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    He thought the GoG buff was the old unawakened skill. I can see why he thinks that as it had the same icon as Chant of Rage or whatever it was, but a lot of people forget GoG buff even exists, let alone how GOD like it makes you for 5 minutes.
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    See the signs? I’d be amazed if any newest employee can walk and chew gum at the same time.
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    Man, what you think? Artefact system is not fully operative in our version. We got it sooner as promo not as fully active feature to game. If you red about artefact system, i think Draecke put here link, you can see that artefact fragments will drop from killing mobs and will replace pounches whitch drop now to your inventory. Artefact system was part of Coffin update in korea wich content we get probably with Fafurion update or separatly depend on NCSoft/West. Now we get promo of something mentiond in our future as "free" or definitly will need only time to drop 300 fragments and made these craftable talisman. No one pushing nobody to spend money. i understand that this talisman could help players to be stronger, but we must w8. NCSoft and NCWest dont care about regular ppl. People are not geared properly for present instancies and everything from new content is beyond regular players possibilities. Everyone between 101 and 105 crying about more and more bonuses for XP to exp faster and no one care about what i can do on lvl 104 with +6 +8 armor or +9 weapon and basic jewelery. Helios ins 103+ with such a people is fail, altar with such a people is fail on last bosses, Kecereus citadel waste of time go in, Elven village exp open field no chance, death, fail, death. In better choice if are lucky you make random pt that is possible to kill altar, af and this is all. All proper gear is expensive for regular ppl with 1 bilion adena income per month. This game not move forward until gap between regular players and old players are huge. Prices must lower and income increase, drop system must be remastered to better chancies .... But about this you can find hundrets cryings on forum.
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    Wow, what a great way to attract new players, well done! Fun fact: I remember the times when bots were more polite and they would not attack a mob if you had it on your target.