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    Please answer, NCSoft reps. What are your long-term (3-5 years at least) plans for Lineage 2? The forums are all doom and gloom, one person even predicting the end by the end of this year. You continue to contract the game, merging server after server. NCSoft reps have said nothing at all to reassure people the game will even be here a year from now, never mind discuss their longer term plans for the game. It would reassure everyone and, perhaps, keep people playing (and spending money) longer, if you will share your plans for the game. Please do. Thanks.
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    You willl find all the CGI cinematics in the scroll list on the right side here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NssLuQAuGak&list=PLoB9krJFZxWP93oLeo-g-N2KVidNk_0L_ Here is for example a little-known one about the "Beginning of Lineage 2"/ 리니지2의 시작:
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    i was a shillen templar and its true what you are saying about crowd control, the pull of the shillen is wider than the evas the chains are more effective and the paralisis complete the pull , without it feel that you are missing something as tank but remeber the guy @annisoropos is making a question about defensive tanks, means he's new in the subject , shillen is the advance tank, you need a good gear better than the other tanks the aura give attack better for high gear partys that need the pull more than the resistence , meanwhile evas templar is the economic tank , the solid tank that do altar with a +4 set the one that reach 900 def all the elements the one that give +100 extra def element to all the pt plus more def , if you are looking to make a legendary tanking to almost afk elven, to not die ,this is it forget about the Phoenix now both elfs are the best tanks , evas is cheaper and super solid and you help with element def the pt , shillen have better pulls is cooler , you have better skills , super efective paralisis, but is weaker and you pt dont get elementak def , they get attack and some def
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    yes, maelstrom is good skill, but even you collected mobs - they are still in consciousness and make damage on your party members. since combination of mass lighting strike and shield wave and mass superior agrresion aura (and maybe shild impact, but in very rare case) give you almost full control under mobs and much more high survivability for party members. also need comapre auras - ST gives you p\m atack + p\m deff + other stuff, ET - just deff. but on PVE full deff is not so important as on PVP (just if not your pt consists from people in TW+6 sets, whom try to farm atelia) . but compare to other tanks - yes, ET most universal tank, and best for PVP.
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    I do not know Naia, and not even DH people. But if what you say is true, do not think that MAX is different. They even used a lindvior jewelry arguing that it would be for the TS payment. with TS being FREE !! do not think that by joining Max you will be joining the right side. (not that DH is better or worse than them). It is no use fighting one tyranny with another. btw the choice is yours my friend. I'm not trying to be sarcastic or doing trash talk. Just trying to show you how MAX are trash!. They went to Chronos not to have fun, or anything of the sort. (Not that you care about the drama of the chronos), they went to sell dragon mats to NOVA, and do you think the clan members saw part of that adena / money?
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    Depends on your needs. 2 CPs is more than enough to get fun, especially in war vs zerg... 2 CPs is enough to take dragons, gainak, all field raids. 2 CPs is not enough only on sieges. 4h per 2 weeks. 2 weeks = 336h; 332 w/o 4h of sieges 332h vs 4h And your people gave up only because they were unable to get some fun during those 4hours
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    thank you , thanks to the bulling was hard to get a repply to my forum , with this topic and reading skill by skill at the beginning look like titan will hit extra 20% p attack activated ( every 10 min)than khava but, the difference between furious fist and furious slasher is that furious fist have bonus 10% critical damage , 5 min reuse and chance 10% decrease fist resist 30% i can say without risking that khava will predomine burst damage without sos, sacrificing aoe thank you for the responses