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    Hello, Yes they can work together i have it on my archer.
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    the problem with that statement is that it's not quite true as it ignores the impact the server boost settings they got stacked by their Premium Account XP bonus so even though on pure XP from mobs per level requirement Innova may seems to need more total XP to reach 110 then NCWest due to the additional boosts they have that amount should be divided by 4 and by 2 after their server boost settings event ends.. so this raises 2 fair questions for those of us playing on NCWest why didn't we get any XP bonus server settings unlike the other L2 Regions ? why doesn't NCWest add a special Prestige XP Rune to their Subscription to equalize the playing field ? to be clear I don't mind spending alil on boost items to gain xp but the gap between Regions has become really huge now with both l2store & XP leveling speed being like 2x cheaper & faster else where and as my available time to actually play has become less due to real life commitments I will indeed consider moving to Innova as that seems to be the best solution here. thank you Conguero for the advise that we shouldn't bother informing NCWest with the flaws in their Business Model as you obviously know better then your 14+ year long term customers on what works well afterall ps, some friendly advise but better make sure that besides all the security flaws etc XIGNCODE3 has that it won't block Innova game launcher as if people will be forced to have to choose between being able to run 1 or the other well then you may find out NCWest version is the one that will be un installed.
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    1, Str Othell 2. which style you like to play? Top Damage or Top Stun? 3. Dual Dagger cause stab have Patk Add 4. Fire + Death
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    We have no plans of reversing the update, but we welcome any bug reports players are willing to take the time to detail so that we can investigate. Refer to this thread:
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    old damage Without buff=277k - 334k With iss buff=721k - 874k After update max damage and not learn the new dual class skill Without buff=367k With iss buff=961k New Test learn the death dual skill Without buff=405k With iss buff=1.060m
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