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    The Auto Loop Macro system was removed for Classic in all regions. The skill shortcut bar has replaced the functions of the macro loop except for the delay. I am going to discuss with the Dev team tonight on whether they can re-implement the macro functions or provide something more beneficial for the support classes (buffers).
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    You did the worst thing u could do. You had 3 options here. 1) improve current macro system to use buffs/dances/songs as toggle on bar. 2) Remove afk auto hunt all together and return to active play 3) Leave minimal useless auto hunt functionality and this way allowing ONLY users to farm and not be a visible as they would be with option 2. You went with option 3! In my opinion this is the worst thing u have done so far in this game. Please guys if u agree post in forums lets be a strong voice.
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    A request has been sent off to the Dev team just now to add back the auto loop function for macros. I will share a status update as soon as I hear back from them.
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    Greetings Adventurers, Happy New Year! Today, we're announcing Lineage II: Winter of War update. It will launch on January 15. You can find the quick details of what the update entails here: https://www.lineage2.com/news/winter-of-war-update-preview Patch Notes will be available before end of day, Friday, January 10.
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    We received an update today from the Dev team with the auto loop macro enabled again. Our team is currently testing it now before implementation.
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    Congratulations, you managed to finish the game for good. Just made Russians using bot 24/7 happier
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    I can only assume that NC has had a meeting and come to the conclusion that they don't want anyone at all playing Lineage unless they're a whale. Changing the Monster Naming Color Scheme, making Fish Stew untradeable/unsellable, making it so that crap recipes and crafting materials (many of which are ONLY good to NPC shop since the recipes aren't in the game, anymore...looking at you, Doom Robe set) are literally just an annoyance where you have to actively discard them instead of being able to sell them to the NPC shop for a bit of extra cash they are now going to sell for ZERO. This is quite literally just trying everything you possibly can to squelch any and all free players and only retain those who spend money on xp runes and consumables. Do you have any clue what these changes, especially the Fish Stew, are going to do to your casual player-base? We will have absolutely ZERO ways to have incoming revenue to afford shots or anything else when we actually play. This is a mistake; a serious misstep and you're going to lose even more of what precious little players you have.
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    I visited castels during siege for a long time. At some castells only 1 pt defender. no atackers. Other castels 2-3 pt defenders, no atackers. I remember times. 1k ppl went for 1 castel... it was the time random ppl did field RB. There was a comunnity. There is nothing left. At least the killed the econnomy and instances for normal players >< So what have this to do with MMO? As long as ppl are adicted, they keep on this way. For me it came to a point where it makes no sense anymore to invest time (even no afk macro pt) r money in this game ><
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    The dev team is in the development process now to restore the loop macro function in the new UI. They are analyzing ways to effectively add it back since they cannot revert the UI to the previous version. We will let you know more details as soon as they are shared to us this week.
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    @Juji Considering the adena price in shops , Red Libra merchants , Blacksmith’s, the drop of adena is ridiculous, even more, parts from drop do not have any value compering with previous Chronic. It is a huge downgrade in ways of gathering adena. Yes NCsoft gave jewel 3 , dragon shirt , exalted sets and looked good for the new players, just looked, as they will never be able to do 105 instance with this gear. The main reason L2 is losing players is not OP players or items available in the shop with $ , is the financial part, no fun for farming, no drops , nothing to give new players a chance to accrue adena, build a char and hope they will join PVP events. This days there is no balance between shops and adena/items drop, which I will say again it is x times lower from what it was.
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    So... @Juji, what exactly is there to do in this update? 0 quests, almost 0 instances (the older ones that are still up have worthless drops and xp), and the new ones are not suited for people with average gear (a couple of hundred bills worth of gear) The new solo kartias have no return revenue for the spent resources. The people who moved from paulinas to exalted gear cannot do the new group instances and cannot realistically farm gear to go do them. I WOULD REALLY LIKE A GUIDE FROM AN EMPLOYEE HOW TO PROGRESS IN THE GAME. Better yet why don't you start a new character and give us an essay on how your experience in the game was? i think that would be an interesting read I'm glad everyone got at least some exalted gear and everyone has a basic geared toon to him mobs BUT, the exalted gear put a dent in the gear market, making r-r95 and non pve/pvp r99 or +6+++ armor obsolete, making people craft their own ss (not to mention buying them form l2store) made the soulshot market obsolete. @Juji can you give us a few examples of farming or some advice on how to play your game more efficiently plz?
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    Good evening, Lineage2 is an old game that has lasted time, we are no longer teenagers, we have children and new responsibilities, so we can no longer have so much time to level up our chars. Today I have a son and family, I can no longer dedicate 8 hours a day to the game and the only way to play linaege2 was with the macro loops, was playing and happy. However with this update we can no longer farm as before. I believe it is a disrespect to those who returned to play and who was playing, listen to most players on the server because soon they will not have the same to hear. TY
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    Wow thank you guys for not answering a single question or concern we posted in these past few days. "If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums but we're going to completely ignore them" amirite?
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    @Juji Did you guys have contest on who can come up with the patch ideas that would drive the most people out of the game, and this is the idea that won? 90% of the server bots because you have already driven most of the live players away. The ones that dont bot are already looping 24/7, rarely even play live for raids or sieges. Adena sellers have locked down all the best game content with complex scripts that automate everything from farming Butler for Golberg keys, to killing epics like AQ, Core, and Orfen within minutes of spawn. The only content they are not farming is the content which you have broken....higher level epics where debuffs dont land, and you cant even cancel the buffs on the bosses when the Adena Sellers grief you by buffing the bosses that spawn at a fixed time. A grade is not atainable by the average player who is not running a bot train in a Catacomb 24/7 because of the cost of cloths and A gems, and even those who have all the best gear are still a 1 shot in all the high level hunting areas. So what do you guys do? You make looping easier while making adena 10x harder? Genius! People dont craft anymore anyway because the A-gems make it too expensive, and cloths make it too expensive to unseal. Crystals are worthless because you took shot crafting away. So what is your fix to this? Make mats and keys worthless, and lower the adena value of full items? That is the literal opposite of fixing a problem. Then to make things even worse, you remove Spiritshots so it will cost mages and healers 250% more adena to function? Wow, you guys really freaking hate us, dont you? Please help us by fixing things, before making new problems for the few of us left. We need epics raised to lvl 80 and put on a fixed spawn so that real players can at least compete with the bots and adena sellers We need A gems in the grocery store and clothes to be farmable...maybe lets cloths be sold by Sven, like magic tablets are? We need our debuiffs to land on high level epics like Baium and Antharas, and we need cancel to work on removed buffs And unless you are going to lower the price on Blessed Spiritshot significantly, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont remove spiritshots. PS WTF was the point of make siege porting 50k? How was that even on someones mind? Hard enough finding live players who even want to siege, you had to tax the shit out of us so even less people go? Edit to add: PLEASE GIVE US THE L-COIN STORE! The internet is a global thing, and we can see that you have given it to everyone else around the world. Why must we be punished?
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    I would be 100% fine with paying $15 a month per account if it actually got me TRUE Lineage 2 Classic starting from OB and every 3 or 6 months they update it to a new Chronicle until HB then they wipe it and we start all over.
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    The patch notes will be posted tomorrow around 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Apologies for the delay, but we are still waiting on a handful of fixes and confirmation on several changes from the Dev team. Regarding the rumored Vitality changes, the Vitality system will remain AS IS with the update. Vitality will NOT affect the drop rate of items or Adena.
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    Greetings, @Juji@Hime The new item Ether, its daily cap is supposed to be 120, at the moment I dont think there is one. Farming in Dino isle for scrolls and end up getting only ether(with a +200% Drop rate rune). Tried to farm up Ether and then go to Dino isle(120 its supposed limit daily) but Ether simply never stopped dropping from mobs, definitely more than 120 a day. The mentor reward system is a joke honestly, but I noticed the other day when I got the mail with my Mentees Mark, that IN that automated text and mail, that YOU composed, says that I can use the rewards to get Freya Ice Roses, Honey Dark Beer, Shining Dragon Attribute Potion, Altas Earring, Veterans Mask, Shining Nevtis Gold Sandglass, Emperors Special Cocktail, Enchant Blessed Scrolls for Dragon Shirt/Circlet/Bracelet, Shiny Platinum Ornament!!! Its not enough that you *bleeped* us over with the mentor/mentee system, NOW YOU MOCK US WITH IT? On another note, mobs in Isle of Prayer sometimes glitch and dont hit back( L O L ). HALF if not more of the player base is on scripts abusing the system and the tolerance of ncsoft(?). Adena sellers are also still here FYI. A bit of a lattency issue but it is not unplayable like many times in the past. Transfers are still closed as well. The list of the things you can buy with Hero Coin is a bit outdated, maybe update it? Not adding the feature where I can exchange dragon shirt blessed enchant scrolls for Noble and Rind Dragon Shirt Upgrade Stones was a VERY cheap move, honestly. Hit below the belt! Still refusing and deleting the added feature to get Jewelry Boxes from mammon like other regions of ncsoft is a bad bad move from your part(ignore the player base, and only ask them for money). Last but not least, the Admins/GMs/Management/Producers absence from the forums and in game is something you need to work on! Better activity from our management please, not only once a week, if that! Cloak event would also be nice but not with insanely high prices and greed. Normal prices so most people would afford it!! Maybe start making a post with future updates to help and inform us what to expect? Cheers
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    With the bad news of this current update, I was thinking about upgrading my motorcycle, but with this current good news about the upgrade, I will buy new NCOINS to contribute to the company, Thank you, good night.
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    If the whole server stop buy nccoins and adena for just one week, you will see GMs here asking us what we want them to change to the game. Now they are just laughing.
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    You are totally right and I think that NCSOFT is also agree with you and that's why they only care of take as much money as they can before they shut it down. Because every update they do is driving to this way. Zero community, zero gaming, zero everything. We just spend electricity. The whole server is a huge AFK macro party.
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    Removing the looping system from macros was by far the worst mistake, most who play on classic servers are over 30 and have obligations such as work and childcare, I like to stay active but would not have leveled up and caught the third profession if I did not leave in auto farm / hunt using macros in my other characters in the party. So, like many other players who are unhappy with this update, I ask you to consider adding the macro looping system.
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    Please post a "+" if you would like to be able to acquire the brooch jewels by in-game methods like other regions. Simple as that, just + here. Maybe add some comment about it. It has been many years since they were introduced and they only get more expensive, keeping game unbalance growing. (the forum does not provides a pool topic, so everyone needs to post a reply)
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    They promised us "Classic" and we came. They rewarded us with long queues and frequent disconnects just before finally getting in.....so people left. They gave us lowered adena and drop rates than the rest of the L2 world so players couldnt afford to even play the game....so people left. They promised us no P2W, and then rewarded us with back to back to back P2W events, with increasingly higher prices and progressively lower chances of succeeding.....so people left. They added P2W boxes....and people left. Not that they ever cared, but they officially threw in the towel against botters....and people left. And now, a little over a year in, they give us a patch which will dramatically increase the cost to play, while drastically decreasing adena we can earn in game....and more people will leave. Even the most loyal of L2 fans are waivering. Conversations have changed to where players are just waiting for a new game to be released instead of the next L2 patch. You are not only driving players away from L2, but from NCSoft in general. How many of these people do you think will line up to play NCSoft's next game?
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    VIP 7 PLAYER SPEAKING HERE...(yeah I don't mind paying for some stuff but this...) WOW...JUST WOW. I cannot believe my eyes, usually patches are something to be excited about, but this just leaves me speechless. Why would anyone do this to its player base? who THE HELL IS IN CHARGE OF MAKING AND IMPLEMENTING these decisions? I know you might want to control bots at ruins of agony or w/e but making materials and recipes worthless? for real NOTHING IS GOOD about this patch. DISREGARD IT PLEASE ! we are better off without these ridiculous ideas. COUNT ME OUT OF YOUR GAME IF YOU DO NOT HEAR YOUR COMMUNITY WHATSOEVER. @Juji @Hime Please share our grieve to your superiors :(...
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    I guess this change with recipes and materials is a lazy attempt to control inflation caused by bots. And of course make the adena sellers raise the prices, so that l2store soulshots/spiritshots will be more competitive. Speaking of which... "Changed so that only the ‘Soulshot’ and ‘Blessed Spiritshot’ can be purchased in the grocery store/Dimensional Merchant." Really now? Also, "Characters with Lv.41 and above will cost 50,000 Adena when they are teleporting in Siege UI". What is this even supposed to mean? For every teleport in siege we will have to pay 50k? If you want to prevent inflation from crushing the in game economy, then do something about the bots. Although if you cared about economy you would not run a p2w event every second week.
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    100% agree. They will kill the game. That is not classic, this is buy to usless box for lots of euro. They killed totaly the crafters. We are missing a shot recipe and olympiad. Skip this pach, we dont need it. Just skip. And give us some cashless innovation to enjoy the game we dont want to spend 100 euro for 30 melody+30 cov/pof/wop + a lots of totaly useless things. We want to higher farm place where we are not 1 hit. And we want to good adena drop in higer farm place. U can earn 30x more adena low lvl palce than 76+. We are very tank you.
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    Could we please get another banhammer and wipe all adrenaline users out? I know you know who is using and who isn't maybe with the update slide a sneaky ban wave in? It's starting to get out of control yet again.
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    As we wrap up 2019, we’d like to wish you the merriest of holidays. Our offices will be closed for the remainder of the year as we take some time off to spend the holidays with our friends and family. Many of us remain on call for any urgent issues. Our Customer Support team will continue to answer the tickets you submit during this time, and our scheduled regular maintenance will happen on December 25 and January 1. The maintenance schedule for Wednesday, December 25 and Wednesday, January 1 are: Start: 5:00 a.m. PST End: 6:00 a.m. PST Say safe and be merry; we’ll see you in the new year, Adventurers! Warm wishes, The Lineage II team
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    Currently the servers are in need of population growth. I believe that following increases the interaction between players: Joining the servers Reducing the box limit to 1/pc PS: We need this urgently.
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    I really do think more people should be thanking Juji for at least getting us this. This is a huge step as I don't recall any other major change being reverted on the NA servers exclusively in the past. At least do a quick thanks click
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    Game servers will be down for a game update beginning Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 5 a.m. PST / 7 a.m. CST / 8 a.m. EST / 2 p.m. GMT+1 and will be unavailable for approximately 3 hours. With this maintenance: Winter of War update will go live. The Extended Holiday Server Settings will end. The Red Libra Winter Event will start for three weeks. Details are available here. Zodiac Agathion will be available on the L2 Store for three weeks. Details are available here. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates
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    Maybe an example of why I want to know: I farm for 30-40 hours in Tanor and got 9 ether, it is no tradeable and a r95-weapon require 2054 ... it means (because is not tradeable) you need 1/2 year farming to try (recipe is 60%) a R-95 craft I'm looking for a way of can progress in the game and use soul shots too ... I only buy 1600 NCoin per month and will be no enough for soul ore and cry R So I have no idea how to do it, and a drop calculator will be nice.... I am to old for try every mob in the l2 world lol... plus now is impossible to kill the raids in the instances lol
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    Some things that dont make sense: 1. You cant sell to the shop materials B grade are all 0 adenas 2.Soulshot, spirit ore, sayas buff scroll, xp scrolls etc are not tradable (why is that?) 3.Fishing xp is decreased like 3000% fish stew are very expensive (you could buy a stew with 5 fish and now you need 50) 4. Adena drop are the same while everything is more expensive(+topic 1) 5.Macro is not working at all not even to follow a player 6. When you log out and then log in all the skills or scrolls that u had activated are still activated 7. Why we lost the dmg window? 8.Why we lost the 5th bar from the skills? now we have more things to have on the bar and insted of increasing the bars now are decreased 9. We cant see our targets buff/debuff 10.All the buffs are in a single line 11.Whats the point for spoilers to have spoil and sweep on auto when it never sweep the mob it just chage target when the mob is dead + they can sell anything at the store? 12. On Elf tank and all classes with cubics why the cubics are not in reuse? 13. Why the buffs, danses, songs are not in reuse? Thats the things i saw at this point Thanks
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    @Juji @Hime I've been playing many games, including this game, for many years. In whole me life, i honestly never seen such incompetence in managing a game like in here. It seems that they purposely do this to make people leave the game for some reason that i don't understand. In the last 2-3 patches it's been policy of the team to publish incomplete patch notes few days before the update goes live. Now this alone is something no one does, for obvious reasons, all company games launch the patch notes with some weeks in advance for there players to prepare them selves for the changes. (specially in MMORPGs) Now in this company they do something even worst, they hide critical information from the patch notes and, as it happened on this update they REFUSE to give information about it. Now, in my case i've lost more then 100b in the past 3 updates cause of them failing to include information in the patch notes. On this update @Juji and @Hime ignored relevant questions from there players (like me) about potential changes that were not included in the patch notes. For our surprise those questions turned out to be relevant as the changes went ahead with no prior warning. The result was making another 100b investment (and a huge time loss) pretty much useless again. Personally, the only reason i play this is because of the group of friends i have in this game. If it was for the decisions this company makes, i would have quited a long time ago. Maybe it's time for the community to open their eyes and force them to improve the quality of the services they provide. There is no excuse for us to not have a basic quality of service in our loved game.
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    5 skill bars plus support bar would be great.
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    How long will we run out of macro? Only the bots will be entitled to this???? Macro back now, pleaseee!
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    Tic Toc L2 Classic, Tic Toc ....
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    Today, it was already very easy to see bots dominating their regions, including a few cases where they killed raid bosses in 3 minutes. Changes are welcomed, but today, I see that it became hard to the players, and not to the bots. In my opinion, if the game is to get harder to actual players, there should be a way to also make it even harder for bots.
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    My Lord! NCSOFT you insist on making the wrong choice. You need to understand that the people who still play this game are older, nostalgic people who really enjoy playing L2. These people have work, studies and other obligations. Look at the number of active players and you will understand. When you decide to take down the macro and assist system, you are forcing these players to have no pleasure in staying. Is this your real wish? If you continue with these changes, the future will be the end of the server. For sure 90% of my clan will stop playing. I hope the withdrawal of the macro and assistance system will be reviewed. Because if not the server will only be left with the BOTs 24/7 and RMTs. Please review these requirements.
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    Macro loop needs to come back! we wasted TIME-MONEY making secondary characters, bought them gear, spent time to raise them the legal way. and now its all gone to waste... we need a fix for this or at least a compensation for all the NC coin spent on those alternate accounts. Thanks @Juji @Hime
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    i like the look, and i am sure the new system will be great, but untill the macro looping is sorted theres no point in playing as i am not going to no-life it again, i am only playing for nostalgia
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    I don't understand why NCSOFT insist in make always the wrong choice. NCSOFT, as a company, you need to understand that the people who still play this game are older, nostalgic people who really love to play L2. Look to the number of active players and you will understand. Compare with another online games. L2 is old and the people like L2 this way. When you decide to make this kind of change, you aren't inviting new players to play, and you are making the actual active players have no pleasure to remain. Is this your desire? If you still making this kind of change, the future is very easy to project. The end of this server will be inevitable. Well, if this is your desire, I understand. Continue doing these kind of choices. But, if no, try to make an exercise of thinking as a player.
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    I don't know why so many people are up in arms and have their panties in a wad about this, you all do understand that we hill have Normal Maintenance on Wednesday, update on Thurday morning, Emergency maintenance thursday afternoon as well as friday morning then again on Saturday. We know things won't get done right the first time. Oh and don't forget about the terrible coding issues that will cause a lag that won't get fixed for the next 2 years.
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    Given the fact this is a player driven market item it would be impossible to find out how much every person paid and come up with a fair compensation. So for these recipes I would suggest that they give the recs back (put them in your inventory) for everyone that has them currently registered. To be honest that is what I would prefer.
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    Sorry for an eye-bleeder of a post but I think this needs to be brought to the devs' attention. I read over the patch notes to determine whether or not two particular very expensive recipes would be included in those listed for compensation, but I saw no mention of them -- neither for deletion nor compensation. So I turned to support for clarification. They were very helpful and suggested I bring this to the forums for discussion. I bought these recipes some time ago -- not when they first appeared in the player-driven market as there was no way I was paying over 3 bil per recipe... but once the price dropped to a little over 2 bil/ea I jumped on them. I'm talking about the Mysterious Soulshot (R-grade) and Mysterious Blessed Spiritshot (R-grade) recipes. As many of you know, these recipes are hard to find and the MBSPSR recipe is rarely put up for sale either in player shop or the AH. Also, once the MSSR rec dropped to around 500 mil in price I bought them for a couple of clannies. My point is, I spent over 2 bil on each rec (apart from the latter 2 when the price dropped) and they're not even on the list for compensation. Why is that? And thanks to support, it was confirmed that they're going to be deleted and that they "would not be able to grant...compensation request as this is intended by the Development Team." I'm sure I'm not the only player who's doled out a large amount of adena for these recs after hunting them down, in my case for the better part of a year and I think it'd be a good idea if the devs added these to the list of ones that will be compensated... not to mention highly appreciated. Lastly, is there a complete list of the new recipes that will be sold by this new NPC? I'm sure many of us would like to know if the mysterious shots are going to be included on these. Here's the reply from support in its entirety. I'd like to thank GM SAI for the quick response and clarification. * * *
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    Any update on server transfers? Or have they permanently discontinued that service?
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    As we wrap up 2019, we’d like to wish you the merriest of holidays. Our offices will be closed for the remainder of the year as we take some time off to spend the holidays with our friends and family. Many of us remain on call for any urgent issues. Our Customer Support team will continue to answer the tickets you submit during this time, and our scheduled regular maintenance will happen on December 25 and January 1. The maintenance schedule for Wednesday, December 25 and Wednesday, January 1 are: Start: 5:00 a.m. PST End: 6:00 a.m. PST Say safe and be merry; we’ll see you in the new year, Adventurers! Warm wishes, The Lineage II team
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    I like to report, on 12/21/2019 around 10pm Pacific time, there is a massive disconnects across all types, all accounts, multiple laptops - just total wipe out disconnects. There are 3 left standing and not disconnected. I salute those 3 of the resilient unwavering commitment to Chronos.