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    hu3hu3hu3hu3, jajajajajajajaja
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    Welcome! In the past it made a lot of sense for Feoh to keep some old skills, but that is no longer valid since.. 2 or 3 updates at least. So, just to re-confirm, you got good advice from the other guys and you did good by replacing all old skills with the new/better one. Have fun!
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    @Pleistoros Anyway..not hard feelings... @JuuzouThanks!! Yeap i am on Naia..see you online! @PixyLicksOk all skills replaced Thanks to all of you guys! Have fun!
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    just take all the new skills Delf has the best Matk power of all Feoh the big thing for a Feoh no money to buy shots ,its 6kk a hrs or more for shots and you only make 3 or 4 k gold thats from a playing a Feoh for 14 year well sps then MM / soultaker
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    @Windnie There's no reason for you to keep the old one's bro, SS has some good skills which are really a lot better than the old ones, therefore I would just recommend you to learn them all. Notice: The skill "Elemental Storm" is both an old skill, which you will not learn at a higher level, and as well a new one, which deals AOE damage. SO when you're setting up a macro, use the skill from your skill bar, the shortcuts I mean, drag it in your macro from there. Have fun Gl! If you have any question regarding your class just ask, I'll help you at much as possible (I hope you're on Naia)
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    Not ony you post in wrong section due to your lazyness to read feoh class changes but Oeste answer you....you dont know eng? Or what?
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    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaadlB4oNO-GFFhWSYB5-Jg?view_as=subscriber I used to make enchanting videos, went pretty well, so if you interested in that, have a look!
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    well on that class none, besides with the newest patch old skills can't be "mixed" with new ones, either u use one or the other.
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    This is pure speculation of mine, but the way you describe it, this seems like a new variety of the bug which makes Subclass/Dual Class skills disappear, possibly related to the Disappearing Abilities Bug: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/2596-dual-ability-points/?tab=comments#comment-19379 The problem is, posting here, in the theoretically appropriate forum section, seems to have little effect. Like for example OmenOfSteel posted about the 10 minutes Clan Penalty Bug on June 25: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/1921-clan-penalty-only-10-min-instead-24-hours/?tab=comments#comment-15011 But the problem was only acknowledged by a staff member on September 14, after Draecke linked Korean patch notes: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/2569-etinas-fate-known-issues-august-29-2018/?tab=comments#comment-20138 Conguero is supposed to read each and every post on the forum, passing on relevant information to the respective teams. But since he doesn't play the game himself, he does not understand technical issues and therefore does not recognize what is relevant/needs an urgent fix. Hime doesn't play Lineage 2 either, but she seems to be better at identifying problems that impact player experience/NCsoft's revenue. If I were you, I would send her a PM, linking to this thread and asking her to pass the matter on to the Development Department in Seoul.
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    everyone knew upfront those odds would be in the low chance aka 5% area.. in particular as we finally also get 100% option ppl should see it as making an Insanity talisman without increase chance items as the odds are comparable
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    I wanted to say about the same in the next reply. As I remember this statistic is similar for all NC's FtP projects. And I don't think this is just a bad season. I wanna pay money for fun and I am fighting fot that here. I can understand random rewards in game, but I can not understand why I should to pay for random rewards from store. Moreover, the chance is very low, and the prices are too high. That's why NC West players, compared to others localizers, looks like homeless people.
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    In Korea you can purchase what you want for a fixed price, on the regular servers with Bogeyman Coins: http://lineage2.plaync.com/promo/lineage2/171018_market and on the PvP server with Mammon Keys: http://lineage2.plaync.com/events/2018/180711_fafurion/bloody The technology exists, but NCsoft has found that with Western players more money can be extracted via the gambling approach. The revenue from Lineage 2 worldwide has now dropped the 4th quarter in a row, and the revenue generated by NCWest the 2nd quarter in a row: http://global.ncsoft.com/global/ir/earnings.aspx In other words, among the general downward trend NCWest is still performing better than the other territories. There will be no change to the business model.
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    I think not bad that exist people whos easily can spend each month 1-2-3k usd for pixels. But what if I want buy some items for solo gaming too? Should I wait until they became disappointed and will leave game trying to sell them (obtained items). I just wanna buy items right from store. Ok, let it be time-limited. But I will not participate in lotteries. It is another type of game what is not interested for me. I am trying to say give people that, for what they would like to pay. Not top, just base and suitable in game environment equipment. ATM each event is scam.
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    In L2 ncwest its normal. 2 years ago i spend 500€ on a freya event and the best thing i got out of it was giants energy. thats where i learned my lesson to not play these events anymore and not buy ncoin for events again. now i just try to buy event stuff with adena if i have any adena. i told you in my first comment this game is tailored for those who drop a fortune, 250$ for an event aint cr ap if you know how much top spenders spend on ncoin. I know some of them easily spend 1k$ each event
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    AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already spent 23 BILLIONS (enchants and legendary scroll) in adena and +: 1 enchant cloak..... and go down to +5 !!!! + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +4 !!!!! + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +3 !!!!! + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +2 !!!!! +2 AGAIN !!!!!!!! + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +3 + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +4 + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +3 + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +4 + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +5 + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +4 + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +3 + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +2 !!!!! +2 AGAIN !!!!!!!! + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +1 + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +2 !!!!! +2 AGAIN !!!!!!!! + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +3 + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +2 + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +3 28/01/2018: + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +2 14/02/2018: + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +1 14/02/2018: + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +0 14/02/2018: + 1 enchant cloak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== +0 15/02/2018: +1 Legendary scroll = normal +0 15/02/2018: +1 Legendary scroll = normal +0 15/02/2018: +1 Legendary scroll = normal +0 15/02/2018: +1 Legendary scroll = normal +0 15/02/2018: +1 Legendary scroll = normal +0 20/02/2018: +1 Legendary scroll = normal +0 20/02/2018: +1 Legendary scroll = normal +0 26B + 7x 800kk (5.6b) = 31,6 BILLIONS !!!!!!! impossible !!!!!!
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    You have better chances to win at lottery then in lineage 2 man
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    lol. Is this normal to spend 250 usd for making legendary? I can not understand what Bable2 trying to say.. For being top player you no need to buy any shit of their store. Go better buy bot for this money and put him like other "tops" in locations where drop exists. They push us along this path. What am I trying to say? ATM NCWest continues to kill payable part of own community. They still think that expensive rewardless events are interesting for people. They're holding us for fools.They do not appreciate our time and money. Customer satisfaction? Have not heard. PS. We will see at appreciation packs of them, that's bones for dogs.