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    Hello All, We will have an unscheduled maintenance at 10:00 a.m. PDT / 7:00 p.m. GMT+2. The downtime will last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to address latency and server performance issues. With this maintenance: Server Hardware will be upgraded Queue limit will be increased once we have confirmed the server latency issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience!
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    Compensation is already being prepared (more details next week), but we are trying our best to resolve this latency issue as quickly as possible.
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    @Hime Honestly, the least you can do is to extend the server settings by at least a week since we've had so much lag/latency issues in the past long while now
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at 4 a.m. PDT / 6 a.m. CDT / 7 a.m. EDT / 1300 GMT+2 will be unavailable for approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed Timed Hunting Zones will be added back The ranking system will be added back Server queue limit will be officially removed The Golden Compass event will start for four weeks Golden Compass Pack available in L2 store for 1 NCoin per account per day Attendance Checklist event will start for five weeks Server Boost Settings will start for two weeks: XP/SP +200% while hunting monsters No XP Loss Upon Death Augmentation Removal Fee = 0 Adena Item Drop and Adena Quantity Drop +100% during weekends. The boost does not affect quest rewards. 1st weekend schedule: Begins August 30 at 12:00 a.m. and ends on September 1 at 11:59 p.m. server time 2nd weekend schedule: Begins September 6 at 12:00 a.m. and ends on September 8 at 11:59 p.m. server time A Latency Pack has been added to the L2 Store for three weeks for 0 NCoin (1 per account): Vitality Maintaining Potion (1-hour) x15 Erupting Vitality XP Potion x15 Emperor’s Special Cocktail x15 Freya’s Ice Rose x30 Growth Rune 30-day (30% XP/SP) – Note: This rune will count down immediately after being claimed Ruler’s Authority (30-day) Other Notes: Rotten Fish Dishes can be exchanged until December 4. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    Couple of things: If the ranking system is an element which is effecting latency, then remove it. The ranking doesn't really reflect how effective people are in game anyway, as many play their dual more than their main. If you should have such a system, which is updated weekly, base it on player contribution, irrespective of main/dual activity. Similarly, go back to the maximum of 3 account logging at any one time. Although I love it, remove the auto macro system.... let's go retro and go back to old school methods... but only if this is impacting on latency! As players invest serious time and in some instances, serious money via L2 store in the game... make sure that the 'mechanics' are fit for purpose. And finally, really listen to the gamers'.... majority have been in game 5, 10, 15yrs.... we love the game, we just get frustrated at the 'stuff'. Oh.... and final, final bit..... increase clan sizes again!
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    Auto hunting will be enabled again after the maintenance tomorrow since disabling it did not alleviate the latency issue. We will be making changes to our hardware this week to reduce the CPU usage as much as possible.
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    We are investigating!
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    Hello All, We will have an unscheduled maintenance at 1:30 p.m. PDT / 10:30 p.m. GMT+2. The downtime will last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to address latency and server performance issues. With this maintenance: The Ranking System will be temporarily removed Chronos: The amount of NPCs in hunting zones will be restored back to normal. Timed Hunting Zones will still remain temporarily disabled. Naia: The amount of NPCs in extremely low populated hunting zones will be further reduced. Additional server adjustments will be made to address latency issues on the Naia server Queue limit will be increased to allow in more players once we have confirmed server stability. Thank you for your patience!
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    Hello All, We will have an unscheduled maintenance at 1:00 p.m. PDT / 10:00 p.m. GMT+2. The downtime will last approximately 50 minutes as we continue to address the server latency issue. With this maintenance: Optimizing the ranking system selection checks to improve server performance Auto hunting UI temporarily removed Thank you for your patience!
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    Hello All, We will have an unscheduled maintenance at 12:00 p.m. PDT / 9:00 p.m. GMT+2. The downtime will last approximately 30 minutes to address latency and server performance issues. With this maintenance: Server settings will be optimized Thank You!
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    It's time for gms to start thinking long term about this game and not just about immediacy. They are successively implementing untested or poorly tested things, ending the gameplay for weeks and weeks. If lag wasn't enough, we now simply have 1h queues to log in. Real player (not macros and bot) has been asking for weeks to set a limit of 3-4 accounts and you just ignore it as usual. Congratulations, you guys really want to end this game.
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    You want to know about enchants? They are more "Korean random" now than ever. You must remember that the system is designed to always break your weapon whenever you go to enchant it higher than +3. Not kidding. Think of using enchant scroll like having 3 tries to ask the most beautiful person you ever saw out on a date. You want to hear "Yes," at least once, but instead she/he tells you "No," "Maybe no." and "Maybe." But never "Yes." Whenever you get a successful enchant, it isn't because the system said yes, but "Maybe." So what do save scrolls, % success stones, etc., do? They just increase the likelihood of the system saying maybe. Anywhere from 10% - 20% (as high as 30% for armor) depending on scroll/stone. But again, the system is mostly telling you "No," so you will still fail quite a bit, even when you think you've increased your chances by 20%. That's a high figure, right? If you increased your paycheck or bank account by 20%, you'd be well on your way to a profitable year. But not when it comes to enchants. That is L2 Korean random at work. The good thing about save scrolls is that a fail doesn't destroy your weapon, but it does reduce your current enchant level by 1 enchant. So if you fail trying to enchant a +11 R99 dual sword using a purple royal save scroll, you will still have your weapon, but it will be a +10 R99 dualsword. There are some rare enchant stones that also do this, but most of the enchant stones break your weapon on fail. There is no save. You get crystals back. So be careful to read the information on the scroll or stones before you enchant. If you're still here and want to try enchants, good luck. Only enchant if you can stand the trauma of breaking your weapon. The only surefire way to +12 is to use Heavenly scrolls after +3. But that is very expensive and wrought with diminishing returns. No one can tell you exactly how to enchant high. Instead, here is what I did in order to enchant one of my weapons to +17. Please note that I didn't do this all in one afternoon, but over the course of 3-4 days. (I'm superstitious about how many enchants I do in a day.) 1. Take dwarf with high LUC further boosted by +15 LUC dyes, +7 Maphr shirt, plus +10 armor set, insanity talisman, all stat+1 bracelet, various accessories that also give LUC and +6 LUC from Nano. As mentioned earlier, Korean random is still a factor, but I use this character for my own piece of mind. With ALL of that, I still fail more often than I succeed. 2. Take +0 R99 weapon. 3. Use normal enchant scrolls until +2. 4. Use Giant Weapon Enchant Scroll. Luckily, made it to +5 on first try. 5. Pray. Because I prefer using GEWRs and have it break than using a Blessed Enchant scroll or a Save scroll. High risk/reward, plus cost benefit. Giant Enchant Scrolls can give a max of +3 enchant level, if it succeeds. I also used a Giant Enchant Stone, which boosts odds by 15% iirc, just in case. Luckily, the enchant succeeded, but only +2. The R99 weapon was now +7. 6. Repeated step 5. This time, though, I got +3 with the Giant scroll. R99 weapon is now +10. 7. Use two HEWR to make it +12. I stopped there that day, since I'd already had my 3 successful enchants (like I said, I'm superstitious.) 8. Next day. Disclaimer: I'm crazy. Don't try this at home kids. At the time there was an ongoing event that yielded Ancient Enchant Scrolls, which allowed you to keep the weapon enchant level if it failed. The influx of AEWR into the market forced many sellers to offload their Destruction Enchant Weapon Scrolls fairly cheaply as well. At the time the DEWR were both rare and extremely expensive as a result. I won two of the AEWR and bought one DEWR. All failed. I was pissed. I flipped off the enchant gods with both middle fingers and used another GEWR. At +12 you can't use Giant Stones, so this was all or bust. I was tempted to use a Maphr pot, but said the hell with it. I didn't care if the weapon popped at this point. I clicked on the GEWR...and the R99 weapon was now +15. 9. The next, next day. I still had one more GEWR left. I'm convinced that I had somehow bought a lucky batch of them. (I've not had that kind of luck with GEWRs before or since.) I had to test the theory. I was late for work, so I clicked on the scroll and left for work before seeing the result. When I got home 10 hours later, I realized that my R99 weapon was still in the enchant window. No crystals. I thought at first that maybe I forgot to press the final ok button to enchant it. Or maybe the system had disconnected right as I tried to enchant. But no, the enchant succeeded. The R99 weapon was now +17. *** Everyone has an enchant story. Mostly everyone says the same thing, though. It's all dumb luck. (Well, except for those individuals who somehow used the GMs to roll back their fails way back when.) But we do it for the rush. If you are smart, though, you'll just save up and buy the damn +12 weapon. Save a few years on your lifespan.
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    yes. and don't forget one account to do manikur pedikur for clan members also!!!!!!!!
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    We all have to wait in line to log in. And this player who uses bots in Zaken, has no problem logging in. Because of these players we pay all the consequences. See Image: Imagen player multi bots zaken
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    Server population limit. Maintenance will be extended by another 15 minutes as our team is still testing some of the new changes.
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    Hello All, Maintenance has been extended by another 45 minutes. We have some additional changes from the Dev team for the maintenance today in an effort to resolve the latency issue. The changes will only be temporary as we try to identify the main cause for the latency. Additional Temporary Changes: Timed Hunting Zones have been temporarily removed (Primeval Isle and Storm Isle) The amount of NPCs in several Hunting Zones has been reduced A temporary server queue will be added once the Live servers have reached a certain limit and then we will gradually increase the limit after verifying there are no latency issues Thank you for your understanding!
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    I hate the way the weapons market achieves absolute entropy the minute Red Libra ends. Whether it's the AH or the private sellers, the same damn weapons have been in the shops for almost a month now. And it's not just because of the prices or demand. People want weapons, but they just aren't able to find the type of weapon that they need. It's time to permanently update the Blacksmith of Mammon with functionality of a true Black merchant and permit exchange of R, R95, R99 Blessed/Bloody/Dark weapons. Not only would doing so stimulate the server economy, but it would assist players with getting to higher levels, picking dual classes that have different weapons needs, and absorbing excess adena on all servers as R gems, crystals, etc., will no doubt be consumed as people change Dark/Bloody attributes. The exchange would also eventually lower the prices of weapons, which would ultimately contribute to the number of R110 weapons that are created on the server as players are more likely to enchant and upgrade R99 weapons when the prices are low. Think about it seriously and please make R, R95 and R99 weapon exchange a permanent feature.
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    Les old items - better game performance. Now graphic card must to accept all this not necessary armor/weapon stuff - it making just more lags (for people who not have strong computers). I propose delete all stuf - till 85. And pay adena for people who have that.
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    Forever and don't like the rank system a lot ppl to trash talk .
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    TEXAS - i'm surprised that you never use Red Libra? like you don't want XP bonuses or weapon exchange? What a shocker! lol
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    Been playing since beta. Im old. yes. FIRST it was a party game to get ahead and collect all mats needed but not anymore. great. than all made own buffers healers and the game was sorta like a solo with buffers in party type game. with party's as well. than it became a solo game than back to party game now a macro and sit want watch type game. wtf is going on. now ALL solo AFK MACRO!!!! and NOW these stupid quests that you need to kill 1million mobs. so yea. sit there and watch and let your game play over night. oh and dont do it during the 4 days that the swords are out because it will not last. just sit around and wait until they leave and than start it up. YES wait, let me set my alarm to just run back to L2 and start my quest. LOL LAME. or let me move to the time zone that the swords are out while im sleeping. yes that can work. WTB plane tickets. LOL ok than the PK system.DUMB! i want this area while he is afk macroing. PK take a scroll and and now my spot. see ya when you wake up. lol ok so now i Have to sit and wait to log in? to a 20 year old game? SERIOUS?? Just end the game. take it off line. your fixing it great! yes I will sit an wait. ok I can log in now. but now it is time to leave my home. ops I guess not playing today. END THE GAME. crazy. but I had to rant. ok Im out. sorry for the spam and alot more i want to say but dont have the time. and who wants to hear it anyway. LOL
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    it would be nice to have cubics auto reuse, in the end it's a buff like skill and we still have to click it to have it up, for tanks it's crucial to have this up and we would avoid having to put it inside the macro. Please think about it thank you.
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    If you try to use NPC GK, there is no way. But global GK works perfectly for PK. See how meaningless it is.
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    We have multiple server settings that we planned for next week and you already seem to be some kind of psychic for one of them A compensation pack will be offered in the L2 store for 0 NCoin for the latency issue with Freya's Ice Roses and more!
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    We all understand that they are making changes to improve the server and see the problems of latency, but many of us lose runes, cake, weapons, equipment with time or the possibility of making instances, in which the ADM of the service should at least give buff or restore the items or lost time maybe put a patch event as a free network to compensate for what happened, unfortunately you only pay attention and special care to the classic servers. ATTE DADDYYANKEE
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    I don't care what's causing the issue. I'm not complaining, it's just sad. This issue has been going on for weeks and you still don't seem to have a clue of what's causing the issue. I hope this is costing NCSoft millions because of their ineptness to troubleshoot in a timely manner.
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    Haven't I been saying this for like 2 weeks now...?!
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    buffs for free guys come to Fantasy Island.. Ups i forget we cant log
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    Wtf does this have to do with server issues? Who are u to judge how ppl play and what they do? And this is the way to show that u are an old player? You are a joke! Server has issues that seems to be going a bit better but login que is not funny when a company has ppl who pay for some services (runes/prestige/etc etc). And the whole appearance of GMs to give buffs when ppl cant login to get them, but ALL BOTS CAN, is at least terrible. You let ppl who want to login in que while u can just kick bots. You reduce the npcs where ppl exp, while u let npcs in no-use places (1-85) be still up, instead of deleting those and let npc where ppl need them. What kind of GM actions are those? Sane ones? Or not? GMs plz rethink the problem and stop kicking live players out of the game. Try to reduce npc where they are not needed and give us back the npcs we need to advance. Also plz re-consider the client limit to 3 per PC. More clients needed only by bot trains.....unless u promote them (kinda hope is not happening). Thank you.
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    Just ignore Sesh and his sock account DeathBleach. He’s lagging like the rest of us but he’s taking advantage of the situation to push his agenda of getting rid of all non-NA players.
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    this doesnt seem very fair, would have been a better move to let ppl log max 3 accounts. now many ppl log 7 accs while others cant play at all
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    yeah, and we have Wednesday... Imagine how long it will takes on weekends
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, September 18, 2019 at 5 a.m. PDT / 7 a.m. CDT / 8 a.m. EDT / 1400 GMT+2 will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed The Letter Collect Event 2019 will start. Dragon Shirts will be returning to the L2 Store for a limited time. The Golden Compass event will continue to be available for one final week.. Attendance Checklist event will continue to be available for 2 weeks. The Artifact of Power will end and the items will no longer be on the L2 Store. The Latency Pack will be in the L2 Store for one more week. To investigate the latency issue, we will be making these temporary changes: New character creation will be temporarily unavailable. Other Notes: Rotten Fish Dishes can be exchanged until December 4. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    I understand that the game is p2w, I support that, but I also believe that there is a lack of support from the staff to give more progress and balance to the game, in terms of number of players and playability. The first 5 or 7 months, although they had p2w, there were many more people, I could go to 3 or 4 clastle sieges, I could go to the Olympics in lvl 55 and have a chance to win the occasional battle, tour was full of dwarves offering services, currently we see sales of weapons +16, talismans +10, hats +8, from one month to another the game changes 180 degrees, without explanation, without a database, despite the ncsoft claims it has no relation to Players. I do not think that this is good if there are no people who play, I insist, the conduct of the game goes to his death and I do not know what are the NCSOFT intents that is what disturbs me the most.
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    In my honest opinion, Ncsoft adjusted the limit from 3 to 7 so people (legit players with macro - not bot farmers) will created more toons and spend more (adena/ncoins) which means more income for Ncsoft, its unfair to these players if they return the limit to 3 since they already invested their time and resources to the additional 4 toons. There are fewer people looking for parties (Kama, CC, Baylor, AF, etc) now because of the XP event, doing field hunting yields more XP than doing instances. Bringing back the limit to 3 can't really address the bot farmers since they have more than 1 PC, have bot programs, have virtual machines, etc. What Ncsoft can do is find a good way to apprehend and ban these bots accounts, and not bring back the old limit of 3. Definitely the upgrade in limit has increased the number of legit accounts being logged but its not the main reason of lag and queue, but increase of bots. Though Ncsoft wasn't able to anticipate the increase of logged accounts (legit/bots) with their current hardware and server infra which they need to address aside from handling bots. More power to Ncsoft and to all players. Thank you.
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    No. Now people 1-105 lvl become in 1 week. Max 2 weeks. And for all need items. But +12 weapons, +10 sets and its not so easy to make, and its not so fast. Also cant income in server fast way - b.valakas, b.antharas, seven sings and ets.. End drop... cc.bay, Kama, Balok, Tauti and etc - most popular instances. for 99-102 people.. They now 105+ - so drop penalty for all. Rune price was 35-40kk? Now 90-100kk. And in this way will be 200kk - no farmer right lvl. In this sistem what we have now - prices must to be 2-3x bigger then 6 mon ago. its normal.
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    The fastest way to get element stones on your gear is to do the following: 1. Make a new lvl 1 toon on a different account 2. Log in your main toon & this new lvl 1 toon. Make the new lvl 1 toon your mentee 3. lvl up the new toon from 1-86 using the new player quest line 4. collect the mentee coins on your main toon & reapeat steps 1-3 5. exchange mentee coins for an element stone from the mentee manager that will add 60 element to your gear all in one stone.
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    A question: When will you add the percentage meter of the enchanted item? It would be great if they showed the chance of the item to crystallize and how this chance increases with the stones I think so give that crucial fact many would not lose their equipment in vain. It's already 5 times that I lose all my items trying to enchant them. Thanks
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    We found that when the servers reached a certain population, they would be dangerously critical to the point of crashing and causing other nasty issues. The queue was added as a temporary measure to prevent the issue from getting worse. Once we confirm the stability and performance improvements after the server hardware upgrade, then the queue limit will be increased.
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    Would like the GM buffs to last longer if this keeps happening to compensate. Like 12hr buffs or something of the sort? or keep the gm buffs going for like 24hrs in town or FI?
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    Well...title says it all queue starting 2 mins and over 1h. L2 is the game who offers a new experience in its members. Describe it here..... Login time for me started from 5 mins and went up to 35 mins.....a random dc and ......lets wait 1h to get back in. Gratz! Authors can i make a pole with a graph? Would be very interesting to see. Post your waiting time here plz...maybe a GM would see it gathered up and re-think what they have made....hopefully
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    2h in queue to try to log in to pass from 300+ to 50 players and servers are going down... good job
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    I think there is a server side issue that when someone get dc, it still logged as connected and not releasing the spot. I tried log in few hour ago and got dc. when I try again 3 hours later it says I have already log in. for those who got random DC , if you don't log back in right away, the server still think you are logged and taking up the spot. also @Juji please look at what those boxes are doing on certain profitable quest and disable them! that's what they are aiming for and took up the valuable seats and the real live player can't log in. usually when this happen when someone found an exploit and abuse it for adena!!
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    Well you don't need to have a MIT degree to understand what's causing the problem. It started right when the ranking system appeared. Before that, we played normally without this lag, with no client limitation, with auto hunting on, with the normal number of mobs, and anything else you guys disabled to do your tests. And now you removed the two new xp areas (even if these were just for 1h/day each), and you add that stupid queue system? Seriously??? OMG!!! The only think you didn't removed, to check if that's the problem, is the OBVIOUS! The ranking system. I almost feel like you guyz are protecting it and try to blame something else for the lag. Why is that so important to you? It's completelly useless, and doesn't offer anything to the players, but only THIS STUPID LAG! Remove that and everything will be fine! Come on, refute me. Show me i'm wrong, please! (BTW, WTS my queue 100kk. If anyone is interested pm me here.)
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    This unlimited-client macro is killing the game. Basically everyone is doing the macro. Party matching is as good as dead. No one forming any party. 3-Client is really not too bad. But this unlimited client is just too much. More than half of my clan left the game because of this macro thingy. Ncsoft trying to kick everyone out of this game??
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    Hello All, We received a fix today for adjusting how the Ranking System checks the Database for ranking data. Another unscheduled maintenance will be planned to implement this change for the Live servers. More details will be announced shortly. Thank You!