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    I could make a wall of post, but I will save the time. @Juji @Hime please remove the pay to win Dragon Pendent from our L2store. We recognize that the server needs sustainable revenue, please bring back subscriptions, or if you are unable to do that, make VIP status more attractive with larger drop/adena rate bonuses such that enough players will purchase NCCoins (And spend them on more innocuous items, like tp scrolls, shots, cosmetics). Classic was not what we really wanted, but it's closer than anything else. Please, anything but pay to win. You will kill the game that we all love so much, so much faster than is necessary. That's all I have to say about it, but I'm sure I echo the community, I can say for sure I echo my party and my clan.
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    How is it that you're so fast to comment on something so useless as this but can't respond to you community? This game is going down the chitter at an alarming rate and you tell us you changed your email!
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    These items are pay to win Boss Jewels. Have you all even consider what this going to do. You already lost tons of people due to the massive amount of bots and lack of community organization, even worse customer support. Im not sure what to even say anymore. At every point in this server you have failed the community.
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 4 a.m. PST / 6 a.m. CST / 7 a.m. EST / 1300 GMT+1 will be unavailable for approximately 5 hours. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed. A special server settings event will begin for two weeks and ends on March 13 at 7:00 a.m. Server Time XP/SP 200% on Weekdays (Monday 00:00 to Friday 23:59) Server Time XP/SP 300% and Drop Rate Increase +50% on Weekends (Saturday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59) Server Time No XP Loss Upon Death Beleth’s Forgotten Spellbook remains for three weeks The Power of Love event remains for two weeks The Fortune Reading Game tickets will be deleted and the Fortune Reading NPC Eve will disappear at 7:00 a.m. Server Time Elemental Shirts (Magical/Physical/Shiny/Maphr) have been permanently added to the store along with permanent price reductions to Lv. 1-95 Boost items The Big Vitality Pack (x50 Erupting Vitality and x50 Vitality Maintaining Potion 1-hr) will be available to purchase from 2/27 - 3/13 The following store items will be removed from the store: Power Shirt Blessed Scroll: Enchant Power Shirt All Apparition Stones Wedding Packs (Groom and Bride) Scroll: Modify Demonic Sword Zariche/Bloody Sword Akamanah XP Rune II (Lv1-95) 100% Pack (1-hour) Mysterious Wind Scroll Soul Avatar's Giant Placid If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    And whose fault would that be? All PvP players sitting in the same clan and the only place where u guys could find someone else in the same level of gear for you to fight u decide to be allies. So don't u dare come here on forum crying for merge when its your own fault that there is no pvp in Chronos or dim siege. Every dim siege is the same shit, QQQQ all over the & chat but still MS and DH choose not to fight each other. I could understand a pact of peace between the two clans, but helping each other and defending one another castles is breaking the game. Now i'm curious, what's ur plan after merge? Will ms choose to fight DH? Because as i can see now the only thing will happen with merge is the two clans making a gigantic ally or even merging. So ncsoft can finally shut down the servers because there will be no more servers to merge nor reasons to cry about dead servers. Wake up! There is no pvp because you choose not to pvp. Joining the winning side and bully low gear players is not what makes this game fun. What do u think that would happen when the most powerful clan in the servers send war to every single clan in the game? everybody would acc and a pvp party would start? hahahahhaha Cancel all the wars you have sent and let small clans breath. There are many players who want to pvp but they simply choose not to because starting a war would mean a clan disband.
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    Hello! Ever since Classic has been released in North America I've felt that something was wrong, after spending the last two days testing things out I decided to do this little project today to illustrate how much the western versions of Classic differ from each other. So I made a Classic on Aden and one on Skelth and set out to see what the differences would be in their early leveling process. Whenever I'm talking about the character on Aden I'll be referring to it as NA from this point forward. Whenever I'm talking about Skelth(the european server) I'll be referring to it as EU from this point forward. The acronyms will also be used for their servers (Giran/Talking Island/Aden as NA) (Skelth as EU). Whenever I'm talking about the Japanese Classic servers I'll be referring to it as JP from this point forward. A few points to consider before reading any further: NA had a VIP level of 0 during the test. EU's level 5 XP/SP Rune was not used. NA and EU consumed their daily hunting fruit. NA and EU leveled after drinking Adventurer's starting potions. With this test I wanted to check the differences between both western versions of Classic, special attention was put into: XP/SP Adena Drop Rate One Human Fighter was created in both clients and killed the same amount of enemies. They completed the Cedric's Training Hall Newbie Quest and talked to the Newbie Guide in TI, then completed the level 2 Newbie Quest and picked a WAND as reward. 5 Over-hits were performed during the entire test for both NA and EU. The testing wielded the exact same results early on, which confused me. But as soon as the characters started fighting higher level mobs the XP disparity became apparent. By the time the quest was completed, this is the difference between the acquired XP/SP and Adena. And here's the differences in drops: Hello again! Now we've added JP to the list of tests! Please pay attention to the conclusions! (This test wasn't conducted by me, credits goes to Fragola. Stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/320497699) A few points to consider before reading any further: JP had a VIP level of 0 during the test. JP completed the quests after drinking Adventurer's starting potions. The Test Goals and Test Format are the same as NA and EU and so I won't repeat those portions here, only the findings from the JP test. Same XP as NA/EU on Gremlins. Same XP as NA on VIP 0 but the adena drop is almost double and even higher than EU's! While the difference in XP will definitely become more noticeable and bothersome at higher levels, the difference in adena and drops is what truly makes both Classic versions feel alien to one another. EU had 4 full item drops including a weapon while NA had a single full item drop. The materials acquired by EU were also in higher amounts and diversity than in NA. The difference in adena only becomes more noticeable as the levels grow higher and the difference increases exponentially. VIP Level 4 gives exactly +25% XP/SP which is what is needed to make NA's experience the same as EU in terms of leveling. The VIP Drop Rate bonuses however do not fix the disparity between the adena/drop ratio. JP matches NA when it comes to XP/SP at Vip 0 but has over the double adena drops. JP is also a F2P server much like NA, with different VIP tier bonuses that are compared under these conclusions. To acquire VIP Level 4 one must spend 50$ and sustain it monthly by spending at least 15$. Per account. To even be allowed to play in EU one must pay a 10€ subscription or a 25€ three-month subscription fee. Per account. Below you can see a table comparing the VIP benefits of JP(on top) and NA(under). You can see how the drop rate is much more dramatically affected in JP than in NA. *Please don't take the results of this small test as hard facts, instead try your own testing and see the results you can achieve. This post was made to try to better inform the staff members and players of our current situation. I hope NA Classic will get patched to be more similar to EU in terms of drops and adena. I also believe the Vip system should be a bonus and not a return to "normal" rates. For this test the monster Goblin Brigand was killed roughly around 30 times by both NA and EU. This time NA had a VIP 3 bonus. XP in EU was doubled for some kills because of the level 5 100% XP/SP rune. The characters were level 12 dwarves. Here are the results NA was actually able to buy 10 BSS not 9. Full test: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/319666259
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    Dude just straight up lies through his teeth, what a shame.
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    I guess we can escape the Live server but we can't escape NCwest management... You could have given the server a long life with minor stuff on L2 store that would only impact the speed people level up and some other cosmetics. Let's be real, 50 USD for a 50% Rune is already more expensive than any subscription at any Pay to play server and should already be enough to make astronomic profits with 4 servers averaging 2k players. You want more profit? Upgrade your VIP system: Add the VIP 5,6 and 7 layers with the benefits close to the Tawain ones. Add new 30-day runes ( 100% xp/sp) for 8k Ncoin, add more boosts to the l2 store. Create a prestige pack or something else for players to support the server and be rewarded. Any of those things would bring enough profit for you to not need to add ITEMS to l2 store, and yet again items that rely on chance to be obtained. NCwest, you have failed again. We could live with the bots free spamming adena sell on towns and the army of bot summoners on nearly every single lowlevel area. That didn't impact our experience in the game, we could have seen past that. But you guys chose the EASY path of gambling inside the game to make your profits, and if that don't stop/change, the Classic servers have no future.
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 4 a.m. PDT / 6 a.m. CDT / 7 a.m. EDT / 1200 GMT+1 will be unavailable for approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed. Beleth’s Forgotten Spellbook will no longer be available on the L2 Store. There will be an L2 Store Update. Details can be found here. The Attendance Checklist event will continue to run for the next 4 weeks. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    The next update will include both the Fafurion update and the Prelude to War update, which is why we are a little late to the party. We are still in discussion with the Dev team on a few of the new game system changes. We will share an update on the release date when everything is ready. As for changes to the PK system, we discussed different options to address the issue we started seeing with the macro system last year. I will request for another update from Dev since other regions are now implementing drastic changes to the system.
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    They may come back as a reward in a future event. Permanent.
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    A new update is coming, higher levels will be unlocked and yet, many players are stuck with their main classes which are useless (in many ways). Reroll isn't a choice since there is so many non-tradable stuff in any character. So the question @Juji is: Is there any chance to implement a service (even a short time) along with the new update so we can change our main class? Something like Red Libra for main class. It will help a lot of people to adjust their main character and even more, it will bring back a lot of quitters. Thanks in advance.
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    As history has shown with NC you will treated with no respect. Welcome pay2win items and this is the beggining of many. Respect your money its something you earn through your work but even if you have so much money that you dont care at all DONT invest on a company that absolutly does not care about your investements. They wont CARE about your wishes. Even when this chaos started and we wanted someone to listen and reply to us as you SAW there was nothing at all only locking new topics with people who protest ITS YOUR CHOICE Wish good luck to those who will stay
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    It's far from being a win/win situation for them what the hell are you talking about? You underestimate how many people will quit cause of this. Many of those people myself included had multiple VIP4 accounts, I know people who had 6-9 VIP4 with runes on them. Do the math it's not that hard. Also most of these people at least the ones I play with went into this for the long run, meaning on average they would get at least 100 € per month per player which is already huge! Now they milked people for 6 months and will probably have some left, but who knows for how long, if they continue like this? WoW classic is around the corner, they shot themselves in the foot with this shit big time. You'll see in a couple of months, if not sooner. I mentioned WoW, which also had it's screw ups, but those were mostly expansions people didn't like, balance issues, removing something that people liked, stuff like that. It costs 0 compared to this "free2play" bullshit and it's the most profitable and still by far the most played mmorpg and I can see why. You know what you get and you know you won't get screwed by shit like this in a couple of months and GMs actually exist, the game is being updated/fixed, bugs are taken care of, which here is unheard of. I don't know why they do this maintenance, probably to reset the servers and make the people think they're actually doing something. These despicable b@stards lured people with f2p and "classic experience" and can't even fix shit like drop rates/adena/xp and instead of focusing on that, they went full moneygrabber mode. I'm not an oldschool l2 player, but I love mmorpgs and this game is sooo freakin' good it's unbelivable, but people who run it are the biggest imbeciles I've encountered in all my years of gaming. They have successful f2p models everywhere in almost all genres of gaming, but they said why try to do it right, let's just screw people who invested time and money. This is false advertising and it includes a lot of hours spent by people who in the end got a big F U C K YOU in their/our faces. Gludio for example has around 1k average population. That is probably max 500 live people and I'm being generous and from all different timezones. If half of these people quit, the server will truly die and just when it looked like it was becoming liver again. If you think people aren't serious about quitting you couldn't be more wrong. This is one thing people won't just eat up and forget.
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    So, I slept on it, While I am back and forth on a lot of emotions... admittedly trying to justify "it" and you all know what I mean. I keep saying to myself: maybe they will space the events out six months+ apart, maybe it will be tolerable, maybe this will be the worst it will ever get. But then I follow incentives and I know where it is going. I don't think I've ever been truly more disappointed than now in a gaming company, aside from when Free to Play came out on retail. What's the common denominator? Pay to win. I wanted to play classic more than any other game I've heard of since the launch of L2 retail. I was never so excited; I tracked down 50+ people I use to play with via facebook, whatsapp, linkedin, anything I could to try to recreate my own classic experience! GOD pushed me out with its terrible content and more importantly P2Win, and now they will do the same here. It's truly heartbreaking for those of us who loved to live this game for the better part of our adult lives. I met my wife ten years ago through this game and I have been willing to hang on more than others out of nostalgia, but I am having difficulty justifying it. If someone like me is on the brink of leaving, imagine other people not so mentally tied to the game? The one thing I keep sticking on is that I simply feel cheated. I feel like a kid who was given their favorite toy then had it stolen by a bully, then getting the talk from their dad about how life isn't fair. It wasn't supposed to be this way. /sadpost
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    I was hoping this would last at least until WoW Classic, but man they're really torpedoing these servers hard.
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    I miss the old internet, where the community was collectively smart enough to troll companies that pulled shit like this. Like back in the day when top clans didn't recruit people who bought adena from farmers. Imagine their surprise if nobody bought this shit, top clans could easily force people to boycott pay to win items.
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    Scammers There are unfortunately unsavory individuals looking to make a quick Adena by gaining your trust or by misrepresenting what they are trying to sell or buy. The best way not to get scammed is to be extremely careful. Take an extra look before pressing okay, and be aware of the potential risks you’re taking on. Be wary of any character who asks to talk about a trade outside of game (Via Facebook, Discord, Skype..etc), as they maybe trying to gain personal information or hide their true intentions from our in-game logs. Our Support team will not be able to help you restore items lost as a result of a scam. Bots There are some individuals trying to game our system for personal gain and profit. We do not support any kind of automated gameplay in our game, and any accounts found doing so will be closed. Our team closes numerous accounts daily for illegal third-party usage, and will continue to do so. We have an in-game system that allows you to report cheaters and automated gameplay. You report them using the ‘Report Auto Hunting’ action button. Only use this system to report characters you think are being suspicious – abusing this system may result in actions being taken against your account. You can also report illegal automated gameplay through our Support system, and if you chose to do that, please clearly indicate what you’re seeing and the offenders’ names. Please include screenshots if possible. Adena Sellers Unfortunately, the same individuals who exploit our system with illegal automated play are also trying to make a quick buck at your expense by illegally selling you Adena. We handle these accounts the same way we handle illegal automated gameplay—by closing the accounts as soon as we discover the activity. While it might not be the account that has been spamming you, we close accounts daily and will continue to close them. You can report Adena Sellers through our in-game system by right-clicking their name in chat and select ‘Block Adena Sales’. You can also report illegal automated gameplay through our Support system, and if you chose to do that, please clearly indicate what you’re seeing and the offenders’ names. Do not buy Adena from Adena Sellers as that supports these illegal activities along with putting your own account at risk. We understand that seeing this type of behavior from other players can lead to a frustrating experience. We are continuing to mitigate the impact of these types of activities as we continue to improve our detection methods and use the information provided from the reports that come in from our players. If your account has been closed, please contact Customer Support.
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    I disagree with this. Don't get me wrong, this glitch that ppl use to make u pk and get your items is very annoying. I got abused myself, dropped almost 20b in gear. So I do understand the frustration. But the consequences of not having penalty for pk will just bring chaos and unnecessary drama to the game. Imagine a strong player roaming the l2 world killing anyone and everyone simply because they can and nothing will happen. There are many ways to end this damn bug, but removing pk drop is not the one.
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    And still the GMs will blame you on your connection, don't worry After 2 months of back and forth messages with support ticket about the shots lagging every h00 and h30, I gave up. Their answers are from someone who never logged into this game... well... they never did, so it makes sense
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    All you cry about is SS bug..this is not only SS bug. You can't send items/recieve items/put items to WH/withdraw items from WH, exchange items normally etc. Everything which has any kind of item movement and/or consumption is laggy.
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    Hello, I have got information from support to make a topic about Magic Tablets on forum: Nonetheless, if you think that there could be improvements regarding the drop rate of Magical Tablets, I encourage you to post it on our official forums. From there, the Community Team will take note of it and forward it to the Dev Team for review. Your understanding is appreciated. So I want to say that Magic Tablets are not possible to drop. From collected information there is no single server that would have any of it. So I am asking how it is possible? It is 2 weeks since patch arrived, people having 77 levels and drop is impossible. What is NCsoft gonna do about that? Something events on Tablets or something like that? Aswell I would like to ask about the Forgotten Island which had to be add in Savior patch and because Technical Issues he was not added. We accepted that. But there was wrote that location will be added in future updates, it is 2 weeks and still no single information about that. Questions are pointed to #Hime #Juji. Have a nice day, Ev1lduck.
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    You make more money when you care about the game
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    she said if we have any questions.. what you guys think about that?? why would i bother asking question on forum if you guys ignore everyone.. makes so much sense thats right. keep ignoring everyone. you guys are the best to run a company! no events. no fixes. no nothing. the only thing important to you guys is someone buy NCOINS. perfect.
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    As soon as I heard of the pendant event, I took a second mortgage out on my home. I wanted to make sure I had enough money to shop til I dropped in the L2 store. The day of the event came, and i dove right in. One grand for as many fire pendant boxes as i could get for the first 1 hour of fun. Oddly I was interrupted my my wife of 20 years , she wanted the divorce paper work signed here and now. Something about addiction and I don't know I zoned out after that thinking about my soon to be level 5 +10 Fire Pendant!!! 2nd hour I made sure I spent all the money i had from taking out 2nd mortgage so she could have none. Don't need her, I got Lineage and they take care of me.Several hours of clicking and dreaming I still did not meet my goal.I fell asleep in my computer chair. I was rudely woken my sheriff and her lawyer the next day! Was told to grab my things I had to leave, divorce was finalized that day. I only requested my trust Dell pentium 2 1.2 mghz laptop and my wallet, its all I really needed. I knew what had to be done as soon as I walked out the door. First thing I saw was this huge refrigerator box. I dragged it to the back of what use to be my property, and entered the woods.Home sweet Home! Ah crap 1 issue, I gotta keep this laptop charged to play L2 and get that pendant. BAM! I remembered I had 100 bucks stashed in my wallet. I ran down to Lowes a mile down the road and purchased a 500 foot white extension cord.Yes white! There is a lot of snow on the ground and I wanted it to blend in. ok charging issue fixed. Housing is covered. I played L2 and clicked more boxes til I passed out. I woke up next morning hungry, but I was warm because the laptop usually over heats but the winter weather kept it running and it in return kept me warm! Trusty laptop indeed! Anyways, I waited til my now ex wife left for work and tried to get in to get some food. My own dogs would not let me near the door. I decided I would eat their out door food , but they refused to share. I went back to my box hungry. As I entered my box , to my surprise, the neighbors dog was in there. He had brought a milk bone and a beef flavored rawhide. I think he winked at me. yep definitely he winked. I reached for the milk bone, but he growled at me. Jesus whats this dog want. He then mounted my leg and had his way with my leg. He dropped another milk bone and left. I ate all that he left and had the energy to continue my dream of the +5 level 10. I jumped right in. Once again I fell asleep with no success, I know tomorrows the day I thought. I woke up the next morning to the sound of something hitting the box floor, it was the neighbors dog, and this time he brought a Bagon Strip! Oh was that a wink.....Long story short me and the dog have an arrangement. I eat and my leg is his. I am good with all this, as I have my L2 , housing, and a supply of food. I am down to my last 4003 ncoin and i know this is the day! I got this! F
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    This is my viewpoint (Bohemian Rhapsody) adapted: [Intro] Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a patch notes, no escape from reality Open your eyes, look up to the wallet and see I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy Because I'm easy come, easy go, little high, little low Any way the updates blow doesn't really matter to me, to me Pendants and Brooches, very, very frightning me (Jujileo) (Jujileo), (Jujileo) (Jujileo), (Jujileo) Figaro magnifico But I'm just a poor temple knight, nobody loves me He's just a poor temple knight from a poor clan w8 aaally Spare him his life from this monstrosity Easy come, easy go, will you let me go? Bismillah! No, we will not let you go (Let him go!) Bismillah! We will not let you go (Let him go!) Bismillah! We will not let you go (Let me go) Will not let you go (Let me go) Will not let you go (Let me go) Ah No, no, no, no, no, no, no (Oh, Juji mia, Juji mia) Juji mia, let me go Juji has a brooche put aside for me, for me, for me! So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye? So you think you can love me and leave me to die? Oh, Juji, can't do this to me, baby! Just gotta enchant, just gotta enchant pendants here!
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    If you have a proper pendant, I guess you can solo a low-level boss.
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    The biggest request from community before server start it was don't sell pendants and pay to win items on store and now? Can stay tuned @Hime and @Juji server will die and become empty faster than light like live server, just because NCSoft don't want make like on RU servers and just put this itens like pendants only for farm or at least grants the option for farm this items for free. Just one more, last time for me i want say thanks NCSoft.
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    God you're dumb. You realize there are 3 groups of people playing Classic. 1) People who left retail because of the 1000s of dollars required to be competitive. - You think they dumb enough to spend 1000s again on Classic? 2) Players who quit prior to the GOD release because they foresaw the P2W - They weren't fooled before 3) Botters and RMTrs who do this to make money - Will stay as long as there is positive cash flow
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    It's a sad day when the game you've loved to play since prelude comes to an end... I think I speak for 1000's of players when i say STOP! Just give us XP events. Don't bring in P2W. XP events were enough. As I sit here discussing which game to play next with everyone on discord, staying with Lineage 2 wasn't even brought up. Instead we decided to over enchant our weapons and say goodbye. Huge mistake on your part NC. I'll definitely miss playing but, not enough to come back. IT WAS FUN EVERYONE! TAKE CARE!
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    I've talked to 3 CPs that are all done. Some even already blew up or sold their gear. Crazy s*** on Ncsoft part. Some of them are even part of the "whale" group. They seriously misunderstood just how serious the threats of "P2W and I'm gone" were
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    The sad reality is this decision is entirely made in a meeting room by economists. They know enough whales will spend big that it doesn't matter if the servers haemorrhage players, they'll still make their money. Massive shame, a lot of people struggle with other MMOs as nothing compared to L2. Early memories of sieges on Lionna, first Antharas, all the way til the end of Freya. Even good memories of pulling trains of Kariks with @FatHips a month before GoD. Then F2P hits and so comes the joy of safe enchants in the cash shop. Real gut punch to give us the quasi-Classic experience for 5 months then pull this on us. Atleast have p2w elements from the beginning so 95% of us could comfortably have made the decision not to start playing again.
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    Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me.
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    I approve this message. These pendants are a deal breaker for me, at least 12 of my friends and I presume a large chunk of the community. Even those of us who make over $1,000 a day would not play in an empty server, and an empty server is inevitable once you go down that road, every Lineage 2 veteran knows this. Your poor judgement killed the Live server, what kind of imbecile makes the same mistake twice? Your Board of Directors needs to fire whoever decided this strategy effective immediately. @Juji @Hime
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    I think more top tier players will quit than you think.
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    I would remind them WHY a ot of people playing here: https://youtu.be/flieQ0TnFY8?t=346 I was betrayed by NCWEST twice: 1st time was when they had licence for Euro servers and was "pay 2 play" and they they installed "free to play" without being asked if I want that after all those years of playing and paying or to convert all my money spent in NC Coins. Now is 2nd time with this "pay to win" event and I think that all players should consider to refund all the invested money because they traped us with a "story" and now they wanna rob us official. From all the problems with what they promised on launch and what happened after , this is the worst and I don't think they will stop here. @Juji or @Hime what is that??? On server start you didn't said that your business plan is to trap us, to make us invest money and time in the game and then to force us to leave with pay to win events.
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    runes, exp scrolls, cloaks, visual effects, vip system.
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    step by step report guide: For reporting go to the link: https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Select the "Report a player" You can use your prefered program to record or the in-game recording. If you are lazy you can use this copy and paste: 1.- Subject: Illegal 3rd Party Software (bot report) 2.- Description: Player controled by a computer Illegal 3rd Party Software 3.- Game version: Lineage II Classic (you have to select this one) 4.- Why are you reporting another player?: I think they were using a bot or cheating (you have to select this one) 5.- Your time and date (for your time zone, go to google and put your county and time zone and it will show up) Chile time zone is (GMT-3) 6.- Your name (you get reward for reporting real bots) 7.- The BOT name Finaly: Safe your Ticket number! Your contribution is important. Regards
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    Hello All, The Dev team was able to confirm that the Damaged Spellbooks will drop in the Fafurion update for the overseas version. I am still waiting on the translation of the design documents for the update, but I did find some information in the document regarding the exchange rate on the Korean servers. In Korea, you need 55 of the Damaged Spellbooks to exchange for a 20% chance to receive a Chapter 1 Forgotten Spellbook or an 80% chance to receive a small amount back of the Damaged Spellbooks that were used for the exchange. The drop of the Damaged Spellbooks for level 99+ monsters is around 45% in the Korean drop table. We'll have more details to share once we receive our build, translated patch notes, and design documents.
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    i don't know whether to laugh or cry at this level of ignorance. bots are a definite issue with L2. NCSoft is relying on the development of a third-party detection program to get rid of them. every time they develop something it works for two minutes then someone writes a new third-party that gets around the security system. it is never-ending. and NCSoft refuses to put GM's in the servers to physically seek and ban the bots. not all servers are as plagued with bots as others but all servers have bots. bots are a product of supply and demand. servers with more whales (high spending players for adena) will have more bots. the higher the demand for adena purchase the more bots you will see. your comment that some people can't handle other people being better than they are is just ludicrous. if someone is playing, for instance, on talking island server it is true there are almost no fields to hunt anywhere. everything is full of bots. and if you need mobs in any of those fields to complete quests, just give it up. you're not going to find them. i saw fields there with as many bots as there were mobs and no mob stood on the field more than a matter of seconds before it was gone. so whatever your own playing experience is, please keep in mind it may not be everyone's playing experience. people are leaving NCSoft's L2 servers daily for a number of reasons including bots. also including NCSoft's lack of respect for its live playing community and the issues with the game that have gone unfixed and unanswered for far too long. NCSoft does not manage its servers well and in many cases the bots are proving profitable to NCSoft either through royalties or because they own the bots themselves. so.. just get used to it? we shouldn't have to. NCSoft *should* be doing a proper job of maintaining servers with integrity, enforcing their own rules against botting and adena sales, yet they refuse to do so. this refusal is a direct result of their lack of respect for us, the people who play this game. maybe if everyone started saying the same things in the forums NCSoft would have to take notice. as it is now all they'll do is moderate these forums to ensure people aren't breaking their forum rules. otherwise we are ignored.
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    Good morning all, We have been experiencing network interruptions that is affecting connections to the server. The interruptions have been on and off since Friday as you have reported. We do not have an estimated time when we can expect the issues to be resolved, but our team is working on reducing it's impact to our servers. We will post an update when we have one available. Thank you!
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    He does not care about your opinion, the game is over 15 years old all he's looking for is to make you spit your money by any means...
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    NcSoft, If you could hear the discussion going on among some of the very high level people/parties on my server, You'd realize just how big of a misstep this is. You told us the store was "mainly going to be cosmetics and XP items", then 4 months into the server, you release a game breaking P2W item. We know you guys need money, we know that revenue here isn't going up anymore, if not trending downward over time, but expect that you will literally lose hundreds of players, including quite a few from the top CPs and clans on right now. You're literally putting classic on a downward spiral that it will not recover from. +1 to either Subscription / Higher VIP rewards/tiers / One item every 2-3 months that costs 20/30 USD (but isnt game breaking).... But this.... WOW. /signed 15 yr vet