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    one of my clan members did a brilliant thing!! a bot party went to hellbound and tried to take over his spot. he took a break from hellbound and went to a tax-free shop where he bought piles of no-grade earrings and little weapons. items that take 1 spot in your inventory. he filled up all his alts with these little things then went back to the spot where the bot party was happily killing mobs and picking up items. by dropping the items in a trail he lured them away from the spot and down the road where they were out of range of any mobs to target. the bots spent the day staring at the canyon walls and he went about completing his quests bot-free. they don't have to be PK'd, they just need to have an auto-pickup worked into their macro/script. it's okay to be imaginative and creative when dealing with pesky bots. have fun!
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    We’re proud to announce the forthcoming launch of the new Lineage II Classic server on October 3! North American players will get a chance to step back in time and experience Lineage II as it was in the beginning. See the full announcement: http://www.lineage2.com/en/news/announcements/lineage-ii-classic-server-launching-october-3.php If you have additional questions about Lineage II Classic, head over to the Lineage II Classic FAQ: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/2767-classic-launch-faq/ Be sure to visit and post in the new Lineage II Classic forums: https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/34-classic/
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    This has been made with the official rates from korea. Some of these P2W items we do not have (yet). I dunno who made this tool but wanna thank him. Here you go : http://php.e-repo.pl/paytowin.php
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    With NA Classic now officially confirmed. It is pretty clear that all top factors from all servers will be starting on the NA Classic server at launch. Many most likely will only stick around for the first 6 to 12 months, but those first few months are going to be intense. For the first time since Lionna, Erica, and Devianne server transfers were allowed to Bartz (where we saw LEaD/Nova/Enmity/TD all fight each other), we are going to be seeing a true convergence of Lineage 2 power clans. The next logical question is simple... Who will come out on top? We have top North American clans MS and Nova backed up with their high credit score and thicc wallets and then we have top Russian clans RoA and RMT who consider anything less than 16 hours a day as "casual". North American clans who historically have been enemies, may have to band together to fight these newcomers. This is an exciting time for Lineage 2. What's everyone's thoughts? This drama post brought to by the official replacement of L2Blah
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    Once we get that code, is there an expiration or timer on it before we activate it? For instance, if I buy a Chronicle pack on an account, I'll get the code October 3rd,but say I didn't want to use it until December 3rd. Could I do that?
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    250/2000=0.0125 * 4000 = Usd 50 this the entry fee, then is Usd 16.5 The monthly subscription back in the day was Usd 15.00 so inflation considered this is very reasonable, similar to a subscription. But ofc considering our stingy player base they will cry over this. Usd 15.00 u can get in a couple of hours washing cars / mowing lawns, come on, chop chop.
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    If u read correctly to achieve VIP 4 Tier you need 4.000 VIP Points, as in 4.000 ncoins ... And after 30 days you will get a decrease in those points by 1320 points... So, do the math ..
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    Are you seriously asking this ? Haven't you read about classic on Korea and all other regions and its l2store ?
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    @Draecke, exactly what I meant! I am 105/104, soon 105/105, my wife is playing heal/iss soon also 105/105, I have few friends DD's 105/105, we are almost all fully stacked, but I cant find a serious Tank and Heal to play, and im LF for 103+ with some gear, so he can tank normally, which means he doesn't need 600bil worth of gear.. but I cant find such players! Many players know me, im trying to help everyone I meet ingame, even those who I kill sometimes, I resurrect I do not have any problem with carrying lower levels, undergeared or someone who asked for help, if I was rly stacked and could solo many of the instances and zones, I would help many, since im 24/7 online.. Sometimes during the day, we are LF tank/heal and it is close to impossible to find a descent player! NCsoft does not allow new players to rly feel needed In anyway, which is rly rly bad for the whole community. 6 ppl waiting for tank, ready to gind and nothing, wasting time … About useless DD's I do not mean to offend anyone, because at start every DD is useless for mid/end tier content. Look at what NCsoft did to Wynn class now, Tyrr is also almost dead class people are LF Feoh/Yul 90% of the time, what do you think, is that normal?? All these problems can be cured pretty fast, if there was a person, who was interested in that! Pity there is no such Lineage2 savior today! MORE FREE GEAR+MORE HEAL/TANK+LOWER PRICES = MANY ACTIVE PLAYERS/CONST PT'S/HAPPY CUSTOMERS
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    I know Yidao....I folow Eu forum and your Rochand(when was up)...I just act like they explain us many times: NcSoft have diferent business model, diferent items, diferent prices,diferent everything. So as long as Dumb and Dumber wont tell me otherwise I ask my rights for real money payed to gamble for those garbage stews. Imagine you pay to get some good items and instead of that you get garbage stew and after a while they decided to dele that garbage...I mean seriously? What kind of company do that? What kind of business is this? You ppl arent you afraid for tomorow? they could delete any item without prior anouncement.
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    Just report the ppl who you suspect of account sharing, you'll be amazed what support can do sometimes.
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    got zero problem helping out ppl who play support on main / dual class as I do believe in encouraging such players the real message from Argus here is that there's no point having say 90% of the server being DD of which +50% needs to be carried when everyone suffers right now in being unable to find the needed active support to even be able to do any grinding / farming obviously this is partially the fault of NC as their l2store business model totally caters to DD players and has almost nothing to offer for support players and class changes like nerfing all Offensive Build Tanks causing many tanks to reroll or even quit, giving nothing to classes like Wynns and l2store favoritism for archer / mages doesn't help one tiny bit either in the existing unbalancing DD / Support situation in this game.. It's about time NC realizes this as without support players there are no parties and this game becomes unplayable / pointless as it will cease to be an MMO
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    Indeed, people that have been here for years and those that have just joined must realize that this is a money game. You have to spend to make your character playable, you don't have to spend a lot, but you do have to spend. These events are here for your dollars, only way to improve your toon is to give them some of those dollars. If your choice is to keep all your hard earned money in your pockets then this is not the game for you. People will say that there are ways to make money in this game and they are correct...If you want to set up 50 toons botting go right ahead, see how that works out for ya. Others will say "play the market".... You need adena to play the market, were you gonna come up with that? I see peeps that say they are to strapped to put RL money into this game, then your best bet is to find a very good friend(Sugar Daddy, or Sugar Mama) to help you improve upon what you have. If not, you will not get parties, you will not improve, you will stay 0dmg DD. I still love what this game could have been and the peeps that play it, but a very long time ago I figured out that I would have to spend to make a toon that could carry a party. So that's what I did. I found my addiction and I owned it. I wont spend thousands, but I will spend a couple hundred if I think I can get something out of an event that will improve my character. Is it horrible of me to spend? To some yes, but to me if I want to PvE and contribute to the party its something I feel I must do. To each his own. Topic.. When you see them say that they are going to merge Chronos and Naia be ready to find yourself another game. That would be the deathneal of Ncsoft America. If you get what you want on this post....game over.
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    Many ppl play dd's and have 0 dps, next red libra simply change dual class to tank/heal and gear up a bit! Why play Othell/Tyrr/Yul/Feoh if you simply do 0 dmg and you cant get proper stats/equip??? You need much less adena to get equipment and have fun with Tank/Heal! THE WORST problem is when you open a party room and you get useless 0 dps characters and you just carry them, for a player who has invested in gear, this is purely waste of time, you also understand that, do you?
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    Because, as DIL, Neutron's counterpart at Innova, explained on Rochand at the time, this is a global deletion script which was sent out to all overseas territories. The Fishing System got changed in all territories, therefore the old Stews get deleted in all territories That being said, I don't see why the old Stews need to be corroded resp. deleted at all. There is no way to obtain them any more, so the existing ones will be used up sooner or later anyway, they will be naturally gone without all this upset. Therefore I also see no reason why the Stews which were deleted yesterday should not be restored
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    As stated on page 2 of this thread, we will not get a progression server but the same export version as everybody else (therefore the Innova forum I linked above is - in spite of the different business model - a good source of information): https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/2653-nova-vs-ms-vs-roa-vs-rmt-who-will-dominate-na-classic/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-19885 If they have learned their lesson from the Zaken disaster, they will indeed launch Lineage 2 Classic only after they have gotten a grip on the bot problem. So far they did not even succeed in deploying Xigncode3 without crashing the servers, not to mention that this piece of malware does not work against bots, only against players. And since NCWest persistently refuses to hire staff that could ban the bots detected by Lee Eun-jo's Anti-Bot System (which works with the server logs and does not interact with the game itself), it will still be many many months until we see a Classic server over here
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    Short answer: Forbidden according to EULA. Longer answer: - You may share/lend/trade gear all you want, totally fine and totally at your own risk. - You may NOT share account. There have been several bans for that in the past. Soon as there is a complain/fraud report at NCW and two ppl. claim to be owner of one account, and both ppl. can verify they have all account information, the account usually gets blocked forever. As stated in the EULA. Of course a lot of ppl still share accounts every day.
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    All these are transfered through Ultimate servitor share not sharing equipment.
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    So much this. You guys are arguing over information that isn't even confirmed yet. We just need to sit and wait for what type of model they decide to release. All we have is what other regions released and can only base our assumptions on those sources that are already published. Yall need Jesus.
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    Better bury this whole CLASSIC project now before it's born and put your energy/ressources into NAIA/CHRONOS to work on your present problems there. There's enough of them, I'd say...
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    We will have more information in the coming weeks. We're still finalizing a few things. Woo!