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    People request NCSOFT do the following changes in order to keep playing here and keep buying Ncoin : Game Economy : As you can see , there is a huge problem with the game economy, and the only Items people sell or buy are the Items from L2 Store Events. We want the following changes to be made so you balance the game! Adena : decrease adena drop amount in the following areas : Abandoned Camp Ruins of Agony Ant Nest Gorgon Flower Garden Cruma Marshlands Cruma Tower (Floor 1,2) That would prevents the pony bot Swarms. Also if you gonna decrease the adena on the following areas you should add some Newbie Pack on L2Store (for a low amount of NC COINS)that would provide a 30days C grade Weapon ,C grade armor set and C grade Jewels, so the new people can save adena for the high lvl areas ! Increase the Adena drop amount on the following areas : Ketra , Varka , Imperial Tomb , Antharas Lair , Dragon Valley , Forgotten Island (inside on the party zone) , Giants Cave. All that high lvl areas have a very low Adena Drop amount, we cannot farm in those areas because the items / Adena drop are very bad , therefor nobody farm on that high lvl areas!(around 200 adena in 6 party members), TOI 11 is around 700. We have tons of materials and craft items that nobody buy and we would like NCSOFT to make them again sellable to the Grocery so we can get some adenas for the useless craft items. Also we need a decent spoil rate, because the game is completely unbalanced , we cannot receive Recipes to craft B grade / A Grade items because the spoil rate is very~very low ! We understand that this game is Free To Play and that is the reason there are low rates for spoil/drop, but that items you guys add on NC STORE make that server Pay to Play actually, and we must invest about 150 $ monthly to keep the vip7 UP .This is not a free to play server anymore, thats the reason you guys must Increase the rates! High LvL Daily/Dungeons/Instance/Farm Areas : We would like to discuss about the high lvl farm places dungeons instance, that on L2Classic right now are impossible to be done by someone because those moobs are too strong and they are too many ! Four Sepulchers : There is a nice dungeon that cannot be done on this server because there are too many moobs inside, and those mobs hit too hard.We would like NCSOFT to fix that , would be nice a decrease in the mobs number same as you guys did with the Siege Guards! And to fix the damage those mobs deal, because is way to high. Frintezza INSTANCE: we need a nerf aswell on that instance, there are too many mobs also and they hit very hard ! Antharas Lair : this is a very nice farm place for party but unfortunatley the ITEMS / ADENA drop rate are very low (there are some 40lvl places that gives same amount of adenas as 85 lvl farm places) .Mobs in antharas Lair hit realy hard that’s why there's nobody farming there ! we need a fix aswell on that place ! Imperial Tomb : a nice place for party farm & for solo farm also, but unfortunatly mobs Adena / Item drop is very low and those mobs are way too strong for the content NCSOFT gives us right now ! Dragon Valley : Same issues , mobs hit too hard (we cannot farm in there even with all Items L2Store Provide) those moobs drop 1k-2k adenas that is a very low amounth of adenas for a 85 LVL Area, people trying to spoil Cloth pieces and did’nt get anything from spoil .Thats mean the spoil/drop rates are very low. Varka and Ketra exactly the same issues as previous regions : very low adena drop amount,we dont disscuss about getting some good drop because its like impossible even with vip 7. Aden Pirate Dungeon : we need some fixes here because that dungeon is the only way we can get S grade Craft materials, key parts, and right now that dungeon is very “unfair”, you guys should make it same as 40-45 lvl Dungeons from Adena: 1 time only per char/day, and if someone wish to go more times they should buy that stone from NC Store, because that 1hour entry right now sux hard, you can just go inside hunt the Goldberg Buttler and than quit dungeon and the time gonna be exactly the same (it does’nt count down when you get outside of the dungeon) it should work like: you go inside 1 time, you get 1 hour to hunt there once you get outside you should not be able to go anymore for that day only if you get that entrace pass from NC STORE. ALL those places mentioned before need to be nerfed ! so we can have doable content after 85 lvl ! Chaotic Characters (PK Characters) : There are a lot of things to say about that issue, but let’s go straight to the point. The PK Characters should be not able to use Teleport (my teleport system), right now there is chaos, everywhere there are people pretending the spot you farm is their own spot and they just log a pk char and clean ur farm chars ! You also should rework that PK Debuff : it should decrease Casting speed , M.atk , Atk Speed around 30-50% and PK Chars should not be allowed to use that 76 Mount. Server Events : Here we go, we are tired to have Pay to Win events, and that has become exagerated !!!We need to balance events like gambling boxes and normal events. The only events you guys are doing so often are Open BOX EVENT ( That’s a gamble event) we also need to spend money in order to win something good ! We are looking for some kind of Free to play Events , like LETTER event or Squash EVENT , Matchstick event and many other Farmable events !!! Thats what we are looking for, NCSOFT is doing to many pay to win events and most of us are tired of them. For example : On December you made Blizzard Ice box event for 4 weeks, when that event ended 2 weeks there was no event and then you put HearthLove box event, c’mon that’s realy ridiculous... We want some Farm events or Exp events , maybe 2x Respawn time on raids events or weekend boost exp . The main idea of those Events you guys are making is that most of them are PAY to WIN events and it has became ridiculous ! As we tent to improved our characters , to get them higher level and better items , we cannot stay at level 40-50 to farm epic bosses , you kill our content and our fun. We want you to boost their level/remove penalty drop level Removing barrier till 70 level raidbosses would be very good. Epic Raidbosses : Baium is completly bugged, you can’t land any debuff on it ! That’s the reason nobody kill Baium , we cannot land any debuffs and he deal a lot of damage ! Antharas has the same issues as baium , you cannot land any debuffs on it and he does a lot of damage Queen Ant - lvl 40 raidboss since the server Opening , we would like if you guys gonna make it 80 lvl same as the other epic raidboss ! Orfen - 50 lvl Raidboss since the server opening , Same issues as Queen ant , we need those raidbosses 80 lvl !!! Core - 50 lvl Raidboss since the server Opening , same as Queen Ant and Orfen !!! Frintezza - no way to get in there, moobs hit too hard and they are too many, you guys need to decrease the amount of mobs in that place ! Also we cannot see what debuffs are on raidbosses since the last big patch ! I guess is time to put it back so we can enjoy that game ! Doomcryer / Dominator has no Attribute damage increase !!! I've been reporting this issues for 9 months or maybe more and still not fixed ! We want back the 5th SkillBar Shortcut also we want back the Damage Window (you guys remove them on the preivouse patch. @Hime @Juji IF THAT CHANGES NOT GONNA BE IMPLEMENTED YOU GONNA LOSE HALF OF THE SERVER ALSO YOU GONNA LOSE A LOOT OF MONEYS BECAUSE WE GONNA STOP BUY NCOINS !!!
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    So I save 250e for this event to finally make a good cloak. I already had one +16 pve from buying ingame and wanted to make another pvp one to at least +10. After over 200 scrolls, I managed to make a maximum of pvp +5! From rest of my legendary scroll I managed to make my pve +16 -> +9! 7 fails in a row without it succeed 1 time! I took my best char with +82 LUC and I used potions etc to increase but everything failed! So this is simple, first time I bought from NC and nothing worthy came out. When reading feedback from various other players, it seems that the event is a total scam. So next step I will take, I will ask a reimbursement of my cash I spend from VISA. So they can ban my account I dont care. Second I will pursue NC for real, because it is totally illegal to sell items in their store if they dont tell you how much % of success rate you have. I have a friend who is lawyer and I explained him everything, how the success rate of enchant was not mentioned and that was the first real reason he told me this case will be won in no time since an European Law came out that companies have to tell you the success rate you have from buying items in their store. So guy have a lot of fun, but I am not spending any euro anymore to a ripoff company.
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    $250 worth of ncoin +50B and still no legendary cloak please becareful of ncsoft scamming you
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    will there be any resolutions / fixes implemented during this weeks maintenance or should ppl just log off/wait for the next update and pray something will be fixed then ? some hints as to what can be done to lower the amount of alts/bots and give other means for players to make adena/gear without forcing them to run 10+ chars, could even lower l2store prices to fight the inflation that is caused by the unbalanced stronghold adena farm for a select few players (99% of which are archers, amazing class balance yo): implement Korea's changes to the timed zones max extra time extension their fix on the atlas earring which will only require 100K mentee coins per scroll from the npc meaning no longer need 12 alts but 6 remove adena drops from the old regions that ppl use for rmt bot farm aka plunderous plains & land of chaos etc. clearly communicate which ways of bypassing the current limit of 3 accounts per PC are "legit/allowed" and then actually block/stop the other ways like teamviewer / vmware or heck even a simple windows user change on same pc as right now everyone and their mother can load 12+ accounts just from 1 PC - stop the Fake amount of accounts logged in by addressing this please as nobody believes for a second Chronos really has 3+ thousand active unique players, it's at best half that and you all know it so let's stop with the fake numbers. if anything give what people have been asking for like 6+ Months now and turn off / make it max daily refresh the Ranking system. Thanks for listening to your player base, much appreciated.
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    https://youtu.be/KkTohbv7RD0 I posted this video someone doing it 2 months ago. I’m glad at least now you are fixing it hahahaha!!
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    We are investigating now.
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    Are you happy with the current situation of the game? The whole server is an afk macro party and each party includes toons of 1 or 2 persons. I know many players that quit game especially after the last update. Clans are dying. I know many players that are 103-104 and they can't even do the 100 solo. Because EVERYTHING is only possible for real strong-high payers chars. I'm one of the lucky players who has a char that can still do at least few things in game, but guess what: when other players quit game because of that situation, I can't play either. Because everything is connected. We all see lot of chars online every time but we all know that these are not unique players. Because after the update everyone is creating new toons for mentee coins. So everyone is macro-afk-farming while he is also macro-afk lvl up mentee toons. What's the point of all this??? This is our game? lvl up toons for mentee coins? And then macro exp for days? And then what? what else we can do in this game? Even if we don't macro exp all day, we can't do any RB because most of players don't own >+12 bloody weapons that are required for do any RB after the update. Most players can't even do Baylor anymore. The only reasson we are still playing is because of compulsory reasons. So what is the plan for the future? Earn as much money as you can and then just close the server? Or you are thinking of FINALLY do SOMETHING about??
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    The game is not shutting down any time soon and we have another content update that is right around the corner along with our 16th Anniversary. Please stop making these conspiracy threads.
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    1) Divekio using hide glitch/exploit to stay unseen & untargetable and killing everyone in Ceremony of Chaos on September 2019 - NO Ban 2) Multiple people using time recharge stone exploit to farm adena 12 hours per day in Stronghold on February 2020 - NO Ban 3) Divekio exploiting peace zone vitality replenish exploit in Field of Silence since February 2020 - NO Ban 4) Aratus, Ozzoo, and MrMind using radar program to find wartags within few minutes no matter where wartag locations are since Fafurion update in 2019 - NO Ban 5) Audge using my teleport to jump to such location that is accessible using legit in-game functions - PERMA Ban HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT SOUNDS SO FAIR BRAH
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    +1, no reason to do not have those modify scrolls. One solution is to put tems in L2Store for 1 adena... What you say @Juji ?
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    don't panic, servers are quarantined to prevent virus from spreading
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    Its unbeliveble, you pretend to Game Producer but you lvl of understanding L2 is very superficial. You really dont know how players behave...you really dont know what items you have in game and what items to promo. I have never see employs so unprofesional in all my life....and I have a long career in It field, in 20 years I worked with HP, IBM, MIcrosoft, Samsung, Huawey and some others but they all are great profesionals. Wth is going one? Are you that cheap to hire a profesional? or what? Why?Why?Why?Why? 1. you are aware your hardware is old and dusty and game is berely playeble yet you did nothing since August 2019. 2.when in Feb situation escalade again you did nothing but empty promise 3.you lie ppl...ordered new parts but hey..the parts are not good blablabla just BS 4.then this abomination....100% exp event when servers are not proper set and latency is up to 20 seconds 5.second abomination...you bring us Circlet event...really, are you idiots? ppl ask cloaks for weeks and you give what? Circlets? 6.last known abomination...this Lara event...again your servers are in pieces and you bring more box ppl online? Here what you should do, you stop asap all event and postpone them till you hire new and competent technical staff or mby ask korean guys to pay you a visit to set properly server....you had 9 months to fix the servers wth and fail. @Juji up to 20 seconds delay in 2020 with 2020(as you told us) hardware for an 15 y old game its not ...well...its a shame, rly a shame. Fix the damn servers asap. Ps: you start to look more and more like Conquero...you remember him yes? Ps2:Dont fraking dare to blame ppl, we work monday to friday to pay your salalry...its weekend and we want to relax.
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    @Juji @Hime Suggestion : Player dead on ground more than X minutes, got auto dc..........
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    Oh why didn't you say you got PK'd while you were at work?. You just need to open a support ticket and clearly state what hours you will be afk at work leveling and NCsoft will disable the PVP ability of players near you during those hours. But you have to be subscribed to Prestige Pack VIP+ AFK edition. If your only going to afk for 1 hour at a time you can go to the L2 store and buy PVP immune scroll 1 hour for 4500 Ncoins. But again you have to be subscribed to Prestige Pack + AFK edition for that to show up in your L2 store. Prestige Pack+ AFK edition is $1500 per month USD. Kind of expensive but definitely worth it for the VIP or Executive level player that has the need to AFK while at work and not get killed or you can just die like the rest of us peasants.
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    Hello all, Naia server will temporarily unavailable for unscheduled server maintenance at 11:30 a.m. PDT / 1:30 p.m. CDT / 2:30 p.m. EDT / 7:30 p.m. GMT+1. The server will be unavailable for 1 hour. Login to other servers will not be impacted. Thank you!
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    @Juji Why is the ranking system tracking live again? I have been checking it for a few days now. And today I had final proof. I logged in today, got my event buff and set up to do some exp. My Iss was on rank 580. Two hours later after breakfast, shower and doing stuff around the house I checked it again. My rank changed from 580 to 579. My race rank went from 58 to 57. All in the time span of two hours. This means the server is doing LIVE rank checking again, and not only checking once a day at 06:30 AM server time to see if your rank increased or decreased. Live rank checking is something not happening on the EU 4game servers (not on English or Russian, also not on Awakening, Classic or Essence). Live rank checking only is happening on Naia, Chronos and the dead Classic servers you trying to merge next week. Live rank checking been the issue last times when lags were unbearable. Melee classes only hit every third attack, ranged classes are either not casting or bursting with delays of 2-5 seconds in between. It's impossible for a healer to keep up. I have been saying it for months. I said it last time when server was in this pile of junk state and I will say it again LAG IS CAUSED BY THE RANKING SYSTEM and the Ranking System should be turned off! Stop claiming you added new hardware, turn off the ranking system and we'll be fine again.
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    corona virus hit most region and a lot of people lost job or force to stay home without income it could be few months basically a lot of players can't afford any money to buy n coins each country take care of their citizen to help them survive without income this is the time ncsoft can step up and help l2 players since most players at home and play game hard but can't afford ncoin to buy sayha buff scroll and ss and stuff this is my idea u can request this to decision maker how about giving all account to 50 sayha buff scroll and 2 million ss or sps or 8000-10000 ncoins to each account? or anything u can put them together as gift to all player like bundle pack that including few dandy ,sayha buff scroll,ss etc
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    the lag in it's essence is tied to the amount of accounts logged in so yeah.. just stop asking for anything from NCWest except a long over due fix for the terrible server performance, anything else is just a distraction of what really needs to be done.
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at 5 a.m. PDT / 7 a.m. CDT / 8 a.m. EDT / 12 p.m. GMT+1 and will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed. Lara’s Day Off event will end. Related event items will be removed from players' inventories. The Circlets of Power will no longer be on the L2 Store. The Cursed Weapons system will be temporarily disabled for three weeks. The special server settings event has been extended for three more weeks. XP/SP +100% Vitality 300% No XP Loss Upon Death (for non-chaotic only) Party Hunting Bonus +50% Big Vitality Pack remains in the L2 Store for three weeks. Latency reducing measures are still temporarily implemented. Other notes: The latency issues are persisting despite server hardware upgrades. We are working with the Dev team on a new solution. Compensation will be determined after we have verified the issue has been resolved. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    Would it be possible to change the Auction House so that players on both Naia AND Chronos can access the same AH and all items for sale? I realize that may present issues in terms of the respective economies, but as far as players being able to find the items that they want, it would be a tremendous boon. As things are now, there's no server transfer for the foreseeable future. That means you have to wait, sometimes as long as a year, to get the items that you want. Logging in just to twiddle my thumbs and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait to buy the stuff that I want really blows. The things that I am looking for aren't on my server. But when I log onto the other server, bam-hot-damn(!!!)!, there they are. Several of them, in all varieties and types!!! But what good does that do me when they're on the other server? There has to be a better way. I know what you're thinking: this doesn't address the real problem, which is periodic promotions coupled with low enchant rates, low drops for top prizes, etc., is ruining gamer enjoyment. The correct action is to make ALL previous promotion items available year-round in either the L2 gallery store, or the L2 store, unless it's a brand spanking new promotion. Doing that would make your entire player base happy. Well, everyone except the price gougers and other market exploiters.
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    And one more - we waiting 1 year anniversary! https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/party?iso=20200812T0418&p0=24&msg=1+year+lag+anniversary+!&font=cursive
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    So one of my friends know for a while just got one of their accounts banned that has been afk fishing for 3 hours per day now. So instead of banning the 10 million summoners in Aden/Blazing Swamp that are bots they are now banning AFK fishing toons for no reason and respond "No further action will be taking or responses given" Whats funny is they are banning multiple people's afk fishing toons. Better not AFK fish anymore NCShaft going to swing that hammer at you! Swinging that hammer at AFK Fishers.. man that is a whole new low..
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    Juji, can you just go ahead and add a Action House for the adena sellers and make it part of the game?
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    Consider disabling the ranking system please, cursed swords arent causing the lag alone!! also consider making it 3 account per IP and not 3 account logged per computer! last but not least, PLEASE, install an antibot-antiscript program to our servers to prevent the use of 3rd party programs!!! Listen to ur community for crying out loud!! @Juji@Hime PS:and actually punish/ban those who tresspass the games rules. and not a 3 day break. 10days ban 1st offence - account ban 2nd offence - IP ban 3rd offense and byebye!! food for thought!!
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    Plz NCsoft save classic
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    People, calm down. Its happen. Servers are overwhelmed and crowded. Its pretty normal to crash like this. Stop crying. You have a little break. Take your time, clean room, hug a lover or your kid. GO MAKE YOU A SPA ROUTINE you uglu b1tch. Calm down, or we gonna die in missery.....
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    Unfortunately they are only making things worse. The recent update that forces users to use mentee marks to buy items was a HORRIBLE idea. where will mentee marks come from? There are not enough new players to earn the marks. Players are forced to make there own toons to farm the marks which only puts more strain on the server. Not like they would do that anyways but why make it have to be +12? How many thousands of accounts have been created just for this one item? Then we have an xp event where everyone wants to maximize their xp gain so even more players are active. Then on top of that we have an event where players need to be online for 2 hours to get free awards so every last box is logged in. Just look in front of the event npc. there are piles of useless toons just sitting there. Thank you NC for a non-pay to win event and thank you for the updated content but you guys really need to rethink somethings and maybe not pick something that will just add more strain on the already bogged down server.
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    The players did not create wyvern's, the players did not decide where mobs are placed. That's the developers choice. As players we play the game. The game lore is based on fantasy and exploration.......................... As player's we explored and found area's that the developers made in the game. So players are now punished for enjoying the game the way the DEVELOPERS marketed it ?!!! PSA: do not explore the world of elmore. IT may be your end....
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    It has come to our attention that many players have been exploiting inaccessible locations of the game. These locations have been used to create unfair advantages not intended by the game. Your statement is false, you gave the L2 Community Players in-game mechanics the means to access said locations. This by definition is not inaccessible location of the game. You've taken the word (Mass Petition) of a few Players with the brain of an Amoeba who CAN NOT think of how to access the locations via game mechanics. You're trying to cover your ass with this message. Secondly, can you please explain and elaborate to the L2 Community players what is considered an exploit of inaccessible locations? I just don't want to get banned walking up the wrong mountain side. Many of us have been playing since 2003 using many years of game mechanics and knowledge base to have an advantage. If that's a bannable offense you better ban half the L2 Community.
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    Hello All, We are aware of the current issues on the Classic server that have been discussed in this topic and are working with our Dev team to help address them. I will keep you updated when we have more details on any upcoming changes! Thank You!
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    Gludio is dead, he has no players. Aden is dead, he has no players. And the guy thinks this topic was open, why did a clan stop making profits? I don't play on the GIRAN server, so ignore these players who complain about who opened the POST I play on the TI server, and today when I woke up there was no yellow store buying items, only purple stores selling items. That explains a lot, players with P2WIN items selling items to a population without adena. The game would be better if the GM logged at least 20 minutes a day and banned BOTs and BANNED THE IPS OF ANYONE ADVERTISING ADENA. Sometimes I think NCSoft took a big lawsuit due to some BAN and today is afraid of a mass ban. GM please improve the drop rate of adena, reconfigure areas 80+, create instances for at least 27 players, something that needs dynamics and not multiple boxes. Finally, ignore all those who are crying, because a player reached level 85 and decided to help the community.
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    Respect to all the community for coming together as one to achieve a common goal. I can attest that after achieving level 85 and having nearly all the necessary gear to comfortably farm top areas (which 90% of the server CANNOT do) it is still not profitable enough to make it worth my while and farm LoA , Dragon Valley or wherever anyone thinks it'd be worth awhile to farm. I believe that it's ridiculous that there is 0 to no content in this game. There are no goals to achieve as most of them are impossible to achieve via normal grind. Gear, cannot be acquired through farming and the market prices are so high that regular players who do not invest thousands in p2w events cannot stay even nearly competitive. The developers of this game (if they still care) need to make this game appealing to new, old, returning players. Please take example of Black Desert Online. If you may visit their policies as I believe they know how to retain players, attract new players and call back players that have quit. It's quite simple, not all players want to be TOP. We understand that in order to maintain top status in server one needs to invest in p2w events and pretty much swipe more than other players. However, the hours played (actively (which content is not available) ) should anyhow become more important than how much a player has swiped. Example, think of instances that will REQUIRE live players to complete it. Similar to Istina/tauti and other instances in GoD close/far aoes forcing all players to be active in the instance. This would force players to group up together and do instances that can grant them epics similar to top epics and allow them to be competitive (just an idea). Bot parties will always exist but players who don't have bot parties should be able to acquire their equipment through regular grind in groups in some of the more hard areas. Implementing an updated VIP system does not fix the problem, launching a new P2W event does not fix it either. You have to understand that the players in Korea and the players in NA have different mentalities and style of playing and you cannot just copy paste events from one place to another and expect the server to be happy. As a loyal customer and a person who loves this game, I'm begging you to listen to the input that people have in this forum and take actions accordingly because as of right now, this server seems like a big waste of time. 90% of the population is farming afk, and rest is sitting in town. This is not normal, if we wanted to watch characters farm by themselves we would watch TwitchTV or youtube videos has the same result. What was the point of developing our characters to end game gear ( available) if we have nothing to do daily but to go and ... farm AFK again in necropolis. As game developers you should take in account the demands that the community has done and adjust the server to a desirable state where people will be happy with the game. As you may know, it's impossible to make everyone happy, but when a whole community has had enough of it and enemy clans that hate each other come together to state that the game is in a state of "SHIT" , then perhaps it's time to listen and correct your mistakes. iEddie
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    We dont care right now about this Dont ignore us and Take a look at Server Fix
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    No1 speak that's true ! we didn't speak because you know "the hope dies last" but it seems like for NCSOFT not working like that... lets hope now when a loot of VIP7 people complaing they will start to take care about it. To be honest I would do that long time ago but I hope they will do some changes, but the only changes they do are OPEN BOX EVENT 2 weeks no events after again open box event than 2-3 week no events, after Pendant event , soon Fate event Hat event brooche event that became stupid and we want a change into the game play that's why so many people are here right now, and that's why giran is full of SHOPS with the Title "FIX THE SERVER" Also most of the VIP 7 people will stop waste $ into the game until they ddont do any changes !
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    Is not about the market, is about all game, also that pk bots became ridiculous and stupid that's what we request from NCSOFT !!!
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    Well where we can start..... 1) Octavis/tauti/frintezza impossibles. 2) Baylor/kama/gludio factible only with a full pt +12bloody and u take 45minutes for get a 1.200.000m 3) no drops adena sometime per mobs and prestige sux more 4) no drop anymore craft mats to resells. 5) adena quantity drop sux hard 6) ridicolous system sword akamanah/zariche in hand of same big persons since idk. give reward immediatly to who keep in hands in the exactly moment and finish this circus 7) exping at 105/106 u get always 700mil per mob, in solo where u can with a set bloody and weap+12bloody. In party u get same exp where need a pt, same speed to kill a mob, useless and very very slow (0,0002% per mob) 8) why dont close the server and open only 1 for ppl with dragon weaps, krisnha +14bloody, abu4, seven sign, heavenly talisman, weapon drags, skills +30, forgotten skill+30. this game is calibrated only for them. 7) u deleted most of things farmable and to do daily to complete and get something useful. I log i have nothing to do only kartia solo+primeval isle. stop. finished daily game. #L2 phantasmal
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    Hi Via . I think you are doing something wrong . Firstly don't compare EVI ( Single Target ) with Yull and FEOH ( AOE ) . It makes sense that Evi will kill a single target faster than an AOE DD. I have all chars 105 ( Evi ( +13 Bloody ) , Yull ( Kelbim ) and Feoh ( +14 Bloody ) . I can assure you that Yull is best for AOE, cause of Multiple Arrow. If you run on Prestige this skill gathers mobs non stop and Yulls are by far the best for XP . Even my Yull with the Terrible KElbim bow was making same Power level with Feoh ( more items + Better weapon) . Not sure why you believe that your Yull doens't do damage. Do you compare vs people who run Bloody Runes? Is your Set up for PVE? ( Attributes etc? ) For pvp Feohs might seems unbeatable cause of Mana Barrier. But I can assure you , you can 2 shot every Feoh at your lvl and your gear if the don't have Mana Barrier on. If you are in Naia , we can do some tests for your damage ( pm me ) PS : Archer is by Far the best AOE and PVP char at the moment in game. ( Look all the Top Players - 80% Archers )
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    you know ppl tend to lie when they got caught. think about that, even when you know this person for a while
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    You are so funny. Servers are on fire but you won't answer player anything? It's very bad politics. Now L2 community is different like it was 15 years ago. Mostly we are mature people. We need respect and attention because we paid you for this. Are you blind. People are leaving servers en masse but you are silent. Never again NC soft. NC soft west or east even NC soft Mars.
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    @coveiro. You are out of line. Juji is not the developer. So you are sending your anger to the wrong person. Juji is an intermediary working to relay our concerns to the developers and product managers that make game decisions. I think Juji is representing us, however she is at the mercy of what product management and the people concerned with profitability of the company are deciding. Having been in computer software business in Sales, Product Management and Customer Support for the last 30 years, I actually sympathize with Juji and Hime. They take all the arrows and don't have control to make the change; they are the messengers. I would prefer to say thank you to Juji and Hime for taking the concerns to the teams that can make a change. I only hope the development and product management teams listen. Lastly, remember, you can't please all the people all the time. Every decision made will make a portion of the populate happy and a portion of the populate angry. R
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    Learn to play lowbies, what you expect if you play 1hour per day rest time is afk macro to compete vs someone? There are people who take this game serious and play 20 hours daily, you have no chance to make any competition, so stop crying about taxes, epic prize and rest things. Make 500 people ally like you did before and take back castle from Lotus, you did it before and you put taxes 30% for yourself, what a muppets, learn to play and stop crying kids. Go play candy crush if you cannot handle real players
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    Ok guys I’ll say it out loud and let’s see what happens. Have you ever thought who wins by keeping end game content out of reach? NCsoft only. All end game zones are impossible to farm because if you do, you will get a grade and you will be able to progress further in the game, WITHOUT using l2 store. Right now in TI there are maximum 4-5 grps that farm in high level areas (red weapons vip 7 full p2w items) and that’s it. Nobody doing dailies after 76 as well. Economy as is, is destroyed. If you need adena you have to run 24-7 ruins of agony party instead of pushing your characters to farm on high level areas. Frintessa antharas baium are impossible to kill because they drop items that would help you progress in the game and avoid the p2w feature. How long would it take for a programmer to allow debuffs on those raids? I’d say less than a day of programming. But why do that? It’s better to sell the items via events than allow them to be acquired normally. Spoil rates... Joke. The spoil rates are not even close to x1. They are probably around 0.25% of those l2 wiki classic site supports. L2 spoiler means adena and SUSTAINABILITY for you and your group but not for l2 classic. Spoil stops being effective at around lvl 70 and before that it was just a parody. I used to fool myself by saying come on keep farming it’s gonna keep better but it never did. I have a level 79 spoiler and I regret making it. A grade recipes and their parts drop at a ridiculous low rate by monsters that you have to farm 24/7 and pose a real threat to kill you. It’s super difficult to get a grade gear but you can always buy them from events!! So why allow players get that gear when they will buy it for $$ ?? Pay to win events one after another.. For real?? Go back to the subscription era. It was acceptable back then because you knew that you were going to pay for a game you like and it’s going to be effective. You were having fun at least. Now it’s constant misery and agony. A legislation has passed in Europe concerning loot boxes. Companies are forced to reveal the chances their loot boxes have to acquire that stuff or else it’s unethical. I would love to see that 0.000000000001 chance for an antharas earring on the loot boxes you sell so that I know before I throw my money on it. Another matter is the adena drainage. Elemental zones, blessed spiritshots, low adena drop rate, non sellable materials, super low spoil rates, all take adena out of server’s economy. I know the game is supposed to be hard but not like this. I was there on c1 when l2 started. It wasn’t like this. This is not classic. Having a spoiler, a crafter in town and a few characters farming IS SUPPOSED to help you make ends meet. In reality you can’t even afford ss for 1-2 characters. But hey we can always buy the next vip for some daily soulshots. This game feels to me like an experiment as is. A mobile game that’s played on pc and all you can do is spend money on it and watch it afk farm to give you a fake satisfaction. Solutions to fix things that gonna fall into deaf ears: a)Instantly increase adena drops to 300% of what is. (And maybe that’s low) b)Increase spoil rates (x4 at least of what is) and ADD more spoils on all monsters of all level ranges. C)Bring back crafting soulshots recipes for dwarves. D)Allow materials and parts to be sold to the shop again. E)Allow debuffs in raid bosses. Before the next server restart, it’s so easy to fix it on the code. F)Decrease the damage of monsters in all 75+ areas (ketra varka FI (inside) TI DV LOA GC) by 50% at least. G)Reduce adena drops to all areas below 50 level at least by 50%. (ROA, Abandoned camp, outside Aden etc etc) H)Give free c grade weapons armors to all new players for 10 days to be able to catchup at least and make sure the arena are enough for them to be self sustainable. I)Organize events that aren’t pay 2 win! Give us the joy of doing something that is innocent for once and doesn’t require to spend dollars for it. I know you have to achieve some money goals each month but so far all you do is just that so far. J)Fix broken skills. Fix broken chars. Fix elemental attribute on wc and ol. K)Allow the real % of loot boxes to be known. This is highly improbable to happen and you guys may even laugh when you read this, because the chances are close to 0 for some of the items you sell, but it’s our right to know on what we spent our money on. Fianl advice: Try to win us. Try to get closer to us. Be friendly to us. Listen to us. Stop thinking that we only pay and treat us like customers. Do you know what we all want? TO HAVE FUN. To feel the classic l2 game and I promise you we will pay more for it when all is fine. Draining somebody out of money continuously is not gonna work for ever, while making him have actual fun and by keeping him happy on the long term gonna give you back more. People who spend lots of money will be there and keep spending money as there are others to play with. With your decisions right now you are driving away all the low/medium spenders out of the games. How long until big spenders follow them and leave? I can assure you nobody will spend or play on an empty server. The above are my personal thoughts and are meant to give some constructive criticism and feedback. Do prove me wrong, read it and take actions upon it. Show US that ncsoft in not ONLY a money sucking company and that there is something classic in this server besides it’s name.. Over and out.
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    @Hime @Juji can we get an answer? Giran server is on Collapse right now we are waiting for an answer, dont know what the other servers doing but if that issues not gonna be fixed you gonna lose 50% of server population and also NCSOFT gonna lose a loot of money just because you guys ignoring us. and we will realy apreciate if ur answer not gonna be "everything work as intended" or "we are in discution with devs" because theres 0 content right now. cant understand how people gonna farm 80+ areas when moobs hit 6-8k dmg and they drop 1.200 adena x8 moobs 85+ level.
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    I agree with everything, this game is part of my life, I play this game is 15 years old. I graduated from college, got married, had a son, saw my mother die and this game and the friends inside it helped me a lot in all phases of my life. If JUJI does not want to work in the classic that offers the vacancy to someone who wants, because the configuration of the server is worse than illegal servers. I am signing with Wody, my ingame enemy, but very sensible in all his words. As of today, me and all the players in my clan will not buy NCoin until all changes have been made. If not, we can only look for another server. (Sorry for the mistakes, I used google translator)