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    So let me understand this . Community gets an xp event witch is free . They get to pick up from there xp , items that they can exange with some rewards ( extra rewarding ) , discount on xp items . And after all this, they still complain because with this event market won’t be flowed with armors jewels etc etc . Best event ever and guess what , it doesn’t destroy the market . If you want to spend $$$$$ with tons, this event is for you to enjoy and there is a small change for a super reward that will change your life . If you are the lucky one to get one of those lvl 6 jewels , you can gear 1 toon from 0 to 95 % . So gl and take it all with moderation . Remember gambling is for gamblers and gamblers gamble because they enjoy .
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    Yes, no one want to fight. That is reason why I see every week some new name in DH... @Conguero Please tell to Omen not use cursed words
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    You will not need a dim siege while you have all the PVP desired and all strong clans together
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    Omen, This is exactly reason why people will join rather another clan than yours clan. Think about it.
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    anything more to say? my brain works fine and weed is just a bad habit so who cares i dont. At least i always got the pride to say ok i was wrong on that one. You could do the same and say yea i know grambi you and moto rolled us at that first fight and all had bin fine. but you faded out and thats it. even if we interefered with your 7vs7 the only reson we was there becouse hustle was there. to fight at BB and Call it 7vs7 where all ppl portin and go to AF and GoS is phanatic anyways at least if noone know its a 7vs7.When you always count it how the situation brings the ppl in then man take it like a man. And if you post videos like that you should always be aware that other players that took part in it will say something about it. Anways i can only call it propaganda. you can easy block me in forum no problem
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    yea looks like thats the only thing left to say becouse you got no aguments anymore and know i am right. I just would accept if you say for "myself" it not worth it to use 2macros bcouse i would interrupt them all time. so you had no profit in it, If you say you never payed feoh so you could not know. yea thats true. but at least i try to help and show a way to use macros. now everyone could find out for themselfs if it works ok for them or not. why your quote show the half of that sentence? becouse if you read the full sentence its about using them in loop. like you and i know this not work so the fact you try to make me show you something that is not possible theams to me a littel mad. thanks
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    If you want merge Freya and Naia , make it like before when you merge Shilien, Bartz and Magmeld and create one new server and no one will have no advantage.
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    I know people have been asking about this for a while. I'll just say for now that we agree it's time to merge Naia and Freya. We're currently in the planning and scheduling phase to make this happen and will follow up once we have details.