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    Hello Adventurers, We have taken action against players exploiting a location that was intended to be inaccessible during castle sieges with the My Teleport system. The castle owner has been removed and the castle has been reset back to NPC status. We will continue to take action against those who exploit inaccessible locations and will look into more ways of further preventing abuse. Thank you.
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    There have been so many changes in the game as of late and I feel like we should reevaluate not being able to declare war to a clan that has less than 15 players in it. There are several people taking advantage of this. They keep the clan at 14 people and are pk’ing others in the game with no consequences besides a “debuff”. They can attend siege and not have war declared as well. They run around griefing other players and clans. If they do not want war, they should refrain from doing such things and war will not be declared. They should not be exempt from having consequences for their actions. Some have even gone as far as to purchase new clans to put other members in to prevent war from being declared on them. I feel like they are taking advantage of the under 15 members limit and it’s not intended for what they are doing. Thank You!
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    The PK System will be updated during a future update with the following changes: The item drop and destruction penalty will be ENABLED again for chaotic characters. Characters with a PK Count of 4 or higher can drop items or lose them if they die while chaotic. Fixed an issue where players could intentionally grief auto-hunting players into chaotic status to force them to drop items. Please also refer to the 6/3 PK System Changes if you missed out on the new system details. *An issue was found during testing that has prevented us from moving forward with the 6/24 date. We will only deploy the item drop changes once Dev has provided a full fix for the griefing issue.
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    I think we should have all jumps and my teleports disabled at sieges like the old days. This would prevent players from using exploits or using one party to jump around to every castle within 1 min to gank attackers. This would require better planning and coordination for planned attacks and improve the gaming experience for all players.
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    We are aware and are currently investigating the issue that occured during castle sieges yesterday. Please hold off from calling out certain players or clans on the forum regarding this issue. Thank You!
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    To be honest, FS members used to have that My Teleport spot saved. However, all of us deleted that jump spot a day after Hime posted on March 6th that we should delete exploit My Teleport Bookmarks because we respect rules. Please feel free to check any FS members’ my teleport logs. Too much cheaters in this game lolz.
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    Your words, your rules @Hime @Juji .Please follow them.
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    Behold...the "great" [moderated] Clan cheating at Aden Castle Siege using a jump glitch/bug/cheat to ensure they were able to hold onto Aden Castle during siege on 06/21/2020 You are free to discuss this topic in a general manner, but please refrain from calling out certain players or clans by name. For that, we have the ticket system and would like to ask you to report them to our Support team. Thank you!
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    If you release the PK changes next wednesday, what guarantee we have if someone lose items for PK exploit? NCwest will support us, or we just will lose items?
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    When I started in 2004, this game was very different and such a new experience, my first MMO, these are things i miss from those first few years. I miss the Devianne server, where i started. I miss all the classic clans and pvp before it was p2w, when things were slightly more equal among players, pvp was fun and somewhat fair depending on gear levels of course. Also miss when you had to pay to play the game, this eliminated a lot of young players from the game, therefore making the overall age of players 18+ and slightly more mature or at minimum made sure those that did play on mommy and daddy credit cards were somewhat respectful, somewhat. After coming back to game after a year off, I recently learned the grade penalty is gone, I miss that. I feel players now being able to log in and just p2w top gears or even just being able to earn R grade level gear is ridiculous. It should be a challenge, an accomplishment, I remember the pride of making 40 for c grade, 52 for b grade, etc; and finally being able to craft that item and wear it. I miss random parties, logging out in certain areas, logging back in and just shouting LFG, and being a tank for the entire day for basically the same party. Or just creating a random group, having warring clan member call a truce to party together, then breaking the party and watching them go back to pvp again, just made the game more fun. I miss random raid boss parties with my mage and/or tank, watching her level up from just one boss, then on to the next and repeat. Truly miss catacombs xping and pvp for rooms, I miss castle sieges that aren't one sided, where even a small clan or alliance has a chance. I miss original TOI hunting, tanking levels 9+, Cruma CPs that last hours, ditto for catacomb parties and parties at IT. Most of all, I miss questing with friends and clannies you have known for years, i miss hopping on vent and chatting friends worldwide. That's a small list of some of the things I miss from the "good ole days" of Lineage 2.
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    WOW this is the most blatant cheat and exploit I've seen in a long time..
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    Hello All, We have decided to no longer move forward with the Dev planned changes to the PK system to add back item drops or item destruction when PK count is 4+ for the 6/24 maintenance. Several issues were found during our testing and have already been reported to the Dev team to investigate for further troubleshooting. We want to ensure that all of the concerns regarding griefing and PK drops are fully resolved before the changes are implemented in a future update. Thank You!
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    Dear @Juji @Hime We wan't to come up to you'r attention about a big problem the servers are facing right now Due to the recent changes with PK systems, Peoples can't fight anymore to get into Dragons By exemple in Chronos 7/03/20 Clans were gathering up to go fight Dragons, and what happened was a complete mess, Neutrals came with annother Command channel and the "clicking war" Started. Whoever enter first win, This is not how it is intended to be played Neutrals now don't pvp and they just hope to farm everything, and the peoples who gather people to fight for dragons lost it because they didnt clicked first to enter Valakas. With the new PK system we can't just PK everyone to enter into dragons. This is now a major issue that has to be fixed on live servers. Baium Orfen Lilith Anakim are PVP zone, you have to fight for those raids, And Dragons is yet not a pvp zone and we can't do anything to fight Clans who put effort to gather people to play the game correctly are getting punished. Can we have GM thoughts on that topic please. Make Dragon a PVP zone! or Enable multiple CC to enter into dragons. The biggest pve event in server now is completely broken ! we need a fix
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 5 a.m. PDT / 7 a.m. CDT / 8 a.m. EDT / 2 p.m. GMT+2 and will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. With this maintenance: The Night Market coins and Night Market Treasure Chest will be deleted. The Dimensional Merchant exchange will also be removed. King Watermelon's Revenge event will end at 6 a.m. server time on July 1. Seed of Revenge event items will also be deleted. The Greater Spellbook Box and the Intermediate HP Potion will be deleted on 7/15. Eva's Hair Accessory Tickets on the L2 Store has been extended for one additional week. Increased success rate for Eva’s Hair Accessory enchants has also been extended by one week. The game client will now be restricted to 10 clients per PC. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    Always the same not enaugh clear for all, random support answers, all is working as intend
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    Bring back 3 accounts p PC and Old Olympiads, Thanks.
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    Guys, I'm a bit surprised here, since the last monday that a lot of people ask for more than 7 days ban. What is the crime here? -using an ingame "crap" that NCSOFT are not able to fix ... Is this a player problem? ofc not They say yes but i m sure if you pay for something you wait that this thing work well! Saying that players must know all the craps that gm or pathetic players say everyday on this bulshyt forum? seriously? like the forum is the LAW of the game...better if life? Personnally i got 7 days ban because of silly people making videos and report like baby cries .. and followed by GM .. Those same GM that are not able to do other things that replyin by auto answers. Not able to respect the law of their roulette game mechanics, not able to really help players because they dont know the game! Except Jujji i m not sure the others know something, did they really played once? Not able to fix server latency or lag BUT THOSE ARE ABLE suddenly to ban 50+ ppl Shame on you ! BECAUSE THEIR ARE NOT ABLE TO FIX THEIR OWN 16 YEARS OLD GAME that i played from the begining. As u see, it s my first post in 16 years and my last The Gm Remind us ALL that Lineage2 is their game and they do what they want... I warn all the community, stop spending real cash for adena that dont worth it if u can be ban for nothing for 7 days or more or worst permaban. Using a tp ! during siege = 7 days ban but we letting bot running and adena sellers running 24/7 that's normal? LETS BAN the GM's for 7 days? LOL i m stupid they dont play the game..... The normal punishment would be NO BAN , A WARN and SCRATCH THE CASTLE..... As i said, i dont read forum, and i dont care to read it, i just play and pay for nccoin it's enough! @Juji SHAME ON YOU that's clearly an abuse of power !!!!!! People dont deserve that shyt in the hard time we all live in real life, think twice before taking that kind of stupid decision think to FIX your game instead of ban people!
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    I haven't been in a castle-owning clan for a number of years. Haven't really cared to participate tbh. However, I have participated in sieges, and at times we were able to take a castle. This conversation is just typical activist thinking here. First, sieges are not, I repeat for the hard of hearing, not a clan war. Any clan that meets the requirement should be able to register for a siege. Period. The idea that an un-registered clan comes on the field and changes the tide for the eventual winner is not new. It has been going on since the sieges began. Clans have paid other clans to be mercenaries for hire to turn the tide. The fact that it's an alt clan to a different clan really doesn't matter. It's about the players. There are always going to be stronger and better players in the game. Get over it. The issue here is that in this new entitlement generation some people believe that they should be able to win even if it means hurting their enemies through external politics, like protesting or petitioning the GMs with a bogus claim. Winning a castle is easy. Just bring the biggest and baddest that you have and take it. If you can't, work harder, make alliances, and if necessary, spend more money. But don't cry because you don't like the outcome, and then take it off the battlefield by griefing the participants of the siege via the clan war system. The siege system and the clan war system are two different things, for a reason. This whole conversation is being propagated by losers, and sore losers at that.
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    The 14 man clan mechanic was one of a couple things that were put into to place to protect against the big clan that goes around declaring wars on smaller clans and halting progression on a one sided server. The other was that clans did not have to accept war, however, the bigger clans have found ways around that by forcing players to kill others in a similar method as shown in the video regarding the PK bug. The only thing protecting the smaller clans right now from getting zerged out of existence is the 14 man clan rule and you guys want to remove that too. LOL Why are you so scared of these 14 man clans if yours is so much bigger? Truth is, this stops you from setting your toons on top of their hunting spots and KSing without fear of repercussions and wars starting. They can now defend themselves from this tactic. The 14 man clan doesn't prevent you from PVPing them, it prevents you from griefing and the new PK system makes you take a second thought before you go mass PKing like you were also want to do. As for sieges, if they have 14 man clans on siege grounds they're aoeing each other. If your clan is bigger you should have an advantage. Why are you scared of 14 people?
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    Old hellbound green spot. Tullies Old group mobs outside oren that were for warlords back in the day. Old anthy nest money room. Old forge of gods aoe mage parties. Catacombs/necrops in general Toi 10 black papyrus farming All those I enjoyed.
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    I miss drops and free events
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    +1 to this... The artifact boxes should contain artifact fragments.. These are needed for obtaining artifacts in any case which is the reason of this event... We have ptw events for every of the numerous items in this game... We've learned to live with this.. But having different events for the same items' category makes no sense and its completely unfair.. @Hime @Juji I understand your model is about milking your customers but at least make it seem more fair..
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    check this out soooo funnnyyyyyy :)))
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    i love this tread, glad noone finds spending 2-7-20k in a 15+ year game (or any game) odd. Good stuff right here someone outside of this thread might tell you you might need some help. but not here, here, around all these mature adults all is cool
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    My first question would be how do you afford a +8 blessed set and +7 R-110 3 SA and all those talismans and +15 int dyes at 105. 2nd question would be... Obviously you never learned to play your toons so please refer to my first. (Registration date today) suffer for a years and come talk to the rest of us. As for legit mana regen issue has nothing to do with levels or parties etc it is a bug they know about only way to get rid of it is relog the toons having issues with it.
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    nothing about any fixes for the attack speed melee lag issue which only exists on NCWest servers for 302+ days ? soonTM First lag Annual Celebration event - will watch it from EU server if by that time nothing has been fixed.
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    if you have ever played a maestro or if you have the slightest clue about how game mechanics work, no wait. scratch that. if you have ANY clue about how percentages work you d understand that 30% of 1m might be 300k. that leaves you with 700k to go. which means -280k which leaves you with 420k. that means 126k which leaves you with 294k. which means next hit is gonna be 88.2k. which leaves you with 205.8k. next is gonna be 61.74k. which leave you with 144.06k. you see where this is going? if you are so strong you can survive all this time from a mob that is well outside your range then dude you deserve to get that mob's xp and kudos. but then you got another problem. what is 30% of 2? since last attack skill doesnt work on mobs outside your range you have very low chance to survive the mob, let alone more than one and more than that to make it worth the while. and all that is WITHOUT considering the times you will miss cause of the level gap and disregarding the fact that the skill doesnt trigger on every hit. being a maestro all those years i can tell you that the new skill allows me to farm on an area 4 lvls more than me without any problem since last attack works. i could do the same with my feoh and maybe even go higher. stop complaining from boxed accounts with zero knowledge of how the game works. you are misleading the rest and we end up with more snowflakes. Get your facts straight. Keep it clean. Think before posting.
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    Hi, I would like to bring your attention to the constant RMT spam via e-mails, PMs and normal chat. Do you think this is OK? This is really annoying, definitely not a pleasant game experience. After a while of this constant spam (I see it on every character that I re-log to) my brain started ignoring the mail icon visible on the screen and I have stopped checking my mail. Because of that I have not read a few important messages on time and I almost missed my b-day gift. I remember there was time when that did not happen, so I would appreciate if you made them stop the spam again, thank you.
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    I don't agree. The pvp is dead in l2 and enforcing it in any circumstances is not gonna happen. You have to win the click war and be happy.
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    My clan was talking about places in the game we either leveled in or pvp etc. If your playing less than a year don't answer this. My favorite place as an archer was the Leto Lizardman - Archer paradise no place was ever built so much for archers before or since best place to level an archer from 79 - 85 100% before GoD dropped. How about you guys?
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    As a longterm player of Lineage 2 since C1 and returning after 7 years of not playing, I just want to say that you bleeped the game. I won't mention all the new stuff that it's not even related to classic, honestly I don't care, the game must progress somehow and NC needs to cashout. But honestly, what the bleep have you've done with the newcomers progression? I have 3 characters and I can't even afford to buy these generic shots for my dps. I can't sell the scrap I've gathered leveling because they are worth 0 adena now. How I'm supossed to make adena? Just picking up? Where's the crafting? Where's the low level marketplace of this game? I can't keep leveling up. You bleeped the game.
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    If I own a castle, you attacking it should NOT start a clan war if I kill you on siege. There's your real issue my friend. You want to fight people w/ 5 grand gear with your 100 grand of gear then hero shout how noob everyone is and should quit? Go dark castle, I guarantee you'll get more pvp, and not the kind YOU choose, low level, under geared, afk toons. Some people never cease to amaze me.
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    I've been in a few clans under level 11 since I've returned. Each one has had a war my MS dropped on them for no other reason than to grief. The only reason "Love"Banditos (yeah, talk about love, right?) didn't declare war was because they were "rebuilding" and trying to stay off the radar. With MS gone, Divekio wants to steamroll over the server's lowbies, to ensure his clan can become the next MS. You're upset that you don't have all the control and power to dictate when and where you fight. YOU WANT COMPLETE POWER OVER EVERYTHING DIVEKIO. Let me tell you, the world doesn't work like that and the game of L2 doesn't revolve around you. If you want to win PvP, then flag and make it work. But if you're losing to 14 member clan consistently, that doesn't say much about the 14 member clans, but it says everything about your clan. If you can't win against a 14 member clan as a "powerhouse" clan, you may need to reconsider who you're adding to your clan and what type of player you are. But alas, it's your way or the highway it seems, right?
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    How is this abuse? Everyone calling it abuse either suffered from the exploit ban or try to bully people into fighting them, or try to push wars when people are macro farming. This is not abuse nor an exploit, you are trying to split hairs. It is a game mechanic. Why not? If you can't stop less than 14 people from taking a castle, then you don't deserve the castle. The above quote says it all. It would be an abuse or an exploit if we were getting the better of you in some way. If we fight and die we take the same penalty at death as you do. Most of the time (not all of the time, but 80%) It is people in Morning Star or Los Bandidos that instigate the fight in the first place. You don't want us in your business, stay out of ours. We are called ProPVE for a reason. The war on the mobs is never ending. Divekio is just mad because Pope killed him the other day when he was tying to mess with Gicobbe, and I killed him at Parnassas while he was going red on all the little guys up there. You don't need a war Divekio, you just want a way to kill us when it is convenient for you. We take away that factor by not warring you. Doesn't mean we won't fight you. Stop trying to bully people and the game will run smoothly.
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    I don't know the details since I couldn't care less about castle sieges, but the approach NCSoft take is ridiculous, NC Soft developed the code in a way that it allows this to happen, so why can't they just fix that instead of threatening and banning users? Either it's a bug or a feature working as designed. If it's a bug, fix that!
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    These newbies don't understand the work old-skoolers put in back when the game was an actual fun game; full of skilled players. Instead of this online casino platform we have today. They achieve Lv.85 within minutes & buy Ncoin for instant gratification. It took us years to get Lv.85 & endless hours of farming to obtain gear.
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    I mean....sure if I have to explain it to you buddy...during siege it is an inaccessible location to jump to. There you go buddy. :)))))))))))))
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    Will cheaters be banned or you wont follow your own rules @Juji? Many many names on this video. What's jujay gonna do?
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    botmacro until you reach 105, pick a dual, repeat, realize you have zero equipment for higher level content, quit
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    miss farming fire stones in IoP I miss seeing drops and actually farming for something, getting back to town with more loot that i left town with miss VoS and MoS, aoe at FoG and Seed of Annihilation, the one with the bugs i miss knowing who i;m dealing with at random groups, every toon is disposable now, takes a week to lvl rmt to gear and can be discarded in the blink of an eye. i miss actually being able to farm higher level gear instead of buying with rmt, and needing trillions of gear in order to farm maybe millions of adenas I miss questing that actually gave you a goal to something Most of all ...I miss xping with my old friends who quit because what NCsoft turned this game into... Although I'm back after many years of being of being off, recently I find myself asking why I'm still logging. I do not enjoy this mobile game model at all, and tbh I am not emotionally involved in this game anymore as I am sure many people disconnected with it as well, courtesy on the people running this circus
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    Im pretty sure u will be here next week crying about u melee lag bro, dont worry.
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    Im 41 years old and a father of 2 , I mean no disrespect but You guys HIGH?
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    I miss the original concept of Alligator Island. You'd port there and see 10,000+ mobs all over the place. They could kill you, even with top gear, especially if someone directed a train of mobs directly at you. And there was always some asshat doing that. But I miss it. I miss the old Dragon Valley. You'd port into the middle of someone PVPing. At least that always seemed to be the case whenever I went there. But Antharas' cave entrance was a short jaunt. I miss Outlaw Forest. It's the only place where I got whole drops. I still have the Samurai Longsword that I got as a full drop many years ago. It's not just a keepsake, but a good luck charm. I miss the Fields of Massacre and the rush of being a Spellhowler mowing down Dooms, body to mind and corpse life drain keeping my mana bar replenished, the crackle of bsps and my fiery red glowing Homu warning enemies and PKers alike to keep their distance.
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    I suppose NCwest should start considering about giving us a Rates for RNG boxes before its too late. Gambling boxes are also prohibited in California, Belgum and Netherlands. https://www.engadget.com/apple-faces-lawsuit-over-app-store-loot-boxes-200216115.html?fbclid=IwAR0vG-j_i_eGGj5rHbKv59HDXOS28x5FhNO0GjPrW-xTHc2yshecN8X8AaM Edit: In Belgium the worst penalty for this is 3-years prison sentence.
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    There was clearly written in some of the last patch notes, that this mob gives from 3 to 10kk. Why you call it a bug? And do not take this old and inaccurate data from l2wiki. Also L2wiki is for EU/RU servers, where this mob drops the same adena 3-10kk.
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    If you have a lot of money to spend, this is the game for you.
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    Theres always gona be people who just throw money into game and expect us Avg players to teach them everything for FREE so they can join a big Clan and pvp/pk us afterwards ... Its always so sadifying to drop those overgeared people in Olympiad every weekend with my F2P Main in Exalted Gear They pm me after match and want me to tell them good pvp macro for oly haha. I dont macro in pvp.
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    Well the system is pretty much explained here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18555-pk-system-changes-632020/ And as you said, the issue is not the system, but the players. You can create a wynn to mark them to 1 HP and wait for the mobs to finish the job or create a character just for PK, if you don't want to PK with your main