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    Juji, I do not know how you view and treat your job or how implicated is your boss but the communication with the customers is extremely bad! Don't say this is a free to play game as it is not, it is a complex game that requires both time and money from your customers to be able to enjoy it's content and the interactions with other players that a mmorpg game should allow for. With every milk the cow event you guys launch you only create a deeper and deeper trench between players in your servers. I personally would rather pay $50/month/box and have a balanced game than the literal crap you guys roll out. So here are some issues ypu only evade an answer for or just don't care about: 1. 3rd party programs users: you (just log in and go to Rift and you will see 100 summoners automated that probably only 1 player is running. Due to bots existing in the game there is a game economics inbalance and an artificial load being created on your servers. I personally know people that would rather buy adena from traders than buy NCOin and participate in your events. 2. server stability is just LOL. This is due to a) your lol staff b) bots you just keep in the game as you do not care c) the fact that you are cheap and would not buy new hardware or cloud services even with the hundrets of thousands of monthly top line d) the fact that you are cheap and you do not hire 1 lousy intern that would log in and simply ban obvious bots (like chars running more than 10 seconds appart through town stopping on the exact same coordinates) 3. The fact that you went from selling hats to selling cloaks and shirts that cannot be obtained in game in any possible way w/o real money and this ruins the player experience. If you want to get to a 100 ppl per server online out of which 99 are cash cows... KEEP IT UP Coca Cola makes maybe 0.5$ per botthe but the make a huge bottom line because they sell to a lot of people. your business strategy is dome by your grandmothers probably 4.The fact you do not have an ingame engine that alows people to earn Ncoin... this would allow for at least some balance to be restored 5. Communication: your player base is actually looking for update news on other servers in KR and EU simply because you have no information available until the server goes down for an update (same for events). When players go to your competitors to read patch notes and see how rewarding are in game events there fw/o people needing to play real money you don't think they stay there? Well I am telling you they do! You will end up with the 100 people online I mentioned above. You are also cheap here as an intern would gather up freaquent questions from your customers and bring them up in your weekly meetings then take the answers and post them. 6. You simply choose to remove content rather than fix issues (f.e. Lindvior) and that is because your devs are probably incompetent 7. your staff is either underpaid or overpaid.. in either case they just do not care about their jobs. you are also most likely understaffed as your management has no idea about how to run the business. they see the line on the chart up and to the right, the get dolar signs in their eyes thinking of the year end bonus and do not care about the 2 year/5 year plans. Milk the cow while it's alive! 8. You do not announce a time for world olympiad as you will most likely make it US time and ok... more EU people will leave, not that you care Disconnects are not just in south America. They are WW and I got throou checking my network, my isp connection, my router and switches, raised tickets to isp, etc and no, the issues are with NC West. THey lack either the implication to aknowledge them or the implication and know how in order to fix them.
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    Yes we do have questions and we have posted them already soooo many times but NO. you guys simply refuse toss to us anything regarding our questions. zero support , zero communication , zero assistance. i think we deserve better than this. do not ignore the community cause guess what , the community is the one who pays your bills. No offense and thank you.
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    Greeting Adventurers, We would like to remind you that harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. We have had several incidents in the past few months where we took action against multiple accounts and involved local authorities. Some example of harassment include: Obscene, vulgar or inappropriate language towards you or others Threatening violence or bodily harm in game or in real life Extorting by PK for hunting spots, items, or Adena While there is no issue with general banter and rivalry between other players and clans, please remain respectful to other players here on the forums and in-game. You can read the Rules of Conduct you’ve agreed to here. If you are experience harassment, please contact our Customer Support by submitting a ticket here.
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    Just few words: -Healer 9 y ago were acting like a princess, emorage quit party if he dont like something...now they cry there is no party for them -Tank same as healer in plus we were shouting 40 min and sometime have to pay one to come. -Iss 9y ago selling expensive buffs on BOT on Aden stairs and making bilions, now everybody have a pet ISS POM. Next update will be extint as a classs. Now suport classes cry not to kill suport clasess while they kill it by attitude for atleast 9 years....funny. I say Fck off and make your own party if you want lvl a support.
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    Why everybody assumed, that patch notes will be on 2019? there was no such promise
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 5 a.m. PDT / 7 a.m. CDT / 8 a.m. EDT and will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed. Ancient Legendary Cloaks will continue to be in the L2 Store for 1 final week. Oriana’s Spooky Draw event be available for 1 final week. The Zombie’s Curse Halloween event will available for 1 final week. Details are available here. Halloween store items will be in the L2 Store for 1 final week. World Olympiad will officially begin at 22:00 UTC on 11/6. The start times for World Olympiad based on server time zone are: Talking Island (GMT-5) – 5:00 PM Giran (GMT+1) – 11:00 PM Aden (GMT-8) – 2:00 PM Gludio (GMT-4) – 6:00 PM If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    Visa works good too 👍
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    you mean server upgrade? try not to increase client to 7 client plz, go with 4 or 5, just increaee by 1 or max 2, if all good go higher client limit, if you guys see all ok.
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 5 a.m. PDT / 7 a.m. CDT / 8 a.m. EDT / 1400 GMT+2 will be unavailable for approximately 4 hours. With this maintenance: Lineage II: Fafurion Supplemental Update Part 2 will be live. Patch notes can be read here. Halloween Fortune Reading Game will continue for 2 weeks. Halloween Store Update with new items in the store for Halloween and the content update! Halloween events and server boost settings will begin for two weeks. Details are available here. Prestige Pack subscribers between August 7 through October 29 will receive a Trick-or-Treat Bonus Pack. A serial code will automatically be available to apply on the account management page with the following items: Drop Rune 200% 7- Day Pack x4 XP Rune III 200% 7-Day Pack x4 SP Rune 200% Pack 7-day x4 Bloody Rune Pack (30-day) x1 New Chat restrictions have been added: Normal = Level 90 Whisper = Level 90 Shout = Level 95 Market = Level 95 Party Matchmaking Room = Level 90 Wondrous Cubic Items will remain for another two weeks. Exchange your Wondrous Cubic related items at the Dimensional Merchant NPC before they are deleted on 11/13. 416 R/R95/R99-type Talismans and Blue/Red Talismans obtained from Fortress Battles will be deleted on 11/13. The hero status for September Olympiad heroes will be reset. The 3 client per PC limit will remain for another two weeks, while we monitor the server performance after the content update. Other Notes: Rotten Fish Dishes can be exchanged until December 4. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    You can and before the new harmony with +100attrib it was a must. Now i believe u can skip it.
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    will just post this next time. https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Server+Maintenance&iso=20191031T13&p1=137&ah=1&am=15
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    Ah yes, exactly what all of the fanbase wanted, another update with even more Pay To Win things. I know its all about the money but can't you just make one, monthly-subscription based server with none of the pay to win items just like in the old days? Im sure there would be thousands of people willing to give you that 10-20$ per month just to feel that real old nostalgia where your skill mattered, not the size of your wallet... Darn it, started to daydream again
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    VIP 7 = 500 Euro?! ...wtf is wrong with u ....unbelieveable....
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    why would you want patch notes? you will see the changes after the restart. NCSoft encourages exploration, like the non existent % chances to over-enchant, the spoils, the % of l2store bags and so on. Lets face it people we are either masochists or junkies here, would you imagine any other company with such customer care still be around? yet here we are, aren;t we?
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    Dimensional Traces will be removed huh. What about compensating all these people(including myself) who have reached 90 of these(3 months time worth) and wont be able to reach to 100 and get to the final quest and receive a R99 clean weapon and SAs? U @Juji said that starting next week there would be ''goodies'' for us(the player base), I assume u meant for free but if history is any indicator they wont be. Is this update the goodies u meant? U @Juji also said that next week we were gonna have a halloween event. Is this still the case? R u planning on releasing the new update alongside the event? Can u take a wild guess as to whats gonna happen? Lag, disconnects, connectivity isues, server going down etc etc. Not to mention that the patch notes will be released the day before. Since u already have them(assuming) why dont u upload them say now, or tomorrow? Why wait until the very last day to do so? Please take my questions/concerns under consideration and inform us of the current status of them and/or give us some answers. Communication is key and it is not too much to ask for. Thank you for ur time. Cheers
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    The link you shared only states "You will not be able to login or create an account if you reside in one of the following countries:" I understand if the service is not availble when within that country, but the account ban seems unreasonable. Hmm... so if I ever decide to go on holidays to Belarus or China or any other country from the list I must not under any circumstances launch l2 on my laptop? Otherwise I get banned? x_O
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    Agree with Kale, Thank you for letting us play one of the best game ever, FOR FREE. There always will be some trolls to spam the forums, just ignore them. No need to say anything else. Have a nice day.
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    I already mentioned that we will determine when the 3 client limit will be increased a week after the update is released, which is coming very very very soon! https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/15495-live-server-maintenance-wednesday-october-16-2019/?tab=comments#comment-107122 We had a delay with the Halloween event start date, but it is scheduled to go out next week along with some other goodies!
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LWPPkfGFfs Isle of Souls Stronghold I port area archer fight 2 FS vs. 4 LB + 2 MS Let's go Archers!
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 5 a.m. PDT / 7 a.m. CDT / 8 a.m. EDT / 2 p.m. GMT+1 and will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed. Halloween Fortune Reading Game will end. Halloween store items will no longer be in the L2 Store. The Curse of Pumpkinface event will end. Halloween server boost settings will remain for one last week. Wondrous Cubic items will be deleted. Please exchange your remaining items at the Dimensional Merchant. 416 R/R95/R99-type Talismans and Blue/Red Talismans will be deleted. La Vie en Rose’s Brooches and Jewelry Boxes are back in the L2 Store! Fixed several localization issues on item and skill descriptions. Other Notes: Rotten Fish Dishes can be exchanged until December 4. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    I have the same issue, i have a trouble ticket in. Ive been getting disconnected all the time. No lag, just boom clients dropped ( 3 ). Now, atm i cant log in at all.. I checked EVERYTHING they told me.. and still cant log in. Ive had the problem for about 4 to 6 days now.. I think its been since last Wed.
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    If you can add a npc or L2 service in game who can unseal your shinny shirt, forghotten books, all skills enchants and evolved aghations for ppl who will like to change their main , i think many will be happy since the prices will drop on boosts and we will have many xp events. So ppl will be ok with starting a new char and keeping all their most important items, and no1 will ever ask you again about dual/main service. Thanks
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    Hello All, We had a long discussion with the Dev team this week during discussing a dual-to-main class swapping account service. Unfortunately, the Dev team cannot support a swap service for the Dual Class as it would be extremely difficult to implement and maintain with each class exception. We thought it was something Dev could easily support for NCW because of the Dual Class Re-awakening feature with Red Libra, but it is technically not the same when it comes to changing out the main class. Players in Korea and other regions had also requested a similar service, which is why Dev team created the Dual Class separation service that transfers your Dual Class to another account. We plan to review whether the Dual Class Separation service can be brought over to NCW, but we understand that it does not fully address the issue at hand with the Dual Class imbalance. Therefore, we will be reducing prices on boost items and offering more XP boost events to run in the future.
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    Good morning to all. I just want to leave my opinion in relation to the development of the game, lately I feel that the l2 has become a class game, where only with a good financial support and a card that does not fail can you reach the necessary levels to continue or simply to participate in instances or parties of higher levels. This last promotion shows us that without real money there is no future within the future that this game with which I have grown can have. It's not that I can't leave € 100 a month, or that I can't afford to invest in my character, simply with success rates I haven't bought ncoin for a long time. I would like some CEO of this company to be interested in your community, I know that GM's do not have a voice or vote in many of the decisions that are made, but they have eyes to read us and maybe they have the words to transfer our requests and maybe so Buy ncoin again without fear of thinking that in the future everything can go to hell for a nefarious and devastating management that has expelled large, medium and small players. I would like us to be more than a game, I would like us to be a community. As one day we were.
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    Hello Juji, I understand about the operational problem, but by limiting the number of accounts, automatically new players are harmed, because they need a larger structure to develop in stronger areas of the game, I believe that if increased to 4 accounts help would be of great value, and the performance would not be compromised, given last month the release of up to 7 accounts per user. We need to facilitate the entry of new players, not create barriers, so I ask STAFF for support to review the decision made to keep 3 accounts.
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    $200 for a pack? I can buy three AAA brand new games and a new controller for any current gen console with that. seriously?
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    Hello Staff, And About Accounts Number ? To be continue only 3 ?
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    @Hime @Juji Funny thing is that not only do these stupid algorithms ban many accounts that did nothing wrong, they don't even care whether the account pays or not. Way to saw off the branch you're sitting on. @Psychocat Ignorance is bliss.
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    My friend take a look at this. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/15394-⚠️-report-harassment/ If someone PKs you all time to take your spot according to this post is a legit issue to report him. L2 is a competitive game and is good to be part o a community (clan) in order to find some support in issues like these. You can always look for a PVE clan that avoid open wars.
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    Do the quest line from Tarti in Gludio.
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    The next update to Lineage II: Fafurion launches on October 30. Full patch notes will be available on Tuesday, October 29. These are the main features in this supplemental update: Vitality System changes New Timed Hunting Zone Existing Hunting Zones updates New Raid Bosses Clan Mission updates Level 1-85 Quest changes Exalted Quest changes New Talismans Dye Passives and Skills updates World Olympiad (starts on November 6) Several Olympiad and Ceremony of Chaos exchange items will be removed from player inventories starting after the game update on October. You can find the full list of items being removed here.
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    I found out who owns pk toons and yea its game over they are top geared people who are bored so will be seeing pk toons with +6 sets +10 or higher weps probably boss jewls +15 cloaks and i would not be suprised to see them running around in partys with full buffs and healers. I dont really feel like selling my second car to play this game, Costs the same as running a car for vip 7 .... how out of touch are these people ..... mental Shame to watch something you grew up on playing for 16 years be run by people who clearly do not care, the players care more for the game than the people running it, truely sad
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    Its Tuesday the 29th of October, the next update to Lineage II: Fafurion launches on October 30 and we still don't have the patch notes. @Juji@Hime@Cyan
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    answer to second post is simple, ppl dont like competition so they go to strong clan and that way they can freely farm bosses etc without competition. and if you want some difference in sieges there is simple solution, nc soft just have to make siege zone around castle to be unavailable to ppl who are not registered for that siege, as example max heroes comes to defend castle they enter siege zone because they own aden they get teleported back to town. if only ppl who are registered can enter siege zone sieges will be different because if max players leave clan to join box clans at same time they dont have ppl to defend aden and DH takes it simple game. i saw similar things in some illegal servers where they restricted low lvl epic raids zones so as example if you entered with char over lvl 50 near place where ant queen lives you got immediately ported out.
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    Hello good afternoon . In my humble opinion, I believe that all games undergo drastic changes and it is a matter of adaptation anyway, this game requires many hours of collecting items and it is essential not to become too obsessed with the game. Real life is more important. so do what you can and play to have a good time with nice people
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    The follow items will be removed from player inventories after the game update on October 30. Please use these items before October 30. Portal Stone Mysterious Butler's Certificate Visitor's Badge Scroll: Antharas Call Galladucci's Certificate Pagan Totem Refined Red Dragon Blood Sir Eric Rodemai's Certificate Pagan Soul Refined Blue Dragon Blood Lionel Hunter's Mission List - Part 1 Demon's Trace Gabrielle's Feather Lionel Hunter's Mission List - Part 2 Spirit Fragment Marsh Stalker Horn Daichir's Certificate Dimensional Traces Marsh Drake Talons Olympiad Manager's Certificate Attacker's Soul Kranrot Skin Ishuma's Certificate Curious Letter Hamrut Leg Sir Kristof Rodemai's Certificate Reinforcements' Badge Remains of Sacrifice Lionel Hunter's Mission List - Part 3 Turakan's Secret Letter Totem of Land Dragon Merlot's Certificate Broken Weapon Fragment 1st Fragment of Abyssal Jewel Kurtiz' Certificate Teredor Egg Fragment 2nd Fragment of Abyssal Jewel Blacksmith of Mammon's Certificate Keucereus' Introduction - Seed of Destruction 3rd Fragment of Abyssal Jewel Sir Gustav Athebaldt's Certificate Keucereus' Introduction - Seed of Infinity Mara Fang Merlot's Promise Vacualite Ore Musfel Fang Lionel Hunter Mission List - 4 Vacualite Guardian's Mark Leona's Certificate Vacualite Floating Stone Badge of Slayer Kekropus' Certificate Lavasaurus Alpha Fragment Tarask Dragon's Leather Fragment Santiago' Certificate Seed of Annihilation Orders Behemoth Dragon Leather Arcturus' Certificate Gracian Soldier Tag Unrefined Red Dragon Blood Lionel Hunter Mission List - 5 Trace of Decaying Darkness Unrefined Blue Dragon Blood Ferin's Certificate Kimerian's Trace Wind Spirit Realm's Relic Logart Van Dyke's Certificate Trace of Kimerian's Cavern Prophecy Machine Fragment Settlen's Certificate Timiniel's Tonic Kain's Prophecy Machine Fragment Keucereus' Certificate Fairy Wing Ertheia Prophecy Machine Seresin's Certificate Cocoon Fragment Atelia Map Kimerian's Breath Secret Material Medicinal Herb Recipe: Timiniel's Tonic Breath of Death Sealed Box Kbaldir's Letter Corrupted Energy Goblet of Alectia Unstable Petra Embedded Shard Goblet of Tishas Petra Orc Empowering Potion Goblet of Mekara Top Quality Petra Ketra Order Goblet of Morigul Curse Residue Savior's Wish Used Grave Pass Dimensional Energy Fragment Savior's Enchant Scroll Fragment Lavasaurus Head Fragment Dimensional Exploration Report Proof of Disposal Lavasaurus Body Fragment Dualsword Crafting Stamp Proof of Battle Lavasaurus Horn Fragment Dualsword Crafting Stamp - R-grade Veridan's Soul Stone Lavasaurus Stone Fragment Remnant of the Rift Kechi's Soul Stone Zaken's Soul Fragment Proof of Fidelity Michaela's Soul Stone Freya's Soul Fragment Certificate of Promise Dark Soul Stone Frintezza's Soul Fragment Certificate of Life Proof of Resistance Misa's Letter Certificate of Hero Citrine Pendant Rafforty's Letter Certificate of Hell Citrine Pendant Fragment Piece of Tablet High-grade Fragment of Chaos Recipe: Citrine Pendant (10%) Report Scraps Proofs of Battle Readiness Mark of Advance Cold Resistance Potion Deformed Claw Proof of Preparation Black Frozen Core Broken Contract Fragments Mark of Valor Scroll of Escape: Town of Aden Freed Soul Proof of Settlement Tiat's Totem Tiat's Charm Lady's Ornamental Silver Knife Marred Soul Crystal Freed Soul Crystal Scroll: Enchant Lady's Ornamental Silver Knife Disabled Petra Soul Stone Fragment Proof of Qualification Traces of Mutation Fish Chest Blackbird Clan's Certification Cocoon Destroyer Shell Seed Jar Giant Trackers Certification Control Module Mysterious Mark Proof of Strength Trace of Evil Olympiad Token Mother Tree Guardian's Certification Dust of Destroyed Demon Medal of Glory Unworldly Visitors' Certification Vaccine Box Olympiad Match 5 Participation Certificate Kingdom's Royal Guard's Certification Yin's Trace Olympiad Match 10 Participation Certificate Story Book - Tauti Yin's Enigmatic Trace Certificate: 50 Olympiad Matches Story Book - Kelbim Verna's Vaccine Olympiad 2 Consecutive Wins Confirmation Story Book - Freya Red Gate Key Olympiad 5 Consecutive Wins Confirmation Story Book - Kain van Halter Mark of Travis Olympiad 10 Consecutive Wins Confirmation Covered Page Returner's Soul Tournament Remnants I Elikia's Certificate Mark of Kargos Tournament Remnants II During the maintenance on November 13, the following items will be removed from player inventories and can be exchanged at the Dimensional Merchant starting on October 30. Wondrous Cubic Cube Fragment Armor - D Cube Fragment Armor - S Shiny Cube Fragment Weapon (D-grade) Cube Fragment Armor - R Shiny Cube Fragment Armor (D-grade) Cube Fragment Weapon - S Cube Fragment Weapon - C Cube Fragment Weapon - R Cube Fragment Armor - C Shiny Cube Fragment Armor (S-grade) Shiny Cube Fragment Weapon (C-grade) Shiny Cube Fragment Armor - R Shiny Cube Fragment Armor (C-grade) Shiny Cube Fragment Weapon (S-grade) Cube Fragment Weapon - B Shiny Cube Fragment Weapon - R Cube Fragment Armor - B Mysterious Fragment Shiny Cube Fragment Weapon (B-grade) Shiny Agathion Cube Fragment Shiny Cube Fragment Armor (B-grade) Shiny T-shirt Cube Fragment Cube Fragment Weapon - A Mysterious Bait Cube Fragment Cube Fragment Armor - A Shiny Talisman Cube Fragment Shiny Cube Fragment Weapon (A-grade) Mysterious Bait Shiny Cube Fragment Armor (A-grade) Cube Fragment Weapon - D
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    When is Manner Mode going to get a fix ? It is totally useless in a party. If an aggro mob attacks the ISS in party for example, the main DD just ignores it & moves on to a different mob.
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    Why dont you start fresh char somewhere? Because you've spent time and money on equipment and you dont wanna lose it. If I had chance to start on EU server 8 years ago i would've started there (In fact, Franz was an actual EU server). Problems of NCsoft that lead to separation of the company is not my problem as a player, as well as political path of USA. There was no restriction to the country when my char was created, no restriction when NCWest started to operate our servers, no restriction when Innova started to control CIS region, no restriction or warning when I buy NC coins and prestige pack. Then why do we have restriction now, when it's too late to start over on new servers. If i was warned to move to Innova servers when Innova started to operate I would move, now it's too late. Too much time and money spent on freaking Naia + huge gear gap between old and new players on Innova servers. If NCWest doesnt want those people from the blocked countries list to use their services they have to provide transfer options and have to stop accepting money from the people of this countries. The best option to solve this dilemma will be allowing old players to play safely, but close an option to create new accounts (which is already closed).
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    @Juji @Hime If the content update is mostly the same as other zones, (it should be) there are some items being removed and quests being changed. Wouldn't be better to give time for people to prepare for them by giving the patch notes with at least one or 2 weeks in advance?
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    erm lol you do know that there are still a few hundred or so RU players that still play on NCWest right ? so what does this mean ? that the grace period is over and they all should quit & go play RU servers ? you can close Naia server then as well and move the left overs into Chronos just saying that this is not quite gonna work out in a positive way for the health of the game as even Chronos has an old RU community anyways RIP FuriousSteel, DragonHunters and many others that will remain nameless but not forgotten, let's remember how the game used to be when we were all still friends https://youtu.be/QqGna7Ih_vk?t=194
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    Is it possible to make general use of the entire map? activate more raid boss, areas to hunt, missions to get rewards, remove the monotony a bit, because none of the current instances are worth doing, the game is boring, the events are pure lies in terms of the prizes that should be obtained , is that very difficult ?, for that place a GK of 3 or 4 hunting places and eliminate the rest of the map, the game does not make sense anymore, and it took me this time that I like the game and I wanted them to make changes, and As for the economy, buying NCOINS is bad to spend money, it is preferable to buy people for the pages, add value to the service and get great results. They must first start improving the page and keep users informed.
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    Again no update. So now what? We get patched next week, on the 30th, with no patch info a week ahead and everybody goes blind into Olympiad without knowing new Olympiad Times, the new best-out-of-3 system? Looks like it's more important to pump out L2Store promotions and 'keep the people that can't bot' happy "free to participate" events. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/15495-live-server-maintenance-wednesday-october-16-2019/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-107595
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    We have no Dev update yet on this request, but I will bump the issue again with the team.
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    A truly free event! Feel free to post your questions on the forums. Just - the chance to receive a response from the official side is the same as the chance to receive a top reward at one of those overpriced "buy a pack from L2-store and get some useless things"- events …
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    No reason to play? If I started 10 years before blocking countries and Innova didn’t exist. I have to quit saying thank you for allowing me to pay. Are you stupid.
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    Please do not shame our BOTS, they are sensitive! -NCSoft Staff.
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    In Korea they got some new services this month like - Main/Dual class split on same account, Character transfer on another account, server transfers etc etc .. Juji said they are working on these few months ago, so you can see he was correct. Lets hope, soon same services will be suitable for our servers and we get them. Many people are asking for such stuff.