl made tons of adena for getting top items by fraud. 6. EXP is unreal low, new 117+ area added but you have 2 ppl on server lvl 116. 7. Character development after lvl 105 hit's the wall of having 80kk Adena in inventory? what to buy? where to farm with limited gear? 8. Adena spammers and RMT still big time happening (again @Juji you done nothing about that) 9. Costumer service is unreal, GM's that answering the tickets have no clue about anything, not even the basics of this game(i bet there are few that are very good of answering certain tickets for certain people;) ) 10. L2 store became more greedy year by year, only way to develop is Visa Overall the game is about Visa and that's all, Servers are running just because a handful of ppl investing a lot of $. The GM's have no respect for players/community/ Gm's are present only when they give some GM buffs thinking that they wash their sins with that. Adrenaline running smoothly and certain people using it with no problem. etc...etc Right direction right?
  17. 6 points
    you understand 2k is a few months rent for some ppl? but it's casual to refer to such amounts not even the base to be able to enjoy the game. are you all insane or what? listen to yourselves. you are asking in essence for new players, whats should be considered the lifeblood of any game, to pay more than 2k to be able to enjoy most aspects of a game? and you find this reasonable? the problem is not spending "some" here the problem is the amounts. The problem is also that the way the game has changed it is impossible to play it without spending such amounts, like a freemium mobile game. As for me I'm reading all these posts and realize that almost 15 years in you ppl are blind or or addicted or something. What is wrong with you?
  18. 6 points
    Well this server is not mine neither yours, so ill kill all who put title spot taken, its not a voyage company that u can booking spots, wanna spot fight for them
  19. 6 points
    No exp, no Adena so no point in buying destiny or have prestige rune ( 300 % Adena boost for so less adena is nothing ). Same with exp runes , wasted euro. Almost all items in l2store are old/useless and rates are really low for enchanting / compounding or opening chests from events. wasted euro here also . Wasted electricity and of course the most important time. Time spent to have no fun no progress.
  20. 6 points
    We do not support the use of VMWare or related programs. If you are using it to bypass the client limit, then you are in violation of the EULA/ToS.
  21. 6 points
    Hunting Zones and Raid Bosses Augment System Item Changes Skill Changes Other Changes do i look like QA Tester? do ur job dude, make a toon and try to progress in this current game with the current prices in the market, with the current lvling experience, where u only need to stack toon of vitality pots, and where u need tons of usd to make a decent gear from the ncstore. what a lazy team.... HOW DARE YOU!!
  22. 6 points
    Maestro 109 here with 500+B equipped Damage is low enough for this class, and now they nerfed the Spirit of Golem, was accepting low damage for the crafting speciality, but..... now you don't need a Maestro do do any crafting (if you need 1 crafter, just make lvl105 toon in 1-2 weeks ) There is no reason for this class to exist, just make whole server Yul+Feoh It will take me a couple of month to reach lvl 110 with 24/7 afk macro But what is the point of reaching 110? or above? - farm adena? there is no more place to farm adena - drops? all missing - raidboss? all missing also - siege? i'm dead 2 or 3 times over from 1 hit from the big toon - pvp? yeah , i can pvp among the lowbies, but then some cry baby will ask for big papa help, and i'm dead 2/3x times over from 1 hit What is there to look forward in this game except afk macro 24/7? Where is the FUN? There is no fun anymore, guess what?? I'm logging off from this game, i'll get my fun from other games
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    Report post Posted yesterday at 07:47 AM I have a serious question do you have a discussion with the Korean developers before they force an update on you? Your uping the level of most raid bosses and not adding gear to scale with those bosses and updating and adding mobs to most areas that almost no one hunts in. You do realize not sure how is on Naia (probably similar) on Chornos there are only 73 players on the server that are 112 or higher meaning they will still be nerfed for the field bosses especial with the crit damage reduction on raid bosses (was that needed? I think a crit damage reduction in PvP would be better than on raid bosses) meaning 95% or better of the player base cannot do any raid bosses anymore. Epic bosses you raised to level 125 on Chornos ther is only 1 player even within 9 levels of that and if you know anything you cannot fight those bosses unless they are white to the DDs with top end gear so you now removed all epic bosses from 100% of the player base for a long time. Huge game gear adena level imbalance already exists so you make worse but not at least letting these raids be farmed to allow gear and adena to move around the economy. You reduced the reuse of time zones which was good for making adena and xp and also for your company to make money selling extra passes (IE hurting your bottom line less passes purchased less real coins in your pockets) Stuff like this does not make sense: Renewed "Sea of Spores" to be a specialized field hunting zone for Lv. 116 parties. Not for nothing there are NONE. Zero zlitch nada there is only 1 person that is 116. Here is another: Located monsters for parties in level 120s. (Faurion temple) Are you serious with this? When you think that is happening? Is there anyone even 120 on the Korean server yet? Have you seen the xp charts for what kind of xp is needed just to get from 119 - 120? Are you cutting the xp needed to level or is this just pie in the sky. Most these areas you are "updating" are not used because no one can xp in them at the levels are they at currently because of gear and xp levels so you make it harder? This may go down as the stupidest most worthless update since C4 that was ever introduced to L2. Most of these changes do not help 95% of the community and some of these changes do not help 0% you read right 0 people on these servers. R110 gear to fight level 125 Raid boss..... for r110 drops? That is beyond stupid. Here is a hint level of raid boss should not be upgraded till the drops from it can be upgraded. R120 coming out soon or that is an IOU? Want to add those "clan quest" raids you added cannot be done by most clans on the server the low level is a 115 raid boss nevermind clan level 7 is not going to have a bunch of 112 dd's in it. The top one is for clan level 13 which our server has 2? or 3? is level 125.... WHY? The ninja changes of the elemental defense uped on mobs has made xp slower. Lets do a comparison. I was killing faster and made more xp in 24 hours in a 3 person party then I now need a 5 - 6 person party to kill at the same rate I was. So here is the example was say making 30 trillion xp a day before XP/Dragon event. Dragon/XP event I was making 70 - 80 trillion xp a day Now making 10 - 15 trillion xp a day. Numbers are not exact but the percentages are. Do you not see an issue here? One more question there is a lot of places on the L2 map that been abandoned zero mobs or mobs in the 20 - 85 not being killed anymore. Why not touch the areas in place and revamped the ones no one goes near because there either no mobs or so low level they are useless. Why don't we redo these areas instead of reinventing ones that exist. While we talk about epics. Why up the levels of the ones we have... Just bring back ones you retired IE Ant Queen, Core, Beleth etc. They are still part of the lore and you have their base models just make them instance like the other epics and up their skill level. Its a lot easier than making what we have harder.
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    I have a serious question do you have a discussion with the Korean developers before they force an update on you? Your uping the level of most raid bosses and not adding gear to scale with those bosses and updating and adding mobs to most areas that almost no one hunts in. You do realize not sure how is on Naia (probably similar) on Chornos there are only 73 players on the server that are 112 or higher meaning they will still be nerfed for the field bosses especial with the crit damage reduction on raid bosses (was that needed? I think a crit damage reduction in PvP would be better than on raid bosses) meaning 95% or better of the player base cannot do any raid bosses anymore. Epic bosses you raised to level 125 on Chornos ther is only 1 player even within 9 levels of that and if you know anything you cannot fight those bosses unless they are white to the DDs with top end gear so you now removed all epic bosses from 100% of the player base for a long time. Huge game gear adena level imbalance already exists so you make worse but not at least letting these raids be farmed to allow gear and adena to move around the economy. You reduced the reuse of time zones which was good for making adena and xp and also for your company to make money selling extra passes (IE hurting your bottom line less passes purchased less real coins in your pockets) Stuff like this does not make sense: Renewed "Sea of Spores" to be a specialized field hunting zone for Lv. 116 parties. Not for nothing there are NONE. Zero zlitch nada there is only 1 person that is 116. Here is another: Located monsters for parties in level 120s. (Faurion temple) Are you serious with this? When you think that is happening? Is there anyone even 120 on the Korean server yet? Have you seen the xp charts for what kind of xp is needed just to get from 119 - 120? Are you cutting the xp needed to level or is this just pie in the sky. Most these areas you are "updating" are not used because no one can xp in them at the levels are they at currently because of gear and xp levels so you make it harder? This may go down as the stupidest most worthless update since C4 that was ever introduced to L2. Most of these changes do not help 95% of the community and some of these changes do not help 0% you read right 0 people on these servers. R110 gear to fight level 125 Raid boss..... for r110 drops? That is beyond stupid. Here is a hint level of raid boss should not be upgraded till the drops from it can be upgraded. R120 coming out soon or that is an IOU? Thanks for nothing Sly
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    I have prestige and the destiny pack. I have a +13 R99 Bloody Retri, +8 Bloody Robes, etc etc. Not all of us can afford +12 Bloody or Limited weaps. Tanor is full. Alligator island is pretty much full. I am not a newcomer. I've been playing since C3 but some of us take breaks. People have jobs and a life. It if was so easy to hit lvl 110 why is the majority of the server 106-108! Look around and take notice or are you too busy afk farming to do so.
  26. 5 points
    Really? 100--->110 now easy to make in 3 month. It's your problem if you not have 15$ for prestige and 30$ for xp/drop rune. And maybe killing mobs with exalted or r99+12... weapoon (which was ok 6year ago - but not now). In game many problems. But hit 110lvl can everyone - and easy.
  27. 5 points
    + Nothing change plus red libra for more two weeks as dristraction So you guys will launch the update knowing this update have a bug previously? Cool nothing will change for me anyway. in two years i reach that level if all goes well until there.
  28. 5 points
    The update fixes, in my opinion, the biggest issue with the previous update which is the nerf to hunting zones by increasing monster elemental resistances. This disproportionately hurt lower level players with less gear. I said as much in my feedback post and I think their solution solves that by balancing the damage reduction due to elements by providing the buff herb. The issues you guys are talking about are fundamental issues with Lineage 2, unrelated to the previous update. Thank you Hime, Juji, and NCWest for listening and making changes like this. Despite some vocal people who are still upset, some of us do see and appreciate that you are trying.
  29. 5 points
    It is really shame this game has so much potential if it was run effectively. But by censoring an honest an opinion and mash up of videos promoting this game for last several years shows that they are not serious about any significant changes Wednesday. RIP
  30. 5 points
    I think nerf to adena drops is very good, becouse only yull archers can farm adena so.... now all people change to yulls only for farm adenas the others class are death, and prices of item over price, is stupid now one yull archer top can farm 6 billions of adena in 3 hours but price of blessed valakas for example is 80 b+ dont have logic, only change with good adena drops is your time lose, i prefer farm low hours in the day and buy blessed valakas for 20 b and not farm 10/12 hours in the day for buy same jewel for 80 billions.
  31. 5 points
    Hello all, After a lengthy discussion with the dev team, we will making changes to hunting zones based on your feedback on September 2nd. We'll have the details of the changes next week and Red Libra is scheduled to start then as well. Thank you!
  32. 5 points
    funny the stick face to put in correct instead of reducing !!!! go nerf to make sure no one does shit adena in this game !!!!!
  33. 5 points
    What totaly suck is, that ppl fight grps and can only kill 1-2 of that mobs. If you can't handel a grp, don't fight them and steel other ppl exp...there are solo regions too
  34. 5 points
    Sad time... I speak for many who did not have the courage to say, or simply already gave up and left for other servers. I don't know what will be done, or if something will be done, I know that the server is dead, much more difficult than it should be so that people can have fun. Horrible XP, very low (1% all night afk farming, really?) Many people quit, farm locations 105-109 are extremely few and you never find an empty spot. Adenas then? lol... Suffering to buy spirit ore, soulshot etc ... Instances with reduced adenas drop, raid bosses impossible to do. what do you expect players to do? L2 store, big joke, absurdly expensive, and players will not invest more in xp / prestige runes etc. There is no pvp because players cannot evolve, and there is no way to compete with a few 110+. The market turn is no more. If your intention is to close with a server, you are on the right way. Do something for the players, especially low lvl, party xp, drop adenas / items, reward events that really help in some way. I will not invest a single cent more until something is done. We are waiting for a response from you ADM / GM, and looking forward to Wednesday, something must be done. Cya. No more Chronos till things get better
  35. 5 points
    YOU DON'T CARE..... There is no 1 there that has a clue of the state of the game, support is sub'ed out, that's why we have shilian crystal problems, any real gm would of picked up on that. Your ncstore is WAY too expensive, if things were half the price, twice the people would buy twice as much, market would be flooded, lower levels could afford gear, xp boost, passes, and wales will still buy till they get that top prize. You ruined everywhere I hunt, completely, but worse, you ruined my cp's hunting ground. So we can do crappy instances with crap xp and nerfed drops, lol, 1.2 mill, are you kidding me? Have you looked in auction house? You Might be able to buy a venir 4 in a few weeks Didn't realize raid bosses were still a thing. OTHER CHANGE... this has been going on way too long, proving again that you just dont care.... Right now, I have a million fukkin letters in my inventory, that are gonna give me chit rewards that dont stack with the other event chit rewards, and now with augmented/non-tradable armor and what, 15 new artifacts I CANT CHANGE MY DAMN CLASS, I THINK I'M ACTUALLY STUCK!!!!!
  36. 5 points
    @Juji @Hime Hello, with all my respect, we must Realise that korean updates are focused on their servers situations, They have many ppl in the lvl 115-120 Range In NCwest there's not even 20 players lvl 115, and alone in chronos only 4 people are 115, The average lvl in chronos is 109-111 at most, and 90% of the server is still below that lvl This update made the life harder for 99% of the players, and all the new xp spots, team play spots are made for 0,001% of the server, I Don't think it is what you guys aim for, by exemple Swamp of Screams before the update was crowded, people had to fight for their spots, Now please log in and check it by urself, all the pits are empty, no one can exp anymore, i am 110 almost 111, i have alot of gears, and i am unable to do anything from this new patch. So i don't imagine how the lowbies will even "play" decently. That's on top of all the nerfs. Im just trying to give feedbacks of the reality of server, not trying to cry or point fingers. Thxs for understanding this
  37. 4 points
    - Blood-stained Cursed Weapons / Cursed Weapon Bloods : Let everyone have chance to get it like Dragon weapons / Dragon claws . - Imposible items ( so much of the item have been made with exploit restore system already ), so please add them to reward list to let everyone have chance to get it also, item include : + Shilen's Soul Crytal level 8,9,10 + Legendary Cloak +18,+19,+20 + Legendary Dye level 7,8,9,10 + Weapon R110 : +20,....,+30 + Queen Navari's Mask +8,+9,+10 + Dragon jewel +6,+7,+8,+9,+10 + Angel Ring +8,+9,+10 ( the ring Tradeabled , Not +10 Fallen Angel's Ring Box that cannot be trade) Players that have spent so much money for this game feeling unfair coz they cant get that items, but the cheater get it for free .
  38. 4 points
    He is free to play as he want, same like every player. If he is pking you, pked him too or accept you lose and move on. If he is a kid or not or if he have a nice real life or not really matter? if this is something that you dont accept or isnt so funny and you are not enjoying the game, just quit and move on. All ppl in Naia read your bllshits like "I love my damage" and things like that, and anyone is hunting you for that jaja Less tears and focus in game.
  39. 4 points
    Drops? Must be a typo. There are no drops in L2. Any item is generated with dollars in the L2 store. Only for raid bosses you forgot to remove drops. Curious if this place will be significantly better than solo or even duo afk.
  40. 4 points
    Hello @Juji @Hime . Could you please provide an exchange option in the game to change the BSSR to SSR and vice versa because currently this is 90% of the letters rewards and 89% we get the opposite of what the current char needs. For example feoh gets enormous amount of SSR and fighter class- BSSR. Or at least make it possible to sell in shop or exchange it in trade or by mail. Thank you.
  41. 4 points
    Hello, Its old problem and still not fixed. Paagrio Earring lv. 2 and higher unbalanced item in Cursed Swords Event. Standard character for example 115 lvl can hit - 20 dmg limit. Character 99 lvl with Paagrio Earring lv. 2 success - 3717 dmg. x185 diff dmg. The difference is really huge and there is no doubt that this is a bug Its ok if someone used it on main character like Archer / Wizard or Ertheia etc without trade. But when few Earrings trade per event for different ertheia (BOX) its turns into a large-scale abuse. Another problem its again abuse for different characters Dragon Weapon Stage 2 for Dignity to same Ertheia. Its ok if one guy used for few him boxes weapon, but for 10-15-20 Evi its so much for one event every day. In this case together with the earring, this is another addition to the abuse items. Lets remove dignity effect after log in to the game in this situation. When we did few times trade on Siege Cursed Swords its nerfed so fast (reuse skills 5 min) without any discuss and we cant use even normal giants skill augments till now. Because there option, use augment HP/CP or celestial or lose cooldown all skills from Cursed Weapon. After we got nerf exile from 60 sek to 15. x4 time! not even half... Thanks.
  42. 4 points
    iam a random no-body who has played for 15 years,the games has become very hard to enjoy.Can't even make enough Adena to pay for SS/BSS. Content for the game is way above most players level, and areas were you can lvl are crowded. I am Done! Cant enjoy anymore, constant macro parties yield nothing! Sad to see it fade away.Iam sure my clannies and me leaving will not affect game,but i hope more follow. Game has become BORING.
  43. 4 points
    107 dagger w/ pretty good gear, this helps me none. I kill plenty fast, xp just sucks ass. Move to harder mobs and xp just barely better, thats not gonna let me catch up. Any1 110 or under should get a base boost of 500% to get them caught up. Sell the rune idc, but like this, all the unhappy people will not stay, you solved nothing.
  44. 4 points
    I'm going to guess that massive quantities of the other "herb" (ganja) was consumed in arriving at this idea.
  45. 4 points
    When a picture speak louder than words.......... Update made for Koreans not Naia/Chronos server. Please @Hime @Juji check your own server rankings before making updates like this. Plus if you just want to make a pay to win server 100% do it instead of progressively nerfing all the ways of making adena. I've wasted more than 10k$ in this game and recently bought a +21 weapon all for nothing because every time you get to the goal you just go and nerf it again. 10k$ more to farm TOI and then you probably nerf it aswell. So no point spending more money or energy here, not for xping neither since you also didn't realise most server can't even xp on new high level spots/ swamp/ sea of spores so we may get to 120 lvl next year or in 2!
  46. 4 points
    I will tell you exactly how LUC is working LUC is a Stat that does not Affect Enchant success Rate LUC is a separate stat That has a Chance to Proc in every enchanting system (No compound), It means that more LUC you have, More chance you have to proc The Green leaf above you'r head Even though you'r enchant sucess or fail, LUC can proc at any time, its the reason why it also proc when there is 100% success rate aka on +1-3 weapons etc By exemple: You have 50 LUC, it's low , u will maybe proc the green leaf once out of 20 enchant, More LUC u have more % chance the green leaf can proc The Best Number to get nowadays is approximately 90, i believe the cap is around that, i personally reach 100-110 LUC but doesn't see much difference than having 90 Let's say with 90 LUC u have a 15% chance to proc it ( there is no Exact Data and % rate posted officially) if you enchant a Dragon shirt +5 to +6 which has a base of (10% success rate) and u separately add (15% from LUC), u have more chance to success ur enchanting from LUC than actually succeed it from the enchant success rate. but Both stat does not stack, u don't have 10+15% togheter, u can succeed the 10% and still proc LUC, with 10% chance u have a big chance to fail this is why LUC matter so much, it's like a second chance, and that's how people managed to get their shiny shirt +10 in past, nowadays +7 dragon shirts,bracelet ... I've been using 90+ LUC everytime i enchant something and its clearly a MUST to have, otherwise you will most likely lose ur money annother exemple: Radiant circlet enchant from +4 to +5 is 15% success rate, with 90+ luc, u have annother 15% chance to proc it, it means clearly that u have alot more chance than someone without LUC to succeed, and personally at very low success rate most successfull enchant comes from LUC. I hope that was clear enough ITEMS TO GET LUC: Hat +3 LUC / 6 slot brooch +2 LUC / Venir 17+ +2 LUC / Insanity +2 LUC / Ruler ring +2 LUC / Truth seeker ring +2 LUC / Gods ring or dragon ring +3+ LUC / dragon neck earring +3 LUC / Nevit cloak of light +3 LUC or castle cloak for elite member +2 LUC / Dragon shirt +5-7 LUC depend stage and enchant / lvl 3 artifact +1 LUC / Greater emerald +3 LUC / Dark Beer +3 LUC / Nano pots +6 LUC / Brilliant rose +2 LUC / +15 LUC Dye / weapon augmenting +1-2+ LUC / Exalted passive +3 LUc / Fortune seeker passive +3 LUC / honey vit beer +3 LUC stage 3 / NPC buff at giran-aden church +1-3 LUC im probably missing some items but mostly those items will boost ur LUC.
  47. 4 points
    we are waiting Red Libra event .. since march/april....
  48. 4 points
    I have an evis lvl 108, exalted armor, sigil R110 +4, wep R110 +5, selfbuff, but I cannot farm in zones 105, 107 because I die, I must use rose, cocktail, soup. That is not right, it is assumed that if I am lvl 108 I should be able to kill in those areas without so much problem, the evis is a character that no longer works.
  49. 4 points
    AND YOUR ENCHANT RATE SUCKS TOO New player, hooked on game, cloak event, busts his ass all week at K-Mart and drops 250$, all but food money on cloak pack.... First 10 enchants fail all in a row, figures its a bug, restarts, bam +1, there we go, pop, fails goin +2, 6 more in a row fail goin +1, then finally, +3! 250$ on a +3 cloak.... Meanwhile, greasy metal head down the street buys +10 cloak on black market for 100 bucks and drives off in his bitchin camaro with your girlfriend by his side....and 150 bucks
  50. 4 points
    Not that it will make any difference, but since you request input, I will provide. The update is geared to those 110+. -- All the changes benefit that group. Meanwhile those of us under 110 have been penalized by removing 75% of all mobs in the key spots we exp. Having played this game for 10+ years, I am very disgusted with this company turning a blind eye to the complaints and suggestions from the players -- your customers. Having worked in Customer Service for many years, you would all have been fired eons ago where I work. Again, this is falling on deaf ears, but I have posted my comments as requested.