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    As Draecke already pointed out, on August 29 the reuse time for Pinpoint Shot was reduced from 7 seconds to 5 seconds, and that for Heavy Arrow Rain from 15 seconds to 7 seconds, i.e. cut in half: http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/update/view?articleId=636258 Two things to note: 1. Those are the "raw" reuse times which can be further reduced with Eva's Rune etc. 2. August 29 is more than 4 weeks after Fafurion went live on July 30. Since we got the nerf before it would have been our time, we might also get the fix rather sooner than later. But if luck is not with us, the developers migth set the cut-off point for our next update only one or two weeks after the launch of Fafurion in Korea. Then we would have to wait two years for the reinvigoration of the Archer classes.
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    agree with you 1. As i said i don't care will be xigncode. Need to work, we need something what will block that things (VPN connection, 3rdsoftware etc.) 2. Actually i don't care about usual bots which exping 1-85, spoiling etc. I care about fair play fair fight. I can't fight vs scripts... Which react much faster better then human can, take expamples rbs. Who can click on the map every mili second? And when is alive to log also in mili second? Noone who is legit even with macro mouse or whatever. They using something like adrenaline. If is that legit and they can't be punished i will start using also. Because i see noone of them was even 1 day punished. SO what we talk here, about some game rules which doesn't exist. 3. So fee of 200 or 300 $ will not help me to won CHEATERs (bots).
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    Try using maphr/Alien Nano/Hat with +LUC (maybe someone from clan can lend it to you), try with Giant EWR. Good luck !
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    yeah that's totally not going to happen, people need to stop living in the past or think those days will ever come back again lol
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    First off I play this game for the friends I've made and continue to make. But mainly I've stuck around because this is one of the best made games in the history of gaming with the worse management team the world has ever known. I still play WoW, and I find myself other games to checkout and have fun with, but none have the look and feel of L2. If only someone like Blizzard had bought out this game it would be....Ncsoft has no idea what this game could/should be. They spend more time thinking up money moves that they call events. How a company this bad thought up a game this good i'll never know. Sooo many failed opportunities and they still don't get it. 14yr old game that plays better than games that came out this year and they just don't realize what they have.