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    I would like to start by saying, I think we all need a breath of fresh air! Wwith the recent posts that are now deleted, I can 100% assure you they were not created by anyone in nova. The posts were created by the same person who originally tried impersonating vEvey but had his named changed after creating both a fake forum account and a fake YouTube of her. How he was not banned in the first place after this conduct is beyond me, but hopefully that has been taken care of now. That being said, I want to share one of my favorite videos, that isnt from L2 at all, but I think applies not only here but to life in general. The audio for this video is a paragraph from the book Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space by Carl Sagan, read by the man himself. Enjoy!
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    @Conguero I suggest you guys consider improving the server settings to be more specific the drop and adena rates this will make other players who aren't huge spenders have an alternative into gearing up like make baylor and other daily instance raids drop weapons,armors etc on a higher rate. At least give those players that can't spend a lot a fighting chance that with hardwork like grinding and farming they can actually gear themselves up this will not only benefit the low tier players but the top tier and mid tier players since there will be more competition in the servers as contrast to being limited to having the competition just among the top tier players.
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    Let's see: You receive reports of 'Player v. Player' (subject but not limited to): racism (of every kind), gender-based harassment, inappropriate comments referring to special needs, the F********G of ppl's mothers, etc in-game and in this forum (AND DO NOTHING except "use block function"); yet, you choose to address this and you do it in this manner - a lack of any game related responses topped by this you deem professional. Someone being facetious you object to, and all else is deemed appropriate given your complete lack of any respectful minimum social bar. Not knowing w/e posts were made lately to receive attention, by the look of the response, it seems it might be from 'the special group' (irrespective of clan) that you seem to reply to, give knowledge to thus enabling some to front run the events etc. I will say that the only thing you are very lucky with is the seemingly logical premise that ppl have w/e amount of money in your game via event purchases to date, and are unwilling to walk away from at this time as they might feel like they flushed w/e monies down the toilet. These investments certainly weren't the decision to participate in a 'balanced, fair game'; rather, they were from the player base thinking 'for the love of F*** they have to make some right decision sometime soon' approach. That said, as each day and each event passes, your player base is thinning; and, Draecke's 'cut & paste' article seems more your modus operandi. Your choices to respond, or not to respond, are only icing on the cake that prove the points made above. Cheers, Part of the 'larger than whale populace returning group' who made some investments via events, and then realized the truth behind the ARTICLE among other things.
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    You're no fun... you only delete threads right after I post on them so no one can see my comments, and then keep ignoring actual feedback from players. It's fun knowing someone in the game has a weapon who has 1000+ more M.Atk then me now as well as all the other bonuses it gives. I've been debating playing on a classic server where you actually get better by playing and not spending money. Is there any chance of a subscription based NA Classic server coming? I know you see how well the EU and Russian Classic servers are doing. @Conguero Oh and btw, an actual yes or no response would be great. Not a BS one that says we are looking into it, like on the other threads/posts...
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    Inappropriate language removed Ie if you do live in na a beer is 5 $ if you do live in eu a beer is 5 € if you do live in ru a beer in 5 ru if you do live in neutron or conguero world a beer is 5000 of everything That's the truth.
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    2 Brooch BR vs 7 1 Dragon weapons vs 2 2 DD's vs 3 lol, we waited almost 30minutes for them to trade all of it but it was a fun fight none the less. Not something to brag about though, we played with suboptimal setup and against 7 brooch br with 2. We only faught twice also(1st u lost).. not sure what this round 3 is.. haha