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    Hello, as many people might know (while definitely few care) Wynn has the privilege to be one of the most neglected classes (along with some tyrrs). While it is cheap and easy to play in low mid lvl, it is almost unplayable 103+ considering the complexities/adversities you have to overcome and the resources you need in order to be able to to put out just "decent" dmg. My suggestions regard two main issues: 1. Terrible scaling power with ingame items or levels At the moment there are only a handful of items that boost Summoner's abilities noticeable i.e. Ruby, Giant Crit Dmg , PvE cloaks (only the buff part). Ability points, Special abilities, augments of any kind, Circlets, Belts, Talismans (but abundance), Artifacts give almost insignificant boosts as they don't transfer to pets in a sufficient proportion to matter. P.atk era is gone, long live crit dmg! Suggestion 1: Tune Up Ultimate servitor Share Increase P.Crit dmg % that transfers to pets so we that building up crit dmg (through epics or augs/SAs) is viable. Suggestion 2: Sharing equipment transfers PVE/PVP status from every item Expand Sharing Equipment's effect to any PVE/PVP status acquired on Summoner (Belts, Cloaks, Circlet, Augs, SAs) 2. Reestablish Wynn's presence in groups (PVE and PVP) Wynn, imho, is a very versatile class and have the necessary tools to be able to play many roles in a party, it is just left to die because of the lack of new content, items and improvements. Why take a Summoner in exp party who hits for 0 dmg AoE (even in Bloody weapon^^), its pets die every 10 sec in factions and offers no significant buff/debuff on party? Noone! Suggestion 1: Rescale AoE skills' power and critical rate Simple and clean! All summoners got range pets with AoE skills with decent cooldowns, but they are very weak (~10% - 15% of direct atk dmg) and they crit like never! Suggestion 2: AoE Debuff +Crit dmg (my personal favorite) On the upcoming update (Fafurion or w/e it's called) Wynn gains the ability to debuff the target he attacks directly for 2-3 secs, when he has Link of Loyalty lv.5, for +30% Crit dmg (like CW). If this debuff is fixed to be applied through AoE skills to every target (which it doesn't, at least at korean version (checked with 4r4m)) then i think it's a huge step forward! I hope that some of the aforementioned can be applied in our version and put some diversity back in that Yull/Feoh game, which used to be so much more interesting! Hail Ponies, Cats and Ugly Black Ghouls! Unmentioned I totally disregarded: - The outdated pet interface with lack of info (and 4 pet slots lmao) - Laggy commands - Inconsistencies in ranged pets' weapon/armor type -PvP and mass PvP mechanisms @Neutron
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    PoM+SoS+GoG+Cat Enjoy!
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    Hi, the collection works only with Epic Istina, the same goes for Octavis. The reason behind this is that Istina and Octavis in the normal mode are under lvl 99.
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    See the signs? I’d be amazed if any newest employee can walk and chew gum at the same time.