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    I have been thinking of a huge quality of life change to Lineage 2 that would be beneficial to players and profitable to NCwest. Easy to implement in my limited experience. At the moment if you want an appearance on your armor or weapon you either buy an app from l2store or an item in game that gets destroyed. In either case once you want a new app, you either need to remove your existing app or buy an entirely new armor set to place a new appearance on (Not feasible). An easy fix for this, would be the copy the way the "My Teleport Book" works and add in l2store item "My Appearance Book". In this book Appearances would be saved Using "My Appearance Flag" (Instead of My Teleport Flag) and you could easily switch between apps using "My Appearance Scroll" (Instead of my Teleport Scroll). Keep the prices similar to teleport book items. This would allow people to have the appearance they want, switch with ease, and more apps would be sold due to fact you don't need to delete your old app to get a new app. Thanks for reading and considering my Suggestion,
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    Not all of us.......
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    Going around and accusing everybody who doesn't agree with you of cheating will just get you banned again. Here is a tip from an old forum warrior: before you run amok, click on the player's round "avatar" and check their previous posts. Here is for example Dargor: https://forums.lineage2.com/profile/2368-dargor/ As you can see, he is a rather level-headed man who is in the habit of actually helping people. You should at least take into consideration what he is saying. As to your original problem, Vassy is probably right - it's caused by lag in the communication between your client at home and the server in Austin. You can easily verify this by manually clicking on monsters. If they "jump", suddenly changing their position after the target has been acquired, then it's lag for sure. There are technical solutions like Battleping or WTFast. Check the discussion here: http://boards.rochand.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=1055#p19265 But once you have used up the free trial time, those services cost a subscription fee. An alternative would be to not pick up Herbs with the pick-up function, but with your cursor mousing over them and picking them up when the chisel has turned into a glove. For targeting monsters, manually clicking on them would also be a better approach for you. If you insist on using /nexttarget, count under your breath "one-and-twenty, two-and-twenty ..." (depending on the amount of your lag) after you have killed a monster befor you hit the bullseye hotkey. In this way you can avoid that a quest monster spawns while you are already working on the next monster, having in effect two opponents on you
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    I suggested you use it so you get banned and we're spared of your presence in these forums. Me mentioning an existing and well known issue is not advertising, it's just a cynic comment on reality. When you're constantly pushing for things that make macroing safer and easier, 1+1 equals 2 and it's not a question of if you're doing it, it's a question of how much you're doing it. You're yet to present proof of my EULA breach. PS Facebook also has a site. Please report me for advertising Facebook.
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    for exactly this tactics dh was surrnamed "dragon carpets". clear as crystal. dh cant afford a real pvp, they lose too many slaves requirered for entering dragons with clicker. and about surviving, even cockroaches can survive a nuclear bomb, or rats surviving cholera, but this not means they are usefull to human race.
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    This sounds more like a lag related issue. You see your avatar somewhere but actually on the server side you are not there or there's some terrain obstacle. That's why see running picking something that appear far to you. Same with the mob targeting...
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    I wanted to compile a list of epics guide for players, who want to learn how to kill these bosses. We do it with clannies on a weekly basis and I noticed how many ppl don't really know everything about those instances. Please, feel free to add whatever you think is needed. I hope it will help many players. *Note: This is how I teach and do things with my clan, it doesn't mean that other ways are wrong or less efficient. Ekimus lv. 99 Lvl requirement: 95+ Min. number of ppl required in cc: 14 Location: Gludio > Keucerus > Seed of Infinity (soi) No prequest needed. Tactics: Ignore embryos & go straight to boss room & kill both rbs. Healers hide in the bridge corners, dds, tanks, iss & rb on bridge (it helps healers to stay alive if he casts his skill guided death) Upstairs kill mini RBs in chambers when spawned to avoid skill *(guided death) Kill tumors when spawned. Tips: In case of pt death healers should pt res after guided death skills are over. *Guided death: Casted 6 times (I think) if mini rbs in chambers aren't killed, every mini rb killed reduces the number of casting by 1. Epic Istina Lvl requirement: 97+ Min. number of ppl required in cc: 14 Tank needed for aggro (can be done without, but harder > death blow skill from istina) Location: Gludio > Keucerus > Seed of Annihilation (soa) No prequest needed. Confirmation of availability needed at starting npc. (option Epic istina) Tactics: Whole pt take energy control device from entry npc to use inside on *sealing energy* when a player is in yoke status (device has few seconds cd) Kill mobs when spawn if necessary. Tips: Same as in normal Istina, avoid eruption, coloured areas, don't hit in front of Istina etc. Epic Octavis lv. 98 Lvl requirement: 97+ Min. number of ppl required in cc: 14 Location: Magmeld > Orbis temple 1st floor No prequest needed. Tactics: Nothing special. Same as in normal Octavis, 1 person on beast (wynn, feoh, yul) advisable not to put strongest dd on beast as it's dmg wasted. Again on 2nd stage same as in regular Octavis, healers hide from boss' skills. Tips: Tank is a good class to bring in this instance, although not necessary, it all depends on your pt/pts gear, lvl. Epic Tauti lv. 99 Lvl requirement: 97+ Min. number of ppl required in cc: 14 Location: Gludio > Keucerus > Seed of Hellfire (soh) Prequest needed > starting npc: Sizrak > quest name: Fergason's offer/scheme (200 mobs) Tactics: Two healers in cc (very important to sleep Zahaks) Marking floor with adena for an easy identifying to which Zahaks need to be slept. Looking from the entrance's way Zahak on the North & East must be slept at all times. If sleep fails, communicating is advisable and asking for petrify, transform from iss or exile from wynns. If Zahak is already debuffed with exile/petrify they will resist sleep, healer must keep target on Zahak and wait debuff to wear off and cast sleep right after they lose them. Zahaks spawn after Tauti is below 50% hp. Avoid red circles on the floor Tauti casts 2 skill you have to look out for, 1 is called Ultimate whirlwind the other Ultimate Typhoon. These 2 skills are casted when Tauti is below 50% hp and can wipe away the whole cc and it's necessary to get close to or far away from the boss when he casts them. It's good to use a **macro shout for when he is casting. Tauti Whirlwind = Run away from boss Tauti Typhoon = Get close to boss Tips: Spam skills like brilliant purge, healer celestial, angel touch to be able to avoid annoying stuns (it reaches pretty far) **Macro shout for skills ``Whirlwind >> RUN ``Typhoon >> CLOSE
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    Naia and Freya need to merge (there are hardly any players to do anything and that's not fun). Neither the bots come close to this game anymore... The game urgently needs a system to get adena in a decent way, now it seems that everything related to the adena seems designed to force you to go through the store and that only makes you want to send the game to hell, I really miss systems like the seeds manor system or the seven signs of C3... The loot of the game is a bleeping shit, since I am level 85+ I have not seen in any raid Boss with decent loot of armor or weapons, all my equipment I bought it with a lot of effort in auction and it is a shit to discover that raid bosses is not good for absolutely nothing, assuming if you can do them because currently I no longer find people of my level because they have left the game. The leveling of the game is another thing that has to be fixed, it is impossible to make it more tedious and slow, I have played many mmorpgs and in all of them I have managed to be level max except in this because it is a bleeping pain!, it is not fun to have to kill 500 boars to get a 5% miserable experience or the 9% you get doing Kartia a day, and if you're a Tank is worse ... because apart from taking hours to kill monsters, when you want to find a party for Kartia you can not because the people prefer another DD because the AGRO is not worth anything! the matter would be much more interesting if all the bosses of the game such as Spezion, Spicula zero, Istina etc for example... imitate the same system as Kartia 10% of exp for day, would make the leveling was not an egg pain and more variable because it is tiring to see the same bleep face to the boses of Kartia! (including a decent % of loot for the love of god!) And let's not talk about the bleeping shit optimization that the game has ... please ... how is it possible this shit game is going to pull on a modern computer?... And is it really necessary that absolutely everything is centralized in the city of Aden, causing my PC to commit suicide? Nobody thought of putting bleeping Kartia's Doll in more cities?! And who was the son of a bleep who came up with the idea that it was mandatory that the mentors have to be online in the game so that the buffs have effect? the same bleep that it occurred to him that it was mandatory to stay online to sell your items? retire that guy now! I am level 95+, I have managed to get the Seraph armor with a lot of effort, and not because I intend to continue playing, but rather as a personal challenge for wanting to get the armor with nice design and to be able to tell the game "Yes! I got it! Now you can go to hell piece of shit!" And I do not intend to keep playing this shit until each of the things I mentioned before come true in this bleeping game, because even the pirate servers are better than this shit. Good day to everyone.
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    Come one bro All old Naia warriors know exacly "why" How do you expect to keep and equal side on server if you avoid pvp for months and only focus how to use clicker soft to get enter dragons. I was there and saw that pure "pvp" clan in action so at least try not to make such arguments You not even show up up on daily activity, same like most of "old/core" DH. I bet new game/farming ground is on the way new bills comes every month and L2 soon not be enaugh to cover them. GL and HF on dead server, now you can free your slaves and farm in peace