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    I'm not sure, your best bet is sending a support ticket.
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    i have accepted name with suffix 22, is it reversible?
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    Choose Naia at server selection, because Chronos is the first server to show up. =) Yw
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    server onlys come back after brazil's game... they will stop maintenance to watch the game, duh
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    Hello! 7 vs 7 with my Friend Quenti , was nice fights , we enjoyed , gf all ; pls no trash , was a friendly pvp !!! - No Limit PVP Boosts-No Limit Brooch BR-No ALLOWED DRAGON WEAPONS I Damage 3 files, recover them but sucks of quality
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    I wud usually email out to my alt ..then retreive it back when i changed back..thats 1 way around this .. But yours is a good idea too but I bet NC will make us pay for that .. lol