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    Any input regarding this new clan instance from other players?
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    MS killing NOVA in Aden! Nova Scumbags fight nova take aden! join MS! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/208486546
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    https://imgur.com/a/WngIl MS won the dragon and won the PvP. MS sinking ship indeed! Recruiting up up up! EDIT: MS took both Valakas and Antharas and won both the Dragon PvPs as well hands off to Nova for coming to PvP and gf to those who came
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    Well Drake, why would I care if a 105 player stay or leave in game. He can solo everything and he dont do any good thing to players or market. Its like...old good "Game Over" and mby its time for you to take a break. Lets take a look who is that 105 tipology player: -80% chance to be former boter -80% chance to be a rmt So, those ppl dont buy ncoins, dont move items from market dont help nobies...they just control Gainak, RBs,, Castels, etc...they just put bread on the table for their family...generaly speaking. So, ppl pls stop ask about hard cap ...you went too fast to 105. Mby if you let other to exp too...but this game never was about generosity
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    Buying a seed bracelet so you can use Agathion
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    If your level is 85-95, the new quests Available at NPC Penny in Aden.