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    You have only been seiging on Chronos since last September... You were losing Zaken with an entire 100 person alliance to 1 cp last February... Prior to that you were a nobody on Bartz... @Fooz hasnt seen a dragon since 2016... RIP https://gyazo.com/4225e8800b8578cede7221c14ca2a9d6 Easiest pvp of my life... @Surgical facts vs craps... MS has grown 3x since we/I joined... and quite of few of those CPs joined because of me recruiting them... We gave up some shitter crybabies like you that die to subpar players like @Fooz @TheWatcher this thread is like Russians bleeping with USA elections... You are attempting to cause a rift when the top CPs in MS see 0 value in Nova.. infact the 3 players that recently left Nova to join MS all said the same thing about the "leadership" in Nova and the fear that MS has put into their top players/CPs and why they refuse to pvp us... I will give Nova credit it seems that the finally straw was Rooster leaving.. they have done some sort of pvp almost everyday since he left.. but of course with the stipulation that Rown/Truffle cant come but they MUST be allowed to bring PiPi OUOUOUOU along with them...
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    Why bring the fees back at all? Ports have been free for months now, not just a part of the last event. The free ports have not caused any problems. Certainly, there is no need to pull more adena out of the game now. Most people are too poor (in adena) to compete as it is. Please reconsider and make teleports free for all again.
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    Hello mate, I was like you! I did not play for 6 years, but I had all my stuff and my main char on Naia server, so I play there! 1 - Here you have the server population numbers, Chronos is best, Naia is mid, Freya is worst ( probably this year Naia and Freya servers will be merged so it will be interesting, lots of drama, crying, trashtalking etc etc! ----> http://l2.laby.fr/status/ 2 - Choose whatever class you enjoy so you can have fun. You can xp using a looping macro, so you can get fast to 101. Most of the people choose 1 DD, 1 ISS, 1 Heal, you can load 3 clients on 1 PC. 3 - All classes need good gear in order to progress. My advice is to start slowly, take a look at the game, because it is much different than before. Nowadays you need to invest your real dollars into Ncoins so you gear up or sell the Ncoins to other players for adena, you will figure it out yourself! Try not getting scammed if selling Ncoin to others. 4 - If you enjoy Lineage2 and it is kind of a hobby of yours, treat It that way. I advice you not to spend more than 100$ per month at start. Also be aware of Enchant/Overenchant Promos in the L2Store, it is Korean random after all and you can pay 100 bucks and get nothing out of it. And remember mate, you cant really progress now without investing money, sad but true! Cheers!
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    So what am i supposed to do with this months Lineage 2 allowance i have? wtf ... GIVE ME SOMETHING TO BUY!