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    Challenge accepted... Although my Cp never detags to xp, and i have never in almost 13 years have detagged to XP, but ofc my CP, the 5 of us accept!
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    lets face it guys: for 1 month, all Ms & Nova members from SIEGE CC PARTIES dont leave clan/detag in pve clans, including top dogs and meatshields ( normal players ), fighting all for farming spots, like in glory days of lineage. so stop flaming all, stop insulting, just farm and pvp this game, all together. all who will post here, must say, "challenge accepted" and say the ingame name, clan, lvl and class Lo0neyTunes here, eva templar lvl 100, Nova clan, Fotomoto cp. ( i just fresh reroll it from DJANG0, maybe u know me with this name )
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    Challenge accepted. U will never see me drop tag to xp. Every since this game started i been in warred clans. The xp will come. The competition is actually kinda fun now. I dont believe nor will i ever do the "shyt talk" approach. So this will be easy for me and some others. Lol. Good challenge. This is Katrise btw. 104 ET/Titan 102 or 3. (Havent played the class in so long lol). Zu's CP MS. LETS GET IT!!
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    very nice and respect for them! i already post it in cronos section, and hope all ms/nova will accept this challenge. yes, i'm new here, coming from naia, but i think if we want save our lovely game and not be bored to death, we need pvp all, not only top dogs. hope somehow, ppl will stop flaming and play more this game out of town
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    I hadn't seen Norm since ages. TY Draecke Don't be so rude Sharlanna. They've just asked to daddy a new bunch of pixels instead of the new bugatti veyron for the good result in the 8 grade. Since they don't have a gf and they have to do sieges in the we well the bugatti would have been a total waste you know
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    Players aren't better. And they should be. The game is old so are players. They have had the time to consider the results of their greed. I remember screenshots from clans who were farming QA. Warehouses full with QA. They wouldn't sell them because they wanted to maintain status and make real money too. People like me just quit and come visit the game one per year. Why stay in a game where in order to compete you need to lose your life or spend considerable amounts of money on each event? Legend in H/S Diamond in LoL Started Fortnite recently too (ranking top 6 all the time) On a side note: I just read the patch notes. They removed vorpal drops from zaken - Way to go NCWest make the game herder for those who are basically content. Making f2p and low spending players leave, eventually makes spenders leave too. Give us reason to stay in this game.
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    as said before it was clearly arranged pvp. why try to put shame on either side if they bot made rules and agreed to pvp with each other.