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    On Wednesday, June 27, 2018 during weekly maintenance Freya will be merged with Naia. With this date rapidly approaching we want to make sure players on both servers are aware of how they'll be affected by the process. First, it's important to note that the plan with this server merge is to transfer Freya characters and clans to Naia directly. Players already on Naia should therefore feel little impact beyond welcoming additional players to the community. Our goal is to ensure that this process is as smooth and pain-free as possible for everyone, but especially for those of you with characters currently on Freya or Naia. Check out our guide to prepare yourself for this merge .
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    Please answer, NCSoft reps. What are your long-term (3-5 years at least) plans for Lineage 2? The forums are all doom and gloom, one person even predicting the end by the end of this year. You continue to contract the game, merging server after server. NCSoft reps have said nothing at all to reassure people the game will even be here a year from now, never mind discuss their longer term plans for the game. It would reassure everyone and, perhaps, keep people playing (and spending money) longer, if you will share your plans for the game. Please do. Thanks.
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    lol ms clan Mage Bsoe and Tank is hiding after tree :)))))))))))))))) I'm going to make a movie to see everyone as the ms clan when they see me give a bsoe....PANIC :))) SHOW MORE
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    This is what's coming in the next 12 months or so.
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    I will make a toon to naia and be 24/7 in gainaks and dragon just to see how the failureCON CP will keep its promises according to their nOOB videos
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    nothing from that all. next one plz
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    I hate MAX clan, so between those 2 clans I personally prefer DH to win.
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    Or you can trade Ame6 for Obs5 and Ame5.
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    WHY WHY WHY WWWHHHYYY I know NCWest well, i know guys are try your best to prove really good event in right time, but why you start libra in before update? i dont get it, why you fuk all players? you guys always start libra in update for make every1 happy for change class if they not like the new update feature in classes, better if you start this event in update, not before. Plz change libra release time to update, for every1 can decide they want to keep dual class or not, thni about it at least plz.
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    I think all 95% who reply on this topic are farmers who are scared of changes. SO MUCH FEAR in pants
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