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    first of all look at this : fresh pvp of the day : First of all : try to get skills and gameplay. Then go to a shrink for two things, first for your inferiority complexe... posting video where you kill afk/semi afk ppl dont make you a warrior , just an opportunist killer wich is useless all agree with that cause on pvp you are nowhere... and second reason is that you really need to undersand that this game is MMO.... so asking for 1 vs 1 lol u need help sorry. And try to make friends.... Ah no, not possible, like divekiotm you betray everybody in this game , even your old clan cp member! i totally forgot it. I accept the fact also that you have probably the same problem than the master of stupidity aka DivekioTM but for that i can t help, problem with alcohol is not my business. What i see is 2 poor morons crying and posting video like desesperate people. I wonder how much you are....So be my guest post again and again.... u still one shot guy, you will be forverer. Only 1 advice ; Stop making video, wake up early, find a job !!! and leave game it's too dangerous for your mental health (regarding the video u posted) PS : on this video u die one shot by unstuffed iAthina what i can say : Gratz molensa !!! you were, are, and will be a foking damn noob With all my love Priester
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    Salient points from NCsoft's recent earnings report: - From January 1 to March 31 NCWest made from all of its games 37 million dollars - During the same time Lineage 2 generated a revenue of 14 million dollars worldwide (NCWest, NCKorea ...) - NCsoft as a whole had a gross revenue of 475 million dollars during that time, out of which 264 million were contributed by mobile games - Out of that gross revenue they had to pay, among other things, 125 million dollars for salaries and 2.6 million dollars for rent In other words, those 90k pay for about 1/10 of their monthly rent
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    dude, do u know that u play MMO (massively multiplayer online)?
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    Right now, NCSoft views Lineage 2 as nothing more or less than a cash cow. They will milk the cow as much as they can until it runs dry, then kill it. All the arguments about more people buying and the game lasting longer if they cut prices or use a different model will always fall on deaf ears. Does anyone really think they haven't thought all of these actions out ahead of time. They are acting in the way that they know will maximize profits. They don't care about the game or their customers except as a way of making money. If the "rich addicts" (and, perhaps unfortunately, I am one) quit buying, they'll simply shut down the game and move on to the next money-maker.
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    Here on Naia sales are now 95 boxes so 1405 left. One wonder if it had not been better to sell 500 boxes at 4000 NC each ? Better for game balance as more people could afford jewels - NCsoft would earn more money to develop the game.
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    You could dump 8,000$ into the game and end up with roughly top gear across the board and lvl 4 brooch gems. Would take another 18,000$ (on average, estimated) in order to get most of the lvl 6 gems you need. There are clans that 2-3 people in a single CP have 4-6 Lvl 6 Brooch gems, and they have 2-6 CPs like this Naia and Freya died because all of those people ended up on one side. One wrong political move on chronos and it dies too. Ill never understand why these items are in the game the way they currently are (mainly a pricing/how you buy them issue). Every time they double down on this business model, I literally cant believe it, because it is causing the end of the game much sooner than it other wise would. What do we have currently? 2-3 years more? maybe? If the brooch gems were fixed that might be 3-6 (while being profitable still). Like, wat Edit: Fighting people with that gear advantage, is extremely difficult if youre the 8000$ guy, if you arent him, its impossible. This is what causes the servers to end up lopsided/no competition, which causes them to die.
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    New players will never do that they will never join in this game!! and why? lets say for example a new player want to start and make a pvp setup char do you know how much dolars need to make a full top gear pvp setup char? with everything ? More than 25 thousands dolars. and lets say that this player dont donate ? what he will wait 3 years to collect 100 billions adena? to buy 1 Brooch or 1 +10 dark set or 1 +16 Weapon or ONE ruby lv 5 not even 6 with atm right now cost 180 Bill???? tell me what new players? 0 players will come and more are quiting ... there is no ncsoft only pocketSoft there is ! they dont want to help the ppl in the game they dont want to bring more ppl in the game !! this is the end those who have money they will pay those who dont have so much money they are doomed or Future Quit players this is the truth