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    More people than ever?Are you delusional? When I started 4 years ago there was 4 - 5 servers online, 3 of them Heavy population and the rest normal. And it was possible to find people for every instance in a minute waiting time and now you can't find healer for 1 hour waiting sometimes! People stop playing BECAUSE ncsoft break the game, with all these"new" p2w items, they've made it so unbalanced that now a dragon can be killed for less than 1br from 1 person, a good geared player above 101 lv is one shotted by archer with 1.5m dmg dealed, archer kill whole parties with one skill.. tank reflect is useless now because of all the reflect resistance items they put in the game, I can continue with the examples for unbalanced game because they are everywhere and you must be blind or very ignorant if you cannot see it. Or maybe a noob? At least from your post looks like you've started to play yesterday. "The game looks like is growing"?! Really? They close servers every year! More p2w items means to me that something is not right behind the curtain. And each year SAME items in l2 store are more and more expensive than the previous year. And the new ones price is just ridiculous ... Before GMs were more often in game, making events, watching for bots.. now - nothing. They can't afford 1 person to do that?.. Fantasy island is a ghost place..long time no see free event there or any event.. And this used to be very good and interesting game in the past...
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    Trying to use forums to get exp parties going. This will be for people who are having a hard time finding or making exp parties due to class or level. This is only for PvE players only. The following format below is to be used while using this request. Name Class lvl timezone/gmt playtime
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    Any update yet? I'm very curious how this issue will be solved by the ones-that-should-not-be-called-by-name (you + Neutron).
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    At your level, no or even if you get somehow the best of the best gear you'll still won't be very efficient. By the way, how did you get that gear, if you lack basic knowledge on hunting zones like lower GC?!?
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    You must be completely braindead or tard, you tell me which it is. RMT is allowed in this game, since years, through the L2store, which is also cheating, so cheating is allowed to. I'm kind of glad that the automattion programs are back now, since almost everyone is cheating/RMT by the l2store nowdays. Also, L2 is dying so fast now, it will be over before you know it. All servers combined have lost over 3k logged toons since last November. Even the lowest IQ server aka Chronos is down by almost 30%. Have fun trashing your money
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    crybabies, just fukoff and go to priv servers or quit it's simple as that keep your negativity within ur sorry 4sses. to GMs, like my suggestion before. put these crybabies account on close watch cus of possible RMT
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    because most are not as m....n as you to accept this growing policy and increasing prices on the p2w crap this madmens throws at us every year......... Prices just go insane now, and tendency shows a growing curve......... with no reasonable explanation.... Have you seen an improvement on overall service to justify the increasing prices on almost every cash event? There is almost no feedback, no community manager, nothing. just a weekly forum moderation.... And now they delete post that dont lick their balls...........like yours....... For sure you are a good and nice sheep..... costumer. i mean..
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    People see their favorite game situation becoming a chaos and full ebay store, they come to the forum to complain and are not heard, they are NEVER heard. So people with no argument create topics with "cry" or "mimimi" as argument, maybe they have full char, maybe used the visa a lot and do not play the game, or maybe they want a place to work as cm, since everything is going as planned , injecting p2w item for exorbitant prices and killing the game. Chronos with 3k of people, freya and naia with 1k each, being half. dwarf stores (or more than half). Packs being sold at 14k ncois. Yeeeehh everything is going very well, not for my cp who are intelligent and have already paused in this game, if the pause will be forever? well, it will depend on the company that manages this game, whether or not to listen to the players, and do not completely ignore them as it is doing. Next step( is being late for this already) merge freya and naia, and for the last breath , merge all. After write this post, the guy can buy ncoins with visa, and after, give back the visa to mommy and go to school, if u be a good boy there u can buy more ncoin with the mommy's credit card. Useless topic.
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    Guys dont confuse your selfs .. opening a new server will not bring more people the only thing that can happend most people from chronos/naia/freya that dont have decent gear go play there for new begin .. and like that our servers market its gonna die more .. we have to deal with that....the only thing that can happend tonout people soend again money is to put a merge to freya and naia .. about new people ? New people muat be rdy to spend a lot of money if they want to play pvp not even in higher lvls but also in low lvls this is the truth
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    The game is dieing day by day ... and the people are less day by day *
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    Hi guys. Ive played tank every since open beta. I have 1 of every tank 101 or above. And im gonna be 100% honest with u. The ET is the best overall tank in the game now hands down. Second i would say is the ST, third Pally, the HK. Reasons r simple. TK is the best defensivly, st best offensively now, pally while the debuff resistance is a good thing, its so many debuffs comming at u in pvp, u dont even notice it, and HK well they kinda dismantled it. To me the HK is the funnest to play cause of the cat, but it doesnt measure up to the other 3. Oh and i occasionally grace the forums and i noticed that people say tanks r weaker now and blah blah blah. Well i say this. Tanks r way stronger, but for the people that take the time to PLAY THEIR TANK. They changed a lot of skills that use to make u basically invinsible for x amount of time. Now its only 1 skill that make u unkillable for a short period of time. But the flip side to that is raise shield and focus shield can be up all the time. Which in turn doubles p def and mdef. If u running around with 90 -120k pdef and 40-50k mdef all the time and die, theres something wrong with U lol. Another thing, frenzy time is shortened. And even though it doesnt give u pdef, it doubles mdef. And shield defence. See in my case only nukers hit me hard. And the fact that i can constantly keep mdef pretty much at 40k + u can survive anything in game. Pve shoukdnt even be discussed. Once u hit 102 u shouldnt hardly take any damage from pve if your tank is built right. Pvp wise the TK shines cause of elemental defence. While people may think its not too important, get hit by a dragon weapon with low element. It will change your mind quick. The more elemental defence the better chance of survival. Pally is cool also but in pvp the loss of element means u taking harder hits. Pdef does hardly anything. U can survive a archer or dagger but a nuker 2 shots u. AND THERES A LOT OF NUKERS OUT THERE NOW. ST......The lightening and other debiffs r great. And if your party is set right, could be awesome. But survieability becomes a issue. HK.....the new aura gives the party some pdef and mdef....a lil patk and matk......and thats it. They say the cat has been enhanced but i dont notice it, seems nerfed to me. He doesnt stun anymore nor the other debuff he had. Cant remember what it was called. Only thing it has left is the crit wound debuff. Fun to play but..... Anyway im done rambling. I love the new tanks. Makes me play harder and notice new things my tank can do. Some people will disagree with me, and thats fine. But people who really love ghe tank class i believe would agree. Have a great one.
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    I am listening to this masterpiece
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