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    When no one wins, there should be a server announcement, followed by a red screen and blood raining down in the villages and hunting grounds and instances, followed by lag. Tremendous lag. End of the world stuff.
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    Not as many accouns as you have bought. Then if you ask to your daddy Conguero not to ban them all maybe it would be better. I understand you can only win by cheating and when you lose you say you were afk there but now you're exaggerating do you really need the help of a GM?
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    Well said. I was expecting an event that didn't involve the L2Store or my credit card, but one that also made us hunt/kill stuff...in short, something fun. This event is like watching rain fall from your window sill. Is the sun out yet? Is the sun out yet? Is the sun out yet?!!! No. Ok, back inside to do nothing interesting.
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    To be honest: Not everyone need to link that hings in worldchat. After I won Kelbim I just sent a screenshot to my cp, not even my clan knows it. Why should they? I am not that lucky guy in other events and I don't like ppl who need to show everytime when they have been lucky. Because the unlucky ones may loose their motivation. But for you to proove it I have postet it here. Edit: here you go.
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    The Stream was great as always my friend and u are a great healer, take back the moustache, u are like Conan w/o hair!