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    Reward List from 3450 Total Boxes 11 Angel Earring 8 Angel Necklace 16 Ring of Creation 9 Lilith Talisman 1 Anakim Talisman 1 Longing Talisman 1 Ancient Enchant Armor R 256 Enchant Armor R 288 Enchant Fallen Angel 190 Enchant Weapon R 48 Royal Blue R 42 Royal Blue r95 16 Royal Blue R99 11 Royal Purple R 14 Royal Purple R95 2 Royal Purple R99 10 Royal Red R 3 Royal Red R95 5 Royal Red R99 38 Royal White R95 9 Royal White R99 174 Honey Vit 188 Maphyrs 52 Golden Nevit 337 Artifact Fragment 18 Bloody Eternal 17 Dark Eternal 64 Dimensional Bracelet Stones 30 Fallen Ring Boxes 150 Feather of Blessing 33 Freya Bloody Runes 258 Freya Vital Runes 2176 R Gems 18x 100 Giant Energy Box 56 20 Giant Energy Box 157 3 Giant Energy Box 687 Dragon Attribute Potion 26 Greater Enchant Packs 1 Insane Kelbim Fragment 32 lvl4 Legend Dyes 9 lvl 5 CHA Dyes 17 lvl 5 LUC Dyes 7 Mystic Soul Fragments 64 Rune Stones 54 Source of the Emperors 310 Superior Giant Codex 7 Mastery Chapter 1 Codex 51 Chapter 1 Codex 23 Tauti Fragment 50 Top Spirit Stones
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    Original event web: https://ibb.co/i3FT7p Modified event: https://ibb.co/e3nmtU RE-LOL
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    To be honest I am rly happy if ppl cant make others red, kill em and pick up the drop, but as I am reading game is getting too automated.. Having players 24/7 farming spots with some alts is rly annoying, I hope a rework to the PK system will be introduced also, so we can somehow remove macro-bots from spots if needed. Sometimes on 1 spot you can see 2 groups with full summoner pt's .. rly annoying
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    + we just got new update, new instances, new epics. In 1 week all jewels are in store... NCwest failed update in 1 click :]
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    2300$ and not even one claw or weapon?
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    You now do this at NPC Denign in the Luxury Shop at Giran (page 5 of the patch notes).
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    This has been changed in the Crofin update, which we will probably get bundled together with Fafurion. In Korea you now can choose whether you want to hand in 45,000 Mentee Marks or be a Party Leader 15 times: http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/수룡의+그림자%2C+크로핀+퀘스트 The Mentoring System itself has been greatly nerfed; beleaua once calculated that as of Crofin you get only 1/10 of the Mentee Marks we get now for a Mentee reaching lvl 85. So yes, lvl 1~85 is being killed off step by step. The final step, so-to-speak the killing blow, might come on Wednesday, when the energy from changes in the earth's crust is starting to affect the World of Aden: http://lineage2.plaync.com/ Stay tuned