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    Well i took my feoh with full buffs and i manage to collect 120nectars in 4 hours of farming.Then i returned to aden and trade them for 4 squash.I opened them and got trash items.But even if i sold nectars in private stores i would get 500k per nectar.So in 120 nectars i would get 60 milions adena.Well then i thought that if i play 4 hours a day i would get 1.2 bilions in 20 days.Ofcourse right away i started to laugh with ncsoft event again as i did many times in past.I said to myself that i wont farm any more nectars and i dont buy them from l2store also ,cause the price of private shops that bought them was around 360k.So even if i buy 10k nectars with 40$ i would get 3.2bilions,which is extremely low price.So another useless event from ncsoft.What can i say guys,you do everything you can to close this wonderfull game.Gz to you all.
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    As a veteran player myself of Lineage 2 this is a korean mmo. Korean mmos are grind games, not an ARPG where gear comes within a few hours or a week of killing mobs. There are many systems that were taken out in order to gear up and while I will agree that events like these are supposed to be fun we as a community should not depend on these to gear up. Events are supposed to be fun and provide little rewards not characters changing items. We as a community need to go back to our roots when it comes to grinding for exp and for gear. My top 3 systems that were taken out and hurt the economy for player advancement are: 1: Manor System 2: Spoil rate/items 3: Catacombs (Ancient Adena) If those three things were implemented into the game once again we would not have posts or people complaining about an event reward system.
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    Here are 5 suggestions: 1: Play the Market (Buy and Re-sell) 2:Make lowbie toons to sell giant codex (Also good once they are 85 and noble for GE) 3: Do daily quests for 85 to 94 that give 500k adena each. (Also there is the sos quest that gives almost 2mil adena) 4: Craft and sell 5: Over enchant items (Takes money to make money) There are so many more but you need to put effort into the game if you want to make some real adena. If you want the easy way then you will need to spend real cash. It just boils down to time vs money. How much time do you want to spend and if not then how much money are you willing to spend. I hope this helps.
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    The reason we are going on forums GMs is because even if we report RTM/buying accounts/Racism/3rd part programmes with prooves you DO nothing about it, if it concerns good clients! We all get the same answer.."We are in the process of investigating these accounts. However, please understand that privacy concerns prevent us from discussing our methods or the results of our findings, but rest assured that we are committed to removing any account breaking the rules from our game." The only thing i am sure about, is that nothing will change from your side. If we come on forums and speak up is because you keep everything in the dark side. Noone from your "big" clients have been dealt with justice when they do something against your rules. You want us to stop coming on forums or speak up for things that are against your rules? Do something about all those petitions you recieve even for hard core adena players. Instead of saying to us to STFU give us the power and voice back. We do not care about MS and NOVA, we care about ppl leaving this game because you allow everything against the rules IF they pay good. I know it's a game, STFU, do not talk much etc. Are we slaves or something? Instead of bdsm games with GMs just give us the opportunity to play. You have the biggest responsibility for the chaos on servers. Yeah yeah another DRAMA PLAYER on board! I know226422424
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    I know people have been asking about this for a while. I'll just say for now that we agree it's time to merge Naia and Freya. We're currently in the planning and scheduling phase to make this happen and will follow up once we have details.